Khao Kho, Fresh From The Mountains เขาค้อ

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  1. Hi Chuck, I’ve been a subscriber for around 3 to 4 years. Over the past 6 months found that watching your videos chills me out a little bit. I lost my job due to covid and it’s a really crappy situation in the UK at the moment, but watching your videos gives a smile.

  2. The camera was great at the temple, not dark at all. Is that temple the one that Joe has in his intro with the drone footage? Looked the similar to me but the angle is different so can’t tell for sure. Thanks for the video, looking forward to the next one almost as much as I am looking forward to returning to Thailand.

  3. Such a beautiful area, I’m impatiently waiting to explore this area. Thanks for sharing it with us, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  4. Hi chip say hi to page two for me as always I watch all your videos but could you do something for me if you have time just a little bit could you give us the temperature in fahrenheit you know instead of Celsius so let me know what the temperature is you know it’s just a thought I like to know how cold it is but I don’t know what Celsius when I was in the Army it was still Celsius I’m a Vietnam vet I mean it was Fahrenheit not Celsius oh well you take care of be safe if you don’t have a beautiful

  5. Good morning Chuck and family, I always love how you add in the right theme songs for all your journeys and adventures. The temple is beautiful and that view was breathtaking wow and the theme song you used is so peaceful and serene makes me felt like I was there too! Very cute and nice to be greeted early in the morning by laughters of Soi Mafia and gang, they’re always fun and joyful. Looking forward to the next vlog of this adventure, peace, love and cheers, T.F

  6. Gorgeous temple. Good on you Chucky for bringing the Mafia crew. Tell pookie the hair band/scrunchy thing she got is so colourful and pretty.
    Enjoy your trip and thanks for the lovely video again..👍

  7. Great Video. I think it is so great how you take care of your mother in law and 2 friends. Pure Joy that they will always remember. The one lady who you said doesn’t have much money that you and your mother in law help is so special .. You are giving you joy and dignity. And go to and take her to the ocean for the first time in her life. You and your mothin in law will be blessed.

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