Khao Kho Thailand Heading to the Hills เขาค้อ

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  1. 🙂 back too showing off in the countryside videos again 🙂 the view from that resturant could be the Shire 🙂 beautiful 🙂 jealousy rating 9/10

  2. Decent looking buffet breakfast at that place Chuck. Weather looked gorgeous for a road trip.
    Not sure about those hot dogs at the pit stop tho 😝 any idea what they were made out of?
    Some great looking roads on this vid no wonder all the big bikes were heading up there! You should have parked up and got your Ebikes out 😉
    Beautiful looking resort and gardens in the hills but those tent rooms looked like ‘coolers’ to put naughty people in 😂

    Mafia and all the girls happy as soon as theres a cold beer in hand! 😬

    Happy times – thanks loads for sharing

  3. I am new on this chanel and I love to see your trips in Thailand…have been watching older videos for 4 days now, had some catching up to do [ lol ]…Been in most of the places myself over the past 16 years and I can never get enough …hope to live there once [ if reïncarnation exsist , I was a Thai woman in a former life….] For now, I join in on your trips . Thailand is beautyful, except the two P’s Patong Beach in Phuket and Pattaya. [ sorry to say ] Thank you and greetings from the Netherlands !!!

  4. Hello chuck and Paige thanks for showing us your road trip great scenery along the roads, great place your staying at have fun 🌴✌🏼🌴🍺🍺

  5. Looks like you’re getting some exercise up in Khao Kho Chuck. I would love to travel with the Soi Mafia, they look like lots of fun!! I really miss Thailand and the Thai people.

  6. Good evening Chuck & Paige, I can feel the ladies are apreciate that you travel with them. And the place is beautiful , good job Paige. 👍 , Cheers 🍻


  8. I so very much enjoy that you and Paige’s family share so much with us. I also am pleased with your skill for editing and the music choices, thank you all.

  9. Chuck, I truly appreciate all of the effort you put into these videos day in and day out. I have been subscribed for approximatley 6 months and I think about all of the time you put into keeping me entertained. I look forward to every video you post and I am very grateful for all you do. Please keep it up and never be discouraged by the negative people in this world.

  10. Good morning Chuck, Paige, Soi Mafia and gang, thank you for another fun and adventurous vlog. Beautiful, peaceful and serene resort in Khao Kho, is it not cold up there? Always a delight to watch the family get together, sad to have to leave Thailand soon, but very happy to be able to reunite with my family back home in Malaysia then. Looking forward to your next vlog, peace, love and cheers, T.F

  11. What a beautiful location!
    Feels like im there, watching on my 90″ 4k ultra hd tv! Lol

    Can’t wait to travel to Thailand once the virus is contained!

  12. Lol…your only 51, wait till your around 60, not only will you have problems with your memory card but your check engine light will be stuck on!!!😱😁😆😎

  13. When a memory card gets to that certain age, it starts having whats called “senior moments”. You must decide if you want to keep it around or send it off to a special place where it will have 24/7 on-site care and you get to visit it every month. OR BUY A NEW ONE.

  14. as ive said before guys, awesome channel and for anyone living or planning to visit when its all back to normal I would say yours is the go to channel, thanks for what you do and stay safe

  15. Beautiful area, so much of Thailand I need to explore, I like staying in some of the little huts/tents in northern Thailand (Chiang Rai area) it was in February definitely not for everyone. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  16. Thailand is truly a beautiful country. Cannot wait to plan my holiday over there once the boarders are open both for Thailand and Australia. Thank you again Paigh and Chuck for sharing your lives with us. Alex and Richard from Tasmania Australia.

  17. Glad to see the lady’s having a great trip 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Love the music arc north feat Krista marina ❤️ do you listen to Ruelle ? Love her music ❣️Paige is like a whippet up them steps 😂

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