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  1. I am thrilled that you got the demon car back to it’s old self. Good luck going forward. You would have never gotten it fixed in USA for $175.00, glad you did not have to fork out $1,000.00 and wait three months.

  2. In the US almost nobody would try to fix any computer parts. They would just replace it. And you can’t return computer parts if it turns out that wasn’t the problem. Buying used electronic parts from the salvage yard are as is, no guarantee they work.

  3. Philly are you renting that out so someone can give rides in that or just using that for family transportation.
    Also, those Rims looking real nice for a trike.

  4. Happy Days for Brian and Lot. Kia is fixed, Trike is finished and looks awesome, wobble gone. And Lot has a good place to get produce for her store. As for the lady who complained about Lot’s loyalty? Her loyalty is to her customers and that is as it should be. Don’t feel bad Lot about your vendors. I’m sure they never felt bad when they raised prices on you.

  5. I think the trike will probably ride a bit smoother with passengers because the side car is bouncing around a bit, but I feel the same as some of the others have stated, you should look into a stabilizer for the handlebars. It would be much more relaxing and less fatiguing to get more of that wobble out with a stabilizer shock for the handlebars.

  6. I’ve got a Pinoy friend, Alex, bit of a computer guru, really nice guy…..a few years ago my motherboard was dying and he asked me to bring it to his house….next day he gave me a list of capacitors to buy and directed me to an electronic parts store near the “circle” in Angeles….old guy in the store knew his stuff and the capacitors totalled just over P100…..sadly I believe the old guy passed away and I think store’s now closed??? Delivered capacitors to Alex and next day he txted me to say MB problem fixed….apparently capacitors in ECUs are often also at fault…..I dare say the parts for the P8500 repair cost very little…..a lucrative biz for an enterprising tech savvy Pinoy……and compared to the prohibitive cost of a new unit…..means everybody’s happy!!!
    Glad the new front rubber partially sorted out the wobbling steering, the wobbly steering that remains you’ll hardly notice after a few weeks, just refrain from trying to vape while driving it…one handed trike steering never a great idea!!!!

  7. congratz on the new sidecar on that trike,…but think that wobble kinda crazy tho…must be becuz of the config. of trikes w/ sidecar,…dont think the tuk tuks in thailand got that wobble ‘cuz the passenger mount is at the back and not on the side …..

  8. Having a Hard time talking in the market! Have another cup of coffee and some Ginko-Biloba! SERIOUS! YOU DO GREAT VIDEOS! JUST A SUGGESTION! Works for me!

  9. Glad to hear you got the car fixed. Turns out that mechanics shop is just down the road from my subdivision (never knew his shop was even there). Will check it out, next time I need something on the car. Had a similar experience as yours with the Toyota dealership recently, that has caused me to not take my vehicle back there. Looking good, thanks for the ride on the trike.

  10. That motor shop can fix computer box of any car. There are a lot of them. πŸ˜† and you can put extra tail and brake lights for your sidecar. Find someone who can do it. 😁

  11. Great job on car , more reserch required on trike, id like to see Lute Lute driving it i think she would struggle, they must drive better than that , looks good though

  12. I believe the normal wobble you are talking about is coming from the sidecar. The excessive spring motion coming from the sidecar is a being absorbed by the motorcycle.

  13. . On the KIA I started fixing my own stuff after getting ripped off by a mechanic, if you like the guy that fixed it take all your stuff there, a good and honest mechanic is a rare commodity everywhere. Edit to add hey business is all about finding the lowest price you can, don’t feel bad cause someone questions Lots loyalty, she has maintained her loyalty to HER customers and that’s where it belongs. Lots response should be ” hey, don’t take it personally its business”

  14. Philly, congratulations! I’m just thinking of all the financial possibilities your new rig presents…
    Does anyone remember Dugan’s? Early 1960s? (This was just before your time, Philly, as I know you were born in 1967). We’re talkin’ HOME 🏑 DELIVERY here – – if the barangay can’t come to the shop, then the shop can go to the barangay… All those small , plastic food packages that Lut-Lut spends so much time on – – store’em on your trike, sell’em out of your sidecar, wherever you go… can’t you just hear it? Lut-lut-lut-lut-lut-lut… and when you gun the engine: sari, sari, sa-reeeeee…

  15. Considering the condition of those roads maybe you’d be better off with a dirt bike trike! I’d probably change the rear tire too. As far as the sidecar price, you could not buy the raw materials to build it yourself for that price here in the U.S. I’m amazed how great it looks considering the basic tools those guys had to work with, they are true craftsmen. By taking the KIA to the new mechanic instead of the dealer you saved almost enough to pay for the trike upgrade!

  16. front ends still wobbly …i tell you what it is ,its very common problem on trikes ,because of added stress/weight turning etc ,Its the STEERING HEAD BEARING… I SEE THEM CHANGING THIS all the fact most times they are so worn out the bearing race has to be replaced

  17. Very happy you were able to get the KIA fixed and at reasonable price. I can’t believe how much they wanted to gouge for an ECU at the KIA dealer. I won’t tell you the cost of a ECU here in Indiana. The gentleman who repaired the KIA excellent deal. Sorry Brian I’m laughing your paying in kilos now and not pesos. Great looking trike, I love the blue glass in the front. Its a great day for you, car and trike up and running. Maybe mounting a couple GoPro’s to do a post on the day in the life of a trike driver. Sticking turn signal, WD40

  18. Have you ever considered maybe having an experienced trike driver to take your trike for a spin, with you in the sidecar of course… Have seen so many different opinions regarding that issue, maybe someone with 20 plus years of driving a trike around the PH could pinpoint your problem right off the bat. :)Anyways, Great news on the Kia and the trike looks awesome!

  19. Great glad it’s fixed also there is a steering bearing in the top of the forks and that’s why it shakes because the bearing up there is going bad easy repair

  20. I have to tell you, for being made in a small shop like that. It is very good work. Getting use to something new will take awhile, but you already know that, LOOKING GOOD, the trike that is. :)) :))

  21. Brilliant, big shout out to BernardosπŸ‘ Told you Brian he is the best. Did you see the BMW he has in there?l pre 2010 model? They are one of the most difficult cars to repair full of problems for those who know little. Looks Like Bernardos garage knows their trade having one in there. Stay away from main dealers they are useless, stick with Bernardos,

  22. The only time I took my car to the dealer was for a recall problem. I go to a local small family owned shop who knows my car n keeps it running perfect

  23. That side car really looks nice…but; it is not really a trike it’s a bike with a side car. They generally drive like crap, I would mount a custom shock absorber to the fork. I have a 1100 Goldwing trike it handles like a dream still it takes a-bit of getting use-to, since it don’t lean into a corner like a standard bike. I would have just re-vampt the other one as cheap as it is to have for a grocery getter. And put a bigger bike on the new carriage. You could easily found work and be making money while driving around making great videos. No one else seems to be doing any thing similar on You Tube. The first new good idea generally makes some money. Any way love your video’s …Thanks Brian & Luet

  24. So far.. The best tricycle I ever see here in Angeles.. Salute to the one who made it. The best part is that you can extend it at the back and fold. Drive safely.

  25. Rumor is that the U.S. economy is so bad that Americans are now coming to the Philippines to work as trike drivers. One spotted in Angeles City today. Fun video as usual.

  26. hello buddy wow you did it!!!! loking super out standing job he did on the cago cart wow wow you got to be Proud for this wow can you tell me were you can buy them over there and the price for them love to get my hands on one of them for here in Alaska .let me know thanks good luck take care stay safe out there.

  27. Like a story with a happy ending …and today, we get a double happy ending.
    Thanks Mr. Philly, everyday life is more interesting then seeing video after video of the tourist places.

  28. Sweet! Love way u spec and designed ur trike. one of best looking i have seen. glad you r happy with front end wobble, too. i still wonder if lot has enough room for her bulk buys and i did see when it is just her in cab there is much low center gravity space. i have to laugh at my western concerns as i have seen how asians can put more on a two wheeler than i can get in 1/4 ton pickup truck.

  29. Less is more Brain. Love the sidecar. As i usually say everything will fall into place as this is one of the example after the ordeal with your kia.

  30. I wish I could find someone like this here in the states. The TCM on my 2004 Jeep Wrangler went out June of last year, Chrysler discontinued making the part. Had a Transmission shop look at the car, he said he couldn’t do anything $150.00, Sent me to a Mechanic Shop, They couldn’t fix it but said that the ECM was bad. $100, recommended go to a Napa Dealer to have it sent off for rebuild, $450.00, and a month waiting for it to come back. Got it had to take the car to Jeep Dealer to have the unit flashed $120.00. Worked great but didn’t solve the problem. Said it was the wrong unit that was rebuilt. So went back to Napa dealer, they got me a $200 refund, Sent the TCM off for rebuild $350.00, got it back 3 weeks later saying it couldn’t be rebuilt, got refund. Spent 2 1/.2 months going back and forth with Chrysler Technical Support, once all was said and done still no part, they could not recommend a place to get another, check every Chrysler Jeep dealer in the country nothing available. Now 6 Months in. Finally found another supplier in Florida, wanted $900.00 for a rebuilt $250.00 part, No way just a con artist, started looking some more, the local jeep dealer said hey I found a place that we have used and got good results so I called them, Yea we have one on the shelf $299.00 and would ship in 3-5 days. That was almost 3 Months ago. Still no part, cannot get an answer out of their customer support, account manager will not answer voice mail, found out the company has a B rating with BBB and over 660 complaints about the same issue. SO, as I have told my wife, she can say what she wants about the Philippines but at least you can trust them a lot better than the crooks here in the States. My jeep is basically a Yard Ornament Now, can’t sell it cause no one wants a yard ornament, and wouldn’t buy a new one if they gave it to me. Would it be possible to send my TCM to him for repair?

  31. The Trike looks great but I still don’t think your front tire runs true. I was a bike mechanic in my younger days and it looks like the wheel is not spun true. Did they put it on a spin rack and make sure there was no wobble? That’s why there are spoke adjustment screws. If all they did was change out the tire, I highly doubt the wheel spins true. Just a thought!

  32. Really enjoyed the short ‘joyride’ on the trike around your hood… I was actually able to follow and know exactly where you were at all times relative to your house at least… I think that’s due in part to your great camera work when you walk your hood… as for the trike… where can I get one here in LAs Vegas… I would love to have one to scoot around to the store and back… I’ve owned motorcycles and scooters but I think a trike would be the BOMB… and BTW… yours looks great and compliments Mad Max very well…

    On a side note about the wobbling… while changing the front tire back to the regular size one called for helped… I can’t help but feel you may also have a small issue with Bearing wear in the yoke where the front forks attach to the frame and pivot for steering… sometimes the adjustment nuts can loosen and then you would have excess play in the pivoting… just a thought…

  33. QuΓ© pasa, Brian. Now you got the coolest looking trike to wobble (just barely) across McArthur Highway. “Wobble … wobble.” Say, they should bring that dance back whenever the clubs reopen. Thanks for another fun video, and stay safe when buying produce from the cheapest vendors. That’s where the loyalty is at

  34. I watched but could not turn up the volume due to wife working in the same room. Looks like the jeepney drivers are selling veggies instead of taking passengers. That’s extra groovy. Thanks for your wonderful videos.

  35. Put the door in complete rainy days season just in case.. unexpected rains comes.. and di mantled it on summer days.. its only 6 months… june to january will be wet and cold during ber months it gonna help a lot on the less chilling..

  36. That looks like down Cutcut which is close to Nepo? Even here where we at, we have a pinoy mechanic and he is also the best and we never went back to delearship. You will see even to the tiniest screw done so clean.

  37. Been my experience driving a cab for 5 years Brian, you need to be very careful and insistent with passengers about opening their door in strong winds it can be blown very viciously around and do a lot of damage.Also a 2000 and then a 3000 grit wet sandpaper followed by Nu-finished metal polish and whatever wax you use on the car will bring the speedometer plastic back to new.
    Keep’em comin’ Rob&Sheila

  38. Pimp that ride lol. This video is chock full of information with the afternoon market for bulk produce, Bernardo’s car repair, and custom trikes. Hopefully the particular problems you guys have with the Kia and the trike are fixed.

  39. Glad you got the Kia and trike fixed. Would be funny to see a trike with super bike. They are probably all made to be as cheap as possible. Would be nice to add a portable DVD player to the trike sidecar.

  40. maybe the back wheel need to be ‘trued’ thats a fishy wabble still–the wheel out of round?, although the sidecars are an addition, never going to be perfectly smooth–grt daily vids Brian

  41. Hi bri as n and lotlot and hannah grace wow awesome trike looks way cool now they did awesome job. As for your kita sounds great they fixed it all now.yep dealers ships hey. Charged the earth but really they dont care about the service side of things .that’s why I go to a great mechanic now hes awesome and dose a great job.on my mitzubishi challenger and only charges me $300 Australian dollars for a service great video mate

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