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  1. Nice. I will be selling my house in Palm Beach and be there to Korat by October. Me and my Thai Wife are buying land and building a house in Korat. I’m sending my aunt this video too as i am trying to get her to come to Thailand as well. She’s like my Mom, as my Mom died in 2013. She lives in Leesburg Florida and is looking to move to a retirement community. At seventy nine if she does that she will just not have the life she could have there. She does the Cruise Ship lifestyle. But that gone now due to Corona. Thanks.

    1. 2hvnfun Thanks. I have had a home in Lantana for twenty one years. My Wife is from Korat. Korat was a big US Air Force Base during Vietnam. It’s now a Royal Thai Air Base but the US does joint operations there every February. We are getting overwhelmed with Covid Cases here. I still see soooo many people not wearing a mast or social distancing. I’ll be glad to get there. Were boxing and shipping about fifty boxes by ship. Should be interesting. Thanks.

    2. Hi Franklin how exciting!! Where about in PB are you located? We played tennis down that way often before moving to Thailand. Hope your aunt does make the transition, though giving up the lifestyle in Leesburg / Lady Lakes it may be tough. We are very familiar with that area as well , and did like it up there!! Many activities and golf carts =} Not familiar with Korat but do know Thailand is a great place to live, wish we had come sooner!! ?wishing you well with your transition. =} If you have any questions feel free to reach out and thank you for watching.

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