KO SAMUI -Part 2 “The Other side”

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  1. Do you know the word Ko Samui mean? Samui is the name of the island, proper name. Ko is called koh or some other things like that . Ko is a word in Thailand. Actually, it is pronounce something like kost like cost in English. It is the island in Thai language. I am not criticizing you on this. It’s amazing to me that we foreigners try learn a new language.

  2. Hey! Hope you are both well and enjoying Thailand to the fullest! We met briefly a year ago around this season in Chiang Mai in front of the Pantip Plaza mall, back to when you had recently moved to Thailand. I was doing a course to learn Thai language at the mall to prepare for my semester abroad and we chatted for about an hour about the language, the country and your business class flight filled with rich Asian kids running around the plane. Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. God bless!

    1. Hey Justin =} Yes we remember visiting with you last year, hard to believe a year has gone by!! Great to hear from you!! How has your journey been? (Please email us @ [email protected] com ) Ours has been quite exciting filled with unexpected ups and downs with many turnarounds =}
      We have explored much of Thailand now and love it!! Due to the fires we left CM, but do miss it greatly. Never made it to the place you recommended, but maybe another time.
      Look forward to hearing more of your travels!! Ron & Suzy

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