1. Anti-Asian hate crimes in the West will push Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and others politically closer to China.

  2. Please make an interview about the perspective of Chinese people about the West Philippine Sea dispute, we, Filipinos would like to know if the citizens themselves think the same as their government

  3. There’s no asian hate, just dumb media focusing on race. Again.

    And if you want to know who the race is that is violent, it’s not whxte people. Look at the stats!

  4. My prayers are with the victims in Atlanta and their loved ones. This is yet another senseless act of gun violence fueled by hate and racism. We must act to put a stop to the attacks on the Asian community.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of these anti Asian attacks were either people trying to attack Chinese due to the virus and attacking other asians or just attacking asians because of the virus or racism.

    The real virus is people’s stupidity and bigotry.

  6. Thank you for making a video on this topic. My mother is Korean, and I always worry when she goes out. If our schedules don’t conflict, I’ll go with her everywhere. It’s shocking how people could attack the women and elderly, the most vulnerable of our society. Every single day I read an article about an attack. Thank you for raising awareness about this. I hope everyone stays safe!

  7. Anyone who is mongoloid is not asian, whoever is born in Asia, you’re Asian, no matter what race, their are 48 Asian countries, if people think that a mongoloid automatically makes you Asian, you’re wrong. That’s like calling blacks African Americans, or calling white people europeans.

  8. I am so sorry these things happened in the US. I was treated so well by Koreans when I lived in Seoul and Suwon for about five years.

  9. A lot of far eastern Asians and Asians in general are brought up to be more reserved and hide their true opinions. This is a problem since they can never really be open about their emotions and bullying which is sad. Other races especially Black people do have this voice and go out of their way to make sure they are heard because a lot of them are suffering. If only these racist Americans could actually tell the difference between all Asians, and not assume that they are just simply “Chinese”. There are bad people in every race, you just have to be smart enough to tell them apart.

  10. I know its the media’s fault but they misunderstood the police officer, he was just repeating what the shooter said. He wasn’t using that as an excuse. And he also killed other women that weren’t Asian and they are worth mentioning too. Please everyone do your research and stay safe!

  11. It’s amazing what irrational thinking will do to people. You can’t make sense out of the events happening to u, so someone must be the target. Sadly, another racial group may be targeted at another time. We need to educate folks on emotional intelligence and control. We may be hearing about Hispanics or Native Americans being attacked next. 😔

  12. God I pray one day as an Asian who was born and grew up in the UK, that I can move to Asia🙏🙏🙏🙏. I hate it here so much !!!!!!!. I already suffer with anxiety but since the pandemic its become worse because I don’t go out much, I always stay at home because I’m afraid of getting racial slurs shouted at me. Everything the American Asians were talking about happens in the UK too. It’s all happened to me, I feel like it will never end and it’ll just get worse for Asians. The Asian minority is even smaller in the UK than the US, the UK don’t even recognise us as Asian people in equality, diversity or government forms you have the choice of either choosing Chinese or other ethnic group.

  13. This is ridiculous….none of this should be happening. 🙁 It’s not their faults and no one should be attacked because of hate and prejudice. To all the people who were fortunate to get out while you still could, I’m glad you’re all safe, and to the ones still in the US….please know that no matter what, you’ll have a friend in me and I wish you all to stay safe until the craziness blows over. I’m so sorry and love you all very much. Please let the hate end. These are wonderful people being hurt for no reason!

  14. There is one Asian saying, treat others as way you wanted to be treated. What I felt during 1year living in US i have witnessed especially many black people being racist against me or other asian kids. Your ignorant actions would make another discrimination against foreigners in asian countries. Be thoughtful please you cannot tell one day you could be the one who would be discriminated against

  15. 100% agree with these people as a non-Asian American. We’ve handled the pandemic horribly! I see anti-maskers all the time and people have gotten so aggressive. My heart goes out to any Asian Americans who had to experience any racist confrontations.

  16. Thanks🙏🏽 I’m really sad that Asian people are being targeted.
    Like what the hell? How stupid are people?!? What makes it okay to see an elder Asian person and shove them over like what happened a few weeks ago for example? I’ve never seen violence like this😔

  17. The left are blaming white people for the hate. lol Did yall know that most of the accident so far are blacks folks doing? Mainstream media dont say anything when I black person is being racist but as soon as a white person does it, all over the news. xD Look up Lauren Chen on youtube, she talked about this issue. Im Asian btw.

  18. Growing up in Brazil i haven’t suffered much discrimination, rather, it was weird people were always like “You asian, you must excel at math and stuff, do my homework”. And damn i suck at studying.

    But now in times of COVID, things became really odd.

    Been hearing things like “You should go back to your country and take your *ducking* disease with you” everywhere, I’m quite a thick skinned guy so i dont really mind and i just ignore the ignorants, but, a friend told me the case of his 91 years old grandma who went home with her tiny eyes all teared up, saying that they bullied her out of the bus, she was going to her gerontologist and wasn’t able to go that day.

    People really are crossing the line of sanity, blaming people and their ethnicities instead of the virus itself. So much wasted energy that could be productive somewhere else in these times of pandemics.

  19. Hi, I am an Asian American. I do have some criticisms towards the handling of the “Asian Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter” movement. I think these are great things and we should be addressing social issue that negatively impact minority groups. I do personally think that while we are finally addressing our problems, we are undermining other peoples issues. (Or at least that is how some people may feel) Which could lead to other groups to feel demonized or threatened if they aren’t open minded. Overall, I do think this creates a net positive.

    My biggest criticism is peoples moral compass. I believe in equality and justice for all. During the pandemic, majority of the frontline and essential employees we deem “heroes” are minority groups like African and Asian Americans. A lot of them make low wages. A lot of these minorities would have rather been on unemployment benefits + CARES ACT BONUS. But a lot of them were slaves forced to work for people not truly grateful. If you look online and do research. African American, Asian American, and other minority groups made up majority of the frontline workers.

    But any time these minorities asked for hazard pay (which only 5% or less received). They got demonized for doing so. Everyone tries to justify something fundamentally wrong rather than fix something into being right. So if people really care about these minority groups and push for “Black lives matter” or “Asian Lives Matter” how come when these same people who make up majority of the frontline workers ask for hazard pay people demonize them?

    The movements are mostly made to address the socioeconomic problems within America that these minority groups face right? Well, a lot of these frontline workers would have made more on the Unemployment+CARES ACT bonus. While also having free time to do things like invest in the stock market, go back to school, pick up a skill, work on there mental health, or spend time with there family. But most of these minority groups the media pushes to care about were working harder than ever, receiving pay cuts, not reeving hazard pay, and declining in mental health.


    $400 CARES ACT BONUS/ WEEKLY + 50% of wages

    it was previously: $600 CARES ACT BONUS/WEEKLY + 50% of wages.

    Now those on UI receive $10,200 tax break on UI collected. So again, it would have been more financially beneficial, while not risking your life to the virus, while having free time to focus on education or mental health.

    $600 CARES ACT is $15/hr, $400 CARES ACT is $10/hr. This is more than what most minimum wage job workers during the pandemic make which tend to be minority groups. This with the addition of 50% of previous wages. So how exactly is this fair for minority groups that tend to work the frontlines? If people really cared they should be justly compensated.

    Also those on Unemployment now received a tax break up to $10,200 of UI collected. So again, most of these minority groups tend to work these low wage jobs that were essential during the entire pandemic. So how is that fair for minority groups? especially when the government and large corps are so unwilling to pay hazard pay?

    Most of the minorities slaves to capitalism who were forced to work and could not opt in for unemployment benefits would have made substantially more money while having free time to focus on education or self improvement. But again, most of them were forced to work and were ineligible for UI if they quit and risked there lives during the pandemic.

    I think people are well meaning. But I think people need to be addressing this.

  20. as for the Atlanta murders, it is so sad but being a hate crime against Asians is not correct. these 3 places were massage parlors with a sexual side. the murderer as he reported to police was addicted to going to these types of places for sexual contact, and maybe he went to theses places , that has not been determined yet. saying this was a hate crime but not calling the 10 dead in Colorado a hate crime when he was a Syrian born killing 10 white people. seems hate crime is defined as attacking people because of their race, but what if it is for another reason….to me all equally horrible. sad part is today people and groups are using anything to help their cause even if it does not fit.

  21. People need to educate themselves more , to respect others cultures and start to appreciate our differences!!! Like come on!!! THE DOOR SAYS 2021 I INVITE YOU ALL TO COME IN!!! there’s not more space for hate… saludos Atte. un mexicano 🇲🇽

  22. As an American I find it sickening to see the hate and discrimination Asian people are experiencing. It is absolutely uncalled for. Also the fact that black people are trying to silence Asians because they say black people have it worse is an absolute disgrace. It’s also very sad to learn that the media is withholding some of the acts against the Asian community. Please know not every American thinks Asian people deserve to be hated or targeted.

  23. Throughout history, western countries were the only ones that goes around invading others. We Asians are alway hardworking and minding our own business. western countries are true racist.

  24. I’m so ashamed of the white majority here in the US right now. The alt right has become emboldened by Trump and his army of racists. They are everywhere. I was talking about getting the vaccine just the other day at work and a co-worker said she wasn’t and if she found out I had she’d kick my ass. They march around the work space like a clique, turn on OAN on the breakroom TV and dare anyone to change it. I’ve heard people say they wanted to cut off Biden’s head and when I reported it nothing was done. I’m so sorry that anyone is being hurt. The Asian American community has always treated me and my family with kindness and respect and we them.

  25. The virus is all a news media pandemic fear porn. 99% recovery rate… stop listening to the media. America has no issues with Asian people. It’s another media hate fear propaganda machine. Wake up people it’s the media…

  26. America was built on racism. America still continues to be a racist country. I am disgusted by the treatment of Asian people, and any people of color. Trump gave a green light for all of them White Nationalists to come out.

  27. Personally.. the school can have discussions on why hate crimes and violence happens. Most of times its easier to target certain groups of people.. but the person doing those actions are doing it cause they themselves are having troubles or wanting to be in trouble or thinks they can get away with it etc. But yes, address the issue and discuss them in public school environment is initial step towards educating ignorance and bullies.

  28. Thanks Asian Boss for addressing this issue, it’s like no one takes racism against Asians seriously, but unfortunately it’s a real issue and growing. People need to be educated about the topic. We’re all humans after all.

  29. The worst problems are the ones that people think aren’t problems at all. After much silence we must be vocal so they realize that there is a problem and that we need a solution!

  30. unfortunately legally proving an crime is a hate crime can be more difficult to prove than just a crime like murder or assault. because it can be harder to prove it might be better to just charge a person with murder or assault where the prosecution has a higher chance of winning and putting them in jail instead of going for an actual hate crime charge and losing and letting them get out.

  31. These attacks are embarrassing as an American. I was dating a philipina nurse who was experiencing Prejudice harassment from patients way back when covid-19 started. It’s really sad.

  32. Was the Atlanta shooting racially motivated? 2 of the victims were white and the killer himself said it was not a racial attack, but an attack on sex workers.

  33. I’m Asian/Filipino/American Citizen and I’m a food server In the US. I often get stares and glares from American customers cause I am Asian. Yes I do get the go back to where I am come from from time to time from a lot of Ignorant people.

    My point Is this Is nothing new Asian has been discriminated here In the US for a long time even before Covid-19. Covid-19 just made it worse. Much like of what happened to the Arab Americans being labled as a terrorists because of 9/11.

  34. Why are y’all so eager to say “It’s wasn’t a hate crime he was just a sex addict with mental problems” why are you defending anyone other than the victims? Can’t you see that this whole thing is bigger than this specific incident?? It’s about the elder that was pushed and cracked his head, it’s about the old lady that had to defend herself with a wood board after being attacked, it’s about the people that had rocks thrown at their heada just because they were taking a walk. Stop denying that the problem exists!

  35. All the victims are small build and/or seniors. Cowards. It also doesn’t help that it was revealed recently that Asian American women salaries have caught up to white men and the overall average income of Asian American households have slipped into the top spot.

  36. COVID wasn’t a Asian thing OK? It even didn’t start in Asia among the most recent research. Your guys just following the Trump’s guiding. All of those just a by-product of the 🇺🇸 VS 🇨🇳 ,not that complicated.

  37. I was surprised to hear the older guy say that he felt someone asking what his ethnicity was, was a microaggression. It doesn’t really bother me when someone asks me what my ethnicity is. But I guess it depends on how they say it. Example he gave (no but where are you from) did sound really immature.

  38. Asians buy guns. Never allow racists to threat your life. Asians are not submissive Asians in history were warriors. Claim your powerful title and defend and fight back and fight hard.

  39. Has it been confirmed that the spa shootings in Atlanta were hate-motivated? I thought the main direction the evidence was pointing, was that there were undertones of sexual attraction as a motivation (which is disturbingly common among serial killers). Is there new information I’m missing?

    (Note: I’m not denying that hate crimes happen, in general. My question is about a specific incident, which was being discussed near the beginning of the video.)

  40. I’m not Asian and I hope I don’t offend anyone but I am a POC and there is absolutely no excuse for murdering innocent people. The pandemic has hit a lot of people in many ways but blaming Asians is just an excuse for the privileged to justify their own racist ideals and actions. It really angers me. I really hope harsh actions can be taken by leaders, government, etc because these things have to stop. Immigrants make America the great country that it is and it hurts me that we are treated this way. It’s like they jump from a group of people to another group of people to blame them for one thing or another. It’s disgusting.

  41. Blaming others is easy. Being ignorant is also easy and finding like minded people will allow racism to flourish. Trump made what was was bad, worse. Every Asian in US should have seen this coming. Remember what he said about the Mexicans or muslims and the hate they got. This virus is worldwide so this makes the hatred towards Asians around the world even worse. Very unsettling.

  42. Welcome to the routine life of most people from minorities especially the African-Americans. We should learn from this event that we should always get up and say no to hate and racism and not saying” oh it doesn’t concern me”. For years, they were targeting Blacks, and now they turned to Asian. It is disgusting but we should learn to say NO to INJUSTICE regardless of who.

  43. obviously China and Dictator Xi ‘s fault with their lab grown chinese virus😮🤔🤔🤔💉💉💉💉💉💉

    we only have 2 options : launch nuclear strike at China, 500 hydrogen bomb and wipe China off this planet like our great leader Donald trump said…

    options 2 : ask China pack it up and move to other planets, China has ruined billions of human life included their own, it’s time for them to leave ,once for all.🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  44. I’m honestly shocked that these people actually moved out of US due to the pandemic. It’s not like they “go back” to Korea; I mean they grew up in the US! It’s a huge decision – leave jobs, leave friends, and what if you have have kids…

  45. I live in San jose California and I never felt racism toward me. But I always loud and speak my mind and never back down. That why I have bat in my car and a pepper spray on with me. I warn my mom about be more careful and watch her surroundings.

  46. Thankyou Asian boss for a nice content .I have request can you please do a interview of farmers protest in Indian.Even I live in India but idk the clear situation what’s going on. Mainstream media is not giving us clear information . One of the news reporter left his job because mainstream media isn’t allowing to show them real situation.i really hope you’ll cover this topjc

  47. I keep watching what’s going on in the background. Not one person without a mask. What a great feeling of people actually following the rules. Warms my heart.

  48. The logic behind blaming innocent asian american citizens for covid while cowardly targeting elders is still beyond human understanding to me.. But the saddest part is realizing the fact that some individuals from another minority are feeding this hatred through their selfish actions which not only gives a bad reputation to their own community since there is no accountability but it only confirms the uselessness of this ‘performative wokeness’ bs on social media. If you’re really about allyship then call out your own and let’s defend each others especially the most vulnerable citizens. Don’t remain indifferent seriously. I personally believe this should even be our duty as human beings? If our generation is not able to do the right thing rn then idk how we could ever coexist on the long-term

  49. At some point i totally don agree with that.
    Especially, about the women claiming donald trump who insisted china virus is from china. Why did she blame the messenger who has to ensure about wuhan virus

  50. We are hearing about Asian hate crimes in America. But what about all the other countries like in Europe, UK, Australia, Brazil, Mexico. etc. Have hate crimes gone up in those countries too? They are a lot of Asian living in those countries. We are hearing about it in the National news.

  51. This is a great video and of course I agree that we should do everything we can to stop anti-asian hate crimes, but the shooting you talk about in the intro had nothing to do with asians, the guy was against sex work.

  52. Everybody needs to stop watching all main stream media in US because they are deceiving you AND using you. They are emotionally manipulating everyone they can and have been doing this for decades. The real nazis are in the democrat party.

  53. The interning of Japanese-Americans along the West Cost only lasted three years… those camps were closed and the US Military was integrated in 1948 largely due to the heroism of the 100th Infantry Battalion/442nd Infantry Regimental Combat Team…. it was a scar and a disgrace but not a long term policy that was addressed through Reagan’s reparations bill… these were given to the internees and to their first generation descendants!! Not a 10th generation descendant of a slave… big difference

  54. I always think there are so many more ways to make ppl aware of what is happening currently in America. I don’t think the media is doing enough actually bc my algorithm hasn’t been affected as heavily by this movement as others tbh (just a a small ex. that I think clarifies coverage). I feel so sorry and hurt for my fellow poc AAPI community bc this type of pain isn’t something a group should have to go through to understand the depth of discrimination. @12:45 I understand him wanting to use his words and question but as he said “words hurt” which is exactly why racists say those things to minorities. They aren’t going to feel compassion or reflect over their racist views bc one said that it rlly hurt their feelings. I think it has to be more impactful which is why the pal movement and anti-asian hate agenda should be plastered and prominent in ppl’s minds.

  55. I’m not Asian I’m also not gonna allow them to be harmed or chastised in front of me either I’m just one person but I’ll do what I can love from new York

  56. Being treated differently because of your race is Not Ok these types of hate crimes must come to an end in america, but racial discrimination must also be stopped in Korea as well [most of their elderly generation despise and discriminate against any race/ person who has dark/ brown skin. These situations clearly have to be discussed, so that we can come up with constructive solutions.

  57. I think America is very far ahead in technology, but very behind in racial issues, but at least open minded people are demanding change 💪🏻💪🏼💪💪🏾💪🏾💪🏿💪🏼💪🏽💪💪🏿💪🏾

  58. Woke up asian Americans go back serve your true home country China Korea Japan; American is not your welcoming home. You are safer in Asia. More money too !

  59. me and all my asian friends feel safe as hell.. the dems are done with the blacks. they dont need them anymore because the election is over so now theyre focusing on asians…

  60. As an Asian American I can sadly say that I’ve experienced a significant amount of racism even before the pandemic. In high school, even though 40% of the students were Asian American in there, there were groups of students running around accusing people of being “dirty Asiana” that are pests, spread disease and basically steal jobs, money, and everything that they thought they were owed. I’ve been discriminated in finding internships and jobs – one email stating my rejection to an internship said that they “hired too many Asians” and that they rejected me because of my ethnicity. It’s always lurked in the shadows as microaggressions (examples are at 8:13) and it’s just been getting done in more open actions in public.

    I was walking in an airport to fly back to university in January and I had a person walking around berating anyone that looked Asian and asking “if they carried COVID like rats carry disease”. No one did anything – I tried to reach out to police officers in the airport but they just talked to him for a second and he went back to berating people WHILE THEY WATCHED. It’s like we are treated lesser than white people but just slightly tolerated and paid more than other minorities, and just used as a scapegoat for everything and anything in this pandemic. Just a convenient person to assign work to do to claim credit when things go right and an even easier person to blame when things go wrong – after all, it’s not the first time the US blamed Asian Americans and Asians for something. The most recent time was a short 20-30 years ago, with events like the LA riots.

  61. That’s kind of sucky, that Asians are ever treated bad, but especially during the pandemic because some ignorant morons think it’s somehow their fault. But I wonder how much of it is just standard stuff that happens to pretty much any minority or ethnicity. No one’s talking about the fact that the majority of violence against Asians has been by another minority that originated in Africa. That other minority has been preying on Asians for decades. When some Southeast Asians settled in St. Louis back when I was in college there, they were initially placed in a ghetto kind of neighborhood and there was a lot of violence and crime, and they basically had to get out of there. Whte people don’t particularly prey on Asians though some might make ignorant comments like “where are you from” assuming since you’re Asian looking, you must have been born over there, but ignorance isn’t quite the same thing as malicious acts of hate. When I graduated college, both of my Chinese teachers (I was a China major) Dr. Yang and Ms. Liu congratulated me in front of my family, two older professors originally from China who were completely unrelated, and my moron sister said “Are y’all related?” What an idiot. Anyway this incident in Atlanta was clearly not an anti-Asian hate crime even though tragically several Asian women were killed, but three other non-Asians were killed and no one has reached out to their families or basically even recognized that they too experienced tragedy, because a certain political class is so desperate to warp this despicable act by a lunatic into an anti-Asian hate crime. It WASN’T, get over it. Yes, there’s violence against Asians, and hate crime against Asians, but there’s also just crime and no one likes to talk about crime because it doesn’t fit the narrative. There’s a dozen shootings _every weekend in Chicago_ that no one hardly even mentions in polite conversation, because number one it’s a Democrat town with a blck female mayor and Obama came from there and it’s just embarrassing. That shooting in Boulder initially was blamed on a whte suprmacst, and there were these vicious tweets about how “it could only be a whte male” and then it turned out to be this Syrian immigrant so they had to take their tweets down, and one or two of them got fired from their newspaper jobs. I guess there’s a bit of justice in the world. Just trying to say, you’d think there’s a jihad on Asians suddenly and actually there just isn’t, or at least I hope there isn’t and have seen no sign that there is. There’s way more attacks on Jws by the way, mostly by blks once again. Probably the most violent sector of American society is blks, a small number of whom are responsible for >50% of all homicides, but it’s politically incorrect to speak of it. And by the way, when I lived in Taiwan as a whte dude, I was treated terribly at times, threatened with violence, insulted, spat at — yes you can think the Asian countries are so civilized, but they weren’t particularly nice to a skinny nerdy guy with glasses where I was; some people were friendly and others weren’t. On balance, they were more civilized than here, I’ll give them that. But it opened my eyes to the fact that there’s prejudice _everywhere,_ not just here.

  62. One thing I wanna add on this topic: it kind of annoys me when I see people in media frame the anti-Asian hate crime as a white supremacist issue. As an Asian American, I’ve experienced alot of racism from not just white people, but also from alot of black people, especially when I lived in the Bay area. In fact I would say that with black people it might be worse because the confrontations are oftentimes more physical, and mind you I’m a relatively big guy at 6’2 195lb, so I can only imagine what it’s like when you’re a frail old person.

  63. So it seems a lot of Asians are running and fleeing America for the time being until the pandemic is over.

    I wonder if those people will end up staying in Asia or if they will go back to America.

  64. some of the koreans are happy this is happening in america. but the blame all goes to the chinese. and we all know, koreans hates chinese, japanese and north-koreans. the grudge is as deep as the earth.

  65. Yet, there are white people who tell us to stop spreading false news to divide everyone. They have the privilege to live in a fairytale. I’m so disgusted by US and have been looking into moving to Korea.

  66. This is a good interview but I feel as through this is only a partial interview some Subjects adjacent the theme of the video would have made a complete

  67. … all ppl hv experienced racism at sm point…blk ppl turned into slaves, american indians skaughtered…but our future will b way betr whr no one will hurt us with words or in deeds EVER again…

  68. Pretty much sums up western countries. USA unfortunately has the coverage now simply because they have a bigger population. Look at the 5 eyes spy countries, I have no doubt countries like Australia and UK would have a very similar issue except they aren’t being publicised. Things like the Australian government’s “White Australia” policy reinforced an official racist stand that gets reflected in to society and mass media.

  69. I live in the United States, Makes me furious all of the cases of discrimination towards Asians here. I have not seen it in Orlando FL where I’m at but if someone tries that in my face they are getting stomped. Absolutely reprehensible behavior this discrimination were seeing.

  70. I don’t think the media is doing a great job, I think they could learn from Asian Boss on how to listen and the questions to ask. 💕✌

  71. The horrible murders were not about race at all. The man was mentally deranged, had a sex addiction and frequent massage parlors. He thought they were to blame so he senselessly killed them. I thought Asians would be stronger smarter then to fall for this identity politics BS. This crap is meant to divide us!

  72. Asian Americans are still seen as nothing more than foreigners in the United States which is their home. Some entitled people forget that the USA is a nation of immigrants. We are all equal Americans. Get with it, people.🇺🇸

  73. If those RACISTS are so skilled and talented then why don’t they own those jobs ?
    The irony is Asians still idolize them ! Asians must get united to fight these racists ! We aren’t only big nd better geographically but also better at everything be it education or anything !

  74. By now most people are aware of violent attacks of Asian people. However, we must be shrewd and look at each case individually. I see the same reaction from the effected groups, to demand to label ALL attacks against their community as “hate crimes.” The Orlando, Florida Pulse Nightclub massacre had a very similar reaction from the gay community. No matter how many witnesses who came forward saying that the shooter, had mental illness, and his own wives repeatedly stated that he was violent, hated women, AND NUMEROUS people from the cell phone sex app, “Grinder,” ALL CONFIRMED THE SHOOTER WAS GAY, the gay community insisted that the massacre was a “hate crime.”

    This is not the only incident where people from the SAME race or religion as the victims of a heinous crime, people ASSUME & DEMAND to call it a hate crime.

    It has been repeated many times that the killer of the Georgia massage parlor massacre, had prior mental illness AND a sex addiction that he wanted to avenge. Yes, he did “target Asian women,” but if white or black women were working there, I think it is obvious that he would have killed them too.

    Lastly, NO ONE is discussing the elephant in the room here (1) most of these attacks are taking place in very poor high crime neighborhoods. (no not an excuse) ANY person walking thru a high crime neighborhood can become a victim of a violent crime. Again not an excuse. (2) Most Asian store owners never hire black people nor Latino “American citizens,” but instead ONLY hire illegals. Many illegals that work for Asians complain that they are abused with long hours, less than minimum wages, rarely a day off, no vacation or holiday pay, no medical. These abusive practices are discussed among the black and brown people who LIVE in these communities. This resentment grows and grows, while these blacks and browns see Asians as oppressing them, getting rich off of poor people and continuing a racist system that black and brown people have fought to destroy long before Asians came and took over most of the businesses in these very poor neighborhoods.

    I am a peaceful person and do not support violence as it rarely “solves” anything, usually it only creates a cancer and scar tissue that never ends decades later. But I think Asians need to be honest in addressing how they have contributed to hatred against non Asians and profitted by it. Also, the $64K question is, how many Asians would be interested in this discussion if these horrible acts have never happened? Why does something (loss of a job to have compassion for the homeless) (get a diagnosis of a serious illness to have compassion for the disabled) “have” to happen TO YOU (OURSELVES) for us to GET IT (UNDERSTAND injustice and dehumanizing treatment)???

  75. We Asians as a group compose of half of this world population. There’s no reason we need to take this crap from the imperialist nations. We must be united and not let the divide and conquer US technique to work against us. It’s time to fight back.

  76. Do you notice the irony between the guy at 8:00 and the subsequent lady. The guy is annoyed that people keep asking him ‘where he is from’ and the lady is annoyed that people keep calling her ‘chinese’. Look, guys. People ask you where you are from because they want to know if you are korean or chinese or japanese or taiwanese or singaporean so they won’t make the mistake of calling you ‘chinese’ or ‘japanese’ when you are korean. Sure, if you want to they can ask you ‘what is your ‘cultural heritage’ but that just sounds like they are taking a survey instead of trying to socialize with you. TBH, I don’t think most people will get what you are asking when you use the phrase what is your cultural heritage’.

  77. Asian shouldn’t leave America cos America is not for white only , originally is from Red Indians American , they own the real America , Red Indian American are the right person to own America , if this I said about who is the rights they are fighting

  78. Korean are racist themselves when they are in South Korea. Let’s say a black person is in South Korea he will face a lot of racism.
    It feels like a two faced stuff to me ( not talking about the violence here).

  79. interracial violence should always be considered as hate crime first and ruled out last. particular in the states where racism and gun violence are core values

  80. The comment section for this video has attracted an unusual amount of trolls. Usually I don’t see so many on Asian Boss videos, but there’s a decent amount of Asians (from Asia) mocking Asian Americans and white/western supremacists here for whatever reason.

  81. As a Pacific Islander who grew up in Hawaii, I have nothing but love and respect for Asian communities. Even attraction to Asians. It saddens me that such terrible things are happening.

  82. It was shocking for me but at the same time, I felt it was bound to happen.
    Trump definitely left a scar in the minds of many Americans; especially the narrative of COVID-19 being the “China Virus” or also “Kung Flu”. So of course unfortunately the more ignorant people would exacerbate this situation.
    People making assumptions and having preconceived notions about Asians and acting up on it is disappointing.
    I’ve had personal experiences where people assumed I was Chinese when I’m Korean-American. I know that mostly it’s not intended to be insulting but more out of ignorance, but at the same time it’s disappointing.

    Really though this isn’t just a problem with Asians. This is a problem of people mainly that happens to non-Caucasian/non-White individuals.
    That example where the policeman tried to play the situation in Georgia is a good example of _white privilege_ that still exists today towards Asians. That policeman probably assumed that Asians wouldn’t make a big deal about it.

  83. We Chinese built they railway networks in the USA,treated as slave labors,thousands of them died of the project.and exclusive Chinese act is the only act passed toward one particular group of ppl that immigrant to America. Japanese American was put into camps during ww2,Koreans was robbed and killed in 90s last century when the riots took place in Los Angeles. Throughout the history of America,Asian hating is a policy or culture pushed purposely by the government . That’s very evil and anti humanity,but it’s normal for a country that was built on colonialism and slavery. They mainstream race I mean the white purposely give different group ppl a color,black yellow or Latino,establish caste system society to divide and control them. America is doomed,no one could change this,it built base on it,it’s their ‘value’. Asians should move out it before it collapse.

  84. Can you make interview indonesia about Indonesia badminton team vs BWF/NHS in all england 2021 ???
    This is also about mistreatment, covid and pride

  85. Its not Asian- Asian American’s that I hate, but I very much dislike what Xi Jinping’s does to the Uygurs, Tibetans, Kim Jong-Un does to his people, I find culture awareness to be very positive.

  86. Also, Asian Americans are treated differently in Asia as well. You won’t fit in completely because you’re Americanized. But at least people won’t really care about how you look because you look like everyone else. That’s what happened when I went to Taiwan.

  87. Why they are doing to asians …. whenthey are inour country they are all welcome…remember the news in new york subway one black american pushed one filinpina asian to train and died…. its so barbaric attitudes…. its it god told us to spread love not hatred

  88. I live in Arizona and I have been attacked by three different white dudes on completely different occasions. Idk if that’s because I’m brown round and close to the ground and look super Mexican. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

  89. As a black American living in the States all my life, my country has literally lost all dignity and respect for each other. Racism is a staple in our history, has been for years, and it’s now more dangerous than ever. To hate a person because they’re Asian, Black, Mexican, Native American, it’s a disgrace and it’s so heartbreaking. I am embarrassed to say I am an American. I use to be proud to say that I am an American, but I can’t say it anymore. Trump when he was in office literally destroyed our democracy with his racist rhetoric, institutionalized systemic racism. He made the closest racist come out and wreak havoc. I want Asian people to know, not all Americans are out to hurt them, and attack them. I support all Asians in their fight against racism.We have to stand together and let our voices be heard.

  90. Sad to hear the one guy talk about southeast Seattle, that’s my area. Haven’t seen anything crazy personally but I also figured we weren’t immune to this dumb trend.

    The US seems to be deteriorating in general. There is definitely racism against Asians, but a lot of people seem to be misanthropes toward everyone now. The undercurrent of anger is palpable.

  91. How to divide society 101 : inseminate the idea that group A is hated by group B. Watch it become true as group A is becoming more and more hostile.

  92. My prayers to the family who lost their loved ones, due to some nut bags. This should never happen, to any race or any colour. Common we all have the same red blood running in our veins and arteries. But Lets all, please accept the fact that, there is racial discrimination every corner of the planet. But going to the point to hurt and kill someone is wrong and sad to another level. Humanity is dying. When will the people start living a life for which they were created by the god❤️❤️❤️😓

  93. The salon or spa (or whatever) shootings weren’t race related, though; the women (two of which were white) were killed because they were prostitutes, not because they were Asian; and the cop who made the comment about ‘having a bad day’ was quoting the shooter, not just saying it himself.

    Also, ‘Trump’s rhetoric’ re the coronavirus has nothing to do with the actual hate crimes, as most of the hate crimes are perpetrated by African Americans who presumably don’t follow politics at all, let alone would be republicans. This video contains massive misinformation.

  94. Let’s not forget the other four people who were victim to this shooting along with the six Asian women. They should be in our prayers as well.

  95. It’s very bewildering that Asians would be attacked violently because typically we keep to ourselves and avoid conflict. In general Asians in America are very productive members of society.

  96. When US citizens visit Asian countries we treat them like our own family. U know a few months before I loved to visit US, but now I don’t know after hearing my fellow Asians getting attacked I am starting to doubt it. But I still love Hollywood and other web series though. I mean racism is everywhere even in Asia but gun violence and physical attacks it has gone to some extend.Iam not against US citizens as a whole but can many of you guys just empower your people about Asians. I don’t know after hearing Asians getting attacked me and all other Asians would not want to visit US for security concerns . So I really hope things change there.

  97. All of these problems that America Has Right now is Big proof that america is NOT #1 country,Media Lies and don’t show the full truth,This country is getting more Divided in many ways and forms and Corruption seems to be increasing

  98. 7:56 I get that a lot. Where did you learn English! LOL makes me want to smack them! I was called a black b*.. lol…I’m a dark Asian but obviously the dumba$$ can’t tell the difference. I look ASIAN. I blame the ignorant leader for freeing these weirdos out of the woodwork. I read somewhere that there is a challenge going around the Bay Area to slap an Asian person (elderly/women are mostly targeted)!! Crazy!!

  99. I am from Orange County, Southern California. My family hasn’t yet experienced this kind of racism yet. However, it’s always in the back of my mind and be more mindful of my surrounding whenever I am out and about. I just ordered pepper sprays and stun guns for a peace of mind.

  100. I’m sad that there is such thing as discrimination… I love humans. I have a hug and love for anyone that needs. My hope is that before my time on earth is done that the majority of humans will care about other humans enough to understand each other and to stop choosing to stay ignorant and let go of fear that can and sometimes does lead to violence. I have to believe that there are many more good humans Let’s keep trying to be the best humans we can Peace and love

  101. Weird to hear those “stamps” : what kind of Asian you are, nono where u from. Like you watched those tik toks from a popular Korean guy :). Was surprised to hear that there is Asian hate. Is it really that bad? Russians and Ukrainians have the same questions: where you from and so on. I’m not getting embarrassed when someone is asking. Why are you getting embarrassed when they are asking your parents origin?

  102. Anti-Asian sentiments have always been simmering in the US. It’s nothing new. With covid, they are now out in the open. My parents live in a predominately white neighborhood. My mother’s Chinese/Japanese neighbor got chased and almost run down by a white lady in SUV. When we first moved there, another white neighbor threw rock at my mom while she was taking a walk. There are many many incidents like that and yet we Asian Americans just internalized everything. Now we know we can’t be silent any more and must fight back. We must fight for our rights and dignity, maybe even for our lives.

  103. As an asian living in a western country. I’ve been pretty lucky. I’ve never experienced racism. We should all condemn racism of any kind and educate both adults and kids to be better human beings, but we should also put things into perspective. We should not automatically hate other races based on the racist/violent actions of a few.

  104. As an American who grew up in NY and went to school and worked with people of every ethnicity… It’s the religious old people outside of major cities who will ALWAYS use any excuse possible to express outrage against people not like them. The more different you are, the angrier they are. If you have colored hair or you’re nerdy or non-white, watch out, cuz’ Ethel will walk right up to you and ruin your week… The biggest problem is that mindset of “you’re not me!? HOW DARE YOU NOT BE ME!” and Trumps “china virus” rhetoric really stoked the flames.

  105. racism is everywhere in korea its verbal but in america its voilent so everyone needs to be open minded not just americans but the whole world if someone needs to eradicate this issue

  106. We living in 2021. We send robots to Mars now, we planning to colonize the space and stuff, and still… Still there are so many ignorant sapiens in this planet that think that belonging to a certain race makes you bad, good, evil, smart, idiot or whatever… Race at most will define your physical appearance and that’s it. But then is up to you how you shape your brain…


  108. Why don’t all these Anti-china lobbies sanction this evil America also?

    The double standards of this so called Human rights etc is appealing.

  109. American: where are u from?
    Asian: New York
    American: no like *_where_* are you from
    As an Asian, I don’t think this is racist at all. It’s just that their word choice isn’t right

  110. I think the main problem is the anti China hate campaigns and the wrong perception that all asians with tiny eyes are Chinese.
    The pandemic has created a lot problems both economically and emotionally among the both white and black Americans.
    They just want a scrape goat to blame and Asians became there easy targets.

  111. Things I hear all the time that are pretty racist but people don’t even realize… “no, where are you really from?” or “you don’t sound Asian.”

  112. Yes! It is scarier more than the virus. Virus can possibly be cure but not racism. My family and I tried not go outside even more. Not safe virus and now target mass shootings.

  113. It’s a shame what’s happening in America to the Asian American community. These punks have no respect and think it’s okay to attack women and elders. I hope their parents pay for their kids crime and hatred. The American school system history books do not cover much on the history of who built America. Time to rise up and be noticed my Asian brothers and sisters.

  114. The racism has always been there. The attacks against asian Americans have escalated enormously. Hopefully there will be improvements all around for speaking out and having protest. Enough is enough. I’m more happier and safer to live in japan.

  115. As a Filipino-American when I heard about the Atlanta shooting I was devastated and I was angry about it, I’m glad that Asian Boss covered about this

  116. There is, as yet, no evidence thar the Georgia massage parlor attack was racially motivated. There has been a troubling increase in attacks on Asians in the past year but the increase is from a low base (relative to other racial groups, calculated on a per-capita basis). And the assailants are not disproportionately white.

  117. I love the way people were so quick to band for the blm movement but where are they now that the Asian community needs them? Nowhere. Where are the hasgtags? Nowhere. Where are the out cries? Nowhere. So we supported that movement yet where are they now?

  118. I am not surprised, but I’m horrified. Yes, exactly the same feeling I have on this hatecrimes on the street. Discrimination is not new for me as an Asian, but the incidents happening lately, indeed like he said, it’s not a surprising thing, but I’m totally horrified.

  119. So sad and disappointing that this is happening in 2021. Any Asian countries accepting Asian refugees trying to flee USA because of anti-Asian hate?

  120. @asianboss i would also appreciate if you would also cover the recent cases of Indian student Rashmi Samant facing racial abuse and attack on her Hindu faith in the prestigious Oxford, and the level of rising intolerance towards Indic practices in the US, with Alabama state finally legalising Yooga, but banning the use of “Namaste”…
    Hate crimes against South Asians, dont garner much attention, even from the wider Asian community, bcoz we “dont look that Asian enough”.
    I wont be surprised if no one knew about the harassment of a Nepali Uber driver 3 weeks back in L.A., shooting of Indian origin engineer Srinivas Kutchibotla back in 2017, a hate group called “Dotbusters” in the 90s which viciously attacked Hindu women, identifying them by the ‘bindis’ they wore on their foreheads…

  121. Two whites were also killed and a hispanic was shot. He had no anti asian anything on social media. You are racist for ignoring victims because of their race

  122. It’s terrible whats happening to the Asians ppl….I understand how u feel… this racism has to stop….Black ppl been experiencing this forever..still getting hung from a tree but u don’t here about that….So again I do understand how u feel….Hate crime had to STOP!!!

  123. The sad part is, irregardless of your race, how did basically intelligence dissapeared? If Neanderthals were our distant relatives, they cant ne this low; so how do we look at these types of people?

  124. 5 days ago, a tall white male urinated on an Asian girl on F train to Queens, NYC and quickly fled. She was only able to take a photo of him with face mask. It’s impossible for a girl to confront a insane strong man. So I bring pepper spray with me whenever I go out. Racial crime needs instant karma.

  125. Racism will never die unfortunately especially in such a melting pot of a country we all look different and we have different cultures Asians are discriminated against and it’s not taken seriously i’m really just tired of America as a minority myself it is the greatest country in the world if you are white 🥴 but we also need to acknowledge that other races that are not white discriminate other races

  126. As a black american man I support the asian community threw this hard times of discrimination and racism. Also I been out protesting with my asian friends. It really hurts me to my heart to see the asian community go threw this. Plus I have asian’s in my family.

  127. FYI just learnt something from this video I never knew that Asians were the ones who built the railroad system they surely don’t have that in the history books along with how they treated Japanese people sending them to concentration camps smh white America is horrible man 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m so ashamed at times to be from America😔😔

  128. Chinese hate crimes not “Asians hate crimes”.Asia is a continent not a country.
    There are 48 countries in Asia. China is only one of them.

  129. I’m from Asia. But I don’t feel sad about it. I actually feel more disgusted on how non-Asians do these hate crimes. Discriminating Asians? Really? That’s so stupid. America really does best at being stupid. You may boast on your country’s economy or military but you can’t deny that American society is as shitty as it can get. You scream for diversity yet when things like this happen you’re also the first one to spread racism around the world. How hypocritical are you America? I don’t feel sad about us Asians. I feel sad for non-Asians who live in America and grow up with hatred. Well, let’s be frank. In this pandemic, Asian countries managed the crisis better than America, and yet the prideful Americans have the guts to discriminate Asians? Lol. If there’s someone who should be xenophobic about virus, it should be Asians towards Americans because America has higher cases than most of East Asian countries. But still, we don’t do that in times of pandemic. We’re not like that. Why not instead of being assholes, why not lower the pride and listen to Asian people for once since they managed it best? Well, what can you expect. Whites are too prideful, Blacks are too jealous. Lmao. This is why I never wanna move to other countries outside my continent. You will lose your dignity just for that American dream. Oh, it’s more like an American nightmare nowadays.

  130. I hate to break it to you, Koreans. However, do you really think someone who is so sick in the head that they’re attacking the elderly is going to be affected in the slightest by “spreading awareness” and social media hashtags? The Democrats have made it clear that they want to pander to BLM by weakening the justice system, weakening the police, and going soft on crime. If we continue down that path, it won’t matter of what crime you convict a violent felon. They’ll be right back out on the street to do it again and again.

  131. WP want to attack others ppl based on their religion, race, culture, being lgbt. They hurt black ppl, mexican, brown, asian, Jewish, muslim, Indians, native americans, the LGBTQ community and many other ppl. WP fear not being the majority, they fear that they will be overrun and not lead this country, racist wp use their fear to divide and bring hate. WP are the problem.

  132. I’m actually annoyed when people say “I was Having a bad day!”

    You had a Bad day, and decided to be raoo ciyst and commit moida?


  133. These stories are so depressing, even more so when I have to hear politicians argue and give up on any change. In the US I was always nervous every time my Asian American partner went out on his own and I just couldn’t live like that any more. Many people thought I was American as I’m caucasian, even though I was an immigrant there, and they thought my partner was an immigrant but he was a US citizen and a US Air Force veteran. We moved to Canada. There is still racism here, and have experienced it head-on, but not at the level as it is in the US.

  134. Every other asian countries has got some form of martial art.Practice those self defense moves you never when it might come in handy i,e when it gets physical it’s high time to use it for self defense.We need to send the message loud and clear to all those motherf*****s.

  135. I am feeling weird and uncomfortable by just imagining if someone behave like this with me. it’s really bad we are Asians not virus if you don’t like us it’s ohk but at least respect us and behave normally

  136. Fellow Asians, please use this time to reflect on how WE have taken part in racism/colorism within our own Asian community, in our home countries, in our diaspora. Of course, we’ve all been taught to keep our heads down and focus on our own work and goals…plus, it’s not like Asian parents are big on open communication, airing out family problems, talking about the past, etc. So we have the luxury of trying to avoid thinking about racism when it’s not directed at us, or the racial profiling benefits us. Now that we’re feeling the heat again, it should wake us up to the fact that it’s always there, the Black community faces it exponentially worse than we do, and we’ve been part of the problem. I’m ashamed at how ignorant I’ve been more most of my life and unwilling to take up the fight alongside Black people in the fight against racism. That’s gotta change. So remember to check your Asian privilege when talking about feeling unsafe…and be brave enough to have uncomfortable talks, apologize, and take action.

  137. Wow I only experienced racism in high school and I completely understand why. I’ve experienced it very slightly as an adult in Australia. America doesn’t seem like a great place to live at all even for white working class, it’s even worse for minorities.

  138. The guy was a Syrian Muslim with a sex addiction. He was going to a therapist for his addiction. The massage-parlor was the place where he, ‘paid’, for sex…… He killed the women that were taking his money. He may have been on prescription drugs. The anti-Asian angle is a mass media conspiracy……….

  139. I was walking my dogs with a mask on at a park near my house just a few weeks ago. A black young man yelled at me saying “get off my nuts! FCK OFF!” Now, I carry a pepper spray and a stun gun.

  140. I am a public school teacher here in the US. My heart is breaking for all the Asian Americans here who are afraid and suffering. I am trying my best to educate my students thoroughly on this issue so they can spread kindness instead of hate. I hope to go to graduate school in Korea to have a more well-rounded education that is less Eurocentric so I can become a better ally. 미안합니다. 🙁

  141. Even corona come from China it doesn’t mean that whole Chinese are responsible for this I am Indian I don’t hate my Chinese brother and sister but yeah I don’t like their government

  142. Violence towards Asians have always existed. They were just hardly been on major news media, until recently. Even now, many stay on local minor news.

    An old Asian couple were assaulted during their morning walk on a safe area of my city in Southern California. Wife died from it but most ppl haven’t heard that news..

  143. And yeah btw since they are being racist to others as well so it’s a karma.
    When one is being racist it double the pay.
    Don’t do to others what u don’t want to do to u.

    Btw I feel so sorry for those innocent people who really did nothing that they became the target🥺😓😢 I know it so sad particularly the elder one.

  144. Nowadays, when non-Asian people say to you “Go back to your own country”, take that as a compliment because Asian countries nowadays are much better and way way way safer than America. lmao..

  145. As an Asian it makes me furious of these racism. Development of the country comes with the mentality of people as well. Its high time now as we are in 21st century and didnt even learnt to be human.

  146. Ever since Trump became president and began diving the people I’ve become ashamed of living in this country because of how the world views US rn.

  147. When faced with racism: Take out your phone and record it, get as much footage to out the person(s), loudly repeat the racist crap that is being said, use Socratic methods of questioning, get yourself to safety. If that isn’t possible, FIGHT LIKE HELL…I’m not sure if it’s legally better to leave behind the corpse of a racist attacker rather than their maimed body with years of legal battles and medical fees.

    If you’re too afraid stand up straight and fight for yourself or others, then you are going to be targeted even MORE. Our parents and the generations that came before had it rough…how bad do we have it now? You don’t think the average Black person faces worse every day of their lives without the protection of police? Channel your inner Captain America and fight this ignorant BS.

  148. It is easier to lead the public to blame on China than to lead them out of pandemic, the US leadership is a joke to the world, and its citizens are eager to follow the joke.

  149. I’m Chinese but I love how energetic and full of fighting spirit the Koreans are. Racism against Asians in the West is two-fold problem, specifically of two inter-related status quos:
    1. white privilege in an internal societal setting
    2. US hegemony in a global geopolitical setting

    As of this point in time, both status quos are under threat. for Asians to win the battle against racism, both must be destroyed.

  150. As an American myself our country was literally founded on racism. It has always been there. It’s just gotten worse cause our last President, he should not be named, made it ok for racists to come out of the woodwork. This is why calling it the Chinese Virus was detrimental and why the majority said it was racist. I can tell you there are well over 300 million ppl in the US and most of us are not racist. The racist minority, which sadly is still probably a good third of country, has made our country look so bad. Plus, we have a serious gun problem here. It’s also bs that the massage parlor killings were not racially motivated. They keep saying it was about women. No, he purposely targeted an Asian establishment.

  151. I wouldn’t mess with Asians. They make most of the things we use every day. Imagine your life without our your phone, TV, computer and cars? Lot of those items are made in Asia. Love my Asians. Much love.

  152. the irony in koreans in korea being sinophobic about the virus when koreans are being attacked in america for the same damn reason🤦‍♀️ racist and xenophobic hate is what we’re focused on instead of the virus itself and its the dumbest thing ever

  153. To be honest living in east Asia the standard of living is fairly high and especially right now theres no reason they need to go back to America if they dont want to. pretty much everything in the US you can get in places like Korea without the violence, discrimination, homelessness harssing you, dirty streets, etc.

  154. More koreans need to recognize that white supremacy and the power of white foreigners IN korea is connected to the kind anti asian racism IN the u.s.

  155. watching this made me so so sad, it’s so unfair what people have to experience and go through. as someone who has had so many relatives experience racism, hearing about the woman who experienced racism in her work made me think of my mom who has dealt with discrimination so many times. it’s really sad because it shows that the united states is filled with flaws that leaders here don’t feel any need to fix. this place is a mess

  156. Attacks in the US against asians are mostly from non-whites and most of that is from black people, yet some people still try to call this white supremacy. I’m sorry but if you blame everything in the world on white supremacy and try to make everything about white people you are probably a racist.

  157. Tell me one thing ,why westerners or otherwise when someone use word : Asian people ,it refers only people who are mangolians and not indian Pakistani bangladeshi

  158. As a Korean-American who has lived in both Korea and US, I’ve witnessed many Koreans being racist towards non-Koreans when I lived in Korea and here in the US as well. I’ve also experienced racism while living in the US. Unfortunately, racism will be found in every ethnic group because the problem of evil comes from within the human heart.

  159. Some of the people being interviewed in this video acted like racism against Asian is a new thing and because of the Corona virus. LoL This racism against pre dated in 1800s. Never trust the westerners.

  160. “Donald Trump”?……..Yeah, she’s right.(5:32)….. President Donald Trump is to blame for the tensions between all the communities in the US…. So yeah, all victims of hate crimes should join forces and call out President Donald Trump and petition against his social media platform that could be used fan the flames of more hostility.

  161. Asian boss is the only Youtube channel that I don’t skip adds on.

    Most Korean who have never live abroad are racist toward foreigners especialy Southeast Asian people while Korean who live abroad experiencing racism, in this case by American.
    A friend of mine who lives in Korea told me that living as a foreigner in Korea means that you have to go through all unfair policies and your voices won’t be heard whatever you do, and the same goes to Korean who live in America.
    What a sad pattern in this modern age where more people get educated about racism but ignorant enough to accept the value of humanity.

  162. Actually, the asian~americans hates have escalated dramatically out of the Covid~19. Regardless of your religions or phydical looks, we must respect, praise and admire everyone when they are doing good jobs.

  163. My wife is asian, from Thailand. I am a white male. Both of us have suffered unjust judgment and discrimination because of our race, assuming that the color of my skin, or her skin, necessarily means that we as individuals are somehow directly responsible for either the spread of Covid or the violence toward asians that has been occurring. So when we both go out into public we are both immediately targets.

  164. 2020 feb I was resting in Bali , people around me assumed that I’m Chinese and kept saying to each other ooh Chinese stay far from her 😂

  165. I’m not even american but when I see all this post of video of racism in america on Instagram, really it scares me, it angers me, it saddens me. This is so sad to see even if I have nothing to do with America.

    For the record I’m half asian based in Paris and even if there are racism here, I think it’s not as dangerous and violent than in the states.

  166. The tragic murders in Atlanta included non asians too. The killer blamed prostitution for his sexual guilt and targeted the ‘salons’ because they were (in his psychotic mind) feeding his sexual problems. Please do not play into the ‘systemic racist’ narrative that is being used to divide the races. My extended Filipino family live in Florida where they are wealthy and successful. Asians are the #1 economic achievers in the USA.

  167. I never understood why white people tend to be so agressive. For example, racism also exists in asian countries but we don’t attack other races middle of the street. Western culture is affected too much from thug-culture which is so different with asian who encourages politeness.

  168. Just whatever type of Asian you are, people’s gonna sum up all by the very known community chinese, because this people thinks all Asian are chinese……they have got no one to blame

  169. If I were asian and had the finances to leave racist america and go to somewhere nice and safe like south korea or singapore I would in a heart beat, asians please look up the historical mistreatment of your people in america this is all nothing new worse things have happened in the past from japanese internment camps to chinese men being lynched …

  170. You can’t speak rationally to someone who is ignorant and irrational or worse, willfully irrational. Other people in that persons ethnicity, who IS rational would need to be the one to talk to that person in the hopes of giving a new perspective of why racism is wrong. Why verbally and physically assaulting someone is wrong. And even worse, there are slashings, stabbings, rapes and murders.

    Speak to them in the language they understand, which is whatever violence they inflict upon others. While that doesn’t get to the root causes, that will hopefully make them and others at least think twice before they target others, especially Asian women and the elderly.

    There are some things in life that you just don’t do, lines that you just don’t cross. But those who have no morals, ethics, decency or a conscience, you need to communicate to the in a way that they understand.

    Carry pepper spray, bear spray, a knife, baton, and pistol if you can. Carry something that you are COMFORTABLE in carrying. Get training if you can.

    Don’t allow the elderly to go out by themselves if you can help that. Accompany them. Go out in groups if they can. Be aware of your surroundings, carry a phone. Be especially wary when paying for something or if you’re at an ATM..

    Just as importantly, don’t rely on strangers to come to your aid, because we’ve all seen the videos where no one helps. The police can’t deter or prevent these crimes, they can’t protect people, and then they show up after the crime occurs and tell people that they can’t defend themselves with force. Unacceptable. Then there are certain Police Chiefs and DA’s who choose to be soft on the violent criminals because of their own biases.

  171. The media won’t address anti Asian hate, because it mostly stems from the African American community and they can’t abandon their “white men bad” narrative.

    I’d also be careful to classify the shooting as a hate crime against Asians, but more so against women in general, as the shooter was an incel.

  172. (I’m not good at English so you should understand me) I’m Korean live in South Korea. I hate korean american, too. They usually ignored and disparage korean culture by elitisim. *And they misuse korean public health care so National Health Insurance is always being in deficit.*

    moreover, they should shut their mouth about racisim because they hate black too.* and Nobody force them to move to america. Just their choice.

  173. USA citizens have the audacity to virtue signal for asians but cant practice it. They say stop racism specially those who are in twitter but doesnt really care about asians, they dont want o give up BLM cuz they be stripped of privilege to be racist to other races but instead just create a new title a clear segregation attempt. If they were true to their intent in ending racism only one banner should exist and not one for each race.

  174. It could be thought the Government Printing it out to the people 👫 it is getting worse in the world well all take care love 😍 to you all very Excellent video 📼 😇🙏😇🙏😇🙏😇🙏🌏🌍🌎💛🖤🤎🤍👭👬👫👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  175. Sorry if im getting too emotional about it, but why American society is so hypocrite? Like when black person got killed, they started a BLM movement, but even after this tragedy happened in Atlanta, everybody is still thinking that people do not discriminate against Asians as much as they do against Black people… Even if it is true, this does not mean that the issue should be neglected. Why Billie Eilish – who madly posted like 100+ stories on her IG in favour of BLM movement – is still silent on the media(just an example of people who greatly influence society through media)?

  176. I do have to disagree with the comment that mainstream media, celebrities and politicians are doing a good job to spread awareness. The mainstream media didn’t cover these attacks for more than 2 months until Left leaning Asians demanded it to be covered. That caused celebrities, sports players, businesses to condemn the attacks, maybe certain people donated money to whatever cause, but the politicians are and have always used ethnic minorities and hot topics to divide and conquer specifically to buy votes from a certain demographic/ethnic minority.

  177. That one dude saying the US media is doing a good job is incorrect. If US media was doing a good job they’d contract Asian Boss for some real interviews like this but nope. I’m not saying they’re not doing anything but they’ll have to do a lot better than what’s going on now to pass the ally test

  178. Hey Listen. Not all Asians are Covid-19. Not all Whites are Nazis. Not all Blacks are mosquitoes. We all came from Europe and Asia. We are immigrants to USA. We can’t hate each other. We shouldn’t hate each other. Respect races!! Love you guys.

  179. *AMERICANS BLAME Asian People For Covid 19*


  180. Koreans are actually extremely white worshipping, they’re only known for plastic surgery low confidence kpop skin whitening, all they do is get double eyelid surgery for graduation and bleach their skin, they think every white person is tom cruise or brad pitt lol

  181. This is typical behavior in the US. Most people do not even think about travel, and are ignorant about the world in general. They don’t know the difference between Japan and the Philippines, Korea or Vietnam. “Asian” means “Chinese” to them. It’s a sad place best avoided.

  182. asians aren’t american. they can call themselves american as they want. what’s happening tells they are all chinese from china.
    those korean americans leave america for korea as soon as america isn’t doing well with virus is unamerican.
    asian americans go to mexico and europe, only say ‘i’m from america’, not ‘i’m american’.
    black americans don’t have the above problem.
    black american are accepted domestically and internationally as ‘american’.
    asian americans not.
    what they think of themselves doesn’t impact what other people’s behavior towards them.
    the fact that they have to categorize themselves as ‘korean-american’, ‘chinese-american’ extacly tells they are just a discount ‘american’.

  183. Do you know what’s funny? When the pandemic came and America started to blame it on the Chinese people, most of the Asians followed America. Guess what happened? All asians, Chinese or not are getting killed and assaulted every moment. That’s karma for you guys!

  184. I decided to restore my Korean citizenship and renounce my American citizenship after being American for nearly 20 years. Now, I’m just a western Korean.

  185. I wanted to move to America but now just no
    im mixed European but like America is just a racist fat mess I know some areas are fine but come on America this is stupid

  186. Stop promoting this propaganda. The CCP with the democrats to are trying to make others look racist. The news media omits A LOT of facts to make it seem something it’s not. There where also white women killed in the mass shooting. Whenever the person is non white they do not disclose the race of the offender. A young white woman on vacation in Miami was drugged, raped, robed and left to die in a hotel room. The 2 suspects where young black men but we are not allowed to talk about it and the news media doesn’t cover it.

  187. My Asian kids were called Corona by racist white Belgian cops and she was saying that all Asian people are dirty and bring diseases. Belgium is a very racist country and it has always been like that, already long before Covid -19

  188. its funny to hear korean’s opinion about racism, knowing the fact that they are the most racist people in asia, especially toward south east asia and west asia,,,, they say they didnt realize that what they did is racism toward other,,, but they always know and sensitive if the racial things happen to them,,,

  189. All the hate we are seeing in America today is, and has been for the last fifty years, being created by the radical leftists. Their goal is to create as many identity groups as possible and pit them against one another. Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB agent, exposed the plot to infiltrate the U.S. using the tactics of identity politics and racial division to foment violence… and obviously it’s working.

  190. This is bringing tears to my eyes. I grew up with the same kind of bullying in my tiny rural town. I was always silent, never fought back. It’s like we (Asian Americans) are allowed to work, succeed financially, even marry another race but there’s a hidden undercurrent that needs to drag us down, make us feel just a little bit less than “normal” no matter what.

  191. Respect to the NewYork guy, his historical overview of the U.S.A’s treatment of Asian Americans, point to a generations of exploitation and “other”-ing.

  192. What shocked me is that the news in Europe (Germany) didn’t even report about the shooting even though there are many Asians living here too who probably face similar issues and deserve to be given a voice.

  193. Great video, poignant topic, I love this channel! My opinion, this issue has been plaguing the united states forever. I think what needs to be understood, is this is a faction of the issue. All minorities need to speak up when any minority is being affected by hate and racism. The more people speak up when any minority is being affected (Asian, African American, Spanish, etc.) if racism is called out by everyone, it gives racism no where to hide. But if we continue to separate ourselves even when tradgity strikes, not realizing that it is the efforts of everyone that is needed to stamp out racism no matter who it affects, you then take out the option that if it doesn’t affect you, then it has no meaning. We band together and fight for everyone, or this issue will always be a consistent issue where fear and economic supremacy exists. My heart goes out to these familes. I’m an interracial person with no asian influence, i will speak up against this injustice, but i expect the same from the asian community when other minorities are affected.

  194. who’s to be BLAMED? taiwan province of China small brain pro-independence spreading Chinese ethnics HATRED, now their dumb actions backfired.
    ISO 3166-2 International Organization for Standardization ISO code. Retrieved 2020-08-26. Short name TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA. taiwan is included as a subdivision of China because of its political status within the United Nations, as, even though it is de facto under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China instead of the People’s Republic of China, the United Nations does not recognize the Republic of China and considers taiwan as part of China. In ISO 3166-1, taiwan is listed as “Taiwan, Province of China”

  195. It’s funny when Korean say stop Asian hate when they also racist to other Asians especially South East Asian (except Singapore) and South Asian.

  196. Surprisingly, it is poc who harass other minorities..like I remember in 2001 after 9/11 attack..south asians specifically Indian sikh community were assaulted as people confused them with talibans because of the turban sikh ppl wear n shockingly it was other asians n black people who did the discrimination!! South korea still views South asians and black ppl as criminals and are even banned from entering certain places shows that they are not innocent as well..In India, north east and south Indians are not considered part of India and are called all sorts of names by our own people!

    So we need to clear our own backyard firsr i guess…

  197. It’s a systemic racist hate crime. It’s a terrorist act from trumpist extremist. You might say it’s too far fetched, but I’ll explain more.

    America has the culture of liberty(they will target whoever oppose to their idea, not only Asian.). Although, the COVID19 disrupt their belief.(btw, they should blame themself to escalate the issue). I’m telling you, if they put a total lock down, there will be mass bomber. So you get the idea why it’s a much bigger problem than Anti-Asian.

    There’s a long term shut down or restriction it provoke stress to their daily life routine. Obviously, they end up putting their blame on what seems Chinese in their culture. Because one person told so, so they’ve stick to it.

    Due to the distress, They end up a necessity to takes action for their right. Example: mass killing

    They can’t tell the difference between Asian. It is absolutely normal due to their life experience. It’s a big problem, cause psychological distress is sky high & it keeps climbing.

  198. Racism against Asian-Americans is deep rooted in America. It is time for Asian Americans to stand up and make those racists and white supremacists to pay for their crimes. Make US Court, judges, and policemen responsible and uphold justice instead of bending the rules. What a shame on those law enforcement!

  199. Everyone in Asia who thinks they should move to the US or West so their kids can have a “better life” should watch this. They usually are completely clueless about all the racism Asian kids face growing up in the West.

  200. These asians are very lucky they can move about and escape the violence. Many asians have no choice but to go through the battlefield, constantly.

  201. The only thing that still draws asians back to the US is good salary/money. Once that is gone no one in their right mind will ever stay in the US. US is imploding and has been for a long while, so many issues at home which it isn’t being addressed or refused to be addressed and it is all opening up for the world to see.

  202. “Meeting that person’s violence with violence will not change his opinions about Asians”
    It will actually. By doing nothing when someone abuses or attacks you you are:

    1) Normalising violence against Asians
    2) Empowering racists to attack other Asians

    By putting up resistance, causing them pain, you are subconciously telling the racist’s brains to think twice before attacking Asians the next time round. People don’t like getting hurt.

    There’s a lot of “Why are you saying this” with verbal racism. In my 50 years of life experience, know this: you can NEVER reason with racists.

    Never let them get away with it. Always make racists pay.

  203. What about the old lady who got attacked and fought back? The guy was treated as the victim and brought to the hospital and the old lady was just given an ice pack and was arrested.

  204. When the right times comes, I want white people in other countries to suffer the same pain, bullying and racial discrimination those elderly Asians and all those with an Asian background had to endure so far.

  205. A lot of the recent rise in hate crimes in the USA is because of the leadership that was in place in the past few years. When you have the President making racist remarks about Asians during this pandemic, he was basically starting a fire that is still going. So, now you have these lowlife idiots attacking innocent people. 😡

  206. I am a Chinese residing in Montreal Canada. This pandemic has brought racism against Asians to another level and many ppl still believe that there is no racism against Asians

  207. So the white women don’t count? Racists come in all colours. As a white person who has been racially abused by Koreans in the past I have sympathy. The key point is not make the racists ethnicity cloud your view of an whole ethnic group. There are racists in every country. I like many others don’t blame the Chinese only the Chinese government. Why are you called Asian Boss ….not Korean Boss?

  208. The US is one of the most culturally diverse countries on the planet with many immigrants from around the world constantly arriving. Whether from Korea, Nigeria, Lebanon, or Venezuela, the data shows these immigrants are able to thrive here and build a better life for their families. Frankly, it’s astounding to me that the US is as peaceful and accepting as it is compared to countries even like Korea where more blatant discrimination occurs. Of course, there is a long way to go and much can be improved, but come on, put things into perspective.

  209. Sending love to Asian American community from Japan 🇯🇵 This really makes me sad 😢 I also shared my thoughts regarding this issue on my video.

  210. Why can’t we just live in peace? These racism and hate towards Asian is getting ridiculous. Using violence, feeling like they can bully and put the blame are unacceptable. If these unethical people think it’s okay with these horrendous acts, then something is very F up in their minds. We are not playing the victim. We are the VICTIM and this must stop. I plan to study for my masters at US or Canada but from the looks of it, I rather stay in my country. No point on going there just to suffer racism.

  211. the person to point the finger at is donald trump. he has done nothing but spew hate every single day before he became president and after a rigged election became president. i hope that the people in authority like the fbi get the proof they need to bring him down. his whole game was divide the country and we can’t let him do that.

  212. The United States is in real trouble. Spiraling down a path of ruin. Young people are saying, “Why should I go to America? It’s dangerous, the people are ignorant, racist, and we are unwelcome. Let’s take our talents and education somewhere else.” Trump has firmly placed America on a path to ruin.

  213. Experienced racism my entire life and I’m ready to move out of America. It’s sad because I was born here but unfortunately I always felt foreign.

  214. More Koreans were massacred in a 3 year span during the Korean War than 35 years under Japanese colonization. 
    South Korea is half a country that was divided by white supremacy and the Korean War was essentially a hate crime.

  215. Jeez.

    Asians outside the US feel your pain and fear. We’re outraged at how things are being handled.

    Hearing about the attacks, it really hits hard being Asian, irrespective of whether you’re in the States or outside.

    Be safe to all the Asians in the US. You’re in our prayers.

  216. As a french half chinese, know that every asian community around the world supports you, including mine. This wednesday, five ppl went on trial over anti-asian tweets in Paris. Back in october 2020, they said to attack any asian in the streets, one even said to attack those learning mandarin. One young man got attacked the day after those tweets in Paris. But even before covid, french asians were targeted because they are easy to steal from and supposedly carrying a lot money. Unfortunately this is what happened to Zhang Chaolin back in 2016, who got attacked and killed for just a phone charger, some sweets and cigarettes. And many french asians confessed about being verbally/physically attacked or know someone who did. It’s not only happening in the US, it’s happening everywhere sadly.

  217. I spent 3 summers in Korea and was never harassed for being white. It’s sad that in America, a country that is made up of so many different cultures and ethnicities, that this harassment, racism, and violence is happening. We need to do better.

  218. They pick on us because they think we’re weak. When they pick on you, they need to be handled immediately through either physical or verbal means. By verbal means, I mean to insult them at the same level they insult you at.

  219. This has caused hurt to others. I truly don’t know why these things continue to happen. I have many Asian friends and grow up with so many different Asian. I hate that they are dealing with this. Stop the hate love thy neighbors. Apologies for all that is going towards you in your communities. 🙏🏽

  220. im growing up in a small town south of ATL, had to lose so many friends because they did not care about anti-asian racism. i had to block people from my highschool bc all they did was make jokes about the “kung-flu.” im so sad. im so angry.

  221. I have been trying to find out what has been going on with the case of Atlanta shootings of Asian businesses but after the initial report but I cannot find any information online.
    After the Colorado supermarket shooting, the suspect was shown in court just a couple of days later on media. If anyone has updates on the Atalanta shootings please share!

  222. I think the school system in the US needs to talk more about these taboo topics in history. When I was in middle school, I learned about the US history and how “great” America was for winning the wars. We barely touched on the smaller yet bigger topics such as the enslavement of Japanese people during WWII and how thousands of Chinese people helped build the railroads in the late 1800’s.

  223. No one is born a racist. They become a racist when they see and hear things from their social life. This will only end if every human being right now change and wipe all this hatred! So that the new borns will never witness this.

  224. I always try to turn tables in my head, it often gives a good perspective on how effed up things are. Imagine some white dude in, say, Belgium has an intercourse with a bat or chews on a pangolin, and all white Americans living in Korea get a bunch of hate from the locals and some even get attacked or murdered? Already sensing the level of idiocy? That’s what it feels like for an Asian person to live in the US right now, except worse due to decades worth of preceding historical records of hostile xenophobic and racist attitude towards Asian communities. Hopefully, people will start treating each other based on actions and words instead of looks and skin colour before going extinct.

  225. Just read a study that found most Anti Asian hate crimes happen in schools. Study also found Asians are more often targeted for hate crimes by other minorities. The study was unable to conclude why Asians tend to be targeted by other minorities rather than Caucasus. It was theorized that it was the result of whites tending to have positive beliefs and stereoypes about Asians such as Asians are intelligent and hard working.

  226. If all Asian were to move out of the country the USA will fail in so much ways that they don’t even know it will! If all Asian made products stop processing any products for USA just imagine what the world would be like

  227. This is the Black experience for centuries and it’s clear it’s not simply a black experience but anyone seen as a minority is a target. Asian Lives Matter period.

  228. So, I’ve COVID now. I don’t want to hate on asians, God knows I love those asian girls (korean); but just one questions. Where is COVID from???

  229. So, I’ve COVID now. I don’t want to hate on asians, God knows I love those asian girls (korean); but just one questions. Where is COVID from???

  230. I’m not saying racial attack is ok for Chinese people,but Covid-19 is definetly from China so other Asian people are just vitim of Covid-19 as well. Do Americans think all asian looking face=Chinese?it’s so surprising to see how people are still uneducated about race and nationality..

  231. This is sadly the path white America is heading and it’s cancer has spread through government and it’s military…. I’m Puerto Rican and I do get looks as if I’m an immigrant even though PR is part of America and doesn’t even require a passport to travel between to the island and mainland America. I have true life long friends from all over the world. I love anyone that loves me…once the world can accept that we will never see true peace for all. I stand up for all latino, black and asian as well as anyone else that is belittled for their race or beliefs. (This is my opinion, doesn’t have to be yours)

  232. This none stop China propaganda that mainstream media pushing none stop, debunked by the Grayzone, Max Blumenthal and Daniel Dumbrill. ALL ASIANS IN WESTERN SOCIETY ARE GETTING ASSAULTED!!!! STOP THIS PROPAGANDA!!!

  233. 06:03 did you mean that people with color were targeted fairly? Just do not make any sense. I also don’t think it has nothing to do with Trump. It just started after the release of Bling Empire on Netflix.

  234. Sadly, USA is the most racist country in the world. Blacks are living there since slavery time, but you can’t see just a few interracial couples there.

  235. You know what’s funny (or not so funny) even with the rhetorics of the orange man… that China virus applies to all Asians not just Chinese people but Koreans, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai etc. the ignorance is real and racism is taught and perpetuated. All Asians are on sight and it doesn’t matter because “they” see us as just one big homogenous group 🤦‍♂️ and that’s only the root of the problem in America.

  236. this comment section is disgusting. im 23 yrs old filipino girl with dark-ish skin i’ve been married to korean guy for 3 years, we live in busan and so far no discrimination at all.

  237. What the funny things is : go back to china kungflu!
    Like my friend it’s from balinese which is like tropical island from asian nothing know about china, like they know what..so ignorance thinking all asians just in east or china.

  238. This there any actual evidence that the georgia shooting was racially motivated? I absolutely believe anti-asian violence is up, but it seems this incident had other motives. If there is any evidence, please let me know.

  239. Year, Name of pandemic and first reported case.
    1648: Yellow fever – Africa, but later was brought over to Europe due to slave trades
    1800’s: Polio – Europe
    1805: Meningitis – Switzerland
    19th century: Cholera – India
    1900’s Polio – USA, Canada
    1918: H1N1 – Veracruz, Mexico
    1918 – Spanish Flu – USA
    1942 (CDC was formed)
    1948 (WHO was formed – who later forms GISRS)
    1957: H2N2 – Thailand
    1968: H3N2 – USA
    1976: – Ebola- Congo
    2003: E.Coli – USA
    2009: – H1N1 again… – USA

    Man… USA is mentioned a lot here.

  240. Asian Boss is pure propaganda of socialist Korea. Your organization that hides under social justice is the true evil of the ethnic divide in the West. Gaslighting for your own Marxist agenda. Many Asian Americans in the states are turning you off. The veil’s been lifted. These Korean Americans milked every last drop of everything that America has to offer, weaned from her, then turned around and spit in her face.

  241. for how advance we are, trump, covid, brexit, BLM and Anti asians events shines the level of stupidity and bias that still exist. We cannot be ignorant that change will happen naturally, it has to be drag kicking and screaming into modern society.

  242. The most stupid thing I saw is when an asian holds a sign and says “I’m Korean, not Chinese. Don’t hate me”. Because, have you ever seen a Black person hold a sign and says “I’m Kenya Black, not South African Black”? If you are Black, you are Black. Same as if you’re Asian, they don’t ask which country you’re from before they f**king murder you!

  243. Thank you for your video, Asian Boss! For the next video, how about asking local Korean or Japanese people about “How they are feeling about anti-Asian hate crimes in the U.S?” Some of the victims are not American citizens.

  244. Hey american white people. Asian is not a country. It has a lot of country inside.

    Do they even know where asian location in map?

    Instead of getting angry because of covid 19, why they dont learn to be healthy to avoid the virus????

  245. Hopefully now the Asian community won’t stay silent anymore when other black and brown races are the targets of racism, glad to see Asian people now understand what the black community have been going through for many years before covid-19.

  246. The attacks against asians in america is dispicable and heinous!!!! The bad day comment by the white cop was bat-$$it crazy!!!! Defending the guy because he’s white and didn’t want to admit it was a hate crime,that’s the problem right there,no punishment for whites committing crimes,they usually get off shot-free.Hate crimes,attacking minority groups and oppressing non-whites is nothing new in america,it’s been going on for centuries and will continue to happen.America at it’s heart is very racist.

  247. Um, interesting choice to interview only Korean-Americans. I say that because they’re the group most likely to keep touch with current events in the U.S while living full time in Korea. I would’ve been more interested to hear about how aware Korean-Koreans are about what Korean Americans are facing abroad. Like, is the typical Korean even aware of the Atlanta spa murders?


  249. Every Asian elderly person and woman should be carrying pepper spray or some defensive weapon – fight back if someone tries to be violent because bullies need to know they can’t just get away with preying on people they perceive to be weak. I have spoken back on any racist comments so the perpetrator does not get away with it. And flip them the bird while you walk away. Because that is the response they deserve.

  250. Thank you for this video. I’m fortunate to not have experience much harassment growing up, but I’ve been told “Go back to your own country” even when I was born and raised in the USA all of my life. I hope things will change for the better soon.

  251. Trump made xenophobia seem patriotic. It shocked and hurt my 69 YO Korean born wife. I got her some mace/tear gas with UL dye projector. Now she’s just pissed and hoping to insure a bad day gets worse for any cult punks or any other thugs. I told her to spray away if she feels threatened and call the cops. The dye should make it easy to identify the criminal/cultist.

  252. United States has now become a country with many races, colors, languages, and backgrounds; it’s beautiful and we have to learn to accept it.

  253. Joe picked 50 Indian American in key leadership but he can’t find qualified Asian Americans?!! Duckworth and senator from Hawaii r standing up for AAPI community,but the left is devouring them that just shows how vile disloyal racist they are.

  254. It’s going to take community and appi community to find the killers who hit and run and murdered Asians one In Texas and sandiego and one in bay area all Asians. The authorities do not care about Asian victims. Justice for 2 murdered one hurt hate crime hit and run 1,Dublin board trustee dies parking lot bay area 3/26/21 Katherine koa.    sandiego man hit and run tu Hoang lam lives but leg amputated  3- feng Zhou hit and run dies Texas

  255. The long ugly history of Anti-Asian racism and violence in the United States 2 of 8 many more! Chinese massacre white,Hispanic lynched 17 Chinese man in 1871 and,1900 Chinese blamed for bubonic plaque since first stateside victim was Chinese immigrant,whole community was blamed the the episode was prelude to the racism that has been aim at Asian America’s during covd pandemic ! We will not let you take our voices away from us! IAM NOT:
    VIRUS,YOUR FETISH,YOUR MODEL MINORITY!!!all Asians r waking up knowledge Is power!!!

  256. how did they find these Korean Americans in Seoul? it’s unlike random street interview. you can’t just go to the street and look at people wearing a mask and think, “oh, he/she is definitely a Korean Americans.” Or are you saying there’re a lot of American born Koreans in Seoul? or did they post notification to look for Korean Americans in Seoul to be interviewed?

  257. Bullsh*t. This video is saying that we’re racist towards Asians by a lot. I live in CA and I haven’t seen any Asian be discriminated against.

  258. It is always so sad to hear that there is still people who can do something like that to the fellow people. We are all the same. It is just not right at all. Like every day in the news, in internet etc. there is some bad news about this topic and this pandemic makes everything worse. 🙁

  259. Lets stop pretending. Asian hates Asian the most lol theres a reason why we are not conquering the world even though the 60% of the entire population is us :p we are hateful ppl even racist to each other

  260. I always admired U.S for being so open minded and pro scientific and developed…..
    But I guess I was wrong …..
    It’s better to live in developing country rather then to live in racist developed country

  261. i’m impressed that they’re talking so much about empathy and education when confronted with racism. I hate that they had to experience this. You talked to some very resilient people.

  262. Trump showed one more time that half of the US is racist. And Trump was leading those racist ppl. We already knew that and they were encouraged by him long time. Good news, other half of the US are great ppl and they will make this right eventually! I believe good ppl in US will override anything wrong happening one day. And most of those good ppl are foreigners!!!

  263. Few Americans think that Asians are only Korean, Chinese or Japanese. However it includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia etc. Asia is a continent.

  264. Amazon prime is now posting messages about taking a stand against Asian hate? Yeah, how are you doing that Amazon? Or are you just exploiting the moment? It’s so offensive, when companies do that.

  265. The media needs to do more. Instead of trying to humanize the shooter they should’ve spent time sharing the stories of the victims. I really hope Asian Americans can arm themselves and protect themselves against these evil people.

  266. Such a good video. Thank you asian boss for continuing to broadcast truth. As a 1st gen asian american, i can say we all have at least one negative experience we could share for a continuously invisible problem. We all need to work together to combat that

  267. The Media says coronavirus come from China, but this is Korea, and that is problem because people who do violence are don’t care where are you from, all they care is there eyes and nose and color.

    Now the US and China tension become bigger that all around the China is US army bases. This is itself bring violence.

  268. As a Korean-American who has lived in the US for 50+yrs, I have experienced the prejudice and racism described in this video. I consider myself a patriotic American first who loves and supports the USA. Unfortunately many of our fellow Americans do not consider us one of them. It is even more disappointing to hear that some fellow Korean/Asian-Americans supported Trump and the Republican candidates in 2020 even after seeing his actions during his first term and Republican politicians true colors. Note – I am not referring to the Republicans who respect true conservative values, but rather those who have fallen under the spell of Donald J. Trump. How can we change for the better? We can start by addressing racism in our institutions, including churches, schools, businesses, etc. If all races see each other as the human race first…with variations in our physical appearance we can start to make lasting progress to overcome the ugliness of racism.

  269. We Americans love Asians very much. This was all set up by the leftist!! Our hearts go out for our beloved Asians❤️❤️❤️. You all will see pretty soon who planed this. Please although this did happen, it was planned in order to justify taking our guns away. The whole world will witness and see the exposure of all these evil people that in reality did this. Once again, we love and admire our Asian friends💕💕💕💕🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  270. Maybe it’s in their country. Until a few weeks ago I’ve never heard of this. The guy that walked in and shot Asians, even the police said it was sexually motivated. Not that it’s ok, but the guy that shot them was not white, so stop the bs race baiting.

  271. Thank you for this interview, Asian Boss! I have a personal stake in this as my daugher-in-law is a Chinese immigrant and my grandson’s, aged 5 & 8 are just at the point where this will enter their consciousness, even if they escape any outward manifestations of racism.

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