Krabi Thailand Now – When Will Tourism Return – A Business Man’s Thoughts

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  1. Nice interview Joe,
    I saw a video of the hard times in Krabi on sidetriplife’s channel a few weeks so Noy and I decided to go down to try and give the little economic boost we could. We just got back but were there just a few days after you and Gift. We were in a few of the same places you show in recent vlogs including The Beach restaurant which is really, really good like you noted. Definitely best TexMex I have had in Thailand. We randomly ended up meeting Tony as we walked past The Beach and he invited us in. Very nice guy. It was our first trip to Krabi so I can’t compare to other times but it was obvious business is way, way down. Really tough to see people struggling but hopefully the end of the pandemic is near. Beautiful place and people that shined through even though times are so tough.

  2. Hi enjoy your life with your sweetheart gift. As you know from your kids in Germany than you have any idea how it is in this days. You know german foks love to travel so i think we can fly again in march2021. Liebe Grüße aus Frankfurt/ Germany

  3. Great intro shots and soundtrack. Thank you for the updates. Hope to see you all soon in the Land of Smiles. Tourism is the sector we all have to work to revive. You guys are all doing a great job.

  4. I really enjoyed that video, I have been watching for a while and my first comment.  I enjoyed seeing how Thailand was managing to survive thru this pandemic thru a business owners perspective.  I loved the owners optimistic viewpoint and I hope Songkran is a great celebration this year.  I was very lucky to be their one time for it, loved the energy during it.  As an American, it was so special to see.

  5. Thanks Joe. My wife family lives in Nakon Si Tamerat and being raining for days. The water is 4 feet deep and they had to go to the school to escape the water.. a prayer will help. Cheers

  6. looks like great tex mex Joe, ive eaten at the beach before when my daughter came over, great food, good to get a western perspective on the situations, lets hope it all opens up for songkran next year, thailand needs it, stay safe !

  7. My first trip alone with backpack was to Ao Nang. Second night I got Salmonella. I can write a book about that trip. At that time the road down with McDonalds, to the beachroad, plus the left turn on beach road to 20 big massage huts in the sand, was the main attraction in Ao Nang. In the end after the huts where lots of monkeys, then the mountain with Railay on the other side. The archipelago is fantastic. I liked Koh Poda a lot. Many postcards have photos from Koh Poda.

  8. Hey Joe man… that was a great interview with Tony. And understood every word so the distance was just right. Really good video… beautiful aerial drone shots up front, some nice info and interview in the middle, and a crescendo to a fun filled finished. This may be one of your best. From another Yankee in Thailand.

  9. I think the best way to get around in Bangkok is the BTS or MRT, but if you need to get around by car then Grab is the way to go as the price is given on the app prior to you confirming the ride.

  10. The UK and I think the US will start vaccinating people on Monday next week. They will vaccinate millions over the next 2 months.
    I predict Thailand and many other countries that depend on tourism will be open in the next six to eight weeks.
    Countries will demand vaccination certification plus a recent CV19 test for visitors to be allowed entry.
    I think tourists will flood back to Thailand, Nepal, New Zealand etc after being locked up in their own countries and unable to travel in 2020.
    I live in Taiwan and I saw ad on TV for tourism to Thailand a couple of days ago..Great to see the Thai government advertising tourism in Thailand again !

  11. Great video, beautiful! Did you say your from New Jersey? I’m in South Jersey. Thank you Joe! Hope it comes back in 6 months. Be safe my friend!💞🇺🇸

  12. Hi gift and joe and friends great blog as always joe so quiet in kabbi looking forward to coming back to Thailand soon l hope you are both well stay safe from frank in the uk London hope

  13. I am very surprised he said that all the restaurants were full with people waiting 30 minutes to get a table.
    I have never seen that in Krabi area and I certainly would never wait for a table at a restaurant.

  14. If you look at two things you will answer your question. One, hows the fear of COVID going? Two, hows the conversion of USD to Thai Baht going? Things are not getting better, they are getting worse.

  15. First inject ions from phfi,zer will be on Monday in the UK 10 million vaccines by Christmas there saying Hope Bussiness still there a lot of
    unspent Money here Chris

  16. terrible to see Krabi like that, there is a wonderful very inexpensive restaurant just off before the beach road on the hill which is always busy, even they have had to close. Hopefully back to business soon.

  17. I stayed in Krabi Thailand in Oct 2018 I check in to centera Beach resort Krabi in is very beautiful and quite the food is very delicious I miss papaya salad pad Thai masamang chicken and more compare to phuket and kamala

  18. 😂 it’s almost like you were hanging out with a bunch of attention seeking control freaks 😆
    It’s sad seeing all the videos with the empty sidewalks and restaurants/bars in places I normally don’t go because of the crowds, hopefully with the advancements they are making people will be able to visit Thailand without so many restrictions sometime next year, I personally think April will be a bit too soon due to needing 2 shots up to 4 weeks apart and front line workers and the most vulnerable getting them first (as it should be).
    Thanks for sharing Joe, many blessings to you and Gift 🙏🏼

  19. 4.30s i think some guy was following you Joe 👀
    He V-Bombed you!!!
    On serious note really feel for people trying to maintain run restaurants right now – theres great food places back here not too far from my home that have been open 15years having to sell up and shut down for good. Such a shame. Hope your buddy manages to get thru ok i think he’s right about the 6 months hopefully sooner now the vaccines on its way!
    Glowing recommendations from the whole group food must have been good 👍
    Lots of interfering herds of vloggers in that restaurant though perhaps the only downside 😉😉😉😉
    All the best from the UK 🇬🇧 wishing you all fun times there 🍻🍺

  20. Again so many negative comments I don’t think that’s right. In this difficult time, the video gives us beautiful pictures and hope. I would like to exchange with you.

  21. Thank you Joe and friends for posting,that was a revealing interview, I really feel so sorry for all affected by this situation,when vaccination is readily available we will be in a better position to allow unrestricted travel.We must continue to be patient,in the meantime you guys continue to enjoy yourselves and be safe.

  22. News today was from Thailand, that they will not reopen for tourism before end of March 2021, meaning without the 14 days quarantine. That means staycation for me in 2021.

  23. Great video Joe & Gift. Tell the others to quit interrupting you 😆. Where are Gift’s video at? Great dancing as usual plus getting Paige involved 😁 what a treat LOL

  24. Its being reported that the Thai government said Mar 2021 is the earliest for general tourist to come back, you all can take that to the bank with a grain of salt……. we are speaking about Thailand Government

  25. Thanks for the Ao Nang vlogs! I stayed at the Centara near your hotel and dined in the restaurants by the beach you went to and of course, have visited Railay many times. Heres hoping we can get to see Thailand and possibly you and Gift as well in the new year…Bill from Canada

  26. Great video Joe I loved the drone shots and the music, lovely guitar who is that?
    It’s such a shame to hear all the businesses struggling. We’ve got the vaccine approved here in the UK so hopefully we can all be back soon 👍

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