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  1. Thank you! We live in Consolation, but are trapped in Malaysia after taking a weeks vacation in Kuala Lumpur in mid March. We love it here, better infrastructure, way better food, but we miss the nicest people in the world!

  2. Add A few bars, some dancing girls, some pot holes, some neon lights, some drunk foreigners
    Aaah u got another Angeles city walking street

  3. come up to Bogo Rod and do one you can look at my new place its nearly finished about 1 and half million to build or old place was demolished and its all rubble under the new house so our place is alot higher on our block we are in Nailon 3 klm to the east of Bogo and we have our house behind the church in Nailon im sure lots locals will show you there houses all fairly new places ours is just finished

  4. Thanks for the look around Rod, looks like it will be nice when completed. I won’t be buying anywhere abroad now, particularly SE Asia with the legal complexities. So much simpler here in UK, where any foreigner is free to buy and own whatever they want without any restrictions. I hope you’re bearing up ok there while this continues.

  5. One thing I notice is that some of the gated communities have never catered for cars.In our place in Basak there is about 200 dwellings and a car park for 20 cars so the street is rammed full of cars making it unsafe for children.

  6. Good video Rod. That area actually looks attractive while empty. I’d worry that that part would be lost when filled. I also would worry about subdivisions where everything isn’t built yet. I looked at renting a home with an empty lot next to it and the empty lot was being used as the community Dump… Even by the subdivision Officials. My fiancee said she liked the house. I said I won’t live next to a dump site. Certainly not at those prices. And they had not yet seen a foreigner so it’s what they were asking of everyone. Also, the gutters on the street had algae growing in them. They held water to the extent of being mosquito farms. Much to think about before moving somewhere mid to long term.

  7. To many legal considerations if your an expat looking to buy. Condos lot less hassels, but their size restrictions. Just rent for the time being more preferable for myself. Rod, seen your videos when you visited Vietnam. You were only there for a short while, but do you happen to know if Expats can purchase homes their.

  8. That’s another projects but not done, hopefully the present situation will change soon🙏you’re right and make a proper legal papers before deciding to buy or build so you don’t end up nothing just incase😩thanks💕

  9. The wall what is surrounding this “new” subdivision is not even painted. And they still go for the ugly overhead spaghetti wires, just to make sure the whole project looks completely outdated before it is even finished.

    Obviously this developer wants to build this subdivision as cheap as possible; what by the way tells us alot about the chosen quality.

    Not enough parking space, and therefore not prepared for the future needs when most filipinos will switch from a small scooter to a big SUV. The house’s carports don’t have pre-installed electricity charging poles for electric vehicles (what will be without a doubt the future way we’ve to go). And the new built houses are not even prepared for that coming scenario.

    The walls are still as thin as a newspaper. Noise reduction or sound proof? What is that?

    The stair case looks damn cheap like a “nice try” or like “DIY”. And each stair/step has not even the same height.

    The big holes in the walls of these brand new built homes were made for the totally outdated and inefficient old school aircons (what nowadays should be forbidden by the Philippines’ law) instead of more modern split units.

    Slits in the painted walls, because accidentally they’ve forgotten where to install the electricity wires. That tells us alot about how skilled the work was done. Then throw some cheap plaster to the walls and give it a nice looking paintjob, and then the whole crap is invisible (till the plaster comes off after only a few years).

    New built concrete roads, and they have already cracks in where the green grass is already growing; in a subdivision what is not even finished! – But a subdivision like this one is not an exemption; infact it is still a common standard in the Philippines … in the 21st century!

    @Rod – You’ve mentioned the majority of the filipinos cannot buy property because of financial reasons.

    The price per sqm for building a house is still – more or less – the same. What makes it so expensive is the ridicules asking price for the land (lot)!

    The government has decided that foreigners cannot own land; because the land is reserved for the filipino folk. Would make sense, if the maximum asking price per sqm land would be covered by law, so that every filipino could buy it. But that’s not the case.

    Only the wealthy filipinos can buy the overpriced land, and become more and more wealthy. While the majority of filipinos stuck in their poverty.

    And the developers are filipino corporations (mostly controlled and supervised by a dozen of incredibly rich clans and local politicians in the Philippines) and foreigners are not allowed to get the majority of shares in a coporation, because that is the only way to avoid a serious competition … what possibly could lead to much lower asking prices … and to make sure the high profitable running system won’t get disturbed by foreign investors!

    At least this is my personal point of view.

    P.S.: Your outstanding content is really a niche.👍👍👍

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