Lack of Helmet Use in the Philippines

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  1. It is not uncommon to see motorcyclists in the Philippines holding their helmet in their lap or hand while riding.  Helmet use here is about 5% of riders on the road.

    1. Dumagette is the born ground of my girlfriend I hope you makes some movies down there.So I can make her happy.Thanks  and take care.greetings from Holland

  2. Here in Luzon…helmet, jacket, shoes and headlights are required for day and night. I was given a ticket 2 months ago because i forgot to turn it on at 11 freakin AM.

  3. Really be careful on driving there in the Phils.
    Many reckless drivers and not really concern with the safety rules .
    Thanks for the wonderful videos !!!!

    1. The reason i love watching your videos. 🙂 Really seriously thinking of retiring there someday. (3 more years) but dont have idea and courage how im going to deal those things. I was born there but i left the Phils when i was 15 , though visit the country once a year but only for a 2 weeks vac. Keep taking more videos please ! 🙂 . . . Thoroughly enjoyed it . Good luck ! Eden 

    2. It’s very crazy here.. no room to daydream while driving.  If it’s not the traffic it’s the pot-holes and dogs in the road.

  4. Hi (I don’t know your first name)   I got a funny  thing to add,  when I was in in Pawlan when I was with my girl friend we had an average of 5 people on our motorcycle-sidecar, and few time 7 people  I am sure you believe it.  Also would you agree  if you got a nicle for everytime some one called you SIR you be rich?  I was so impressed how everyone also greeted me with either hello sir or good morning sir.

    1. It is a very courteous country.  Not just foreigners are addressed as ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’.. it is how people are taught to address one another in open society.   🙂

  5. Well i learn it hard way,,,On vacation in Ph.”Why not do it Slowly but Shorely?!”Takes time to learn drive in Ph.They cut corners very much,and use horn a lot.”In Europe you will get fined to use your horn that way..I did not understand it first,but now i have no problem with it… they use the horn ex. the kids beside the road your coming etc.Overtaking,Just to get alert….Like you knocking on a door before you entrance…Now i dont like drive with out horn(signal??)Just hunk it gently…and no problemas…And use helmet,save lifes every day…i like your style reporting stuff as you experience it..

  6. From what I’ve read driving in these small towns is like Disneyland
    compared to Manila, where your taking your life into your own hands,
    as the traffic, congestion, and chaotic driver habits are outright dangerous.

    1. I think it’s posted about 50km/hour.. but only on a road I know is paved well and with no traffic and no dogs around will I go much near 40km/hour.  On 2 wheels, anything from dogs, cats, crabs, bananas, coconut husks, pedestrians, rocks, potholes can totally screw up your ride.  At night, pedestrians are almost invisible on most highways.

  7. Please wear your helmet at all times my friend. I hope to meet you one day. By the way how much and how long does it take to get license to drive the bike.

    1. I just converted my USA license to a PH license, only took a few trips to the LTO.  Eye exam, drug test and some fees was about it.

  8. General question,  hows the mail service or should all mail go via Fed ex or DHL to Dumaguete or anywhere in Phils from the USA,, what do you know or recommend,, thanks

    1. For within the PH, island to island, I’ve found LBC to be very reliable.  For sending between PH and USA, I’ve used both LBC and DHL without issues.  Do NOT use the standard PH postal service.. it has a very poor track record.  Also google about a local ‘Balikbayan’ office near you for shipping in and out of the PH.  Is cheaper, but slower.

  9. I’m still going with public transportation. Just because of accidents like this & where would I put groceries? A backpack may not be enough lol. Plus I want to live in Makati City where transportation is available 24/7 I believe. Is p.t. available 24/7 in your area?

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