1. The very strong Bohol earthquake back in Oct. 15, 2013 really scarred the hell out of all of us here in Bohol. I never thought I would experience such a strong & long duration Mag 7.2 earthquake!

  2. Thanks for this information Rod, its 2014hrs here in NZ, first i’ve heard about this quake, wife has been chatting to family on Messenger, both in north Cebu and also Bohol. They didn’t mention it, so i guess it wasn’t too bad where they are. Cheers Rod.

  3. The general rule of the thumb is if your in the kitchen when the quake hits and you don’t grab the countertop and your buttcheeks don’t tighten up consider it a non-threat quake, that has been my observation since 2007

  4. Rod, I have an expat friend that lives in Consolacion, and he sent me a message on FB asking if I felt it.. I was sitting outside drinking coffee, and I didn’t feel anything here in Talisay City.. I did feel the two short ones that happened together within the last month.. They felt like a short explosion, only seconds apart.. I thought maybe there was trouble in Naga again.. Thanks for the video..

  5. Surprised you were so severely affected in Cebu City by this morning’s earthquake at Masbate. We are much closer than you, in Villaba Leyte, and only felt a few seconds slight tremor.

  6. Didn’t feel it here in Kalifornia..but have felt many types, shaking, jolts, rolling, some sound like a train coming..felt one same you, like I was getting dizzy..thx for the vid 🙏🏻👍🏻✌🏻🕊

  7. I would say 5 to 10 seconds is a good guess on the shaking. Closer to 10. I was still in bed but wide awake and when you’re lying on a mattress you get the full effect of the shaking from beginning to end. Kind of like being on top of jell-o.

  8. Stay safe there. So far this year it’s been plague, now earthquakes. There’s still volcanoes, and typhoons possible in the Philippines (although at least not in Cebu so much).

    I did feel a mild tremor when I was there 18 months ago – the water in my big water bottle was rocking, but that was the only thing that confirmed that I wasn’t imagnining the whole thing. Any highrise buildings built this century in the Philippines will be earthquake rated, and the engineers do know what they are doing. From what I’ve read the regularly shifting plates aren’t the real ones to worry about. It’s ones like in Tennessee which only move once every few centuries that do the most damage, if for no other reason than no one prepares for them.

    Hopefully that and a few minor aftershocks will releave the tectonic stresses and things will settle down.

    Take care.

  9. I felt it here in IT park, Cebu. It swayed me a little in my 5th floor condo. A guy I talked to on the 23rd floor said he was swaying pretty good…lol.

  10. Being on the 35th floor in your condo during a earthquake would not be fun for sure. I know I’ve talked about typhoons during my time on Guam. Well, in 1993 on Guam we had a 8.1 that lasted over a minute. So I know the feeling of helplessness going through them. Stay safe to my future home the Philippines God speed to everyone there.

  11. I was at my condo on the 20th floor having my morning coffee when I felt the building gently swaying in the breeze. I went through the Loma Prieta earthquake that struck the S.F. Bay Area back in 1989. Now , that one was a doozy that registered 6.9 on the Richter Scale.

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  13. Did this guy predict this earthquake.
    I’m a late sleeper, but i did get a phone text from the filippine emergency mgmt this morning. I thought it was another covid alert and rolled over and went back to sleep.

  14. Hi Rod, I’m glad it wasn’t too bad for you. I only experienced that once, a couple of years ago. We were sitting outside McDonalds at Ayala Mall, when my seat swayed from side to side. Some people screamed, and ran out of the restaurant, leaving their food, but it only lasted a matter of seconds, and they went back inside again. A new experience for me, but luckily no harm done. Take care Rod.

  15. I was working alone in a 100+ year old building/house on night shift when a earthquake hit years ago. It caused an immediate blackout. Good I was familiar with the layout & ran outside. I heard the old trees make moaning sounds. Our internal employee alarm system didn’t work. The balcony collapsed of the building/house next door. After the shaking stopped I ran inside & told our internal emergency personnel there were a lot of new and large cracks inside the building. The ceiling was falling in one room upstairs. I eventually got evacuated & was transferred to another building. All in the middle of the night.

  16. Couple of years ago I experienced a 7.3 in Gensan. It felt like I was in an intense shaker, woke me out of a dead sleep, then the most intense sway like I was on a ship in rough seas. The weird thing was u could hear the swishing. What an experience !!!!!

  17. I was in a 6.2 Digos city 2019 I was in cab on way to immigration i watch roads buildings swaying from a cab after shocks Nov of 2019 i felt many earthquake to many to remember last trip

  18. Filipinos and most east asians just shrug off quakes that don’t rip off the roads.
    But once the roads starts tearing apart, then it is panic time. It is an amusing sight, if you live to tell the tale.

  19. Hi Rod. My cousin’s wife posted on FB she saw earthworms started coming out from the ground. She knew right there that an earthquake is coming and she was right. They felt the earthquake but not as strong like in Samar. Stay safe Rod.

  20. Born in Samar, went to highschool in Leyte..and raised in New Jersey, I’m a Fil-Am….I dont have anymore relatives there in Visaya provinces but to hear this news totally saddened me..My thoughts and prayers to my folks there…Hope all is well.

  21. Read news it was 6.6 quake.??? I was in the Northridge California earthquake 6.5 threw me 1 or 2 feet from bed to floor .thought I was going to die shaking was so bad felt like rag doll. WHERE’S EPICENTER ?? I’D RATE QUAKE 3 OR 4.

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