Last Minute Things to give away. Thailand it’s a great life.

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  1. Some of the most destructive and productive things I’ve done have been because someone told me that I couldn’t, a little motivation can go a long way. Thanks for sharing another beautiful day in paradise, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  2. Hi Chuck – Happy holidays to you, Paige and all of your extended family. I really appreciate the work that you are putting into adding subtitles for the Thai language parts of your videos. This adds a level of mindfulness to your videos that those of us that don’t speak Thai as well as you really appreciate! Keep up the great work sir.

  3. Hi how are you today … Lazy River meandering along at its own pace …mother dog wants cooked pork chop …”DO NOT APOLOGIZE SO MUCH FOR BEING YOURSELF” …..How many Vegan subscribers do you have?

  4. Good morning, Chuck and Paige. You all are awesome guys and family. Happy holidays. Blessed Christmas to all. Enjoy and have fun. Thanks for the video. 👍😍🙏

  5. Good fun video Chuck & Paige. Love the little bicycle, and of course your mafia. It’s no wonder there is notime2bsad 😁. Looking forward to watching the party 🎊
    BTW, which camera did you just purchase. I just picked up the Sony ZV-1.

  6. Hi Chuck, thank you for sharing your videos and life In Thailand. I enjoy the videos very much and it’s a nice break from dealing with the crazy stuff happening around the world. Enjoy the Christmas duck 🦆

  7. I also think men should grow some balls and stand up..they are going for another covid strain…insanity is not normal If there really are 7 billion people on the earth,should be easy to get rid of a few hundred that control everything!

  8. Belated Merry Christmas Chuck & Paige. Looks like your going to have a big feast to celebrate. Remember Chuck ” moderation” taste only with no grazing!
    I love it when you said not my kid. You may not be welcome at your friend’s house after giving that new bike. Maybe the reasoning behind giving this one will be that the parents will have to set limits for that little Brat. ( Giving gifts with a dual purpose) Absolute Genius !!!
    It must be an Asian thing. In the Philippines & Vietnam the little boys are all spoiled and encouraged to be little emperor ‘s. Problem is that this carries on until the teenage years until their attitude gets checked by another child ( usually by a Daddies Girl) Heh. Heh,Heh.

  9. Merry Ho Ho, Happy Lockdown, Happy Holidays, I think thats covered it. Lol are you trying to make friends or what lol motorcycle bike. Your gonna pay for that one i think hope the little fella loves it ,thumbs up. An Mafia approved you can’t go wrong now.

  10. “That reminds me of the trailer park back home in Texas”. I miss “That’s all I got to say about that” and “Mmmm Hmmm”! Subscribed to notime2bhungry.

  11. Chuck I have been following Choco James, Joe, and you. All of you essentially talking smack to each other about the challenge. Trying to psych out your opposition.
    James appears to be the devious one. Showing all that food and inability to stick to a diet regimen is his way of dishing out Psych. Only walking 10K steps a day…..SURE !!!!. He is probably doing a 5K or 10K run everyday.
    Good Luck !!!!! I am anxious to find out the results. With Titanium knees and fused spine walking and starvation are my only way to lose weight. Oh to be young again !

  12. Hey Chuck, it might be a matter of preference for Klaus to use water, but adding milk to the potatoes makes it easier to mash them, and makes them taste creamier. Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, to you, Paige, your family and friends!

  13. In the village wher my house is, I usually get a laugh as well when I say merry Christmas, probably because they dont understand. They are learning but.

  14. 27:07 LOL!
    Hi Chuck and Paige. So how do you keep warm in the house at night? BTW, 30 minutes long or longer video is great. I cannot wait to see the next video.
    Sorry to hear about the cat.

  15. Hi Chuck just want to say you should wear a mask as soon as you leave your home and yes there is a fine of 200 bat for now and if people comply it stays at 200 but if not followed it will be set up to 500 bat and there will be put police out on the streets and enforce it and it is literally from father-in-law as re in the government so I will believe it is really

  16. This really was a haphazard “last minute giveaway.” The little boys at the orphanage would’ve really appreciated a bike. They were so happy with their little tshirts and knew how to express joy and gratitude for gifts, unlike the kid that cried when he didn’t get candy.

  17. Happy Holidays Chuck and Paige, You are the best and Paige.Thank you for all your hard work,You two makes me feel as if I’m on a vacation with you. The lighting is much better on this video. PALM SPRINGS,CA.🏜🌴😎

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