Leaving Bangkok

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Life is about to get REALLY interesting! I’m so excited for this adventure!


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  1. Man, I’m so looking forward to the videos from your next excursion. It’ll give me a good idea of where to visit when the situation in Thailand gets better, and when they allow Americans again. Lol

  2. I wouldn’t be eating that food ……their not using gloves when handling the food, especially in this covid 19 crisis, or you can end up with pretty bad food poisoning……..

  3. First of all, absolutely brutal! not like he could chase me or anything, lol, love it. sounds like something i would say.

    I know I will love rural adventure with 2 wheels, as I traveled a lot in my youth on 2 wheels, I understand that life so well. but was in USA, not another country.

    now for your VW, I been into VW scene for 40+ years, I am a old aircooled fan as well, but I am so old school, & breaking away from too much modern computer controlled mess, but I love the old First generation Rabbits, now put in a VR6 with some mods, lol. but carbed. in my back yard I still have 5 old beetles, 8 Busses, 1 Vanagon 1983 1/2 first year water cooled, & a type 3 fastback.

    will be looking forward to next installment of your travels, & wishing you safe travels!

  4. Udon Thani is a nice little gem good bit to do there you will have fun some very nice temples there with some great photo opportunities

  5. Would love to see you tour Vietnam when things are better. I never really had much interest in visiting the homeland or any asian countries until youtube lol. Seeing all the travel vids and food and just everything….looks like a blast!!! Maybe once the kids are off in college Me and wifey will take a nice long vaca and travel out there.

  6. Can’t wait! Thanks for taking us along! If it is so rual, do they have the available internet for your download of videos? Enjoy…I’m sure we will!

  7. Wait until Morning Night reopens ….meet a lot of nice friends.Also get over the river to Vientiane nice river promanade .with Issan/Lao food VOA,,

  8. Once you are in Bangkok you will never escape from Bangkok ….maybe physically but not your soul. Haha anyway really enjoy your channel. Be safe.

  9. Try Wat(=Temple) Pu Sunkko วัดภูสังโ​ฆ, Dhan Ajahn(Great Master) Wanchai ท่านอาจารย์​วันชัย​ Krub​ ​B=)​

  10. Since you don’t speak Thai, won’t it be difficult in areas with very little tourism? How do you ask someone “Where’s the bathroom, or the nearest gas station?” Would anyone in a rural area speak English? I know you have done this before, but I am fairly new here – so I can’t wait to see how you handle those situations. Also, how about laundry, money, phone service, charging cameras, etc.? Guess I will just have to wait and find out… 🙄

  11. Yep! Good Move … “On the Road Again” … You will have Awesome Time up thru that Area .. Loads of Alleys Etc Etc …. Look Forward to Content 💥🍻🏍🎬✈️

  12. Chad, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the motor bike tour! I really loved the last one! You always put up awesome content! Stay safe and sane! Dan @6-4_Fab Glen Rock, PA, USA

  13. Udon is like a mecca for older farrang. been to Nong Khai, it is amazing but my amazing is different. 🙂 Enjoy the ride Chad! You will get to see some really cool “hey I live with absolutely nothing at all” in Udon Thani province but again that is amazing to me.

  14. When CB media says “please do me a solid and stop sending me non important emails, I will be busy” it means guys stop sending him nonsense gay emails! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  15. Good luck, have a good adventurer
    I will stay boring wfh in Bangkok for a while
    and hope no second wave anytime soon
    heard the shopping mall will start service soon

  16. I am still stuck in Phuket now, the island is still locked, and even if I could leave, I would have to do a 14 days quarantine at my destination province. So you are f**ing lucky.

  17. Udon Thani is great city, I have been living there for over 16 years. Have a walk around the downtown area near the fountain circle and head northwest along Phosi Road, there are some interesting shops that haven’t changed for years, it’s like time has stood still. The Chinese temple near UD Town (Chao Pu-Ya Shrine) is worth a look. Nong Prajak park and Nong Sim parks are good for a walk or exercise. UD Town is very popular but parts of it are now closed and currently under renovation due to the current situation.
    I recommend the following places in Udon Thani and issan. There are too many to mention them all, so I’m just listing some that I found interesting. Some places may be temporarily closed though.

    Get your Pad Thai fix here: Chef Ton ผัดไทย กุ้งสด (Udon Thani)
    Phu Phra Bat national park
    Ubolratana Dam
    Wat Tham Klong Pen (Nong Bua Lamphu)
    PC Cowboy Town (Nong Bua Lamphu)
    Ban Huay Dua Market ตลาดบ้านห้วยเดื่อ (Lots of unusual foods for sale here)
    Sala Keoku (Nong Khai) The man who designed and built this park is embalmed inside a glass dome on the top floor of the main temple.
    Tha Sadet Market (Nong Khai) great at sunset with views across the river to Laos
    Wat phu tok (Bueng Kan) you need a head for heights
    Erawan Cave (Loei)

    Have fun in Issan, I look forward to watching your videos.

  18. Chad, you will love Isaan? The people, the music, the country side & village life, if you dare! Looking forward to videos of your journey!

  19. I love you brother and am sooooooo happy you’re going on an adventure, that’s what drew me to your channel to begin with. AWESOME! B3 safe.

  20. First time in Thailand back in 2008, I spent a month in Udon Thani . I fell in love with the Thai people and Essan. i have been living in Chaiyaphum now for ten years. When in Udon I loved walking around the large lake (Prayajak Park ??) many food vendors and a GREAT PLACE to get to know the locals. At night I would visit “The Day And Night” area also “Nutty Park” interesting area for drinks ladies and expats. Enjoy your trip. If ever in Chaiyaphum look me up, I know a lot of cool places here. Lyle

  21. I’ve been to Isan many times, I recommend Ning Kai and the Mekong river road route, there are a lot of Khmer ruins in the southern part and eastern parts. In the northern part there is Laos style temples. There are many small cities of interest. The biggest city is Nakhon Ratchasima “korat”. Most modern city Khon Koen, most eastern big city is ubon ratchathani. Nakhon phanom is very cultural and old. Isan is also the biggest region in Thailand. In bueng kan there is a massive rock that is on a hill that looks like a whale, khon kaen and surrounding provinces are dinosaurs hotspots, burilamos is known for ruins, football and racing, mukdahan is known for it indochines market, the Mekong rive route with the provinces around it is known for stunning geography. The central region within Isan is mainly flat lands. The whole Isan region is typically dry as it is going through a long drought, it is up on a Plateau that is 300 meters above sea level. The food there is incredible with its sticky rice, Papaya salad, spicy dish is such a lab, and namdok moo. Avoid highways such as route 2 as they are generally un interesting and dangerous.

  22. CB I think you will enjoy your trip to Isaan. I was in Nakhon Phanom during Vietnam. It was a great place to be. I went back, for a visit about 20 years ago. The town has really grown since 1971, when it was an intersection of two main hwys and a couple of streets with shops etc. and the rest houses. The view along the river is beautiful. The people are very nice. Mostly farming. I think you’ll like the food, different and spicier than Bangkok food it is excellent. I could live there in a minute if my wife would leave her grandkids. Enjoy your trip.

  23. Erm… Isan is a region. Hope you get up to Nong Khai and into Mahasarakham . The Indochina Market in Mukdahan is cool. Follow the Maekhong as much as you can, it’s a great ride. Have fun. I’ll sit here in Ohio and wait for when I can get back to teaching in Chiangmai.

  24. udon, cool, travel 50km nth to the friendship bridge cross over up to you but i thought it was intersting..cant wait when you find some cheaper overnight accomodation in Udon Thani that im sure i will use when i go there again…Safe Travels…

  25. Great looking lunch . Be careful in your travels and try not to visit waterfalls , walk for miles up mountains and though the jungle to see a waterfall with no FKN water but you may get lucky 🙂

  26. Looking forward to see wats good in the Motorsports and modified scene in the north east. Since I have a new house in Borabue maybe I can find a good tuner based on your findings. Happy travels, thank you for your hard work and great content.

  27. Enjoy your trip in Isan man it will be great, the people are super humble & there are some super cool places of interest to visit that side (King Cobra Village in Khon Kaen is a must). Oh… Isan is considered Northeastern Thailand (semantics i know but I just thought i’d share that before people try rip you a new one) as Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai is considered North Thailand. Can’t wait for the videos

  28. CB love your videos…l am from Australia…living in Saraburi 4 years …but sadly must return to Australia because on the new immigration rules …l moved all my furniture ..everything and must leave it behind …..lf things change l will definitely return….but l will still be in Thailand with your videos …Thank you they always please DD

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