1. Happy thanksgiving. The surf rack turned out great . That motorcycle is a Yamaha sniper 150. The exchange rate sad it’s dropping I been sending money on Remitly and it’s been down to 46pesos to 1$ plus the sending sending fee . They keep printing money and it’s bringing down the value of the dollar.

  2. Maybe you could get some indoor-outdoor glue stuff and brush the top with adhesive and put some cool vinyl tile on top of the rack. Make it like protected from the elements?

  3. Hope it goes back to 53 to a dollar like in 2014😂 You can now do LS free because you have over 1k subs. Maybe do a LS one day at the house and test it out.. do a little cooking and chat with viewers a few minutes.. I volunteer to be a moderator for you. I moderate in several channels 👍Oh.. live stream might need to be early time by you.. like before noon there to get your west coast friends but not too late for east coast friends.😀

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