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  1. That boat would be a great project for you Rod…πŸ˜‹ great content.
    Big pharma doesn’t want to use something that is already established no $$$ in it

  2. I don’t comment a lot but I always watch and give a thumbs up..I just had to say that you are a lot braver than I looked like you were inches away from those motorcycles zooming past you..stay safe my friend.. thanks for the video πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜€πŸ€—

  3. Hi Rod. I think it makes a better diving board for the kids than a fixer upper πŸ˜‚ Great view of the water from that bridge. Interesting chat and a nice walk Rod. Take care πŸ‘πŸ™‚

  4. Very good Rod…up here most everything is open Pasig (Manila area) i go on walks local area here and I’m seeing more and more people not wearing masks i think it’s slowly getting to the point people just want to get on with their life. Our neighbors daughter got really sick and everyone freaks out covid,covid i told them i bet she has Dengue…yep it’s what she had. Her white blood count was way low..she got transfusion and is doing great she is back to being a typical 9yr. Old again. So be careful when feeling bad or the neighborhood will freak out…thinking everyone has forgotten how deadly Dengue is here in the Philippines.

  5. Pros and cons,, on the vaccine let’s think,,, nope I’ll stay where I’m at with no heavy metals or 70% effective man made Vaccine that has killed people by injection ,I’m not sick like these Politicians definitely are ! Corona smorona it’s a PLANNED DEMIC to oust a certain someone ! Here they are opening restaurant business again apparently it’s safe now that you know who is in charge. So the Phillipines economy and airlines won’t profit from tourism ,,, suffer well my friends ! We the people need to hold office holding thieves accountable even in the Philippines.

  6. I hardly ever venture to this side of CC. That was a nice little encounter with those friendly bridge workcrew. Always quick with a smile and happy to dispense a joke or two.What better way to break the ice. Thanks again Rod for taking us along for the ride. Cheers !!!!

  7. Mindanao has had a big outbreak and travel very strict now. You must have QR code or you can’t travel or go in stores. They scan everyone even though the system isn’t working. Hahaha, I can only imagine what happened to that boat.
    I found when I was there that the guys don’t speak English well but most of the gals do. But regardless they all try to communicate with you. My gf has a sari sari and when we video chat the harvest workers all want to talk to me. Really frustrating I can’t be there. I hope by 2022.
    Big pharmacy is preventing America from having any options.
    Love your video. Stay safe

  8. Hey Rod I have a question on a subject I’ve never seen addressed here on Youtube to my knowledge. What happens when expats die while in the Philippines? What are their options and what cost are involved? Such a morbid question I know but at my age I’d be asking if I were there. I always wanted to walk across those bridges. I was amazed by the villages build right on the water! Thumbs up as always.

  9. California was locked down with less than 100 deaths per day. The deaths skyrocketed with a hockey stick shaped curve up to 700 deaths per day. So what does the governor do? Ends the most recent lock down. Politically motivated?

  10. Thats some walk Rod, i’d rather you than me, LOL. Yeah, you’re right about their friendliness, even here in NZ they are very responsive once you break the ice with them, though sadly i found there in Cebu, if you are friendly to them it can lead to childishness sometimes,
    where they get a bit cheeky? There’s been a further development on Bohol, i might email you about it later today.

  11. There is a spinach type vegetable that my wife says grows wild all over. They also use it to feed the hogs. I could not tell what you saw there but what I described is called Kangkong. I’m unsure of how to spell that.

  12. I’m glad Cindy & I were able to get our own passes. My wife’s uncle tries to communicate with me but doesn’t speak or understand English, we usually are able to get some communication. I really enjoy doing the livestreams and getting out and meeting people like this.

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