1. Ok. I found the Filipina pea and I see what people mean. She comes across very well on screen and very well spoken. Personable. Not really my thing but I can see her potential stardom with the right publicity and some luck. She is a natural on the screen. Good stuff πŸ‘.
    I don’t know nothing. I’m still an idiot.

  2. the vaccine wont work, by the time they come up with the vaccine the virus will mutate and the vaccine wont work

    same with the vaccine for the common Flu, never works but everyone gets it and thinks it does virus’s mutate

  3. Hi bud good stuff there, no question can you give some sort of update on Buses like is the terminal conducting business can people travel to like pangasinan, baguio

  4. I hope all this mess causes the Internet Providers to improve the capacity and quality of their services.
    I used to have great internet service, now I just have good.

  5. The vaccines will work fine, it has to because big pharma need the elderly to keep on keeping on, ongoing medications make them billions .the longer one lives on pills and potions the more profit to be made.
    Things will be back to normal in 12 months then i shall return to the land of the Philippines.

  6. Hi Brian, Graham here,I predict walking street,will go the same way as the Reeperbahn in Hamburg Germany, closedown and hardly comeback to life again, nowadays you can walk round there with your wife Lotlot and daughter so innocent it is there now. Thats my moan for today Brian

  7. Don’t like to tell you Brian but if a girl gets a medical once a week doesn’t protect anyone because VD doesn’t progress on a weekly basis. It’s daily.!!! Or to me more realistic the next encounter. Forget those bar owner originated medicals. I think sometimes the girls get ripped off cause really how can you trust the results off such testing in such a corrupt place and surely any smart person would question the reliability of the people testing. Remember the circumstances requiring the testing.

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