Live From Central Park Tower Rooftop Angeles City 8-17-2020

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  1. Elvis manager was illegal 🚫 👽 alien that why Elvis never traveled out side of USA 🇺🇸 because the manager would not be able to get back into the usa

  2. Hey Philly. I’m a subscriber of your channel. I remember hearing you state the you were in the army, and that you did basic training at Fort Knox Ky. I also did basic training at Knox. I was in E-13-4, my drill sergeant was sergeant McKay a Native American, Vietnam Vet. I retired from the army in 2000. I’m a retired funeral director, I’m in the middle of planning my move to the Philippines I’m thinking about sometime in January. I’m in the middle of trying to sell my home, I have several interested parties.and I have several autos that I will be selling also. This week I will be getting with my bank to setup my funding when so that I will not have any problems when I’m there. I look forward to meeting you when I get there and get settled. I’m looking at buying a condo in Angeles city. So, I will be looking you up once I get there and get setup. Till then , you guys take care.

  3. I felt safe in Angeles , I stayed at Juanita’s and residents hotel around there and could get to know people , friendly people , used to have problem with kids pickpocketing but police. cleared them out

  4. Don’t trust any hotel employees starting from receptionist at front desks, they have accessible to your room safe, any moments any time when a they have opportunity to open for makeup their’s lower salaries po.

  5. Brian, here’s your chance to start a fashion trend anywhere face shields are required. Get a lifesize picture of the part of your face that gets covered by the face mask, with maybe a big, cheesy grin and have it put on there. Then people will know what you look like when you’re out. 😉

  6. Hi Philly, Last time I was there 4 months I go I always go visit in same hotel to eat and enjoy the food with my daughter to eat there. I haven’t tried their pool but I enjoyed sitting watching and the scenery Infinity pool. It’s a luxurious feel for a great price and affordable yummy food! I’m glad you came visit there and enjoy your day! My husband and I looking forward to retire in Philippines and we bought a house in mansfield 3 years ago! So, it’s an exciting new things for us! Send my regards to ate lot lot!

  7. When the news broke that Elvis had died I too was on a family holiday, looking out my Hotel window in Douglas at the horse drawn trams, I recall it was a rainy day and the horses were having a hard time gaining traction on the wet asphalt…..but what I did last week I have no clue!!!

  8. Hey Brian, Good day. Stayed there at Central Park before. Nice lounge up there. small pool. I found it kinda crowded, not enough elevators. Nice rooms but somewhat claustrophobic.
    Take care yall.

  9. I visited central park tower resort twice and am very happy with their services and quality vs price ratio. I can especially recommend their pizza’s and hamburger. At the bar they can mix you any cocktail you like. After this whole crisis I plan to stay there again.

  10. You Kept Saying Grand Central Hotel. Ive been to Angeles City and I know theres a Grand Central. But your video is at Central Park Tower. Yup those glasses wouldve been handy. Lol

  11. Why is it so hard to find a honest trustworthy caring loving understanding Filipina woman who WONT lie about having a child and NOT having another boyfriend

  12. Some time later after his death . I think it was his daughter was on documentary saying when evlis will was read . They were expecting a couple million stash away only to find out that he had close 500,000 .

  13. Hello Brian, Dennis in San Diego, Ca. Missing the Phils. I always watch your daily show to try and feel the vibe there. Originally from Quezon City. Be safe and God Bless you and the family.

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