1. There ain’t no (safe) vaccine… They can only be at the testing stage, which is the same as a few other countries… It will be 6 months, at least, and probably more, and some of these vaccines are going to fail…

    It is good that there are a lot in the development stage, for that reason, and Russia at least doesn’t have to worry about ethics or public complaints when people die or have really bad adverse reactions… It is really just wishful thinking, or propaganda, at this stage…

  2. I don’t see other countries Philippines or any other country open up the borders to foreigners until a vaccine is proven to work it will put a strain on your medical resources taking care of foreigners if they get sick

  3. Good morning, have a nice day! “tuyu” (pronounced as “to you”) is dry fish, when fried and dipped in vinegar is really good with fried rice, hehehe.

  4. Some people seated in the government are worse than criminals big time!! Like these PHILHEALTH issue they’re taking advantage of the pandemic they’re charging the government with millions for patients who are not really patients. They just made up patients names and then charge it to the government and too much money is lost instead of spending it in the right way. Wish these retards and corrupt officials here will be sentence publicly. they don’t care about others especially in this time of crisis we are going through hope there soul and body burn shameless beings

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