Live Stream #136 – Thai Culture, Movies and More…

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  1. Sucks that I missed this stream because, as you know, I am really into Thai music, movies and culture. I will probably post several times as I follow the stream. I took my wife, Tuk, to see “No Way Out”. It was really lame. I think that they originally wanted to set ir in Thailand. But, they were not given permission from the Thai Govt. That being said, it was implied that it was Thailand. However, there was an alleged border with Vietnam in the movie with a very small river as the border. I ripped it apart as I watched.

  2. I have also watched several Thai movies that are subtitled. I don;t know if the 2011 floods effected you or not. But, there is a really interesting movie called, “Love at First Flood”. I watch it about once a month. The ending has a really good hook and messes with your emotions. I also like another onex called, “The Teacher’s Diary” It allegedly takes place in Northern Thailand. But, wanting to know more about the lake that the movie is set on, I actually discovered that it is on Kaeng Krachen Chan Lake in Phetchaburi. In fact, I found the remains of the school in Google Maps and plan to visit the place.

  3. Another suggestion: Samut Songkhram. You could do the railway station and then shoot over to the Floating Market, which I always find interesting. The May Khlong River is actually the Kwai. Maybe a river trip down the Kwai/Mae Khlong?

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