Live surf report 8/24/20 Elyu, Live Surf video, plus a trip to the Mall and procedures for entering.

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  1. Stay safe mate, thanks for the update in LU. I usually go there when I’m in in town. Its nice to see that it’s all organised and quiet. I’d have to stick with the Carlo Rossi tbh. I hope you didn’t finish all of that in one night! lol

  2. Hi love your vids.. do u live in san juan? can u recommend me a good apartment or a place to stay long term. i am currently residing in manila. Cheers!

    1. oh.. Thanks so much. I really enjoy making the videos. For a cool place to stay try: That is the FB link. Ask for Helen or Joonas, tell them Mark referred you! They are doing some long term rentals in their Hotel. Nice place, close to where i film alot of the videos.. and close to the best surf spot. Scenic View hotel. If they are out.. send me an email from the about me section of the youtube tabs. I can send you Mary Jane’s contact info. i think she also has an apartment unit available.

  3. Real nice looking beach there. The sand looks soft like it would be easy on the feet. If we get back over early next year and I get my trip to Northern Luzon that I’ve wanted for quite some time, we’ll have to stop by there too either on the way up or the way back.

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