1. 👍👍👍 mafia mum looks beautiful in the shot in your car chuck Paw red has such good taste and so lucky to be with beautiful Mafia boss .

  2. Thais give me a weird look when I pronounce singha correctly. I always thought Thais wanted foreigners to use correct pronunciation because Thais correct me when I say shared Khmer words in a Khmer accent.

  3. Hot in Thailand has a whole new meaning! When I was in Thailand, I found that Thai people showered at least twice a day, the food was fresh and without preservatives and healthy and homes very clean.

  4. Warning signs throughout Thailand say “Do not bring fresh durian” / สัญญาณเตือนทั่วประเทศไทยบอกว่า “อย่านำทุเรียนสด”

    especially true near subway stations, BTS, and airports…?

  5. It’s simple…. Unless our immunity system is exposed to the enemy it won’t be strong or prepared to fight….. 👍more clean environment we live more weaker our immune system will become.

  6. Immunity is in your genes and the environment you live in. Having said that you cannot just go anywhere and consume fried fat always. Common sense is the key. You definitely gotta take care of yourself. And some might be commenting out of concern than anything else. Given that possibility, I personally believe a commentator can judge a YouTuber more than vice versa. Sounds crass if a YouTuber does the same always. But you know your body more than some paranoid individual. Good luck anyway! I like your videos.

  7. Great Video, Like to thank you so much Chuck and Paige, i got so much of your Awesome Subscribers come to my channel THANK YOU GUYS

  8. Chuck and Paige , Every time I see your area it reminds me of when we visited you in That phanom, all along the Mekong River is absolutely beautiful even talking to people at the market when all the people cross in from Laos, just really enjoyed the visit and driving around, have a great day chuck and Paige, 🌴👍🌴

  9. Good on him for not drinking he rules that one. Personally i stopped 20 yrs ago now haven’t missed it either, but i never preach at others because i did drink once too.

  10. Yes the ocean is where it’s at. I totally agree. Fishing snorkeling diving. The beach. When I come to Thailand I will spend all my time on in or near the ocean. Just looking at the ocean is healing. The sound of the waves is healing. Love what your doing keep on trucking. Love your sense of humor and Page is a total blessing. Aloha from Hawaii. C

  11. I know i mentioned this in an email but if you’re going to Koh Chang i recommend stopping by Lonely beach and get a massage from Rambo (all most all shops have her number)
    sorry i can’t post a picture of her .

  12. That is “fogging” they do that in Barbados for mosquitoes for dengue fever ,Aedes aegypti mosquitos, its basically some kind of diesel mixed with something smoke !Not good for people at all .But its better than the fever , I’ve had it , was terrible sickness , masks don’t work as its mosquito transmitted !LOL

  13. Chili pepper is excellent for the immune system – vitamin C! Plus, the more sun you get, the more vitamin D your body will produce – an important regulatory hormone for the immune system. You’re correct Chuck, living in Thailand, will improve one’s immune system. 🙂

  14. In the heat and humidity over there, when the power goes out, do you have a small back up generator to keep the fridge’s running, or not necessary?

  15. Hi Chuck and Paige great stuff. l see from the Vlog you are planning to go south again. Have you ever considered catching the very fast catamaran ferry from Chumphon to the quiet island of Koh Tao. Clear warm water, great beaches, colourful reef fish, and good for snorkeling. A lovely place.

  16. Here’s an idea for a video segment. You could show the proper way to open the plastic bags of food. Thai women tie them up in about a half second and then it takes half a day to get them open. I know there is a technique to untying, just don’t know what it is.

  17. Hi Chuck and Paige, just a good thought, it’s good to donate to the temple each time you visit one. It may not be necessarily a huge amt can be just a $1.

  18. You might need a bigger wall to hang more flags 😁 Wow the golden girls don’t look their age 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 bravo 💖 sabai sabai ..

  19. Commenting before the end of the video. GERMS. We need them. We need them bombarding us continually so our body can build up immunity. It the “West”. America speaking from experience. Our everything is overly protected, sanitized, packaged all pretty, and safe. The problem with that is any time you stray from that the chances of you getting sick are drastically increased. We shove antibiotics down our throats for the simplest of ailments and the bacteria end up being resistant to the drug. Gee, go figure? I suggest people go to the next county fair, pet some animals, skip the wash station and order a greasy burger with onions and enjoy the damn thing. If you’re a vegan, well I’m sorry you will miss out. Thank You Chuck and Paige. All the best. Mitch 🙏

  20. Here I am mountain hiking up north of The deep wilderness of Sweden, relaxing in my tent watching Notime2bsad. What a contrast. Just longing so much to go back to The kingdom. 💗 Great video.

  21. Chuck would you have your father in law put some longhorns on front of tuk tuk or buffalo horns? Just curious how you would deck out a ride if you had him do one for you.🤠

  22. Did they use those huge powerful blowers and shoot it down the drains? They did it in my town a month ago, the spray mist was coming up out of street drains even 1 block away from where they were applying it. Plus they sprayed surface level, everything – I made a mental note of all the street vendors and shops being doused. 😂
    I was also concerned the guys spraying had absolutely no masks or protection. 😮

  23. My biggest problem I have at the moment is that now I’m back in Australia and living in the S/W of Western Australia in my own house is that I’ve only spent 35% of my retirement pension in the last 6 months, also I’ve only done 1,200 K/Ms in my car. Can’t get out of Aus or into Thailand. There are 350,000 Australians trying to get back to Aus. The Govt only allows 4000 each week. As I only go to Thailand on/off for 3 months at a time even if I could get into Thailand it will take me nearly 2 years to get back. Tourist trips are not allowed from Aus as they are non-essential. Usually, I get a 3-month tourist visa in Aus (60 +30-day) but they are not available “so they say”.

  24. Show us, majority of your male audience and some female ones too, a week of Pattaya. Bar and club hopping, day life, night life, street foods, open markets…for a change 😊

  25. Want to find out how good your immune system is come on down to Florida and wander around. If you don’t contact Covid then you’re good to go.

  26. sterilizing everything, purification and processing of food, and isolation from society all are perfect ways to lower ones immune system……

  27. Hi there. Did you get much rain up there from the depression that passed in the last few days? How’s the water level in the river?
    Love that tuk tuk factory😀

  28. Last year I spent around 7 months in thailand . and this year I did not suffer spring allergy that much . not sure if thailand increased my immune system . but I felt this allergy season a lot easier to me in many many years.

  29. Thailand immigration told foreigners to leave September 26 , they are kicking tourist out by September 26 .
    The tourist are stuck in Thailand because of airlines shut down to u.s.a./UK

  30. I love watching the simple life, with plenty of travel to spare.
    I don’t have any time to travel, unfortunately, but it’s like travelling through someone else’s eyes.
    If you ever make it to the deep south of Thailand, I’d love to meet you and Paige.
    Have you been to Songkhla Province yet?

  31. Awesome videos keep them going. not sure if you have any pointers but I plan to move to Korat when they open up again to life with my Thai wife. I will keep my job here in Denmark but working 100% remote. I have not been able find much info about if want to live permanent in Thailand but getting paid from abroad. I know about the taxes ther as my wife working in tax office there but bit unsure how should do about the long term residence visa. If you have any pointers and where to look up the correct info would greatly appreciated.

  32. Many years ago I had a job in Port Hedland in Australia spreading with a bulldozer what came out of the 22-inch pipe (yes The Alameda dredge Utah Construction). Mosquitoes all day and night. We just lit small fires in and around where we were working and fed dry and greenwood from the mangroves to make quite a lot of smoke but not too much. This was a mosquito-infested area to work in. Guess what, no mosquitoes. They don’t like smoke.

  33. I really believe a little more exposure to natural elements and germs probably does build the immune system ! well its like first time parents on there first child constantly cleaning there hands and not letting them play in the dirt and when they have a second child all those rules get thrown out .. what funny is children born through Cesarean section do not get the same immune defense as children born through the birth canal .. a little dirt goes a long way…L.A Rob

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