Lonely Beach, Biggest Party side of the Island.

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  1. Gidday, here is a joke told to me by an American waiter in 1993. What is the difference between an Australian and a canoe? Answer:- You must be careful of the canoe as it might tip.

  2. I’ve never had any problems eating any food Cajun, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese and so on but every time I’ve eaten Indian food I lost control of my bowls and about die!

  3. I had heard that Lonely Beach was a backpackers haven. Thanks for the tour. I would probably go there in the evening for a few drinks but would not stay there. The hotels your are staying at look nice. The Indian food also looks nice.

  4. Make sure when the people guiding you around lonely beach they show you the resort that’s completely destroyed by the people renting the property before. ( looks like a huge bomb exploded there ! )
    Owner of the land didn’t renew the lease so the people renting flattened the whole resort , every single bungalow before they left ,( well , that’s the story) Only the bathroom walls are standing.
    You won’t believe your eyes when you see it
    It’s just a few hundred meters south from where you guys are staying. There’s a new road going down to the beach from the main road and it’s just there on the right behind the shops near the seaside.
    I’m sure your guides will know the place.
    Cheers !

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  6. Sorry for not commenting, but things are really bad state side with fire season, we have big fires in Northern California, The political scene is not good with Antifa riots, Please be safe…

  7. Hey guys on personal note love your vlogs but as alot of world are in lockdown would love se you paige travel around just watching people eat isn’t to exciting 555 maybe that’s just me stay safe

  8. At Breakfast it looked like there were not many Farangs – more Thai people . “Thai ” food here in Australia is TOTally different to the real stuff over there . Look forward to more adventures .

  9. Hello Chuck, IMO the best beach along lonely beach is in front of Siam Beach Resort, it is also a better resort than where you stayed as for the rooms and amenities. You should check it out sometime, however it is a bit farther from the bars and restaurants in the LB area. But I will say I and my family love Siam Beach Resort as the rooms are big, food is great and the beach there is fantastic.

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