Long Distance Relationships in the Philippines, Love is the Drug

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Long Distance Relationships in the Philippines, Love is the [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I follow up on an Interview from 5 months ago, let’s see what happened


  1. Dang Paul…Baby Mae looks like a whole different person after her wisdom teeth removal (lol)! Just kidding…hope Baby Mae is recovery nicely and her headaches and other mouth pains have gone away. You are a good man to her and I am positive she’s good to you!

  2. Paul, the young lady in the photo is nice looking but makes you look like a ….. you know what.
    Your a decent person, be careful of the image my friend.
    Update: After watching the video it was great, she is so cute and has a great personality.

  3. hmm, seems they all answer the same thing when u ask why they prefer mature man. What they really want is some older guy to pay their bills, free housing.

  4. Mr Paul you have been creating nice videos.. Bring in more Filipinas for interview so good men could take them as wife.. I am a decent well educated Indian guy looking for a partner if u find someone for me who’s is loyal and matured just get a video done.. Can’t find baby Mae videos

  5. She’s cute as a bugs ear. Good interview. She looks 14. Hahahaha. Good luck to her. Hope her man can get there. I honestly don’t see the phils opening up until next year. Killing me.

  6. havent even met and already got engaged?my goodness,,this is kinda rushing,,well,,mr western,,dont ever rush,,dont ever fully trust a filipina until u meet her,,dont ever give her money at early stage,,hope youre not making a big mistake,,,i smell something fishy here my friend,,,,slow down,,,like all the experienced westerners keep reminding eceryone,,,SLOW DOWN,,,DONT BE IN A RUSH,,,,u may see disaster ahead of u man,,,be extra careful,,

  7. No one like LDR most no choise who are in one covd my bet she get allowance she engaged big mistake not met in person. Mae much more mature in a large age gap over 30 this girl seem immature however cant judge a book by it cover

  8. Hey Paul, I am interested in virgins, can you interview these type of girls? When I come over I want a new car, not a used one! Come on, leave all these used ones find their Filipino men!😂🍻

  9. A cutie and very bubbly, only time will tell with the LTR! Fingers crossed she has truly found love , as we all are searching for it at one time or other. Love is the drug we all crave in our lives. Thanks Paul for another great interview!

  10. Maybe it’ll work. Not all LDR go bad. Reality for him more lust than love. But can turn into love once together. I wish the ladies would be more honest and say financial security.Yes a mature man , not a liar, not a cheater. We all have heard this and thats true, but just say the better lifestyle through his finances. Are the ladies afraid of mentioning this, will turn the guy away? maybe.

  11. Paul since 2003 I have seen too many foolish expats that act like fools… Money means nothing, if the gal is impressed with your money she will take you for all you have!!! There is a reason I do not hang around most expats….

  12. So after only 5 months of chatting with no in person meeting, he is engaged and paying her to stay home? I can’t be the only person that sees something wrong with that. At this rate she’ll have a new house before he even meets her.

  13. LDRs can work, as long as you have a cut-off date. You agree to meet by a certain time, or break things off. Trouble is, with the covid conditions, who knows when her fiance will be able to travel to the Philippines? That’s rough. I wish the best for them of course.

  14. Well she’s just as cute as a speckled pup under a red wagon!..😁😁😁. But, I can’t help wondering what time the live stream will be with Dean… 🤣😂🤣

  15. Boots on the ground, the only way to know for sure. I’ve done LDR in the past Can/US and you don’t really know them until you can meet in person. Dude propsed over a screen, to each their own I guess 😬

  16. Hello Paul I not trying to get into someone else business but I think this Foreigner Should Have Not Told Her To Stop Working as this is DEFINITELY the WRONG thing to do as this Ruins this Filipina for Life.!!! I just Totally Disagree with this decision.!!!

  17. Some LDRs do currently work. I wasn’t looking for a GF & Ne was the first Filipina I ever chatted with. We met on Mess. & 9 mo. later she picked me up at the AP here, going on 3 yrs. ago. We have been happily together pretty much night & day now. She was also the first Filipina I ever met in person.

  18. Am I getting this for real, he never met this girl before, she quit her job, he’s supporting her, he’s engaged now to her, but never met her, it’s all LDR.
    What planet is this guy from??
    Is germany on Mars??

  19. She is a beauty but its better if you fly to Philippines and meet yourself. Paul ? is it true American men cant own homes in Philippines? Is it possible to retire on $7,200.00 a month on a nice beach in Philippines? What province would you recommend. Thanks Paul

  20. Paul she’s got the best job in the philliphines she got her a foreigner full support !!!!! When I tell my GF this she gets mad hahaha but it’s true

  21. I am in a long distance relationship with my wife and family. We have been separated for 1.5 years. We have been married for 22 years. However, due to COVID-19 I haven’t been able to get to the Philippines. We met in Hongkong, moved to Dubai and she was in the Philippines when COVID-19 broke out. Now I’m stuck in Germany. It’s kind of depressing.

  22. She’s got engaged & hasn’t even meet yet oh nooo maybe it work out easy to talk about being in love I heard her say I love you but until you meet & stay together awhile you never know

  23. Wow. Five months chatting, already engaged, paying her not to work, and they haven’t even met yet. I wish the best for her, though I would think her fiance could have used some advice from you and could have learned from your first two years in the Philippines. You and May are a great match, and I find I have more respect for both of you the more I watch the channel. So glad you have made such wise decisions in life. Love the channel.

  24. So let me get this right, she s not interested about money because she s no gold digger, but agreed to stop working because her fiancé she never met told her to stop working, he ll pay for everything. What is she really doing with her time? Great question, Paul. And you guys need to pay attention and take notes.

  25. There was something off-putting about her end of the conversation; her part of that dialog left me with a feeling of uneasiness. Maybe it was just a bad case of nerves for her, hard to say.

    I’m also NOT a proponent of online relationships, but here I need to make a distinction – there is the online relationship which takes place entirely in the virtual world (such as this young woman and her fiancé have, they have never met in person), and then there is the LDR between a couple who has already met in person, has a real relationship, and now has an LDR out of necessity.

    This type of LDR between foreigners and Filipinas is quite common at the moment, because the Philippines is basically locked down and the degree of difficulty to get into the Philippines, and then stay for a while, is high. Huge hassle, money, quarantine, etc. These are couples that have met, sometimes couples that have already cohabitated for a year or two or more, even sometimes couples that are married, and they are in an LDR now not by choice, but because circumstance has forced them into that LDR. This is a completely different situation than the “virtual love affair”. These LDR couples are dealing with a known quantity on the other end of whatever messaging platform they use while they’re apart, and their separation is temporary. For instance, when Paul goes to the States, he and Mae will be in an LDR for whatever amount of time he is gone.

    To me, the “virtual love affair” is no more solid than cotton candy. It is a dream, a fantasy, a pleasant way to pass the time, and has no more substance than that until someone gets on a plane and the couple meets in person. If this German national were my friend, I would strongly urge him to go the Philippines as soon as possible before he makes any more commitments (emotionally or financially). It’s not that I think this cute-as-a-button girl is a scammer, but, really, both of them need to meet in person and see if what they have is everything they imagine it to be. He needs to endure the expense, the quarantine, the paperwork, etc. and do that ASAP.

  26. Don’t even think about it guys, unless you can physically meet in person do not under any circumstances start that BS Internet dating. Waste of time.

  27. Interesting, she put down guys who talked about having a house in the Phil’s, but happy to take guy’s money who is not boots on the ground. Big red flag. She is super cute and nice personality though.

  28. Lot of negativity in the comments. Personally I’m a fan of “boots on the ground” meeting but I do think that these LDRs can work. And although I do think that it is a little fast to be engaged after just 5 months, I still think that it can work. Not all men are fools and not all Filipinas are scammers. Since Paul knows both of these people I think he has developed an opinion about the character of both and he seems to be good with it so best of luck to all 🙂

  29. To all of the negative commentors, you have no idea of the details of their relationship. So judgemental! LDR can and DOES work. Good luck to you, both!

  30. Way too much risk involved in engagement with someone you’ve never met and chatted for a few months. A chat mate is all you really have. Vettting takes time and can only be done in person.

  31. Paul great channel. Seems like nice girl but these guys who support long distance are crazy. This Disney fantasy and white knighting only screws men. Support or money does not guarantee loyalty or even desire. I am an Airline pilot and flown all over the world and have seen these desperate guys doing this, even airline pilots who should know better. They want to support solve their problems and then when it ends and more often then not it will end their pockets will be emptied. Men need get over the scarcity or women. Women should compliment your life not be your mission. Of course all of us enjoy the companionship and affection of a woman by your side but don’t support one from long distance. I am not saying to be mean or use women for your pleasure. That is not an answer either. You can love and respect them but if you are not there and you are supporting them or even worse their kids or family you are making major mistake. You can never stop that support and if you do then you will see what an entitled person is capable of. I always wanted to write a book…. You never know a woman until you divorce her. Guys there is no unicorn or magic bean that you are looking for in women in a foreign country. You might have better odds of finding a good one and their culture might treat their men better but if you are not happy now them chasing the unicorn will most often lead to disappointment.

  32. Hey Paul. I’ve been watching you for several months and planning my retirement in the Philippines .My wife and I are planning on coming to Tanjay (her home town) sometime in the next few months to vacation and also locate a place to rent and experience Valencia. I wanted to friend you on Facebook if that’s ok. How can I find you on Facebook? Thanks Eric

  33. She’s rinsing him. Well done her. She doesn’t have to work whilst he’s giving his money away. A fool and his Euros are easily parted. No way will their relationship work. She’s far too immature.

  34. The average American ego,we better than everyone else in the world 🌎…smh, get over self, just be you, not an asshole…bet he don’t act like that at home in America…

  35. That was a great interview, I am very happy for her, and she is so cute. I agree, LDR’s can be very difficult. One of my LDRs was killed by the Phil Government policies during the Pandemic. Another was a scammer, and another had personality problems.

  36. She’s cute but a bit narcissistic. Statistics show narcissism is one of the biggest markers for infidelity. Her sincerity is suspect. Even when she proclaimed her live it was like a joke. I say have fun with her but protect your assets fully. If you are crazy enough to marry a Filipina you don’t know, do it in Thailand or Vietnam so you can cut it loose if needed.

  37. To the doubters of LDR, I’ve been in one 3 years, not including almost 3 years of exclusively online before travelling to Philippines..same gal I met online in 2015. She was exactly the way she portrayed herself..No surprises.I got stuck in USA coz of pandemic when I returned to do some business related things and home maintenance..ugh. Can’t wait to return..btw..my gal is only 12 years younger than me..I’m 65, shes 53…Age and maturity matters.

  38. Not sure to call you by your name Paul or Dog lol but I do have a question. Do you and Mae know any older ladies that are beautiful and looking for a foreign friend also? I am 65 and would not feel right dating young enough to be my daughter. To each their own but I would feel more comfy with 45 or 50 plus in that age range. I am old enough to know that the first one to come along might not be the perfect match for me but I am willing to be honest above all else.

  39. She seems kind of goofy and flighty, immature for sure. Almost everything Paul asks her she laughs at, duh. And the guy who has known her only online for 4 months and got engaged is an IDIOT, period ! They deserve each other…..he’ll lose his money and she’s already lost her mind, Lol. Paul, it’s so obvious what’s going on, even stevie wonder can see what’s going on, Lol….

  40. Can’t believe she is engaged without meeting each other. She is cute but seems a bit flighty
    to me and he has got her to stop working, showing he has never been to phils.

  41. As cute and sweet as any woman may be online, to propose, get engaged and support her financially so she doesn’t have to work, WITHOUT meeting face to face wreaks of desperation. And let’s face it folks, desperation ain’t sexy. My money says even Christy knows deep-down it’s a foolish, whimsical “all-in” move the intelligent, wise and confident man will NOT make.

  42. Thanks to Paul to show us also the other side of dating in the PH’s. A good reminder that it’s not that easy to find a “good” girl and what to avoid even she looks like a cute, lovely, honest girl. If someone doesn’t agree with me than i have no problem with that, this is just my personal opinion.

  43. This ones knows exactly what she’s doing ,played with her hair at least 12 times,,of course she wants an older foreigner, the young phipino men there don’t make any money ,,this guy must have rocks for brains,,SMART GIRL !DUMB FORIGNER,,tell her u don’t have much money and they will be strugleing ,,I bet she runs fast

  44. I consistently see expat channels “WARN” men not to get involved in LDR relationships. Many men end up with broken hearts and empty wallets. The old saying “You can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink” really applies to these guys. I think Jenn’s sister put it best when Jenn asked her if a guy sending her $500 a week was her BF. To her credit she honestly said he was just a friend, but I bet he thought he was her BF. If you haven’t met in person, you really aren’t BF/GF ONLY just friends.

  45. She seems like a very sweet girl at least. . I couldn’t date a young woman like that . Her communication skills dont seem too good. and the age experience,life gap makes it very hard to be compatible. I wish her luck I hope it works out.

  46. Hey Paul, a little off topic, but what ever happened to Regine and her American boyfriend. did he go back to the US?
    Are they still together? Do you have her Whatsapp number 🤣🤣🤣 (joking)

  47. I’m your age Paul on my own, would like to go there but it’s a long trip the language is a problem talk to you later from Tampa Florida. Pete

  48. I am also not a fan of the long distance relationships. It’s hard to learn the true deep relationship and different personalities.

  49. Im a filipina and i take offense to this kind of video. Foreigners like you are taking advantage to this young, uneducated ,poor pinays using retirement money . Looking for someone to wipe your shit eh!

  50. IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS 😆👍( there’s always a catch)😄👍

  51. This reeks of desperation and emotional insecurity on both sides; if she was mature she would have refused his engagement offer until they meet in person….and of course him even offering speaks volumes. What bakery is open for sales overnight in Duma? This isn’t Manila….she was a laborer in the back prepping and baking like crazy for the next day; already dishonest.

  52. I don’t like her. She a gold digger and is a moocher like so many women, even in the U. S. There is many good women but they are usually hard working and proven independent people who have been out on their own taking care of themselves. This one is not.

  53. I met my wife from Cebu on Cherryblossoms about 13 years ago. We averaged 3 hours a day , courting via video over a period of six months and developed a very close, albeit, long distance relationship. I spent all of this time having intensely personal conversations with her as well as many lighthearted ones. At the point , I wanted to marry her, I still realized I needed to go there and spend time with her. We have been happily married over 10 years now.

  54. CUTE and bubbly girl. However, so many red flags there I’ve lost count… 🙂 She is too “woke” in the broader meaning of the word. And engaged already? I’m an Atheist and I’m going to pray for the German friend.

  55. So they never meet 5 months now Ingaged looking after financial money I got say what a I fool girl might the one genuine but mate aleast spend at lease 12 months together

  56. It seems like women there have only 1 goal, to get a foreigner that can support them and their family. No need to get education, get a job, just sit back and relax, let a guy take care of you. Hm. I smell a GOLD DIGGER here. Getting a man 2 or 3 times your age is plain SICK, what could you possibly have in common with a 65+ year old man?

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