Long Neck Tribe – Mae Hong Song Motorbike Tour Episode 5

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#MaeHongSon #KarenLongNeck #Thailand
Today I visited the oldest Karen Long Neck Village in Thailand.

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  1. I’m holding you personally responsible to my upcoming Mae Hong Song Loop ride in December Chad…but it won’t be on a scooter LOL 🙂

  2. Chad you’re a car guy but you put your livestream right in the middle of the Hungarian Formula One race. I love your channel but I’ve been watching F1 since 1977. You made me have to choose between you!

  3. In the vicinity of Moe hong song there is a place where you spend the night to contemplate the stars until sunrise.Find out and, Be careful, do not speed the motorcycle too much to avoid an accident. take care of yourself my friend.

  4. Motor bike tour in summer, so hot as hell !!!
    Motor bike tour in rainy season, wet wet wet, dangerous and cold.
    Motor bile tour in winter, sound perfect, but actually it’s too cold.

  5. great vlog as always chad, 👍 i know your into your bends, if your ever in Europe, check this out, thought it might interest you, SA CALOBRA

  6. These people are not a sub group of ‘Karen’, neither are they ‘Padaung’ ,as the Burmese call them, ….they are Kayan Lawhi people…look it up.

  7. Another great video Chad! Thank you for supporting the long neck Karen. And not the regular Karens here in the US. 😲. Just kidding😄! Thailand should hire you to be their spokesperson because of your kind heart ❤️! Your instinct gets it. By the way, wish you’d show us the long neck opener. I’ve never been to Mae Hong Son yet and hope to got soon. Safe travels and be well.

  8. Your live feed was epic, dude face planted was hilarious. Dude was messed up for awhile, but he rallied back. U said u didn’t like the video u were going to put out, it was great as always. I wouldn’t of know anything about the long neck tribe, if you didn’t go there. You’re always great at helping support the right thing. I remember seeing the in a National Geographic way back. Always the best content. My man in Thailand . 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  9. Chad , you were perfectly right on supporting this long necked tribe , seriously they don’t have much options , however , there are some opinionated neo activist assholes who see the world in only black and white without realizing that there are some grey areas as well which have to be thought about.

  10. That’s interesting about the Rings but I’m pretty sure history shown the Tigers go straight for the head Case in point Las Vegas😄🤤😒 as far as your notifications I don’t know if you realize it but as of the first of the year Google changes settings on your channel without your knowledge that’s why I shut my channel down not something you can control personally or the crazy advertising that they do I don’t know if you realize that or not

  11. Your a good man and i am glad that your eye’s are open. It would be nice for people to just be polite and stop imagining schemes in everything.

  12. 22:22 the deranged leftist commies in the West would argue that, well. Give them free money, money printer go brrrr. Capitalism can go burn in hell, so everyone can become equally miserable.

  13. I think you Chad, is a perfect ambassador of Free Spirit; with your unplanned journeys, making the best out of a worse situation and especially your free will to embrace local cultures/tradition. In this current situation, you’re doing a darn good job at bringing the world (ok maybe just Thailand) to your viewers. A true Free Spirited Adventurer; and funny guy. I’m very sure your laughter as you narrate your videos bring smiles to your viewers. It did to me 😂.

  14. I was there back in September last year and got my mum a poncho a some other stuff, those people were very kind and I was happy to support them. I will come back so fuck the Social Justice Warriors.

  15. Your commentary at 22:05 about supporting these beautiful people is spot-on and I commend you for it. The “white saviorism” practiced by the so-called “woke” is toxic beyond description. When I travel, I leave my western-influenced perceptions behind and I actually try to see things through the lens of the people whose country I am in while being a respectful, polite guest. Another great video and a great live-stream yesterday!

  16. Wow, the latter part of the clip made me realise we r in a more stable and secure situation than these long necks, so glad u cn support them by getting into one of the boats to get across and buying stuff whch will produce income for them, ive learned alot chad and i thank u for that keep it up bro, and if i may somehow show my support it’ll be through giving as well thanks man keep these advocacy goin dude 👍

  17. Chad, another KICK-ASS video! I quite enjoyed learning about the residents of Karen Long Neck Village; all in all an excellent travelogue..!

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