Lost Interest. No More Thailand and Notime2bsad

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  1. Hello Chuck & Paige, everyday i looking forward to your vlogs, your videos bring out a lot about Thailand. Due to the covid-19 virus, most of us cannot travel. I miss Thai food, visiting the temples, visit friends and family. Keep it up sharing your Life in Thailand. Cheers from me in Singapore.

  2. love you and page love your video’s. Not like your keeping me from coming to Thailand. At least I get to see Thailand wile I cant come. Keep it up and I will keep watching!

  3. I personally think that the reason Thailand does not open in now is that they look around the world that it will not be praying there are more and more with corona virus and there for thailan will not open in now but it is just my personal opinion so if people just wanted to think about the whole world as there are countries that do not want to follow their country’s rules as it takes a long time to stop the virus just a country like denmark is totally crazy the rules they make you can go to a restaurant and eat if you sit down but if you stand up you must not and some must have open and others must not yes I think it is totally wrong but again it is just my opinion and there are many other things that are the same way

  4. Remember you and Paige are the luckiest people in the world. Stay blessed. All based on your choice. Thanks for great videos. You are the message from God where anything is possible. Hello Thailand. By the way you are predictable, every week you are in different hotels and restaurants.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🌞🌝

  5. Saw the headline and was dreading the outcome of the video thinking you was going to say your closing down your channel but relieved to see my fears where unjustified 🙏🏻🙏🏻 long live notimetobesad 💪🏻💪🏻

  6. Chuck I love watching your videos. I just don’t understand why people are upset, mad, jealous or otherwise regarding your lifestyle. You should not have to apologize for being happy, and living the lifestyle that you have chosen. You have gone through your trials and tribulations and you have decided to make a change in your life to make it better for you. I am so tired of people having the.nerve to make comments about your life, telling you what you can and cannot do…..Really? Watching your videos should be an inspiration to people, to realize that if you are not happy with your life, there are different options you can choose to make your life better. You have been a great inspiration to me, and I am considering moving to Thailand, because I to have no time 2 be sad. Thank you for your content, and to hell with the haters 🙄

  7. Good Rant…. Excellent ! Keep it up…..
    I’ve been in SE Asia and the ME most of my life. Married to a local… Could be much worse… I wouldn’t have it any other way…
    Other than a few scars and a couple holes it’s been a pretty good run so far….

  8. I’m a recent subscriber and very interested in your channel so I’m not going anywhere. As I’ve mentioned before, my wife is Thai and we currently live in GA, USA. We booth are looking forward to the day when we can return again to see and visit family. When we do, it would be a pleasure to meet up with you and Paige. Take care! Stay happy!

  9. Hate to tell you, but if you think 2020 is bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. All the economic dominoes have not yet fallen plus we have winter coming in many countries with flu season and Covid both. On the rest of it I mostly agree. Would love to leave the US at this point too, hate it here especially with the rise of communism & Marxist values.

  10. I only watch your vlogs because I’m a pookie fan lol 😂 . A lot of stress in the world right now for sure chuck.
    I for one love watching your vlogs it’s ok to miss what you love , it some times makes your heart grow fonder . Cannot wait to see your next adventure.. no. 1 pookie fan lol

  11. Chief Chuck, have been watching you and Paige for over a year and thing I appreciate the most is you stay true to yourself and keep it real. Both yourself and Joe have inspired me to grow my aspirations and helped me create my own vision of life in the future. Love your work big fella and enjoy

  12. I may get jealous of you being in Thailand but I’ve never been upset or mad about you having fun in Thailand. It’s actually helped me through these hard times seeing Thailand and keeping me excited to come again. Like you said this year is a wash and I don’t plan on getting to Thailand until next year. Keep not being sad and giving us these videos to enjoy!

  13. Peace Chuck good thoughts in notime2bsad and paradise
    Was just their and saw some awsome things. waterfall, beaches and more.
    Hope you get to see your wonderful place less the rain

  14. Just a reminder for those watching on a TV.
    It’s still possible to “Like” 👍 a video by pressing the 3 vertical dots menu.
    As Michael Caine once said – “Not a lot of people know that!”.😃
    He nicked it off Peter Sellers.

  15. Hey Chuck…. thanks for the update. I was wondering how you guys were braving the weather and you released a same day video. And how’s your family doing back up north, the Mafias… hope there are no issues there…. sorry, you guys are starting to feel like family. :-)) Anyway…. enjoy the rest of your day…. say hey to Paige for me and Gip…we are with you, my friend.

  16. Just looking forward to see the back of this year and hope the next one is better for everyone, At this time international travel is limited with the short stay holiday is not viable on cost, time and requirements.
    Even if I can’t travel Chuck and Paige can still show the different places and lifestyle in Thailand until things gets back to normal, The question is how long this takes….who knows just lucky to have a job and health so still make a living and count myself lucky.

  17. hi chuck keep your head up.this will end shortly.there will be a vacine .its all politics.as soon as the american election is over they will have a cure.people will travel again.

  18. Love that rain but I bet in some people’s minds it’s impinging on their rights to enjoy themselves..we just have to adjust..we have umbrellas and rain gear or we can quarantine inside until it stops..lol..the human condition..thx for the vid and again for the rain and the waves on the beach..let’s go have a coffee ! 🙏🏻👍🏻✌🏻🕊 kop khun kop

  19. Be positive, plan for a future, spot on,we have made that decision ahead of time, and now look to a new future, you have given us good advice to heed thank you chuck.thailand here we come first year 4 monthly trips . Second year we will retire there, give our regards to Paige. Be safe

  20. Yes its frustrating for a lot, and everyone has been affected in some way or the other, we just need to be patient and stay safe until we can return to Thailand. Keep up the videos, and you can’t please everyone. Time will fix this, I never thought that when I left in December, I wouldn’t be able to get back, but I’m staying as positive as I can, knowing I will get back to Thailand at one stage.

  21. It is always a pleasure to see and listen to your blah blah blah moments… Lol
    I enjoy your wisdom/knowledge, they are priceless.
    Keep doing you! It will be, what it will be.
    Death is an interesting concept that I’ve been getting more and more into… Lol
    We shall see what tomorrow brings, indeed!
    Cheers! Woooh! Lol

  22. With all the restrictions and madness in the USA right now, I’d love to be in Thailand, even with all the rules with immigration I would feel safer in Thailand, than in any big city in the USA. Thanks again for the videos, living vicariously through you guys really makes my day.

  23. I can’t leave my house for more than 2 hours per day.
    Can’t go outside between 9pm to 5am.
    Can’t travel more than 5kms from my house.
    Watching your videos reminds me of what a beautiful country Thailand is. And I can’t waiting to get back there. No time so be sad👍 keep it up Chuck.

  24. Overcome and adapt!!! I look at it this way it’s your car your gas money thanks for letting me come along for the ride .yeah it’s a pretty shitty year but the only thing change for me is I got to wear a mask when I go grocery shopping because I overcame and I adapted .

  25. Good pep talk brother. But the 1 thing I BELIEVE you were incorect about, is that you said 1 day we will look back on this and talk about when things go back to normal. In all reality things will NEVER EVER go back to normal. NEVER. I was fortunate enough to get out, of the good ol country of origin. But in reality brother, were never going back to normal. I wish you lots of luck on your TRAVEL VLOG. I think your probblaly a nice guy. So enjoy Thailand. Its home.

  26. Don’t let the haters get you down I wait every day for your videos it keeps me going being stuck here now for the winter months in Canada I always look forward to coming to Thailand for five or six weeks in November December please keep travelling and bringing us with you

  27. One thing you said is – you’re a big boy and nothing is keeping you there – I totally agree with that, but if you leave, you’re not getting back in anytime soon. That’s my problem – stuck on the outside (in Canada) and my home is in Thailand (BuriRam) Keep up with the videos👍

  28. Hi i have just watched your latest video thank you so much i needed this today i truly love everything you bring out . and buddy as long as you keep sending content i will all ways stay subscribe to you . from frank melbourne AUSTRALIA

  29. Can’t visit right now obviously, but your videos continually remind me of why I love Thailand. Keep up the great videos, and continue to enjoy your travels. Best to both you and Paige.

  30. Continue with what you do, keep giving us the dream of Thailand, I myself have a few years left before I can live the dream of Thailand myself and appreciate your videos until the day comes, I hope soon😎

  31. Thanks chuck for sharing your view of Thailand with us I appreciate your view of things , I’m hoping for January or February for returning to Thailand and Vietnam for a longer time, since we couldn’t travel I had my knee replacement which hurts as we speak , so when I return to Thailand I’ll be able to do much more traveling and seeing more of beautiful Thailand ,without your great videos I’d be scratching my head wondering what and how things look like,thanks to you and Paige you. Bring Thailand to us,best channel on YouTube,I’ve been a long time subscriber and will continue ,we appreciate everything you share always positive,hard to type pain meds are finally working,have a great day chuck and Paige 🌴🙏🌴

  32. You’re my favorite U-tube channel for a long time and I couldn’t phathom not watching, almost died seeing your thumbnail…was like nuuuuuu!😊 Peace Chuck and Paige

  33. I agree with you, but what Thailand offers to you what others find appealing is your wife and the acceptance of her family and having fun with each other. No matter where you go you have to find peace in yourself. You are demonstrating that there is an option as long as you don’t try to change where you at instead respect and honor their country. Good job, keep up the good work.

  34. In this age of social media and it’s attendant anonymity, you have to expect 3-5% of thumbs down and negativity. But that’s 95% positive. So ignore negativity, as you can’t control it or do anything about it.

  35. I will forgive your click-bait title…Only because what you said came from the heart. I watch because I like seeing what I am missing. I see and talk to my partner in Chaiyaphum almost every day from here in Australia and you help fill in what she can’t. One a lighter note, I’m glad to see the prediction of rain was correct. I will be looking with interest to how the lakes and dams across Thailand fare. G.

  36. Hi Chuck, great video, you really do have a way of talking on camera without being to negative or derogatory and generally putting a positive spin on things, and hell we all need that right know, keep the content coming please, NoTime2BeSad is the highlight of many of my days, ney sayers will be ney sayers , they come, they winge (&hopefully ) go, enjoy Koh Chang, we hope you get some sunny days

  37. Hi I watch all your videos ever since you started I don’t say much you hear enough of that garbage from other people but you’re right will things be the same I don’t know I’m like you I don’t think so the blacks here I think most of them or racial Civil War and I don’t know if that will happen or not but who knows after the election will find out you all take care keep smelling have lots of fun and we’ll keep watching have a nice day and enjoy yourself

  38. Great stuff Chuck .Really like youre attitude..You are actually livin my dream ..I hope to get back and live there one day with my thai wife in the not too distant future..Lovin your videos really keeps the spirits up and I see a few new places I want to visit next time..koh chang wil definitely be on my list. Cheers mate .Khup Kuhn krap!

  39. Chuck, continue with what you enjoy, if those around you can find some joy it this then fine… If not then they can move on with their lives. My name is Keith, I too have a family and live in Phattalung, I find my joy close to home, family and simple pleasures. Drop us a line if you come south brother… Hang in there, in one way or another these trying times will pass.

  40. Hey Chuck, Keep up the videos mate cos we that can’t get there it gives us something to aim for going forward. Its no good stressing because we can’t control the situation and have to be patient till then
    Look forward to getting back there and catching up for a Leo and a vegemite sandwich with you and Pookie.

  41. 5 years ago I got diagnosed with something that limits me. I was planning to come and travel the world in my retirement but alas it’s no longer possible. Your videos have become part of my travels so just keep it up. Travel on my friend

  42. Thank you for your positivity Chuck and Paige ,you have helped me through tout this time to look on the bright side of things ,your videos are amazing and make me smile all the time so that is why i love watching them ,please stay safe and as dry as possible ,hope to see you in Thailand at some point 🙂

  43. I love your videos Chuck, because of your videos I’ve even started to learn how to cook Thai food. I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand, but unfortunately i had an accident and now I’m on disability. Even working all them years don’t help anything, but i get to see Thailand threw your videos and it’s great. I can still hunt and fish so im good, it takes awhile to save for it tho. But im not going to let it get me down, Notime2bsad right. Your videos have done more for me than you know, and i truly appreciate and thank you for them. Take care

  44. I totally totally agree with your outlook on life. Well said and explained. Let’s all hope for the very best 🙏. And all the very best to you and your family.

  45. Chuck, thanks for your video today, there will always be people in this life who want to criticise others for being brave enough to talk about themselves or express an opinion. You have spoken about the need for others to show tolerance for those who think differently or might disagree with what others say, it still amazes me that some folk don’t get this principle, which is such a large part of your videos. Chuck and Paige each day when I go to YouTube, I look for your videos, as my oasis amongst the craziness of this world. I miss Thailand, of course I do, but through you both I get to still have a connection to this beautiful part of the world , until I can return for myself. Thank you. Ray (Australia)

  46. Cliche but F*** the haters. I really enjoy the content you provide and it helps me get by with this quarantine. You and Paige are like my little family on YT… Bless Up 🙏

  47. Its all a bunch of B.S. If Thailand or any country for that matter that quarintines people for the 2 week period. Then for the people that are willing to go through that process?? Then open the doors for anyone to travel. I’m stuck in Bali. Bali is beautiful. But i need to get back to my home, responsibilities and life in Thailand.
    So many other deseases or accidents that people die from every day. So with the restrictions because of Covid is absurd. Its a big power trip on controlling the worlds populations in all countries. Enough is enough.
    But with Thailand, for falangs to come back, MONEY MONEY MONEY. Pure government GREED

  48. Awesome video and awesome words you have to live your life because you can’t make everybody happy and there are a lot of unhappy people in the world and that’s not your problem they have to figure that out for themselves so you keep doing you and what makes you happy because even if there wasn’t Covid there would still be people complaining and unhappy so like you said life is uncertain so you have to live your life and be happy regardless. Keep em coming!

  49. Keep up the great work Chuckie. Your bringing joy to many of your viewers. We look forward to your posts everyday. My wife is in contact with her family by Ubon, but your channel allows her to live thru your touring videos of Siam.

  50. Keep the positivity. Are we all jealous, heck yeah. But I am lucky, I will return to Thailand in 5 days. Prayers to both of you to live the life you want in peace.

  51. It’s what it is. Thailand has done it right, you only have to look around the world to see that. I live in Mallorca, which is for anyone who does not know an island in the med. It is very dependent on the tourist industry, it like everywhere was in total lock down , it decided once the numbers went down that it would open the borders and within a month was basically back to square one. Now areas are back in lock down, hotels are closed or closing, same with bars and all things tourist related. In hindsight the Thai model was right. Hard to swallow but it’s the only way to remain Covid free. Next year will be fine vaccinations and a better handle on this virus will allow the world to open up safely. It’s a year in time we will look back on it and barely remember it. A year is nothing. I take my hat off to Thailand this island should have done the same. Like everywhere should have basically done. Europe is basically going through the second wave it is what it is smile and get on with it. As you say no time to be sad. 😆😆😆

  52. This video is a perfect example of why I follow you and Page on YouTube. I agree with your philosophy totally. I have tried to live my life the same way. 40 years ago I moved to Hawaii because the mainland USA was simply too crazy and driving me nuts. My PTSD from my military service was also driving me crazy. Hawaii gave me a home and a family and allowed me to heal. I feel we have walked similar paths and came to the same conclusions. I am hoping some day we can have a few drinks and go fishing if it’s in the cards. I love what you do and the way you do it. Keep doing it and forget the people who put you down. You inspire many and are a good example to us all. Aloha from Hawaii Hope to see you soon. Chuck

  53. Thanks for the video Chuck. No, I can’t get to Thailand and live the life I want, but I know I will one day. In the mean time, I like seeing you and Paige travel around and live life. I watch your videos or Joe’s videos and think, “That’s awesome and I cant wait to do that too, because I know I will”. Thanks again to you and Paige. Live life, don’t let life live you! 🙏☺

  54. Hi Chuck!! I been long time follower // first time commenter 😅😅 I would love to live the life there. I’ve been to Thailand a modest of 10 times, I have travelled all over but there are more places I want to see. I say modest of 10 times, because I’ve met blokes over there who have been there 25+ times, Lol my jaw drops. Chuck if your reading this, You mentioned you will give your subscribers some Law firm information and such to make the transition to Thai life. I think that is great and very kind of you to do so.
    Could you direct me to a playlist you have that is totally focused on this Topic on making the transition and how to do so, and what you need to know. If you haven’t got one, may I suggest a playlist name like “Thailand Legal”.

    Thank you Chuck and Page for your videos very informative and entertaining. Safe travels! and as always, there’s No time to be sad!

  55. For those of us that have been unable to get to Thailand this year, your channel has been a real tonic. Well thought out videos and love what you guys do. Don’t take any interest in the low life’s that Troll your account, the real people are all on board. Keep going and have fun in Koh Chang

  56. Chuck, Keep the Videos Coming, Its tough for some people but for others this will bring opportunities, This is the Longest break in 10 Years that I haven’t been able to get to Thailand, I’m Lucky Living in Sydney Australia things are not too bad here. And Covid has led to most of us working from home. This has also allowed me to negotiate a Permanent Remote work opportunity so from next year when the borders open I’m all set to move to Thailand and keep working. From adversity comes opportunity for some and I think its important to try and make the most of what is thrown at you.

  57. OI OI OI Heya Chuck from Austalia. dont get down hearted with the misery pusses ,love SE Asia and ke
    ep enjoying it. tell Paige to stop Kicking those dogs,cats and Snail.lol. keep the great Vlogs coming

  58. Your title scared me for a second. Phew…..You are the most positive Youtuber I watch. Your positive attitude is much needed for us to get through these tough time. I so agree with your view in life. Took me sometime to reach your level. After my son goes to college, I will slow down and relax more. Am planning a trip to Thailand next year. Hope to be able to see you and Paige! Take care.

  59. I look forward to the videos. My wife and I watch them and are planning of moving to Thailand with our kids. Your videos are interesting and I really enjoy them. I hope you keep making them.

  60. To all your viewers remember this if you don’t have your health you have nothing. Secondly if you don’t have the funds to live the life you dream of deal with it another way. There’s no do overs in life i’ve never been told that nor do i expect it. Lastly death comes to us all your not gonna win that one either. So just live life the best you can with what you got, worry bout the big things in life the little things will take care of themselves. Always has ,always will Keep your heads up enjoy what you got.

  61. Chuck. The reason you are
    P. Some people off is because you keep claiming in every video that no one or nothing is going to tell you what to do
    And you will always be free to do as you like or think.
    Sorry pal, we all know that we
    Don’t control anything anymore in our lives and every day in the future its going to get worst with the technology of the NWO and the rest of the bs.
    I am a free person, retired comfortably and a free thinker with several nationalities and even I can understand how easy all the doors of what we considered freedom have been closing and may vanish till there are no more left.
    If you want an example, nobody knows if the dollar is going to collapse or change its status as the world currency at a moments notice and even a happy go lucky guy like you will have its idealic life in Thailand altered and will not see his retirement so secure.
    So maybe even if your channel
    Sais that there is no time to be sad or worry start getting real and show real concern
    About things that can affect us all in the future because
    Even if you think you live in your secluded paradise you are not.
    By the way stop acting as if you can be as happy in Thailand when its a fact that 80% of their entire population is suffering hardship but because of their good nature they don’t show it, there is lots of suicides, protests and family and relationship problems caused by all this and Thailand will never be that untouched gem in the future.
    If we want not be be sad the people around us also have to enjoy some degree of happiness.

  62. Man you look quite sad in this video. Don’t forget that life is so short and there’s really no time to be sad! But hey, thanks for trusting us to share your feelings and thoughts 👍

  63. OH! NOooo! Just ignore them. Their just jealous! Plssss. Continue vlogging i enjoy watching u n pookie! I’m from the philippines n married to a british. Don’t entertain the basher’s! Plssss. Continue vlogging ! Keep safe n take care!

  64. I thought by your title that you were going to retire again 😥
    Your vlogs are super 👍
    Seeing Thailand through your vlogs is terrific, the food looks lovely, the weather is brilliant😃
    It lets people like me see what we may never experience ❤️
    Keep up the good work 👌

  65. Hi Chuck and Paige, great advice mate, I first came to Thailand in 2004, I’m retired here now in Thailand just over 7 years. I’m living in Bangkok at the moment, I’m just a short drive to the beach resorts south of Bangkok. I’m enjoying my time in retirement. I do feel sorry for millions of people that have suffered because of the China virus. Like you Chuck things will get better.

  66. I just cant understand the crap comments you must get that requires you to explain yourself. If they don’t like it turn off or unsubscribe. That is their right so they should exercise it and save the rest of us from their “Karen” attitudes. Thanks for the work you do Chuck, its like therapy.

  67. NOTIME2BSAD NOTIME2BAD NOTIME2BSAD….I AM NOT THIN…NOTIME2BSAD..and so forth , Chuckie and Paige you are heroes and , well I don’t see no negative Chuck , I just see your life through your lens..carry on

  68. Great video Chuck! Enjoy Koh Chang! It is a terrible time world wide and all we can do is make the best of it. i feel most for the Thai people because this is where i am. I see the stores closed the food vendors closed and people without jobs. I know so many stores and people are barely hanging on to their lively hood. Yet some how people do not give up. This is what I admire! The finger pointing, blame game will not change anything. Bad things happen in life. We make the choices of how we personally will handle it. Our choices and actions determine our future. We are so fortunate to be here in a beautiful country with wonderful people. Stay strong everyone! ” Tough times don’t last, Tough people do”

  69. I found your channel during lock down and am so grateful to you for making this period more manageable. Am still catching up on your early days in Thailand but love every one. A huge thank you from SA🇿🇦👍

  70. Hey Chuck and Paige, I love watching your videos too! You both have the right attitude. Don’t hold on to anything too tightly and be ready for changes. We control our environment, not the other way around. We can even make this a great year for something in our lives. I have! It can be a glass half full if you look at it that way. But either way, 2020 is a year to remember! Let’s make the future great, together! Keep on going, brother Chuck!!

  71. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Just ignore all the negative comments and keep doing what you’re doing, a lot of people enjoy watching your videos including me. BTW I love Koh Chang in the rain season, you can’t beat sitting on deserted beach listening to the sound of the crashing waves and rain.

  72. It’s sad but true that some people want others to fail and are always negative. Small story – I had a friend a few years ago who I thought was quiet close but as life got better for me the more negative they became till now I haven’t spoken to them in 6 months. It turns out they only liked being around me when I was down because it then feel better about themselves, looking back I can’t recall one positive thing they ever said. end story. There will always be crappy people, just live your own best life and I reckon that is exactly what you are doing. Cheers

  73. I enjoy watching your videos very much. I think that you may be tired of the grind of doing them and I can certainly understand that. Your travel and experiences in Thailand is why I watch. Don’t let the boo birds get to you, stress you out, and suck the enjoyment out of you. Be happy and if you want, please keep the videos coming!

  74. Thank you very much for leaving a comment. Your participation in this comment section and helping others in our community is much appreciated. We have an awesome community here. Always move forward and leave the negative behind.

  75. I hope that you have learned to stop reading the comments on your videos, but if you haven’t…
    I have been a long time subscriber. Back when you had only 1500. I retired in December of 2019, and was on my way to Thailand in March. Man plans God laughs. I watch every video you have produced, because I enjoy the positive attitude that you and Paige live with. I love seeing new and interesting places. I even enjoy seeing places that I am unlikely to ever visit. Your videos have been more important during this time of sitting at home. Please understand that jealous people are hurting, and lack the ability to express their pain in any other way than swinging blindly. I don’t comment much, but I appreciate your efforts, and Paige’s tolerance of this silliness. Safe travels, and maybe someday I’ll be able to buy you both a beer, and we can look back at this time and just shake our heads.

  76. What turns people off are all the youtubers using clickbait titles to their videos. Just like this one. Most people don’t like liars and that’s exactly what this title is. Clickbait=lie

  77. Yup, it is a bad year. I lost my job last March. It took me a few months to get myself back again. Thanks for your positive video. Most important stay health. Cheers.

  78. Hi Chuck & Page. I always enjoy your videos and appreciate what you have to say. I’m happy you and Paige have managed to get out of Babylon, so to speak and live a happy life. It isn’t always easy to get my attention away from the current chaotic situation in the US. In Los Angeles here its been nasty air from the fires. Worrying if Social Security will continue. Hows that going to impact US expats?. It is really good to get my mind away and watch your videos and journeys. Best to you living your dream in Thailand.

  79. Great vlog greetings from singapore as of tomorrow will be getting my stv visa and all paper work needed and our hotel in bkk Movenpick Wellness BDMS Resort Hotel booked as you know the thai goverment changing everyday …hope everyone can travel to this beautiful county and people and food🙏

  80. The virus will pass. Thailand’s economy will improve.
    What really worries me as a U.S. citizen, are the presidential elections. I’d love to get out of here and back to Thailand before the SHTF!

  81. Hey Chuck, I enjoy all your videos, seeing the sights and your experiences. The thing you bring to them all is common sense, somthing that seems to be alien to a growing majority. Thank you and keep it coming we need the ballance.

  82. Hmmm, was hoping for a humble apology when you recognized the frustration felt by many of your subscribers. But none came. Instead, you insult us by saying your channel doesnt need “those types of people.” We need to “sort out our lives.” Our opinions dont really matter to you. Your own words. So basically, people with different views from your own can go F### themselves, as your opinion and view on things is the only possible valid way of looking at things. Thats what it seems you are saying. While certainly not your intention, your message here strikes me as quite arrogant and condescending. Well, understood. Ill not burden you with my measly subscription anymore. Cheers.

  83. I’m staying with you. You have more tolerance then me. I would have shut down to the criticism and said the hell with it. Anyway I knew that if you ever stopped making videos I would still see you sometime in Pattaya or Ko Chang. 2020 is a terrible year for sure and it’s not over yet. Change is inevitable. Sometimes when I look back over my life I have to say to myself that I would not want to have to do the past ten years again but in reality I would not change much. God made the World round, so that we can not see too far down the road. I enjoy your videos and you have taught me a lot about Thailand both culturally and geography.

  84. I love the fact that we can live vicariously through your life. Its a treat. The only issue I and a ton of people have is that you try to pretend that your wife is not on the spectrum of autism, very likely Aspergers. Doesnt mean that there is anything wrong with it or that you cant have a loving and fullfilling relationship but to pretend it doesnt exist is difficult for viewers to take. Even her own parents have likely known this all along but likely never had her diagnosed as a child. She is a heavily functional autistic person but autistic nonetheless and I see you responding to her ticks and autistic mannerisms and you just moving on which is the right thing to do.

  85. Hi Chuck. You are a very good guy and you talk very sensibly. Me and my Thai wife (from Phichit) love to watch your videos. I hope sometime in the future that we can have a beer together. We are planing to go to thailand next year if its posible.
    Take care and have a Great time on koh Chang. Looking forward for your next video 🇸🇪🇺🇲🇹🇭🍺

  86. Hi Chuck The only time i get sad is when notimetobesad don’t post a video.
    I don’t get jealous because we are stuck in UK and you are enjoying your life.
    Good on you both please keep up the good work.
    With 43k subscribers you must be doing something right and i am sure that the majority of your subscribers love your videos.
    We are waiting to come back to Thailand hopefully soon.
    Take care enjoy and hope to see you one day

  87. Thank you for sharing your and your family’s experiences and travels.
    You are always a good to see and it is nice to hear what you think and how you are. It is also nice because you explain why you are the way you are.
    I hope you and your family (in Thailand and elsewhere) keep happy and well.

  88. I’m was bummed on the restrictions for travel but I’ve decided to hunker down and try to work on strengthening my finances for the future and finding ways to generate income, while over seas, so I can be ready for when restrictions start to be lifted….

  89. My Thai wife and myself are returning in December, we had always planned to return this year but the COVID delayed us a little, your videos kept me going during the lockdown here in the UK, I subscribe to a number of youtuber`s in Thailand but you are by far the best, (down to earth) I always watch all your videos, keep up the good work, remember the internet has allowed people to say stuff they would not say to your face.

  90. You are right Chuck, I stopped watching a while back, just made me feel low knowing our flights for October/November were cancelled, no refund yet and don’t know when or if we can ever get back. My wife is missing her family and I miss my Thai holiday, that’s what keeps me going in life. I wish you well Chuck and I hope to watch you guys again when things in the world get better and the Thai government come back to their senses! Bye for now.

  91. keep the videos up really enjoy them on all respects about Thailand especially Sunday sundays. wee are Ll not the same so you will get negative comments,remember there not forced to watch the videos,

  92. Thanks for your sincere and heartfelt comments, Chuck. I appreciate your overall positivity, and mindset of “keeping it real”. I’m a fairly new subscriber to your channel, and have enjoyed every single video that you have posted! Keep up the great work, and hopefully in 2021, I’ll be retiring, and would be honored to meet you and Paige in Thailand, if I’m allowed to travel there! (Fingers crossed!) Randy

  93. Watching your videos and a few other Thailand vlogs helps to keep me focused on my ultimate goal of retiring in Thailand. My fiance and I have a dream of meeting you and Paige in person someday. Our personalities are so similar it’s not funny and could definitely imagine us becoming great friends. Thank you for all you 2 do bringing the land of smiles to the rest of us.

  94. For any English person who has been stuck here without valid visa. You have until 26th September to leave Thailand. This week England added Thailand to their list of places where you can go to England without having to quarantine. You have no excuse now to remain here. You can go home.

  95. Thanks Chuck! Your videos are always great, helpful and much appreciated! Everyone is pretty down in the mouth at the moment for the reasons you say but the sun always rises! 🤞👍

  96. Well Chuck, I think you’re right most people have been affected in some way, but that’s not a reason not to be be happy and make the best of it!
    Keep doing what you guys enjoy, yep have fun!

  97. Chuck…..this video is like the first video l saw of you….several months ago….you sat by the river and talked about life, it’s ups and downs…and immortality. Your message really hit home. This video ls very much the same. You changed my life. I first visited Thailand 47 years ago as a tourist…..only 3 days…it was impressive. l tried to return in February, for a month, but could not. A friend l know from St Martin now lives in Koh Samui, l wanted to spend a week with her, do a week cruise, a week in Bali….then bop around. I now hope to spend a few months out there. I started watching, like millions of others being locked in at home. surfing the net. Why you and others are not viewed as much is because we do not have the time. You, Joe and Gift, Lucas and Vie are assets to tourism for Thailand. I loved every video l ever saw….that is why l want to spend several weeks out there. Life is short…we must enjoy. Jack & Lisa from Florida. [email protected] I hope we meet someday.

  98. Hey all well said and good on you for saying…one point is wrong Only One …your videos not getting thin….keep them going …I enjoy not everone of them … thankyou

  99. People say things all the time. So all we need to do is continuing live our lives the way we know best and giving to people who in need, be kind to others. Enjoy your time with people you love and love you.

  100. Looking forward for more koh Chang videos. Any fishing trips planned or is weather to bad/tour boats not going out in these times. Looks like you are standing close to KC at white sand beach. Cheers and enjoy your trip.

  101. Brother you just keep doing your thing, I’ve got 18 years of memories of Thailand so I’m in credit, I appreciate the effort you go to pal I just like seeing places I normally go to on your content mate keeps things in perspective 🤙🏼

  102. Great video in not so good weather thing it’s in for a few days yet.
    Thailand has done a great job with the Corona virus I know they need tourist but take a look around the world for those that opened to soon for another insurgents of the virus stay safe stay dry

  103. Long time subscriber here and thanks for your videos.

    Like you Chuck, I am a citizen of another country that lives in Thailand on a retirement visa extension. I’ve lived here for nearly six years. I’m sure you understand that we are guests here thus we have to live by the rules imposed on us. Those rules are not harsh IMHO. Apart from a few months during the height of the pandemic situation, we have had very little restrictions placed on us. Getting regular temperature checks and having to wear a mask is only a mild inconvenience. The Thai government does what it has to do.

    Living in Thailand is great (apart from high medical costs) and easy to do especially if you are over 50 years of age. We have freedom of movement and nobody is telling us what we can or cannot do on a daily basis. That is different from what Chuck says. Just my opinion.

  104. Thank you for your latest installment in the “Life… Thailand and elsewhere!” story. Am I “jealous” that you are able to enjoy life in Thailand, and yet, I am not? Yes! (actually, not really, but the question seemed to demand an affirmative answer!). Indeed, I truly appreciate the efforts that you, Paige, and others give to share a bit of life in the rest of the world that I am not able to participate in. I’m happy that you are able to enjoy Thailand at this time, and hope to do the same some time in the near future. Will I actually relocate & live in Thailand if such is possible? Who knows! In the meantime, however, I enjoy your travels and experiences, and appreciate the efforts that you expend to share your lives with us. In short, THANK YOU for all you do, and please know there are many of us out here in the great abysse that look forward to (and appreciate) all that you do and share. One day soon, I hope to be able to break bread (with appropriate adult beverage) with you, but in the meantime, THANK YOU for all you do!

  105. We’re coming to Koh Chang tomorrow morning the 21st, the weather doesn’t bother us too much as we live in Thailand just hope the ferry stays open, will keep a lookout for you in the week.

  106. Chuck, I’ve been traveling to Thailand on and off since 1990, sometimes Three times a year until 10 years ago when I my life changed and I could no longer afford it, I’ve traveled all over the world on a small budget staying in some very low end places, but I always took the positive from it, at least I was there, didn’t matter about the room I was having a great expearance. I can’t be there now even without the pandemic, but …… I can be there through you and that’s the next best thing. Please keep making these great videos. The suns out in London so I’m going for a bike ride. Thanks so much for taking me along on your journey.

  107. For me, your videos are a relief from the things that are happening around the world. Really makes me miss Thailand, not in a frustrating way, but in a positive way. When you and Paige went to Cha Am last time, I got to relive some great moments! I do appreciate the videos Chuck, thanks!

  108. Thanks for info! Hey, since we live close (neighbor in Nakhon Phatnom) let’s meet up and chat when u get back from Koh Chang…just chic chat notime2bsad since we live near each other and both are from the state.

  109. you cant make everybody happy dont worry you have lots of positive subscribers ,stay positive ,may the thai force be with you,no need to make apologies for being happy wih your family in thailand,it is a lot of work to make those videos lot of time thanks for that

  110. Absolutely things have changed, but seriously, people are not going to think long term, it’s going to be short term six months visas and six months rentals. Like you said, nothing is forever, what’s the point when next virus hits?

  111. Singapore is the strictest, if you visit, expect to be quarantined for 14 days under close police/military observation. Food will be brought to you in a secured hotel room. Gotta love Thailand.

  112. I live and work here in Thailand​ and yer vids piss me off cuz you and Paige can travel anytime and I can only travel on weekends and holidays and only just as far as a bus or train will take me in a day so yeah…. Keep ’em coming!!!!! 555

  113. Chuck as you Said , ya not worried about Dying 🤔I thought that was obvious, as you are standing under aTree with a metal Umbrella ☔️ in a Thunderstorm ⛈ Wtf555 🤪🤪🤪😂🤣😂

  114. Hi Chuck
    I have just watched your video. I like the way you think . I move to Thailand for the very same reasons that you moved here for. It has taken a while to adapt, i came here having the same frame of mind i had in the UK. But now i am more relaxed and go with the flow, i realise now to have a happy life dont mean you needs lots of money. Keep the vlogs coming Chuck my wife and i watch everyone you put out .

  115. Love your videos Chuck as it is keeping me sane during the lockdown here in Melbourne. I know I will be back there in Thailand one day when all these restrictions are gone so I can go spend some good quality time with the Thai GF. Therefore keep the video coming.

  116. Haters gunner Hate 🙀👎🏼 Don’t worry about those Wankers , I’m glad to see you do these vlogs , sure I miss Thailand 🇹🇭 But you’ve obviously worked hard to set yourself up to live the lifestyle you and Paige do ,, Good luck to you I say 👍👍🇹🇭🍺😎

  117. Hi Chuck,, Wife and I have been watching from the beginning, you guys are an inspiration .. Wife came to live in US 2009 and I promised her I would bring her home when retirement time arrives. well here we go ,, sold, gave away everything , jumped thru the Thai immigration process and paperwork hoops ( really not that bad ) whole process was like 3 weeks ,,,booked the repat flight from NY and we will be “HOME” on Thursday the 24th
    hopefully one day we can meet up and share a cold one ! keep up the great work ! Lou & Timrak

  118. Hi Chuck, keep the videos coming. I was in the process of selling my property and moving to Cha ‘Am and literally 10 days before we were due to exchange contracts lockdown began and the sale fell through. Watching you and a few other vloggers keeps me motivated that someday I will be out there enjoying a new life.

  119. I’m sorry to see you suspend your blogs. I do hope to see you again in time. It’s like the recent development from Thai Immigration regarding the offer of a new but similar to the old 90 day tourist visa X 3 will be going nowhere. For many bloggers they really have nothing to feel comfortable writing about and it’s likely to go belly up. It certainly cannot fix Thailand’s tourist industry. Perhaps 100 bloggers have posted all about this the new long term visa it but really it amounts to nothing new. The problem was evident before the coronavirus came along. Here’s hoping things will get better. At 78 y/o and after 9 years of going to Thailand, it’s all in the very hard basket. I will not be back with my Bt80,000 a month long holiday. Hello the Philippines.

  120. Gidday, the worst day that I spent on a beach while raining is better than the best day I spent working for a boss. Moral of this story. If you are not working for a boss, then stop complaining cause you are doing well. Nobody wants a do-over of 2020, they just want it to be over.

  121. We all have disagreements , dislike, arguments even with our own family so posting on YouTube for public to see, you going to receive criticism both positive and negative . But if you can change or help ONE person then that would be your motivation goal to continue helping that person while ten others doesn’t care about your channel. Safe travel.

  122. Good Morning Chuck and Page. Going through this video of yours , I can safely say that you are in probably in one of the safest places on earth, irrespective of the rain or any other issues there. I have been to some places there and have been seriously thinking of packing my bags and making my move when international travel opens up safely. Be it Samui , Krabi , Ihsan or any place else Thailand gives one the ultimate feeling of freedom which I have not found elsewhere. Your words in this video has a ring of truth so it touches a lot of people in more ways than one. Every time I have landed in the land of smiles I have felt totally different. And irrespective of the curtails and limitations if one does not speak the language one can still get along without serious issues unless of course you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. I would chose the bright and sunny weather any day rather than a cold and gloomy one. Of course the videos of you guys relishing the variety of cousine is not lost on us. I do not know if you have left Koh Chang already and heading back to Ihsan but enjoy your stay.
    Subscribed to your channel about a few weeks ago being homebound but it has certainly made me retrace my tracks and given me hope for the future . 🙏🙏👍👍

  123. I guess it’s a bit of frustration, not knowing when it can all happen again and lack of control. I returned from Koh Chang just as it all kicked off in February to a severe lockdown in the UK. The buddy I was in Koh Kood/Chang with was seriously ill (he’s a nurse and got it through work), but has thankfully recovered. Things have lifted now and are more manageable, but we are just closing down a little again as contagion peaks. Don’t understand people who complain about seeing your videos, they’re not compulsory. I watch them to lift my spirits, and they do, even if you are irritatingly content all the time 😂😠🤣. Already booked Koh Lanta for end of March in the hope things open up more in the next six months. Lots of price drops to compete for customers, so hopefully a bargain. We were at The Dewa the year before that. Keep teasing me with you daily accounts ❤️🇹🇭

    My prayers are for those who have been given limited time and under normal standards would be living their bucket list dreams, but just can’t. We’ve got nothing to complain about.

  124. Hi Chuck & Paige. Enjoying your vlogs so much. Finding your ‘personal freedom’ is such a positive thing and that shines out from your vlogs all the time. These unusual times have certainly given people time to reflect on what is and isn’t important in life. Looking forward to sharing your Koh Chang adventure. Keep up the great work.

  125. ✌im thankful my for my job and life throughout this Covid year. I’m thankful you can show the world some of the expats are respectable and contribute to the local communities. Perhaps my future will allow for expat life in SEA 🙏. Thanks for sharing your videos and opinions 👍

  126. man the main reason I watch your channel is because you have entertaining content & because we cant see the beautiful land your living in for our selves. ( because of circumstances including the situation)
    I think most viewers are living vicariously through your journey 😉

  127. Chuck,please dont let the ‘anti’ people upset you…
    Your videos and opinions are great…
    Im also lucky,because i live in thailand..i love Pattaya..
    I know many people here and NZ who are obscessed about the covid situation and spend huge amounts of time and energy,getting upset and blaming govt etc..
    But covid hasnt effected me too much personally..one of my investments returning alittle less,thats all.
    Pattaya is actually nicer with less tourists..
    I dont know what you say….that can upset people sooo much ???
    Sure..we are all different..

  128. Hi Chuck thanks for everything you do, the videos are great. I love watching even though we are going through this crazy time. It’s great seeing places that I miss. It’s an inspiration and brings back memories which is great in these times. I also love Koh Chang my favorite place. Although my wife is stuck in Pattaya, I will get back soon to see her. I think like you I don’t let anything get me down. I am always positive and live everyday as it comes. Dont forget if you stop in Pattaya on the way home to get your FREE massage at the Wife’s shop. Hope you and Paige have a great Holiday. Hope to catch up when i get to Thailand. My wife’s village Rattanaburi is only about 3 hours from your town. So keep the videos coming. I will also put a parcel together and send to you some goodies from Oman and of course a small flag. Have a great day, Greetings from Oman.

  129. Chuck & Paige, my wife and 2 sons live in Thailand and like many others in the world i currently cannot get back. I know this will change but that doesn’t help your state of mind however what does help is your videos they have become a daily routine for me which in the present situation is the best therapy i could ask for. Keep up the great work and keep safe. Thank you

  130. Chuck I’m happy you found your Utopia. That’s Wonderful. Who cares what others say about your experiences in Thailand. Thailand isn’t for everyone but it seems to be your paradise. We can all see that you’re at peace with yourself. You’re lucky that you married a Thai woman whose family loves you and include you in their family. Don’t worry about other peoples negative remarks. They’re jealous. Enjoy Ko Chang

  131. Thanks Chuck more good thoughts, I am just waiting for the things to get under control and ease up and they will.
    My retirement is getting closer and my plans are coming together, hopefully in 9 months Thailand will be opening up.
    I have already been in contact with your law firm and it looks like we will be working together.
    Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

    See Ya..
    Florida Dave

  132. Everybody is guessing what governments around the world are going to do and when to open up their borders! Just hang in there. We have to take each day one day at a time. Worse things have happened in the past. Stay healthy happy and positive. Do not take your frustrations and negative views out on Chuck and Paige. Your lost subscribers must be shallow people and a big thumbs up to those who choose to stay! What’s that song “Always look on the bright side of life” keep up the excellent work Chuck and Paige and not forgetting the Mafia Mob👍👍👍

  133. You’re actually doing very well, better than most Thai blogs. Some of them have stopped producing since the lockdown. My favourite one is “Our Life Thai” but they haven’t done anything for three months.

    I won’t be coming again because apparently I’m a cheap Charlie. They don’t want the backpackers any more either, so I’m going to give Vietnam a go.
    Suggestion: swop places with page and let her do most of the talking just for one video. Do one on medical marijuana.

  134. My husband and I love your videos. You are both so wonderful and your positive vibe puts a smile on my dial every time I watch you both. Never apologize for being you. If we all had the same opinions life would be pretty bloody boring. I want to thank you both for reminding me how precious life is, and how short our time on this planet is. Cant wait to get back to our beautiful Thailand and start our second life there. xxx

  135. Yeah this year is sucks because of the pandemic but life goes on be happy we’re still here have fun but still be safe we heal as one have fun take care keep doing video able to be update what happen to thailand 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭 William from the philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭

  136. My personal point of view. It is the live of you and Paige and that is it. I have no right to interfere with that nor do I wish to do so. I have enough issues in my own live I need to take care off so I have no time 2 get upset about others and how they live. Keep doing the thing You and Paige like as You just offer us an insight into a part of Your live and that is it. We can watch and enjoy it or we can leave it. But we certainly haven.t the right to interfere with it. I see You tubers content similar to street artist content. If I like what I see/hear/feel I might stop a moment and even give something if not just keep walking. simple as that.

  137. I am greatly concerned because it looks like there will be a mandatory vaccination requirement enforced by the Thai government at some point in the future. With that said you must watch the videos put forth by Dr Carrie Madej on the Covid-19 vaccination which is being developed. It is very scary if you watch her videos because I am extremely reluctant to get this vaccine. My big concern is if I don’t get the vaccine I will most likely not be able to stay in Thailand with my wife. Folks have to watch Dr Carrie Madej videos on YouTube and maybe if enough folks tell the Thai government that they will not come to Thailand if they are required to show proof of vaccination then when a vaccine is finally produced you won’t be required to get it to enter or stay in Thailand.

  138. I love your vlogs Chuck and Paige. I absolutely love traveling in Thailand with your videos. I can actually retire this December and your videos have personally made me think about traveling to Thailand and other countries where the ‘free’ things are so beautiful, like beaches, sand, surf and great Thai food and drinks. I must also add the USA has become so expensive for medical, dental, vehicles, insurance and taxes. I find it amazing you can live in a beach house for $500 US dollars a month and eat great Thai food and live with people who are positive and kind. It can’t get any more simple and wonderful.

  139. Seeing you and Paige travelling around Thailand is Exactly what we want to see! I’ve been going to Thailand regularly since 1992 and hopefully will be living there permanently in the next few years. Keep doing what you are doing and just Rule your own world!

  140. Chuck, I don’t understand why somebody is so miserable as to just complain about your videos. I don’t understand why somebody would waste their time complaining about most videos. If you don’t like a video, don’t watch. If you don’t like a channel, don’t sub. Simple.

    The lifestyle that you and Pookie have modeled is an inspiration to me. I appreciate it very much.

  141. Chuck mate. I have been a long time subscriber to your channel, and even when I could visit Thailand, to where I can’t visit for the time being, my opinion of yourself and Paige has never changed.
    I love that you both have a wonderful lifestyle that you embrace.

    Mate I had a holiday visa prepared ready to go for my partner to come to Australia in March.

    The world went haywire and she couldn’t come.
    I probably won’t get to see her Face to Face until the middle of 2021.
    But That’s Life.
    Out of our control sometimes.

    I really appreciate you and Paige sharing your life with us subscribers.

    I don’t get to see the haters mail you receive, and Mate I’m sorry that the parasites in the world have to vent their displeasure towards you.

    Keep living your dream and stay true to yourself.

    I look forward to having a drink with you when we can Mate!

  142. Trolls are trolls they have to live with themselves just delete, keep it coming for all of us that can’t get to Thailand to have a Leo with you guys 2021 will be better

  143. Chuck very well said…. other peoples “opinions” count for nothing if they did then perhaps they should have the bottle to publish them in their own Vlogs (Oops that don’t have)
    Keep up the great commitment in firstly making & then editing, publishing them.
    During these times they are one of the things that keeps myself & my partner going whilst trying to move & retire from the U.K. to Thailand
    You & Paige keep smiling

  144. Im from Denmark I love
    Your videos and se them when I have the
    Time for it. Go on Chuck and Page I love Your happy face and positiv mind. I also have family in Chiang Rai and hope next year Will be coronafree so I Can visit them. I have been there once last year and loved it.

  145. It’s not just Thailand, it’s an Asian thing – the whole of the continent is basically locked up as tight as a drum. But there are some very attractive options in Latin America and Africa with no quarantine, demands for testing etc. Who knows, maybe this is a blessing in disguise, I know that too many of us keep going back to Thailand purely for nostalgic reasons.

  146. Mother Earth needed a break – a pause on pollution and for humanity to take time to reflect. Let those that think they need more now in order to be happy reflect and be happy enough to know that they can still dream and let those dreams become a reality once we are done with this…. until then, chill and make the most of what this means and not what it doesn’t.


  148. Great video Chuck very open, honest, uplifting and as always you give off a positive vibe. I showed my wife she loved it too, we both love Thailand.
    Keep up the great vlogs and look forward to the next 900 +
    Cheers, Chris (Brit living the dream, well almost as still working lol in Spain).

  149. Chuck mate, I think you are being way too sensitive and involved in these ‘haters’ comments. Step back, you will always get the haters no matter what you say or do. The reason for the hateful comments or the ones that tell you what to do or not to do, are just sad people with boring non-eventful lives, non-entities, who feel insignificant and useless and so to enliven their lives they try to make you (and probably other Vloggers too) react. Thats all they want, reaction and that gives their lives a small amount of purpose and triumph, being recognised by a personality like yourself. Stand back, continue making your great, informative and entertaining video’s that give a lot of pleasure to so many people like myself. Enjoy the positive and constructive comments and as for the haters, either delete them or just regard them with amusement. But do not these trogladites affect you in the very slightest. Good luck Chuck and your beautiful wife, Paige, keep vlogging !

  150. I would dearly love to be back in Thailand instead of stuck in the UK, but right now (and for the forseeable future) that is impossible. It is difficult sometimes to watch videos of something that I want but can’t have, but it is what it is and it keeps my dream alive. Keep the faith.

  151. My Son has an girlfriend in the Philippines haven’t seen her since March …world has changed since the 🦠 virus hope’s it end soon pfffff ..do you know when Thailand opens the border ?

  152. Hey hi chuck another video from the heart hey you carry on what you’re doing.
    My name is Gary from the UK I love Thailand only been to Bangkok and Phuket but love the people amazing so looking forward to come back hopefully for 2 to 3 months. Here in UK looks like fona have another lockdown what a bummer lol
    Can come to Thailand now so the thai government say but it looks so closed so gonna leave it to December I think
    Hey look after yourself and keep going lol
    Thanx gary

  153. The caption to this blog is very dramatic. Please don’t headline your vlogs this way since it scares us. I am sure there are more people who love and enjoy your commentaries and videos than the trolls who have no life and just enjoy hating others. I personally congratulate you for bringing a smile into our lives when everything stands still and uncertainty surrounds us. Seeing Thailand thru your eyes is so much better than just being closed and blind.
    Go on……Keep clicking and please do remember that there are people who have subscriptions and not just issues to excel being nasty. Don’t let that come your way…….

    waiting for your next vlog in anticipation……

  154. Hi Chuck and Paige.
    Thankyou for all the lovely videos that you both have produced over the years and for showing us around the different parts of Thailand.I totally agree with what you say Chuck and,sorry to say that this year has been a bad year for all of us.Even though I,like many others cant get to Thailand yet but,appreciate all the videos you make for us,as informed of any relevant changes that you come across that is either vital or beneficial to us. To me,.It feels like a part of me is there in your videos because,I have visited Thailand many times before.
    I think we should all live for today and,dont worry about tomorrow as,we can deal with tomorrow when it comes and,hopefully our lives will be less stressfull.I am looking forwards to coming back to Thailand when we are allowed too but,untill then im thinking positively and,everyday is a day nearer for me.
    Thankyou guys keep making the videos as it does help us to focus on returning back to Thailand
    Sawadee krap,kop kun kap.👍🙏🙏.

  155. Just remember doing a job you hate, to buy things you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like. It will be these people who are critical of you lol. Enjoy your lifestyle, and ignore the idiots.

  156. watching your channel, foreigner Joe, issan farang ,TTT, thailand rob, and the other vloggers helps prepare me for my eventual move to thailand with Nok. I can get her American citizenship in 18 months then we will be on our way

  157. I can remember when China unleashed this on the world, my home country State Department urged all expats to return home. I looked at my wife, laughed and said…..why? I am and have been much better off and safer over the past few months living in Thailand and will continue to do so. I’ve worked the whole time and maintained my inexpensive health insurance coverage. My lifestyle (and yours) has been years in the making. If people are so jealous, simply tell them they should have made better decisions and choices to place themselves in a position with much better choices. Let them enjoy their big houses with mortgages, their fancy cars with monthly payments and high insurance premiums as this is what they’ve chosen for themselves. The death thing is spot on! My wife and I have decided to live like it’s our last day…responsibly and without expediting our demise, if possible.

  158. Love your vlogs is absolutely great and love the content,can’t wait to get back there don’t listen to the negativity and keep the videos coming.Stuck in Sydney and If it wasn’t for you and all the other contributions on YouTube my nights would be boring.

  159. So touched for you to count us outsiders into your daily lives ! It’s so difficult to return to Thailand now costing the ASQ ( Alternate State Quarantine ) n exorbitant airfare ! ขอบคุณครับ คุณ ชักกี้ หวังว่า วัคซีน คงออกเร็วๆ การกักตัวจะได้ง่ายขึ้น แล้ว สายการบิน จะได้บินได้ commercially ไม่วั้นไม่มีเครื่องบินครับ ขอบคุณครับ

  160. I’ve been watching your videos for a while now, and I enjoy travelling with you guys. I had plans to live in Thailand, but I guess I can say that my dreams are completely shaterred now and stucked in my country. I just keep going and adapting to all these restrictions imposed on us.
    Thank you for sharing Chuck and stay safe

  161. I’m a Thailand fan and discovered your Channel a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to say I love your videos. It gives me a ‘ Thailand fix ‘ without being able to get there. You have your life to enjoy and you earned your right to live where you are. For me and everyone else its just bad luck. Keep the posts going and good luck to you both. You are both brilliant to watch. Thanks

  162. Haters are gonna hate whatever Chuck .Do i hate the fact i can’t get to Thailand right now Damn right i do .is it your fault hell NO . You inspire so many to the point where i tell my Thai G/F to watch your videos and expect our life to be similar in the future . keep up the good work and don’t let the minority ruin your experiences . Never feel apologetic for the situation you find yourself .

  163. Your attitude and outlook is inspiring to me. I’m one who is unable yo come, but its due to health reasons, It makes me happy to see a couple, like you, living life to its fullest and being happy despite world events. There us never any time to be sad, so never give up the dream. You two keep it up…God is smiling!

  164. Chuck….yep, a challenging year AND your vids are an ABSOLUTE breath of fresh air. Love your candidness, your “down to earthness”. Continue to show the way. Keep on Rock’n in the free world! 🎸

  165. Don’t let the minority complainers speak for the majority who love the vlogs and live through them. Personally you have inspired me to seriously consider an extended stay in Thailand and experience some of the beautiful locations and Thai food, so thank you to you both👍

  166. Your positive attitude brings positive things to your life! Stay true to yourself! Some people hate to see other people being happy!! We send you all the positive energy that you send via your videos!! Tks a million to help many of us to go through that crisis! No time to be sad now more than ever👍🏽👍🏽

  167. Your videos are wearing thin Chuck and thats why i haven’t been watching them because atm times are sad, but keep doing what you doing brother it gives people happiness in their lives…👍 respect to you and page 👍🙂

  168. There are always rotten potatoes in the sack,stay away from them they always stinks Notime time to sad🙏
    As I am stuck at home not traveling we are really enjoying your video do some fishing for us😜

  169. Hey Chuck,
    Are you going to order the GoPro Hero 9? I tried ordering directly from GoPro to Thailand and was not able to do it, kept getting a card error. I was curious if anyone was able to order to Thailand. Cheers!

  170. It was interesting to hear your thoughts. Some people here in the U.K. are coming to the point of view (me included) that at a point in the near future we will just have to start living again and get used to the fact that COVID is going to be with us forever. This year 19 next year 20 and so on. Like the flu we just live with it and not let it dominate our lives.
    There is a lot of politics going on at present and not enough brevity. At some point someone is going to be big enough to say all this must cease to govern us like it has.

  171. Wise words. Thanks for the video. Personally I have tried to stop feeling jealous about what other people have or can do. It is just wasted energy. I might feel sad from time to time that I am not able to be there watching your videos lets me remember how good it is there and keeps me motivated to get there. I already had my awakening back in probably April or May that I need to start living life for me. I’m lucky I can retire soon and I am planning on how to get there restrictions or not. And there are ways to do it, the country is not completely closed it is just harder now but there are ways to go there and I’ll figure it out. Hopefully the restrictions will be lifted soon and it won’t matter. Keep the videos coming, I’ll still be watching. Thanks again.

  172. Hi Chuck n Paige, pls keep doing the video about life in Thailand. During this pandemic covid19 all of us must be strong n take care each other. Hope that it will be over the soonest possible.
    Always be cheerful n take care

  173. Wow. Your humping too much sh!t Troop. Thinking about death is a waste of time other than doing some estate planning. We all hope for a long life but for some of us, that just ain’t happening.

  174. The world is changing constantly beyond our control but our lives will be how we determine it to be … so don’t waste time complaining about it . Do whatever makes us happy 👍

  175. Spot on Chuck , by the time i get back to see the missus it will be over a year , but it will get better and we will be back , watching videos like yours keeps me in touch , and makes me determined to make the most of every opportunity when i do return , keep doing what you are doing mate .

  176. You’re doing great I enjoy the videos .I get to travel through Thailand from the comfort my living room, continue to do what you do and love until next time peace out.

  177. I’m with you, Chuck!
    We love your channel and content. Know that we are always looking forward to the escape your vlog provides. We may not be able to travel to Thailand, but seeing and feeling your joy makes us happy.

  178. “In Scotland there is no such thing as bad weather – only the wrong clothes”
    Love your work Chuck – keep it going and don’t let the miserable buggers get you down.

  179. You and Paige make watching videos fun. Love seeing the many different foods. We have a local Thai restaurant and I always chicken out out and get no spice. I love the various flavors. Please keep up the great vidoes.

  180. Never lost interest with you even just yourself talking in your video and showing nothing ! I know how warm and kind and sincere of a person you are. I feel it eventhough I haven’t meet you in person yet. Yup, we certainly miss Thailand and so bummed that we won’t be able to go this year. You’re really lucky to be there. I’m disappointed for those subscribers unsubscribing you ! It’s their loss not yours! Those are just envious people I supposed . Don’t give a dang about them lol. Take care always !!

  181. God gets all the glory for creating places like Thailand to enjoy. Insanity is waking up everyday hoping it will be different. We have to make those changes in our life like Chuck has. God Bless all in tough times

  182. Hello Chuck, love your videos and the contents of your channel.We always love listening to your talk, please don’t ever stop.
    Forget about the trolls ! You have over 42,000 subscribers and still growing- that’s an amazing achievement, congratulations !!!

  183. I agreed with you Chuck. Nobody wants to take responsibility. It’s a scary time for people that depend on the government (around the world) to make the decision. In my opinion, World Health Organization (WHO) should take the lead in providing guidance, restrictions, and how to open up the country safely. Stay safe.

  184. Well said. It is what it is. And you are correct 2020 is going to be a year that will be remembered. However, 1969, so far has been the most memorable year of my lifetime. Man walked on the moon. An achievement well beyond the building of the pyramids. 2020 will be remembered if for nothing else how poorly it was executed.

  185. Kundalini live your own life! Keep dreaming chuckee not going to pass will lead straight into global warming next major travel after they install train’s to take us around the world

  186. Thank goodness you give me a chance to see the world . We are stuck in a 5 km radius of where we live …..I’m lucky I live on Altona beach …… but it’s spring !!! Thanks again for your videos . Cheers 🐨🥂

  187. Your always positief my compliments.
    My wife/girlfriend is staying working in Ko Chang ( paradice massage & nails 98/8/4 Moo 4 Kai Bay ) she is Khmer so no change that i can come to my sweethart. Rebooked 6 times already. Maybe you can say hello 555. She is nice and beautifull.
    Thank you for this positive vibe.
    A big kiss from the Netherlands

  188. Just be You and don’t even waste your positive energy that we all love, on people that are negative and can’t see that other people have a better life than them. Up to them to be miserable. KEEP ROCKING!!!

  189. Hi’ there. I really like your videos!! Don’t bother about the people with negative attitude it only hurts themselfes. Wishes you great time in Koh Chang. Looking forward for your next video 👋🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  190. I don’t comment often Chuck but I watch each and every video with tons of enjoyment. I think your attitude towards life is great and mirrors mine a lot. All the best to you and Paige.

  191. I’m in StL. I just said F’It! I still hang with my friends and enjoy my car club. We have our meet up every week no matter what! Your channel is great and brings smiles to a lot of people. I will travel back to Thailand soon enough! Keep the content coming Chucky!!!!

  192. Your content is good. You are honorable and honest in your discussions, so you can’t do any more than that. I hope you keep bringing the videos to us. BTW: I also miss Thailand very much and prefer to be there instead of in America, but I am taking this time to spend quality time with family and friends. All the time we have here is a blessing from God.

  193. We watch your videos daily. Live in NC with my Thai wife. She’s from Nakhon Phanom province. Nawa city. I traveled to Thailand for the first time in 2018 and like you fell in love with it. Im 47 and she is 40. So not retirement age yet. She traveled back right before covid. We are hoping to travel back in 2021. It would only be my 2nd time.

    I’m going to say the same thing everyone else is saying. Who cares what the few morons that are negative think. Ignore them. You live an amazing life and the vast majority enjoy what you do. What idiot would come on to a channel and make negative comments? Think about it. They must be mentally ill. They should just not watch. Would love to meet you if you happen to be in the area when we are there. When we travel we normally go for three weeks but are only in Nakhon Phanom for 4 to 5 days.

    Keep doing what you are doing for as long as you enjoy doing it. I felt sick when I saw your video thumbnail. Thought we were losing you.

  194. We love ya Chuck. Keep moving forward and stick with your discipline. I enjoy seeing you and Paige enjoying life, I feel no jealousy, or anything like that. Your videos are a potential vision of my own future life, a sample of what it could be, and so they are a very useful creative visualization platform. Therein lies the true value of your content; that of being a daily vlog of your life, but a potential visualization of all of our lives if we so choose. Keep punching Chuck. Texas strong buddy!

  195. Great Videos, Dont stop … Gives me Joy to see the land I love also and look forward to returning to my home in koh samui
    Keep up the good work mate ,live life

  196. Hi Chuck..great channel, have been watching for nearly 3 years…or so…I like your positive attitude and not put off by you guys having a good time..in fact, I love it! I cant wait to get back to Phillipines, even with the stringent face mask and visor wearing..kinda..lol….ok that part I hate..but wanna get back to see some places with my love who i miss dearly..I sure hope the future will look brighter after 2020..what a crap show its been…Trying to stay positive and finally getting my medicare this year..never so happy to turn 65…just so I can afford health insurance..Crazzy , I know…but need to get good check up before im off someplace…Thanks for all the good content…Rock on..Love Paige’s tye dye shirts and hat…You should wear a tye dye too..lol

  197. OH HELL NO…I love your vids. I dont comment much, but as a person who has been spending time in Thailand for 12 years (30 to 90 days a year), I APPRECIATE your videos and positive messages. I am sure the vast majority feel the same. Love you, Paige, the mafia and all the rest of your extended family. Cheers, enjoy yourself. You never know when life will take a 180, so just enjoy today…the Thai way…lol

  198. Hi chuck I’m from Ipswich Australia
    I have a Thai wife ,we watch all of you’re videos really enjoy them,
    My wife says you speak very good Thai and have good manner
    Good luck to you and Paige

  199. love your attitude…some of my friends and I have been in Thailand since the 1950’s as kids and we lived through the Vietnam war period in Thailand and saw the changes, good and bad. Pattaya during my youth was a fishing village in the early 60’s and beach road was all sand (I recall once my father using the winch of our landrover to get us out of the sand). I went to the USA for university (me U of Florida) and returned to Asia because of the lifestyle. I’ve been in China more than 20 years and will return to Thailand and Cambodia when I retire (soon), my Thai mom still lives in Bangkok and I often visited pre-covid days. Our journey through life doesn’t have time for negative views, as a youth you have time for the debate and demonstration against moral authority, but in later life it only adds to unnecessary stress and diverts your attention. As you said, negative comments are not your issue, its the commentators issue and doesn’t deserve attention. I don’t usually make comments to anyone’s video’s but I felt strongly enough to support your comments. I’ve been a subscriber of yours since covid outbreak and though I also watch a lot of Thai channels (I understand Thai), i enjoy your attitude on life and your carefree lifestyle. I shall try to emulate you when i finally retire to Cambodia with my Khmer wife, hopefully soon (but plan to hop back and forth between Cambodia and Thailand).

  200. Keep up the great work. Thailand has been my imaginary vacation during Covid. It’s been great watching your channel and a couple of others. Some day we’ll make it there!

  201. I feel the exact opposite, I love watching every video and living through you. Since I can visit Thailand right now the next best thing is to watch your videos and keep up with what’s going on. It’s your channel Chuck so put out your content, your channel-your content, anyone who doesn’t like it can take it somewhere else!

  202. You tube on my smart TV does not work half the time. So I have to get on the computer or my smart phone to like you video’s.. Yea we are having back to back to back storms in the gulf. I am so far West Texas no rain for us having to run the pump everyday! It is all good try to not over think things.

  203. Chuck,
    The title of this vlog was misleading. I was concerned that you would end these vlogs forever. There is overwhelming support for your videos. Just give short shrift to haters and naysayers. Keep churning out your much appreciated videos. We love you and Paige and the vlogs. Hope to meet up with you sometime soon in Thailand, after the Covid dies down. Take care and stay safe.

  204. Thank You Chuck-You, and other thailand youtube vloggers, are an inspiration-you guys are living a lifestyle that myself, and many others, cannot live right now, but are working toward it-watching your videos , and others, keep us informed, entertained, we can forget all the bullsh-t for a bit and just “enjoy”-you`ve hit the nail on the head, as far as I`m concerned, and thank you for sharing your perspective on things-wise words! Take care out there

  205. Excellent content. You can only control and worry about the things you can influence. No reason to bother stressing about things that are outside your control. Yes, it is raining at the beach now, but the sun will come out! I am stuck in the US, my Thai wife is stuck in Japan. We both want to meet in Thailand or Japan as it has been 8 months since we have seen each other. All we can do is carry on and hope the travel bans are lifted soon. We continue to live everyday to the fullest extent possible. Not great, but what are you going do!

  206. I found your channel a few weeks ago. I like it. This year has been horrible and extremely political. You’ll always have haters and jealous people. Let them be miserable in their own mind. Don’t let it get you down. Enjoy your life and enjoy Thailand. Prayers to you and your family

  207. We are travelling through you until we get our own Thai experiences once again.
    Love the videos, you can’t please everyone, don’t try. Cheers Mark and Jacky

  208. Chuck you had to go through a whole lot of things in your life to be able to get to where you are. You don’t have to apologize to those people. Our lives current, past, and future are all based on our decisions. Your decisions brought you to where you are and you are entitled to enjoy the rest of your life. Keep on going because people like you have inspired people like me to retire in Thailand. I am 46 right now by age 50 I want to be there permanently. I am going to take a couple of trips before so I can see the areas and where I would like to live based on that and your videos. Thank you for what you do snd don’t stop please don’t ever stop being you.

  209. A good video, Chuck. I miss Thailand, so your videos help pass the time until we can return. I miss the rain at night over there and find it relaxing to just sit and watch. Stay positive, Chuck 👍👍👍👍👍

  210. L❤️ve watching your videos M8. Screw what other people think, They’re just jealous knobheads who don’t have a life. I was gutted my holiday to Tel Aviv got cancelled but it will come as will a trip to Thailand, Japan etc. Enjoy life M8 & F**k the wankers. Hope to have a drink with you soon. 🤞 Chin up M8. 👍

  211. I live in Indiana USA and I know of no one that has the virus. I wish that they would open things up so that “not at risk” individuals can go out , travel, not wear mask, socialize, etc. If you are an “at risk” person then it is on you to stay home or wear a mask, social distance etc. if you desire.

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