Mactan Newtown is a large commercial and residential property on Mactan Island east coast near many beaches. I grabbed a motorbike taxi, habal habal, to J Centre Mall in Mandaue City, next to Cebu City.


  1. We have land up at Bogo that my wife was turning into a second home and vegetable/chicken farm. The chickens for both eggs and meat. We are 1/2 done with it before the lockdown. So after this pandemic stuff we will be back to finishing it. Plans, what are they? Guess we will just wait it out as living here now.

  2. You definitely have the right attitude for living in the Philippines Rod! lol
    As for me the world health police have scared me away from world travel. I can’t imagine getting stuck some place in the world for months on end. I loved my stay in the Philippines and had an idea of moving there until this world event changed things. Looks like the USA will be my final resting place. Thumbs up! ALWAYS enjoy your videos! I NEVER would have guessed the meaning of habal habal! lol

  3. My goal is to move out here full time and build a few little houses for the relatives and look into shipping my small cereal bar production line out here .I’m torn between two countries as back in the UK I have an elderly parent to care for.

  4. My future plans are to be there for many reasons. One big one is to avoid winter. It has run its course with me. The next is to spend lots of time touring on a motorcycle. Lots to explore and finances will not be any concern there. So many things are different and it’s time to enjoy new things.

    As the world is a different place my plans are up in the air. Due to people’s perception many will be permanent.

    Take care.

  5. Hello sir Rod, will send you more videos inside Mactan Newtown soon edit it myself and clips of 1br and 2bedrooms unit. Thank you, stay safe always God Bless.

  6. When I get back to the Philippines I will get a bank there so I can get money at a more reasonable rate.. I love the place but do not like the ATM rate they are too high..

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