1. Ah the memories Rod, i know this mall very well and recognise where you are videoing. We used to get our money from the ATM
    at BPI, ground level. The masks and social distancing for me, is something else. Can’t say too much, though my dearest disagrees
    with me. Can’t win them all i guess, LOL.

  2. I heard on the local news in CDO that the taxis are cashless BUT jeep rides are cash..
    The debate was why the difference AND are the cards used to pay taxis owned by companies that are friends of the president..(G cash etc).

    Good to see Cebu coming out of the strict quarantine..
    Now see if any returning people to CDO have bought the CCP virus with them..
    We have been so lucky here…….We really dodged the bullet….So far..

  3. Rod =I have a new rule. I do not use the ATM here on the Island unless the bank is open. I went one sunday morning at 6:00 am. The atm shut down and kept my only card. I called a local friend and she called the bank mgr. I waited by the machine for six hours to make sure it did not come on and spit out the card out. Scary!!

  4. Thanks for the info now I have a good glimpse of the real situation of the Mall in Cebu City. And loved your narration in English because it’s very natural for you, well expressed indeed that considering I’m a native there myself, but living abroad.

  5. Good to see you doing videos, always enjoy seeing you strolling around and hearing your voice. I would like to reserve a Airbnb for April of next year, do you think it’s too soon?Glad to see your doing well . Take care my friend.

  6. Great video Rod! Almost like we were there! It was ALWAYS exciting when the ATM was very slow to expel my Charles Schwab card. Congrats on your parole! Thumbs up!

  7. Good prices on the fruit’ purple years ago Rod I brought home pomelo seeds home n I now have 2 trees growing about 5 feet tall I bring then in in november

  8. Hi Rod, do you have a Senior Citizen ID? It is useful for Senior’s to have one for a 20% discount specially in medicines and medical services..

  9. I’m very picky w/coffee & only buy the good stuff even if expensive for my coffee maker. I never knew they had so many kinds of Nescafe till I moved here. That & 3 in 1 I wouldn’t drink if it was given to me. Usually I buy Folgers & DD though at times “out of stock”. The coffee maker I have Rody is great cuz it has it’s own basket & doesn’t use filters.

  10. I was given some durian and everyone was waiting for my reaction. Well I didn’t have trouble eating it. I find the 3 in 1 coffee to be to sweet and weak. If I need to I can drink the Kopiko dark. I have been using my credit card as much as possible. Times have changed. Stay safe. Best wishes Bob.

  11. Who’s got disposable income to spend???

    This $cam’demic induced germophobe neurosis shows how dumbed down (and wilfully ignorant) humanity has become…and the Banksters are cleaning house and consolidating power and control. But not to worry, MANDATORY VACCINES (compliments of your favorite eugenicist Kill-Bill Gates) are on their way! 😐🙄🤤

    So sad that humanity has been complicit in its own demise.

    “I can pay one half of the working class to kill the other half” ~ Robber Baron Jay Gould 🎯

  12. Going cashless is NOT due to “germs” (another asinine and totally UNSCIENTIFIC premise) it is CONTROL…and creating a totally dependent population of chattel.

    Damn people are GULLIBLE 🤬

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