May Never See This Again. Longboat Tour Phi Phi Island เกาะพีพี

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  1. Went there in 2018 with my Thai wife. Videos and photos really can’t give you the true sense of awe and beauty of these islands and Krabi, in general. Thanks for bringing back some good memories for us.

  2. Wow it’s so beautiful getting to explore with barely anyone there! It’s making me want to just pay for the hotel quarantine so I can do it.

  3. Hi Chuck. Loving this series. Try finding Shcoll brand sandals. Bought a couple of pair in Thailand and they are like walking in a pair of sneakers and last forever. Expensive but well worth it . May have to wait until you are in a major city

  4. Frank here Chuck, looks like some new travel plans approved by Thailand. I’m looking into them, just hate the two week quarantine and the pricy hotel stay. I may just wait for sakran festival

  5. Good morning, Chuck and Paige. Sunday Fun Day. Hope you guys have a great time at Phi Phi Island. Happy holidays. Love it. Thanks for the wonderful video. 👍😍🙏

  6. That Breffass was truly the best! Hope you have better luck keepn’ it up …there’s always the blue pill. Rain or shine that island tour was amazing!! Why are we so fat again? Such a mystery.

  7. Hey Chuck .. this video was awesome with the scenery of the water and the lime Stone Mountains on the long tail boat. Love Indian food especially the varieties of different herbs of bread. Travelers , must be Caution of traveling bc the number of covid that’s starting to pop-up in Thailand. Some cities/schools in Northern Thailand are locking down now in Phetchabun. It Ain’t Over Until the Fat Lady Sings.

  8. Good morning ☀️ from 🇸🇬. Love your travel videos and travel buddies, such fun. Makes me missing 🇹🇭 so much. ❤️🇹🇭❤️🇹🇭❤️🇹🇭🌴⛱️🌴⛱️🌴⛱️. Safe travels Chuck and Paige and the rest of the company.

  9. Many folks don’t realize there are hundreds of Thai Islands, Last trip down to Hong Island from Chiang Mai where I live, I met an 8 foot long versus water monitor lizard. It wasn’t interested in me and I was glad, they have venomous saliva, claws longer than my index finger, and a tail that it can use as a whip. Oh, I forgot to mention razor sharp teeth. Bless zoom lens!

  10. Love Phi Phi Island been there 4 times I sure Miss it will be going back again for sure, looks like a lot more building have been put up

  11. Thanks Chuck for another great video. We enjoyed having shared the dinners with you all. Normally you cut them out. Thank’s we love all of you guys

  12. Water clarity is amazing. Even on cloudy day! Less people, better water quality. I am thinking clarity must be amazing at Hanauma Bay, which has been closed since April. We did shark watching and snorkeling off Phi Phi Leh. We would have enjoyed more, if my wife was not sick….I miss those days.

  13. I needed some beautiful tropical water today, thank you, that area of the Andaman Sea/Phang Nga Bay is some of the most beautiful water in the world IMO. I truly appreciate you sharing your beautiful life with us, hopefully mine will resemble it one day. Many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  14. Swallows nest soups or swiftlets nest in the cave they allow certain Thais to retrieve the nest for only 2 months out of the year . The soup is very expensive I didn’t care for it too much great video Chuck, we need the borders opened many places I want to visit from watching all you guys videos

  15. Another great video Chuck & Paige. Phi Phi island looks fantastic. You all look like your having such a good time. I’m hoping to be over there by the end of February. Hope to be able to meet up with you as I’m applying for a retirement visa. Have fun and stay safe. Great music as usual 😊

  16. Nice video for sure ….and wow either my iPad suddenly got better or your camera on some of that water footage was vivid and clear…it that a new GoPro?…beautiful mix with the tunes…and hey was that the prop I heard raking the reef as that boat left…ouch!

  17. Bro did u hear that Indian guy owner…haha he asked if “you are making an American movie with this one also? “…I think he was talking about your cameras….

  18. Chuck . Why are you all, always seem to be hungry . I hope you don’t mind me suggesting. Have you every considered cutting down on what you are eating all the time and how often . Just looking after your health and your body . ! Joe knows all about that ? Ha

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