Meet One Of The Last Surviving Korean War Veterans | STAY CURIOUS #20

We all should honor Mr. Yoo’s legacy by doing everything we can to make sure that we don’t see another Korean War in our lifetime. On our community app, MOGAO, we have intellectually-curious members from all over the world who are passionate about preserving history and solving the biggest social challenges of our time. If you want to be a part of a positive and meaningful online community for change, then download MOGAO here:
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  1. We all should honor Mr. Yoo’s legacy by doing everything we can to make sure that we don’t see another Korean War in our lifetime. On our community app, MOGAO, we have intellectually-curious members from all over the world who are passionate about preserving history and solving the biggest social challenges of our time. If you want to be a part of a positive and meaningful online community for change, then download MOGAO here:
App Store (iPhone):
    Play Store (Android):

  2. My Grandfather fought in that War. I still have the bayonet he pulled from a North Korean and brought back. God bless you for your service. A real soldier and true warrior….The Real Heroes!

  3. I’m now in the army and left 11 days to serve. I feel so gulity because I didnt think there were human being but I did think like statistics…

    I remind of things that if we got a thing called nation or country there will be someones sacrificed.

    I strongly support and say goverment must do something more and more for those veteran and servant for county.

    Anyways, really thank you for uploading the video and making me inspired.

    Thank you for so much.

  4. My uncle fought in the Korean war and he has a reserved spot in Korean national cemetery. The stories he told were very overwhelming.

  5. My oldest uncle served in the Korean war in the US army. He never talked about it much, except he just said it was cold as hell there, and the Chinese would often attack in massive waves which was frightening.

  6. But the sad truth is that both US and CHINA, two bosses in East Asia, will never allow Korea to get reunited. Also Japan and Russia will strongly oppose that since No country nearby wants a relatively developed country with nuclear bombs and nearly 0.1 billion population.

  7. My grandpa just turned 92 this month and is a Korean War vet. He’s told us a few of his stories of the war and how short on food and necessities they were. The one that sticks out to me is he always mentioned there were a lot of orphans that would scavenge for food and were bone skinny and froze to death in the winter. I live in the US and I gotta say even with a Korean War vet grandpa I still don’t know a lot about that war. I think history classes tend to focus on ww1 & 2 and the Vietnam war more than any others in the last century.

  8. Thanks Asian Boss for this incredible Interview…😇🤗
    Salute Sir, for the bravery you have shown in such a small age and even though I am not Korean but still I have a huge respect for you and I think all the people in Korea specially Younger Generation should get to see this interview or get to know about this period of time as he was saying in the last part of his interview they don’t show them respect even on wearing a veteran Cap…this is really bad we all should respect them for the freedom that they gave all the south Korean people today…😊😇
    Lastly I would like to say a whole movie can be made on this, as the way he was telling every thing in detail I can able to image the a lot of things, someone should make a movie on this and make him a hero in this movie it’s gonna be a hit for sure… 😉😍😍😊😇

  9. I’m from Indonesia. Here, we don’t learn much about Korean War in school. But as a nation that went through many wars to become independent, I can say that I understand the pain left by wars. The regular peoples sometimes doesn’t even know the reason, and just desparately trying to survive.

    Thank you for sharing this story. I hope Mr. Yoo stop feeling sorry for surviving, instead, he should living his life to the fullest, for his fellow soldiers that passed away’s part too.

  10. Thank you Sir for your service. My father, who just passed away October 2019, served in the Korean war. He was 88 at the time of passing. People often say here in America, that the Korean war, is the forgotten war. It is one I will try to keep the memory alive, for my father and the other soldiers that have passed away. Please live a long and healthy life.

  11. Make a movie on this and make him as a hero…😍😍
    I can feel each and every detail he told in the interview…😍🤗😇
    Salute Sir….For the bravery You have shown…🤗😇

  12. “We still thought we were close to unifying Korea”

    Please do a series on Korean war veterans, similar to what Memoirs of WWII is doing. There are not that many of them left and it would be great to have records of their stories. 🙂

  13. 이일하 감독 카운터스 보고 싶었는데 만만찮게 흥미진진 하네요. 개인적으로 극단주의는 꺼려지지만 실제로 싸운다니… 글쎄요. 용사분 할아버님 참 극적으로 사셨다고밖에는 말이 안 나옵니다.
    …인스타나 instiz/오늘의 유머 같은 포탈을 통해서 한국 사회서 전쟁용사나 유공자 가족분들 무시된다는 식의 안 좋은 소식만 들어서 그런지 뭔가 이번 화는 좋은 의미에서 감탄하게 만드는 구석이 있네요. …

  14. Despite this heroic veteran had tried to the best to keep his freedom country “The Korea Republic” at all costs, nowadays many knowledgeless young Korean college students have been praising NK Kim’s regime and its political system. What’s more, some wicked Korean Chinese who haven’t had minds of typical Koreans have been justifying to the facts China’s people’s army joined in the Korean War in South Korea inside these days. But South Korea is a democratic country and the govt doesn’t have the right to punish those people’s insane claims on the legal sides. They must feel this word “Shame on you”

  15. Both of my great-grandpa’s fought in ww2 and then the Korean War, honestly astounding that after all those years the Korean people suffered under the Japanese Empire, not even 5 years later, they had to face their own brothers and sisters indoctrinated by communism. Never let evil take root.

  16. My uncle fought there .. that’s one of the view wars you can look at and immediately know it was worth fighting — just by the massive difference in the current north and south.

  17. Asian boss: Meet One Of The Last Surviving Korean War Veterans
    Veteran: There are about 90,000 Korean war veterans still alive
    Me: mmmmmmh..

  18. What amazes me the most about Mr. Yoo is that even though he saw and lived many horrors during the war, his spirit did not shattered. It is said that eyes are the windows of your soul….I see peace in his eyes.

  19. Much respect for Mr. Yoo.
    I can understand why he’d feel so guilty about living when his fellow soliders died.
    Survivor guilt…
    But really to honor them, I think it’s important that he lives out his life, teach others about the horros of war, and to promote peace and prevent wars from happening again.

    Younger kids should respect veterans more.
    They need to realize that they’re not just ‘old people’. They’re the ones that risked their lives for the future & our sake.
    Many are physically and or mentally traumatized and have been living with it.

  20. My grandfather went to the korean war. He’s 91 now. My parents and I haven’t visited him in 20 years due to a misrepresented immigration status in the U.S. My parents made a sacrifice for me to grow up in this country, and now I feel guilty that I won’t be able to visit him.

  21. Thank you for interviewing Korean War Veteran survivor. He is a hero! If it wasn’t for his bravery, South Korea may not have existed as of now. I give a lot of respect for all the soldiers who sacrificed and fought for freedom. Thank you to all soldiers!

  22. My grandfather was a train conductor back then. Hundreds of Koreans were begging to get in a full train to escape the NK so this was a cool interview.

  23. Very interesting hearing the war from the South Korean perspective. In America, it’s definitely known as the forgotten war. War, especially from his recount is very brutal and tough to comprehend unless you experienced it first hand.

  24. I will stand up and bow to Mr. Yoo and his legacy and I will thank him for his service and what he has done. I am very honored to know his story and history and I think that it is a shame that Schools have taken it out and the younger generation doesn’t know the full history and how to respect the war heroes. My dad and his brother served in the Korean war. My uncle was stationed in Seoul. While my dad stayed here in the states. But I honor all war heroes.

  25. War is always brutal. Thank you for sharing your experience back in those days. As a Chinese, just curious, why you just mention Chinese/Chinese troops as your rival after the South Korea army crossed the MDL? Where was the North Korea army?

  26. Best Asian Boss video yet? What an important interview. Real history that’s important to remember. Communists wonder why they get a bad name
    My Uncle fought in the Koran War with the US Army as a M.A.S.H helicopter ambulance pilot. It was brutal and affected him and about the only family story I heard was that “I had guys on the helicopter with their guts hanging out and all I could do for them was give them an aspirin”.
    He was as against killing and claimed “conscientious objector” status when he was drafted, so they made him a medic.
    Am proud that my family member help secure what is now a free and prosperous S Korea 🇺🇸🇰🇷

  27. Filipinos were actually a huge part of the UN forces and helped liberate SK. You can find that story here on yt by searching The Battle of Yultong

  28. Communism seem nice for some countries but it allows dictators to rise and strip everyone of their freedom I’m glad many stood against this way of government and fought for the future of their countries.

  29. It always interesting to listen to country’s history from veterean’s perspective, since They were the one who really face the history itself.
    I wish my country also doing their best to protect and take care of the veterans.
    I also wish someone will interview them just like Asian Boss did. Just like Mr Yoo said, the veterans are already old and not all of them can take the interview properly with their condition. I am afraid I never get to listen to their story, until all the veterans no longer in the world…

  30. Why the Dislikes? Pay this hero some respect!

    My grandpa passed away last year and survived wars as well. He never spoke much about wars, but when I asked, I could see in his eyes, that he suffered a lot.
    Rest In Peace grandpa.. and Rest In Peace for all of those wo defended this awesome country.

  31. What an awesome story by an amazing man!

    It’s good that people remember that it was in fact the Chinese that we have to thank for the evil NK regime. This is why we must force China to let Korea unite as a free and democratic country.

  32. I’m a 72 yr. old American and I married a Korean woman 10 yrs. older than I. We had a wonderful marriage of 44 yrs. and then last summer she passed away. I first went to Korea in 75, then in 77, 80, and 82. We had a house built for her family in Pusan and we had a place to stay. The longest we stayed was six months. I got to know the Korean people pretty good, I even drove a tour bus in Las Vegas for three yrs. back in 1990 for Korean tourist. Then as a Magician I worked in a Korean restaurant here in Vegas table hopping. I watched how the Korean people changed over the yrs. and I must tell you I’m very disappointed in them. Like when this man said even he wears his Veteran had on a a bus they won’t give him a seat. This saddens me, but don’t surprise me. Korean people have changed so much they use to totally respect older people, seems like they’re more like Americans all the time. When I worked in the Korean restaurant as a Magician, and I did speak pretty good Korean the older people and I got along really good. But the young people were so very rude I couldn’t believe it, I performed magic at tables here in Vegas for twenty yrs. in banquet rooms, and no one was ever rude like these young Koreans. I was so upset I didn’t even want to speak Korean again, and I use to really love the Korean people, now I don’t even care to be around young Korean people. I still go to the Korean market weekly as I still eat Korean food and I see how really Americanized they have become, so sad. I wouldn’t go to Korea now if you have me a free ticket and money to spend, seriously.

  33. 22:07 He said “Carbine… M1” here. I guess the translator subtitled “M1 Garand” since it was one of the main weapons of the S. Korean infantry, but Mr. Yoo was a commander and could have been armed with M1 Carbine.

  34. This is such a great story and listening/learning history from a living legend in on different level. I truly respect his passion and courage. His words ‘there should be no wars’, is something we need to be reminded of. And of course, I felt like I was watching a movie with all the details due to his great storytelling capability.

  35. Wow. My grandpa fought in the Korean War and even has a bullet wound engraved in his shoulder blade. I can’t imagine how horrible war must be 😢 makes me sad

  36. Thank you this! It’s a powerful reminder to us all to honor and respect the service and sacrifices our young men in military have given. Also, thank you to those citizens who step forward in a time of crisis to bravely rise to the occasion.

  37. I was born on an anniversary of the beginning of the war so I’ve always been fascinated by it, I’ve even watched the show M*A*S*H . Thank you for doing this, I hope they won’t resume the war

  38. He’s 87 years old but he can remember every single pieces of memory of the korean war. While me, 25 years but I can’t remember if I close the fridge properly last night…what a amazing guy

  39. Aside from this man’s amazing story the other takeaway for me is that China is 100% responsible for North Korea and has to own whatever shenanigans that regime unleashes. The war was all but over and the country was about to be united again until China got involved and North Korea remained a nation 🤦🏻‍♂️.

  40. It’s very sad he isn’t offered seats on public transport or shown the respect he deserves. It’s very unfortunate, but it’s probably because of the fact that the war is not in the recent memory of the modern Korean population. His sacrifice has become abstract and foreign, but this interview helps to negate that somewhat.

  41. War, whatever it is, is not glorious. Many brave people died in that war; Mr Yoo did not, but still remembers his comrades who died so many years ago. Wilfred Owen, a poet of the First World War, wrote that one should not tell “To children ardent for some desperate glory,
    / The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est / Pro patria mori.” (…the old lie: it is right and fitting to die for one’s country.) Big respect to Mr Yoo: he was not in it for the glory; he was in it to save his country and people.

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