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  1. I hope to visit the Philippines whenever they open up and possibly retire there. I’m considering starting a youtube channel once I get there, but it would be strictly as a hobby. I though it would be a good way to let family and friends see what I’m doing and give them an inside scoop of what the Philippines is really like.

  2. I can see how people including yorself do this kind of thing as a side hobby & make a few pesos on the side from it as well . You have done very well as your narrative is smooth, soothing & pretty much drama free.

  3. I’ve heard that there is a tax agreement between the US and the Philippines that prevents you from paying income tax in both countries. So if YouTube deposits money into your American bank account, they will send that information to the IRS, not the Philippines. And then you will be required to pay taxes in the US, right? But you said that you would also be taxed in the Philippines if you made over $250,000 on YouTube. So that doesn’t seem right that you would pay income tax in both countries.

  4. hi sir dose it help you if we watch the ads or commercials that appear during your new broadcast usually i hit skip although there is not much going on here in bohol and i have plenty of time to spare

  5. ” Amazing that it was available”…lol Pretty funny.
    I guess the days of just recording a trip you took someplace are long gone. it’s now complicated with money and regulation.

  6. Really like the you tube business, at least you are making some cents in doing it, only thing I hated is when I commented honestly on some videos, somebody gets irritated, don’t know if I spoke bad languages or just plain dealing with some haters, not all so lucky ive encountered about 3 people since😩but it’s ok, I still like to watch some of it💕It helps me with my stress. Love Phil. But have to wait till all is clear🤓thanks🥰

  7. You get good comments because you put out good stuff
    I wouldn’t go to Dumagetti now with all those E- beggers living there .
    You give a real feel for philippines when you do video , you show respect for the people you come across .

  8. Always enjoy your videos, very calm voice and well done vlogs, keep up the great work. I visited Cebu and bohol for a couple weeks a few years ago for scuba diving, and became exposed to Amazing Philippines channel and watched every video since!

  9. I hope you continue doing videos. We enjoy watching you and appreciate all the great information you share. We truly hope you never look at this as a job but look at it as a hobby.. that helps others. What else can you do in paradise.? We will
    Wait for your next video and see

  10. It’s because it’s a small demographic who would watch videos on actually living in the Philippines. The likes of Lost Le Blanc etc capture the younger backpacker audience which is obviously huge.

  11. I get some videos copied and then they post them as their videos. This happens an average of 2 times a month. There is/was a way to ban certain types of adverts on your channel as I did that quite a few years ago. You have to go into your Adsense Account itself. There I banned any religious type of adverts. The web address is/was google dot com slash Adsense or something like that.   I cannot stand someone that posts a link in a comment and I am grateful that their link comments do not show up. About bad words, you can add any words you like to the list and prevent that comment from being public as well. Before Google+ I would make 700 to 900 a month. Google+ drove much of my audience away back in the day. Of course I have much much more competition now as well as channels that are simply better than I am. Back when I was first making money, you had to be invited by YouTube to be a partner.

  12. …The thing I see that’s a problem are “fake” channels….A guy may build- up a channel called “X22 Report”…Great…wonderful…the next thing you know, “X22 Today Report” shows up to siphon away views…It’s a fake version of the other but hard to notice on 1st glance…Utube apparently does not police this type of content theft….

  13. Rod that character Barry Jordan got his channel demonetized. And boy did he throw a fit LOL. He tries to say he’s an American and he has freedom of speech. That did him no good. He closed his channel down. And now he’s trying to start again and he’s only got about 90 subscribers. He will never make it to a thousand again. Being thought he could do whatever he wanted he was wrong

  14. Hey Rod! Thank you for the insight and smart tax sense! I really do appreciate it when you respond. I have only been approached negatively once by one of your judgmental viewers but after responding to them peacefully I never heard anything back. God Bless

  15. I like photography and I like talking to people and I like traveling. My plan was to start a YouTube channel when I retire in the Philippines. After seeing this video I think that I will just do this as a hobby. Why complicate the things that I enjoy with the heartache of trying to make money……LOL

  16. Philippino YouTubers think that they don’t need to pay Taxes but the Philippines government is holding money at money transfer places and money mart PayPal are reporting money coming into the Philippines from YouTube to vloggers Starting September 1 2020

  17. YouTube income is GF allowance Rod?
    I’m thinking of retiring early. My daughter is going to graduate college this year. I noticed that some of us when we get older we lose our drive and ambition. Even though there is still the opportunity to make some money we would rather be spending time in less stressful and more enjoyable pursuits.

  18. Rod, thanks for the unique info……I just sold my last business, engraving, trophies, plaques and signs….started it in 1994….back than I could write off a loss for 5 years…. the saying was, it’s a hobby the first five years than the stint hits the fan…the 1,000 subscribers, and 4,000 viewed hours is what I’ve heard also…thanks again and maybe the most accurate covid news I’ve heard is a vaccine most likely available in June ish 2021….that’s a c dc approved vaccine….stay safe, hopefully I can make it over there by 2021 years end

  19. I think it’s getting over-saturated now with travel vloggers. Must be almost or over 50 in the PH now….wow!!!! I’ve never had the urge to be a travel vlogger. Seems to be more and more of them, every day.
    Biggest problem I see, is CONTENT. For example I used to see a video showing all the beaches on Cebu Island in a 15 or 20 minute video. Short clips on each one. All the pertinent info. Now you see vloggers showing a 30 minute video, full of ads, just showing the trip to only one beach, and playing in the water. Almost useless info.It’s all done for the few dollars now…..sad to see.
    Way too much begging (more or less)), all done in different ways. Everyone wants a free ride. All the vloggers think they are some sort of celebrity…
    Keep up the good work…you put out some great info. I’ve never seen any girls in bikinis on your channel, being used as clickbait! Hahahaha!!!
    Take care…

  20. Good video Rod. I thought the Philippines and the US had a tax treaty, so you wouldn’t be double taxed? I can’t see an upside for the Philippines cracking down on vloggers. I mean, How dare you giving me free advertising! The nerve of some people!

  21. Hi Rod I enjoy your videos I found it interesting about if we sent you a link you tube puts it into spam files I send you some news clips about that ship that capsize lol that was a waste of time sounds like you wouldn’t have received it lol bugger I wouldn’t do that again hahaha shit happens I guess lol

  22. Rod. You said you will travel to America in a few months. Is this because of the 36 month rule. If I was not married with a child I would not invest the time and money to try and stay. The problem is with a tourist visa and not married are have a child, when will you be able to return??? No visa given to tourist to return . Im applying and trying to change from tourist to 13A. Perm residence. JRC. Is helping me . There patience is needed because Im stressed doing this. It cost a lot of money to make the round trip. Money better spent here in this country helping my wifes family. If Im not allowed to stay and be allowed to change from tourist to the 13 A // I have to think no one else is approved !!! They want everyone to travel out and back. CRAZY. This is my HOME. !!! Stay tuned!!

  23. So you had to be taxed twice, for the phillipines and USA? Is that what you filed on your taxes? Educate me please. Also, you saying you make $6k per month as a vlogger on YouTube? If so, I need a YouTube channel with creative content so I make a good living! This has always been my dream job! Knowledge is power!

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