Motorbike Tour of Thailand’s Worst Island

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Welcome to the least popular island according to all the “Thailand “experts”.

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  1. There is a coupon code in this video and I was trying to be funny and screwed it up, the code can’t be that long *FACEPALM* we’ll try again in another video soon, sorry, I suck, I know.

  2. Coupon code : I love lady boys?! Fucking classic dude!! I damn near drowned on my drink laughing!! 😂😂😂 Love the content as always and I can’t wait for more videos

  3. CB you actually might look really good with your head shaved and that 5 o’clock beard. Is there an app that could show what you look like bald? You have the head and face for it… I think.

  4. Chad buddy, did I pass?
    Heck dude I always stay to the end cause ya never know if there is a teaser at the end of the credits. lol
    Why this island gets so crowded normally is beyond me but hey the photo shoot on the beach, the dog and as always, sunsets and beer.
    Quick question, have you ever goosed out walking back to your bike in the dark? Those treks look steep.

  5. I watched from the beginning to the end, and then I clicked watch again. This longer format is good. A lot of ppl try to make longer videos but it’s just crap. This content is perfect to keep my attention.

  6. Curious – are you into the Ladyboys? Passing evidence suggests yes, but you’re hard to read haha. Hope you’re well. Stay safe out there and keep doing your thing.

  7. Hi Chad, have you ever been to Koh Chang Island ? If you do, please visit my sister, Dr. Lisa at the Koh Chang Animal Project. She does great work with injured & sick animals. I know you care, saw you feeding that stray dog that ran off into the valley and you left food for it.

  8. Hahahah chad bro…we would watch all the way to the end of you filming a emergency 711 dash to explode the bowl… glad your having fun again keep um coming bro…

  9. I am going to sport me CB Media shirt today. I live close to Crested Butte Colorado “CB”, and it’s funny when I wear you shirt there. People be like, “ huh!!!” But they love it. Keep up the great work Chad!! ✌🏾

  10. Hey CB,
    really enjoy your show. Im not watching much any more because I Like watching these things in order…….1 day at a time……I can never figure you out…….maybe use a # or for sure the date.
    Your thumbnails are completely random. I don’t care what happened 2 months ago.
    But your content is usually very enjoyable.

  11. If you intend to ever go on any of these islands check thai holiday calendar that it’s not a public holiday weekend, because that’s the time you can’t get a room easily.

  12. Koh Larn is so easy/cheap to get to from Bangkok. And yea not the most spectacular island in the world but for the convenience and price it’s a great mini-get-away if you know have a few days to spare.

  13. “You know why they call it ‘Monkey Beach’? Ahhh, I’ll show you…” Thais seem to be good at ‘truth in advertising, hence ‘Starving Tiger Island’ is off my itinerary.

  14. Chad, I can’t believe the dynamic range on the phone! The time laps sunset looks great too. Sadly, by the time US citizens will be able to get to travel to Asia the beach’s will be packed again. Keep up the content!

  15. Awesome sunset. To be perfectly honest I’ve been subscribed to your channel for 6 months think and this is the first video from start to finish, wasn’t bad actually, I was curious about the bike you were riding was that petrol or battery power only it sounded really quiet

  16. Love the longer videos, also love the sunset videos, like the one about getting as high as humanly possible in Bangkok. Who doesn’t love ladyboys? Lol. 😀 Thanks for another great video and keeping the dream alive. Cheers!

  17. made it to the end and had a Beers with you..suggest you get a couple of different size Condoms/Coolers for your Beers..I like to travel around Thailand and South East Asia on my own but I like to walk for the most part and drinking Beer is Essential in all my Travels..have Condom will Travel haha…

  18. CB that is one awesome sunset, bro! Also, how’s the stay in that camera house/room hotel? I think you’re enjoying that island now b/c no one’s there like you said. But, it does have a nice view point spot for sure. 😎

  19. I visited Koh Larn many times 2009-15. I stayed in Jomtien , golfing 3 days per week & went to Koh Larn 2 days a week. My favorite beach was Nual Beach. It was quiet, no Chinese tour groups 7 had moderate snorkeling. At Tawaen Beach, I’d go to White Beach via the wooden boardwalk off the right end of the ferry pier. The main Tawaen Beach was a total zoo. I’ve never liked it. By 2015 it was torture just to walk thru there. The other beaches were OK; but are a bit of a hassle to get to.
    I’ve been to Koh Samet 2X. I had a pretty good time there but there are a lot of mosquitoes at night.

  20. A an ExPat American who was in Thailand while in the military I enjoy your vlogs. I am 68 years young have seen it all but you bring a fresh face to traveling in the orient. I now live in Northern Israel (it costs way too much) but your videos have been giving me travel ideas. kEEP THE BEER SUNSETS AND TRAVEL ON! Love the motor bike tours, beer drinking and street dogs, it doesn’t get better than that!

  21. I always watch from beginning to end, regardless of the length of the video, if fact, once you mentioned analytics, that’s when I realized the length of the video.
    Edit: dude, those closing shots are dreamlike, lucky you my friend !!

  22. Nice Sea Lion on kho Larn beach at 6:13 😂. Watched it to the end for the “I love ladyboys” reward, lol 😂! Was there once in the 70s when I was twelve or so. All I remember was the glass bottom boats where you can see all the way down, the water was so clear and still is! Will go back again soon when Thailand opens up. Incidentally, another big YouTuber was there with his wife recently, showcasing the island as well. Got to be there twice is one month 😃👍!

  23. Yes, watched it til the end. Was one of your best (and you’ve had some good ones). I am sitting in a outdoor restaurant in Zagreb.Croatia. Just got here from US three days ago. The waiter was just coming up to table when the jellyfish/bag story came on. I laugh so hard and almost embarrassed myself. 18 minutes went by like 5 .

  24. Stop calling these vlogs “motorbike tours” Chad. They are scooter outings or moped treks (too lazy to alliterate).
    You know what a motorbike is. Don’t make me sms you pics of a R1250GS.

  25. WHAT????? Of course I made it to the sunset beer!!! What right minded person doesn’t???? That WAS a pretty cool sunset too. Keep rockin’ it Chad. You’re kinda habit forming…..

  26. A better promo code would be THAILANDNOCOVID 😜😜😜
    No matter the beaches were Okayish but the video is LIT.
    PS I don’t skip a second of your video Chad. ✌️✌️

  27. While I’m watching the video, my wife is yelling at you from the other room “Don’t get rent a chair on a beach. It’s a scam! You have to buy their food and they will charge you 600 baht for an omelet.” But it looks like she was wrong… haha!

  28. Laughed like fuck when you ate that chilli, but that’s all part of the CB experience I guess. Your travel vids are definitely the best, keep ’em coming dude. Fantastic sunset by the way.

  29. I don’t know did you go to Koh Kood? It’s on that side lower south, it has very beautiful beaches and even in high season not so many people, there is like only one street, not even a proper village, and the island is quite big.
    OK you live there, you probably know that 🙂

  30. I walked away from screen listening to your vid, and I said wtf out loud when you said “JDM coilovers spread throughout the beach”.. hahaa. I ran back to screen. Hahaa. You got me.
    Then I went back to get my food and you said a chili pepper 🌶 in the water. I said now you tricking me again. And kept walking. Then heard you coughing. Hahaha. Good for your ass. Lol 😆

  31. I made it all the way to the end…..
    I Hate Monkeys.
    I didn’t know I Hated Monkeys, till I saw a Monkey in Thailand, and Hated it….
    I’m seriously considering booking a ticket to Thailand now……

  32. You must be lucky I’ve been to that beach like 15 times never once saw a monkey!.!. And I have stayed at the same hotel same price but before they didn’t have motorbikes.

  33. have you done a Koh Chang vlog yet , …best Island in Thailand ..its empty now big Chuck from Texas is there , ..but id vouch for Koh Chang hopefully it gets busier soon , soon as land in Bangkok I always head for Koh Chang for a few weeks , big Island think I spent 6 weeks on it , and just became a drop out beach bum haha, then reality kicked in ..had to go back to work , would probably like lonely beech , what a bike tour you could do some mad roads on the west coast ..but the east coast is way quieter ..loads of beaches …totally tropical man

  34. cheers from PADRE ISLAND TEXAS , fun stuff , like the adventure , been on a surfing safari forever , living aboard 2 sail and 1 sport fish yacht , luxury motor coach at beach front rv resort , daily driving MG A , Lotus Europa , Alfa spider , Alfa gtv 6 milano , e type jag fixed head coupe etc etc , so you know im into the beach and car culture content , would like to check out pattaya but i would miss my toys and mexico is just down the road lol , adventure on , very entertaining

  35. I have been to Koh Larn 3 or 4 times, first time I went I loved it so even though now its not so great compared to other islands it will always be special to me 🙂

  36. In your video when I was talking about not touring with someone that it would be boring. If I was able to travel with you on ur bike tour, I think it would be interesting..Just to be able to see and do the things you do !! But for now I’ll just keep watching !! Cheers👍

  37. Been drunk on Monkey Beach couple of times.. Heard some placed the monkeys there several years ago as a joke or to mess with someone they didn`t like on the Island. Also sharks swims by sometimes.. Try the CoconutVodka.. It worked for me…

  38. Loved the video.
    But the one that featured the train station/ market was one of the best.
    Slow boat always the best.
    All your content is awesome.
    Two hundred thousand subscribers soon.
    Thanks again Chad.

  39. Koh Larn is the last island I went to in Thailand during “The Situation” back in February before returning to Murica. Cool video to see it from your POV
    Made it to the end, hittin that Audience Retention Rate, like every CB video. 👊🏽

  40. Chad check out a channel called Vice Grip Garage. Anyway I’d scream too those jellyfish can be more deadly than the sharks and the box jelly actually has eyes and will base you. I watched until the end.

  41. 16:34 you have my full “audience retention” Chad!!!! Great video today!
    Edit- Wait for it…..1 minute, 26 seconds to go ….. and, done. Yeppers great video as anticipated!!! 🙂

  42. 10:40 lol!! It got me giggling so hard!! I could see myself doing 100% the same thing! Maybe a bit higher pitched? I would come unglued and that life guard sleeping would have to save me.

  43. Seeing Monkey Island in the video reminded me of the Monkey Island in Vietnam. The city of Nha Trang to be exact. We go there every time we visit Vietnam. It’s a beautiful place with monkeys galore. Beware, they will rob you blind if you’re not careful. Near there is Vinpearl Land. Another great place to visit if you’re ever in Vietnam. Great video Chad.

  44. Just laughing my ass off who just eats random ocean scored Peppers just floating around? how do you know that didn’t go through someone first that ate it whole laugh out loud….

  45. Audience retention rate huh 😂 yes I rock also I watch all ur video till the end. Ur awsome dude keep up with the video. For some reason ur video is taking a long time to upload now. Sometimes two or three days no posting from cb media at all. Not like before one video a day. 👍

  46. you have an island in between pattaya and bangkok koh sichang you have to take the ferry at siracha about the middle between bangkok and pattaya. Not really for tourist and nice quiet beaches but it is dirty.

  47. I’ve been to this beach once. It sucks because before the situation that island is flooded with tourist. You can’t relax and enjoy it.

    I always watch your videos to the end: 🍻 cheers

  48. But of course I made it all the way to the end of the video, my dear fellow! Thanks for sharing the experience on Koh Lan. Beautiful sunset! What’s the deal with ladyboys, dude?

  49. Loved this video!! I can’t get over the amount of wires they have just strung up over the streets and along the buildings that is so agains code 😂. I doubt they have any electrical code there by the look of it. I love the Discount Code!! 😂 😂 😂

  50. Bro I’ve been a sub for a while now, and I must say that I’d freaking love to tag along with you and your adventures through Thailand,drinking beer of course, LOL!! Everything you do I can definitely see myself doing also. Keep up the top work Mr Chad,I’ll be right here waiting on your new content!
    PS.The monkey video was freaking hilarious bro,loved it!💯🏁🍻

  51. I knew as soon as you found that pepper you were going to eat it. You never disappoint. That island isn’t mych fun with all the tourists, but your traveling at goodtimes. So jealous of you.

  52. Hi Chad. I travel the same way you do, only one change of clothes lol. I remember that last beach, the day I went, they were almost taking turns to enter the water, only stayed for a drink then left, not for me. Great sunset, yes I stayed until the end lol but no I do not like ladyboys. Take care and stay safe from New Zealand.

  53. Chad , I was there in Pattaya in 2013 and I don’t remember the beach looking even close to how nice it looks now , the sand looks incredible ! ,…… could that be from the “ situation “ and the lack of tourists , ( maybe with the lack of people on the beach they got a good opportunity to clean it up). …. thanks for another great video….from your east coast connection

  54. Your videos are generally about the right length of time. I gave up on Harold Baldr and his 45 minute videos. I mean who can afford to spend 45 minutes in a day watching someone get their haircut?!

  55. Chad,… I’ve been a Firefighter/ EMT since 1989,… seen a lot of dead bodies ,…and that dude that you mentioned is “ sleeping ” under the sign (8:20)…. he’s dead bro,….I’d guess for about three hours ,… you should go back and check his pulse ( you can see the lividity starting to pool above his calf muscle where it meets his shin on his left leg ,… not to mention the obvious, … that he’s not breathing )

  56. I just found your channel about a month ago and been watching them ever since, so badass! I own a small kustom fab shop in rural south Ga, and one of your videos a bunch of american 50s trucks rolled into a show. Do you have any more Information on these? Im always intrigued with seeing old american iron in other countries and even more crazy that they’re there too.

    Anyways take care hope to see more of those older american whips.

  57. No, it’s actually you that rocks.
    I don’t know if it is because we share pretty much the same sense of humour, or if it is the content and your editing skills that keep me hooked. One thing is for sure, although I consider you to be a loner, and probably most creative when travelling by yourself, I would love to hang out with you for a little while. And since I don’t think we would get bored having fun for a few days, in a manly kinda way of course, I don’t think I would get bored watching a full length movie of yours. What makes your videos interesting to me is not only your smart, yet funny personality, it is the way you present your videos. Where most YouTubers concentrate on one subject and talk about it for hours, you on the other hand present valuable information throughout your videos, you are tastefully funny, and I have always the feeling that there is more to come. Yes, I can honestly say I am a fan. I can imagine you put in a lot of work that probably doesn’t always get paid well enough, but I hope my words motivate you to continue your presentations for us, your subscribers, and hopefully you continue to have fun in doing so, not only to make your videos, but also enjoy all the experiences you collect with life behind the lens. Thank you !

  58. I was going to get a shirt, so i went to type in the coupon code — I love ladybkkkk — ladybzzzzz — ladygggggg — l a d y b ssssss — damn my fingers just WOULDNT allow it!! Guess I have enough shirts already!

  59. The only problem with walking up that path to the top to watch a sunset is after you’re done, you gotta walk back down that old danky, broken, steep, path/stairway in the dark . Don’t have too many beers until you get to the bottom LOL

  60. I live in Vegas…Pattaya is waaayyyy more fun! ….and cheaper. Was that view point near the Big Buddha? I totally missed that (the overlook) when I was there. I thought that you were going to go to that radio / internet tower thingy.

  61. I failed the test , had to watch it in parts because of a thing called work. All parts were awesome and again enjoyable felt like I was there with you . I also dogs over Most humans. I love ladies lol

  62. Fucking epic videos you make, super mix of cool cars and travel, i watch your videos from the beginning to the end. Keep up the cool work, Greatings from Denmark. AKA: VMAXVIKING

  63. Hello Chad!!
    Missed you!!
    I love ladyboys!!😉😉 yeah i saw it to the end,, another nice sunset!!
    I will watch your videos short or long, you always make me smile and forget stressfull moments,, thank you for your good work,, take care ✌🏼

  64. One reason I’ll watch your videos all the way through is because, unlike a lot of other Thailand youtubers, you don’t fill the video with a million midroll ads.

    The channels that do that get watched with an ad blocker turned on.

  65. You are obviously insane: eats random ocean chilli , screams at plastic bags , talks to no one while riding motorbike ✅✅✅tick in every box thanks for the sunset beer view 👍

  66. Red hot decision making/reasoning right up until the consumption of a random chili pepper floating about the open ocean during a global situation. Hope you don’t spend time in hospital!

    Towards the end you just put forth what should guide near-term adventures: going to popular places while tourist numbers are low. That can include meals at super-popular restaurants too if homework is done on the internet ahead of time. Everyone eats. You may get lucky and find some 5-star eatery doing maybe 30% of their normal business now = getting the chance to walk back and film the chef making your meal behind the scene, something they may be willing to do with the idea of getting more exposure for their place and the lure of future business.

    And along those lines: locate, visit and film Bangkok’s best dessert establishment. Since it would only be about desserts, order up 4 or 5 and make a meal and very entertaining episode about only desserts!

  67. To do this and have good look at this is simple,
    go for a walk and enjoy the information the experience is far better and then you would want to see it again and write things down.

  68. Just saying if you want a good beach, come to the emerald coast of Florida Destin fort Walton Beach Navarre… Hands down best beaches in the world. Although we don’t have street dogs or monkeys 🙁

  69. Great video mate. Youve given me so many options of things to do next time im in Thailand instead of bumming around one hotel and one beach for the duration. Cheers Mate!!!

  70. I love you put the screen like a girl story in that’s why I like your channel. I told my wife I’m going over and she is trying to wreck it for me . A woman was killed on one of the islands lately and she looked up and found that they kill about 200 dogs a day and sell them to china for food . I’m going to believe she made the dog thing up so it doesn’t bother me . I’m sitting at work in a truck in a dingy parking lot it looks beautiful there .

  71. KL FC , yeah , just under 1000 baht was the correct price , you were right.
    You got screwed over by that girl , if you say ; he on the internet they advertise it for 918 baht , most of the times they’ll give you that price straight away.
    You need to know your shit when you just walk into a hotel or guesthouse. !

  72. I had no idea I cared about Thailand till your videos. I don’t think I really care about Thailand but I love the content lol I gotta visit tein beach my car rides like shit 😛

  73. Many years ago myself and a couple of mates plus a few Bar girls hired a speedboat for the day and went over. I think that was before the Tour Parties got really invasive.We didn’t explore but just swam and relaxed on the beach during low season. It looks like it would be worth checking out again. PS I watched till the end and then went back a couple of times to try and catch the name of the last beach Hope that helps with the stats.

  74. You had me all the way until the part about viewer retention and then you lost me…haha. Not really. But, dude, eating stuff out of the ocean that close to Pattaya…nope.

  75. Your so right, when there was no situation, you could barely move when the Chinese group are there during the day. But usually they are gone for sunset beer on the beach and a nice evening meal on the island. Yes go visit while the country is close to incoming tourists.

  76. Whenever I watch your videos I watch them 100%. Especially when there’s a sunset involved. Damn I miss Thailand. Heading back as soon as this ‘situation’ is over.

  77. I will say this Chad… I am envious that you are there during this “situation,” when you are able to go everywhere and avoid the crowds. Man that would be so cool. Not to mention that it appears that hotel costs are down due to a desperation to rent rooms. We have exchanged a few messages in the past. (Don’t know if you remember me or not?) But I was supposed to travel there this November. My flight canceled and so has my trip. Oh well. Maybe another time. But I need to time it right where the country has opened back up but not too many people are heading that way. You must be loving the freedom of being able to travel around on the cheap and make a few extra $$$$ as a You tuber. You earn your money, but it is still a cool gig. Well back to watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix. See ya!

  78. I visited that island back in 2001 right after para sailing in Pattaya… It cost $7 back then… There was a floating platform out in the ocean just off the coast of Pattaya… I was wondering if it’s still there? I made to the end of the video… The content was entertaining and it captured my attention from start to finish….

  79. To be honest man many expats have loved Koh Larn for a long time because it’s the closed island to Bangkok and it’s easy to get away. It’s only within the last 4-5 years that the Chinese have been ruining it. I remember even in 2015 it was still very quiet and majority Thais, and a few day time tourists from Pattaya.

  80. Thank you for mentioning koh samet 👍We saw you in saikaew before in koh samet and you spoke to my husband.. btw good video we watch it till the end.. Its beautifull in there too 😍

  81. Those sunset shots at the end are amazing! Wish I had those framed and on my wall. I click on videos on other channels some times that I don’t stick with, but I don’t see how someone couldn’t watch a video on this channel to the end. Always interesting and entertaining. 🍺

  82. Hi hello .i am your big fan and i very enjoy on your travel .you are so fun i like it… hopefully in future you will come to visit Koh Chang island.east cost of Thailand.i already stay hear 9 year.before i live in BKK ( around 25 year)… welcome.i been waiting for you guy…FC.( my name is ..Kung. กุ้ง )

  83. I was having breakfast one morning South of Jomtien at a Cafe right on the water. i was commenting on the trash in the water and the Owner said to me that the Trash was the least of there worries, as a fisherman had fallen overboard a few nights earlier and they where waiting for him to be washed up.

  84. Bla bla bla bla…..let’s see if you answer a good comeent….lol….ready go chady….,you recalling xhaadding people….no good guy no more…..I’m mad because you dont give a shit to your people no more….vo have a beer…..thank you CB MEDIA

  85. Ok Chad , I made it to the end. I like the auto video and of course the pretty girls too. My father was stationed in Thailand in the late 60’s. He sent home some really nice stuff. 💯💯

  86. C’mon now..your are putting out like one video per week although longer in length.. just my 2 cents I think your format was better when you did 2-3 vids/week with varied content…more interesting due to the variety of content…at least now I get to peruse your earlier videos…take care!

  87. I’ll never forget that island. Got talked into taking a banana boat ride, hung over a f, in a 2 metre swell, fell off and was bobbing about in the gulf of Thailand waiting for our sadistic jet ski guy to come and get me. Thought I was going to die. Got sun burnt to a crisp, next day I looked like a lobster, had to spend the whole day in the hotel pool drinking water melon shakes just to recover. Tough life.

  88. It’s not so much people throwing trash in the ocean as much people throwing their trash everywhere and It eventually winds up in the ocean, sadly… Thailand does your head in when you see the way its people discard trash with little regard.

  89. Before you even mentioned it, I knew it was Koh Larn. Yeah, that place is a DUMP!! I’ll give you credit for finding something, anything, nice to say about it. It was ruined long before the Chinese arrived. 30 years ago Koh Larn (and Samet) was unspoiled and a great place to get away from it all. There’s still islands like that in Thailand, not as easy to get to, but I’m not telling where.

  90. Me and my friend call Pattaya : “Sin City” 🤣
    By the way… i realy realy like koh lan cuz its so easy to go to. Not high prize. (But fri-sat night almost room in this island get double charge).

    Sorry if you guys dont understand what the heck i mean. Cuz im thai and my english not well but… im still lerning and hope it better soon 🤣

  91. Koh Lan is one of my favorite places in Thailand. However, I did experience it without much of a crowd in 2015. I remember it being mostly an island for Thai locals to get away from the city. I’m sure that has changed. I actually like the fact that there aren’t really any cars. Just a few delivery trucks … so motorbikes rule the narrow streets.

    If the stats are bad… what about dropping 2 9 minute videos at the same time and test the water on that. Pt1 Pt2.

  92. O M G!! That poor little doggie committed doggiecide and this schmuck didn’t even try to stop it,nor mention the poor doggies self inflicted death as a passing note of interest !! 😁😏😄

  93. Koh Lam is very popular with Chinese but as a day trip. It does get very packed and maybe some Expats don’t like crowd’s. Once you have been there through its not the place you visit again and again.
    Good Vlog 🙏

  94. Dang. I snoozed off eight after poor Spot became a spot on the hillside… I kinda figgered that ol Atlanta boy preferred ladybois but wasn’t sure til that girl with the serious badonkadonk on the beach waddled by and no comment was forthcoming… 😲

  95. Chad, I always watch your videos to the end. The longer the better. I started cracking up when you grabbed that chili pepper. You had that look on your face should I or shouldn’t I. I was yelling at the screen don’t do it!

  96. I was having lunch in Pattaya , and looked across the water towards Kho Lan….
    And wondered how to get there and what that island was like….
    Thank you for the preview….!!!

  97. You need to meet up with Lucas from Ride for Kicks. I’d love to see the both of you hang out in Pattaya and ride around or goto that quad rental place that goes into the hills.

  98. 8 to 15 minutes is my max. I don’t understand the crazy fuckers who live stream 2-4 hours. Dudes, you are no Joe Rogan. BTW Joe Rogan, you are no Joe Rogan. Who has the time of day to listen to literally half of your workday?

  99. Samet has one of the WORST beaches in Thailand. SAI Kaew Beach. It is HEAVILY POLLUTED. The beach is covered in plastic. And before Covid, hundreds of annoying Chinese tourist. Avoid like the plague!

  100. Got my thai wife hooked to your videos now too. Keep the videos coming. BTW my father thought me to open beer bottles at 12 or 13 it’s so satisfying when you get just the right pop sound

  101. 100% all the way all the time, Chad has some of the best one liner’s. ie the sock comment and who else is gonna put “Iloveladyboys” for a discount. Ya rock it Chad

  102. Great video again – bargain for the camera house and bike. im not a fan of Koh Samet – way too small. Loe falling asleep on the beach.Try not to eat everything you find floating in the ocean!

  103. Thanx for the advice at the end. I just ordered a gropro and setup my YouTube channel today. Been traveling and working in Asia for the last 10 years, figured I might as well start vlogging and impart all the knowledge I’ve gained.

  104. Been there 3 times. I liked all the paver trails that went up
    mountains and all over the island. One of the beaches had a treatment
    plant close by but never saw any pollution. There is gun range there..strange
    I used to stay In Pattaya for work and would go there on the weekends to escape
    The city…great video👍

  105. LOL, I don’t love Ladyboys and I stayed to the end as I do with all of your vids. I tend to get over videos that are over 45 minutes. Mind you with the merchandise stuff I reckon I got ripped off with Johnnys give aways of your T-Shirts with that dodgy name selector of his :-), especially when the first number that came out was number 1 lol. Cheers mate, love your videos.

  106. Hey mate – if you’re ever around the Surin/Sisaket area shoot me a message and you can take my pickup for a drive. I’ve had a little work done to it but not much.. couple of piggyback ECUs, so increased fuel/boost.. heavy duty clutch, bigger fuel pump. Probably won’t make a good video but will be something fun for you to do.

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