Mountain biking through San Juan La Union on Mac Arthur Highway, Market time, It’s rainy season!

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  1. Lol that’s so funny 🤣…”dahan2″
    You’ve made a lot of friends…that’s nice.
    Careful that tree has little dwarves that live in it LOL
    Get me some lechon 😁
    You are now entering the monsoon season.

    1. I have heard about those Dwarves that live in Mango trees! Dwende? diba? I did pass by a Lechon place. it is out on the main hiway. I heard about the governor shutting down restaurants and indoor activities in CA cause of the outbreak of covid19. be careful!!!

    1. oh.. That place is awesome. I have been there once. Jumped off the rock into the clear cool pool of fresh water. Loved it. Quite a trek down there. and coming up .. oh boy.. good work out! 😉 I want to do a vlog on it, maybe later… after rainy season!

    1. It is by Red Echoes, song is “the last parade” it is cool sounding. I’ve had it for a month now as the opening song.. Thanks for watching Mike. How are things in the portland area?

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    1. Hmmm.. i leave my bike in the Market area unlocked when i go to purchase fresh fruits and veggies.. and fish. I’ve never had my bike stolen in the last 6 months i’ve been living here. I’m sure there is crime here. especially in big cities like Manila. But i live here in the Province. People are nice, friendly and helpful here! 😉 Thanks for watching my Vlog. You live in LA?

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