Mountian Girls To The Rescue

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  1. BRIAN for development tree branch middle cut 25% !!! ,,,,,,,,at middle branch tree cut !!! and food go parth right ,left and development tree fast at zone down and creation CIRCLE model development !!!

  2. not cut he grow up at high level !!! and not development parth right-left branch and production small fruit ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if cut branch middle development big fruit branch left -right and grow up production fruit …….where cut branch paint with colour for tree for not development fungus ,,,,,,cut middle zone up tree help development at basement tree in diameter circle

  3. tray ATACH lemon on a tree what grow up fast into filipine and production fruit forest wild ,,,,,,,,,seed tree wild and after 3 years attach branch lemon for obtain tree lemon on roots zone tree ,lemon have roots diameter 2 meter and wild tree development big roots and result big LEMON ….roots big offer minerals over norms

  4. Isn’t that that banana fungus wreaking havoc in Latin America, which potentially could end all the bananas growing on earth according to some scientific studies. That has been in the news for a few years now, and they have not found anything to fight that disease. It spreads very easily and very very destructive.

  5. maube function on PAPAYA TREE ,,,,,,,GRAFTING when PAPAYA have flower —this are secret ,,,,,,,,when you see flower PAPAYA at big tree GRAFTING PAPAYA small tree 2 years cut and GRAFTING with branc lemon !! ,,,,,,,,,,,help roots papaya big for big lemon tree development and 5 times production lemon

  6. GIANT TREE BANANA !!!! big production ,,,,,,small tree banana production free and PAPAYA production good big fruit healthy tree ………….Maricel know secret !!!

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