1. Good evening from Chicago! I really needed to watch this to lift my spirits. We’ve just lost our 22 year old cat that we called a “four generational cat” (was my late grandmother’s, my late mother’s, ours, and our children’s). This channel, and Thailand, always brings a smile to my face. (Scott)

  2. I stayed at the Centara Avenue resort in Pattaya last November 21 nights for 19, 600 Baht for a 1 bedroom 65 sqm room, it was great I wish I could get back to Thailand this year i miss it so much. Thanks for letting us live through you guys. Have fun.

  3. Hello chuck and Paige it never fails your videos are just so great showing us the rooms and the beautiful greenery around the resorts are awesome, thanks for great camera work and dedication to be the best YouTube channel to date, thank you Robert Mac 👍🏻

  4. I love the rain , and the locals would come out with the plastic raincoats and sell them to you for 100 bht which you can get for 20 bht from 7/ 11 I knew I would buy one all the time it didn’t matter

  5. I enjoy your videos for many reasons and a big one is your willingness to laugh or chuckle at yourself. It could be your ignorance (I have no idea where we are), stupidity (body waxing for example), or bias but you always seem to be able to make fun of yourself. I think that’s a noble trait.

  6. I really like this place you really feel like you are in the tropics, looks like a rain forest. Keep living the dream you two and thanks for sharing it. Many blessings to you both 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  7. I’m vegan! And have been a loyal watcher! To each His own. Some like one… Some like the other… And they’re BOTH ok 😊
    I’d like to add, not all plant based foodies are judgmental, we All have our own preferences and walks on earth. I know you know Chuck, but its kinda hard to ignore the crazies lol

  8. Paige did a great job finding this resort i love the jungle feel. I worry thought that if something goes by paige is going to kick it. But only protecting you Chuck. 😁 after the waxing she knows how sensitive your are at the moment. Thanks for bringing me along on this journey

  9. Brother live how you wanna live eat what you want to eat!! No one outruns time so live as you want! Because everyone eventually misses out on tomorrow 🤙🏼

  10. This is where we stayed the last time we were in Koh Chang, and probably where we’ll be headed in a few weeks. 1400 is way cheaper than normal, I’m pretty sure it was 3000 in Nov. 2018.

  11. I do love a good thunder storm but a day of rain is a bit of a bummer ! Great thumbnail guys , food looked great at that place eh , Cheers and enjoy living !

  12. Hey Chuck my wife took over my chat , so I’ll tell you something, Wes in trouble, I’m still a dude , she badiy has no clue. We make them feel like they live in a farang free entity. but if it wasn’t for the US most of south east asia, would be picking rice , a kernel at a time.

  13. I know I’m loving your VLOGs when it takes me 41:06 mins to watch your 20:33 mins VLOG. These resorts are beautiful Chuck & Paige… the rain just add to the appeal of tropical Thailand, and this compliment is coming from a guy who is currently living in Hawaii.


  15. While you were getting hair ripped off of your nuts , our president was having breathing difficulty. We need you back home . As I say I’m speaking through a nother . You know Joseph , he is probably someone you need to talk with ASAP.

  16. hi and sorry I’m laughing but just got an idea if you are on 500 bats per time you are at the hotel you can then just rent a room for one day at a time then you have saved 2000 bats on the 4 days you say you want to be there and so just another thing my friend it is raining but you can swim in the pool anyway you know what we Danes say rain is not bad weighs it is just bad on clothing

  17. Sawadee krap!!! Love, absolutely love, the vlogs, brother! Best to you and Paige always. I catch your installments as they come out. I am just calmly waiting to get back to the Kingdom…. in due time, brother, in due time. Everything is indeed, sabai sabai !!!! Take care; safe journeys and keep the great work that you all are doing! So very much appreciated!!!

  18. The video thumbnail is hilarious. You both look liks school kids… 👍
    Paige rubbing her face on Chucks arm right at the end and saying hmmmm babys bum is pure gold…😂

  19. Two lovely resorts! I love the beachview resort and also love the jungle view from Centara Tropicana.
    Do Thai people wear the conical hat? In VN they make their hats from palm leaves, and they’re better for keeping your head dry than a stetson.

  20. Hi Chuck, you not having much luck with the weather this trip, I hope it comes good soon for you. Nice hotel, looks like a jungle out your window. Thanks for the video.

  21. I stayed at Klong Prao in ’98. Nothing like how it is now. 550 baht a night. A brand new bungalow on the lagoon. The road ended there. Turn left for the waterfall, right for the resort.

  22. Hi chuck and paige another hotel I stayed out was there last june great resort only problem got eaten alive by sand flies on there beach asked staff about what bite us they was not forthcoming so beware of that my friend had to be treated at a clinic very painful look forward to your next part of centara stay.

  23. Hello Chuck & Paige, LOL you have not lost this subscriber even though I am vegetarian. I know that 99% of the world eats meat and of course I used to also. So, I don’t get upset when other people eat meat. I just recently stopped eating fish & fowl. So, you see it really is a personal choice and no room for me to discriminate. Rain can be nice. Good day to read or sleep. 555 Beverly, old lady in Vermont

  24. I enjoy all your videos. But my favorites are your travel ones I get to explore Thailand thru your eyes and find places that my family and I can visit. (your videos save me all the research 555) Thanks Chuck and Paige 🙂

  25. Chuck, I’m just curious.Both you and Paige are regular travellers and you’re a very successful utuber with over 40,000 loyal subscribers – congratulations !!!Shouldn’t the hotels cut you some special deals to promote their hotels ??
    We always look forward to your new upload.Great job with the awesome videos.👍🙏🏽

  26. Yes it was another great video. Rainy season thats what happens. Rainy season here in Tassie as well. You both the care. Alex and Richard from Tasmania Australia

  27. Great stuff Chuck as always! I love it when it rains in Thailand freshens everything right up and kills the dust down.
    Really like the look of that new room a proper comfy place to spend a few days and how reasonable was all that food!! Ace!

    Paige’s new hat fab what a little diamond 💎

    Keep supporting that wonderful island get out and about as much as you can, who cares about getting wet its warm and you dry off in minutes 😉

    All the very best from UK its cold AND wet here and if you get soaked outside here you get hyperthermic 😝

    But you know what the Thai’s say when it rains – “Raining – good for sleeep” zzzzzzzz zzzzzzz 😴😴😴

  28. I appreciate the rain when in Thailand. Keep things lush and green and it’s a good excuse to drop into the nearest bar and get some food and beer while waiting for the rain to stop 🍻

  29. Hi, been watching your adventures on Koh Chang Island, We have booked 5 nights at Koh Chang Paradise resort, Beach front pool villa in November, wondering if you stayed there? or on your travels have you seen it, or maybe you can recommend a top spot.

  30. Them rooms look great, especially the second resort,, shame the weather was so crappy, even made it hard to hear you as it batters the tinned roofs.. stay safe

  31. Hi Chuck and Paige. Your vides are always a great pleasure to watch. I love Khao Chang but sadly like so many I don’t know when I’ll be able to return to Thailand. Hopefully 2021 will be a good year for everyone. Injoy your life as you only get one shot at it. Keep smiling and all the best.
    From David in Ireland.

  32. I thought the food looked great 👍🇹🇭⁉️YA Know that Vegans are Just people who can’t Hunt or Fish 🙀😂🤣😂🤣🇦🇺

  33. Chucks in the high cotton and he’s on the edge.The price of the Centara is high by Thai standards but cheaper than a Holiday Inn Express on I-75 in the USA. The Centara Hotel in Hua Hin is a grand hotel with a history to match.Usually $150-200$ during the slow season. There is no time like now to enjoy the High Life Chuck when you’re getting prices that a lot of the working Thai’s from BKK can use and appreciate. Now get in your SUV and head around and down from your fancy Koh Chang travels and get that $15 beach front room in Phrachup Kiri Khan

  34. Hi Chuck Paige loved the Resort awesome looks like you had great Thai food 2 guys really awesome that’s something I miss isthe great food and the service ways great thanks foe cheering us up in storm smashed UK

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