My Airbnb in Cebu City – Near IT Park & Ayala Bloc Mall

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    1. Hi Henry, This is Ian from Hawaii, shooting in Cebu… GLOBAL VIDEO…I’d be grateful if you would tell me what your camera rig is. Is it the OSMO? Any info on the setup would be appreciated. Thanks, Ian You can text or call me if you wish. 09184397418

  2. $640 U.S. a month….Oh no…… Philippines is much more expensive than Cambodia. My apartment in Siem Reap had nice big bedroom living room, kitchen and large cr with shower. Internet… Walled security with security guard. All kinds of places to eat close by. Fans and Aircon… $150.00 month…(Electric and water extra… but dirt cheap…never paid more than $180.00 a month for my place.. I used only the fans. Left the aircon off so I would get used to the tropical heat plus have lower bill.) All only about five miles by tuk tuk from Angkor Wat. Walking distance to the markets and Pub Street and local Buddhist temples.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea ,, Hi Reekay.. Depends on the part of the US you are from … I find prices in the Philippines to be close to what I paid back home in the US ..In some cases I find the cost of living even a little higher than I spent back home in the US.. But I am from North Dakota ..You’re from Cal .There’s a big difference between Cal. and North Dakota in the cost of living … I am staying in Cebu in fact my fiance and I meet you at Ayala Mall about 2 months ago.. The condo units that we have rented here in Cebu : A studio at Avida we rented last year we paid 18,000 PHP about $360 USD ..The next condo unit we rented at was at Appleone Banawa Heights .It was a one bedroom unit for 25,000 PHP about $500 USD … Each unit we had signed a 5 month lease .. In my opinion prices here are not all that cheap ..If a person is thinking to stay here for awhile they should have close to $2,000 USD a month budget ..Especially if they intend to find a lady friend over here .. If you use Taxi or Grab a lot , go out to eat often, care to travel you will need more ..How much more is hard to say..If your a drinker that too needs to be taken into account for…A person’s electrical cost over here can be a real kicker in the budget. We have learned to go without the AC and just use a large fan.. The last thing I want to see is for anyone to come over here thinking that they can get by cheaply . . Thanks for videos Reekay..My fiancee have enjoyed viewing them .We were both glad to have had the chance to meet you in person.. From Wesley & Neri

    2. In many cases the cost is about the same or more if you put things in perspective. Especially when you start comparing larger places that accomodate families that are accustomed to higher end amenities and standards. The cost of housing (among other things) in the Phils can be perceived as less, but only because of a downgrade, omission or tradeoff from what you had back home.

    3. yah, PH is cheaper than the west.. but not the cheapest country in southeast asia. i was paying about $320/month in vietnam for a newer place which included weekly housekeeping and fresh linens.

  3. Your HP laptop sitting on the table looks pretty big do you travel with it in a suite case or a back pack? Also can you tell me the size of it I need to buy one for when I begin to travel abroad? Thank you.

  4. I wound never get a place with that noisy box type AC plus it’s right over the bed where you are going to hear it. Split system is the only way to go.

  5. Hi Reekay is there a safe email I can contact you with and give you mine, I am looking for a safe small studio or 1 bedroom apartment for family member around 10 to 12 thousand peso’s , hopefull self contained bathroom , looking in Bacolod City! any help would be greatly appreciated

  6. Thanks for the video and the info. I will travel to Cebu in July and honestly I have been to Cebu few years ago (for kind of business) and during my free time I did not find much places to see or relax especially nice beaches or nature though the sky is so beautiful there. However I got this ticket and I told myself still there will be places to see and learn and relax (it is wired but thats the truth). I was thinking of Malapasqua or bantayan but again just 8 days vacation and not enough time to travel out of cebu. can you give me some ideas where to relax and enjoy the nature in cebu plz? I have checked youtube but it is just about the malls. Thanks a million my friend.

    1. You can travel only 1.5 hour ferry to Camotes island and enjoy the beaches there and still not too far from Cebu city, several nice resorts with beaches at Mactan island if you want to spend $100+ per night, Bohol is another good option for nice beaches and very near to Cebu city. Get a reservation ahead of time for your hotels. Santa Fe in bantayan is great place to stay for several days.

  7. The buildings with the turquoise tops are City Lights Gardens they are past the Marco Polo Hotel…They are the nicest condos I have lived in Cebu City

  8. I got a much better airbnb in IT Park at Avida Riala – stayed for a month for $560 USD. Should be plenty of places available rn with coronavirus going on!

  9. to make an appointment with you? We are here at Bohol..and we will going to cebu next week….my boyfriend want to meet you in person..he is your avid fan in YT….where i can send you a message?

  10. Parked my SUV the other night in that parking lot by the park right outside your window and looked up and thought that would be your AIRBNB from your balcony shot from your earlier video… I was right, lol

  11. Nice location Reekay, I was in Sugbo Mercado last weekend, IT Park is a nice area. Nice apartment also, thanks for the look around. Good to see you looking happy and contented.

  12. Another great video Reekay. I was in Cebu recently. I may move there. How do you handle your laundry? Nice apartment and convenient location. Well done.

  13. I was always wondering this ever since I took a trip into the
    Philippines up IIocos Norte I know there is a lot of poverty there and
    low incomes but I see many people with very nice cars many new looking
    utes there as well I like to know what incomes do they have what jobs
    they do!

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