My Biggest Mistake + Top 5 Tips – Mae Hong Son Motorbike Tour(Final Episode)

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Welcome back to the FAIL BOAT mother-OOOOF-ers!

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  1. The “situation” look into it.
    They were talking about the mark of the beast system LONG before the computer existed.
    It’s about the mark

  2. CB MEDIA I told you before, you need a bigger bike 😁 I prefer an offroad bike, a kawasaki 250 KLM are perfect, but i suggest you rent a 400 cc scooter next time 👍

  3. 4:53 You are totally right. That guy just made that shit up by himself. There’s absolutely no law whatsoever forbidding you from taking a photo with road closures.

    BTW, I just looked it up. Doi Inthanon will be opened on 1 August. You were a bit too early dude.

  4. Clockwise is the best !, The sun position in your face is easier that way too! Congratulations on completing the loop Chad! 🙏

  5. Those delivery drivers with the fucked up pickups with the metal grate sides are the worst psychopaths on the roads…
    I do 105 /115 in a 90kph zone , and those guys pass me at 150+….
    I just call them “YAA BAA ADDICTS”…
    They are pure psychopaths..!!!

  6. Great advice on going clockwise…💯
    Also the advice on 10 days. Been in the bike for 5-6 hours before…it rough.
    I hope to be in Thailand by my Birthday end of October to vlog…if it opens up 👣

  7. Once you passed that closed gate to Doi Inthanon you would have been going straight uphill and I’m not sure your bike would have made it…loll, my mid-size card barely made it up. The thing to do there is the Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail which is hands down the best part of that mountain, get there at 6am when they open the gates and start hiking right away. The nature trail is really a short 1hr hike across the back ridge and the views are so much better than at the Pagoda.

  8. Bro, you should put out a “blooper reel”… the content you put out is epic, i can’t imagine how funny the shit we DON’T see is!😂

  9. I liked the way you ‘wrapped it up’ Chad… right, let’s get the *uck outta here… jobs a goodun! Any of those big 2-400cc automatic scooters are good for touring… specially the ones with a bit of decent storage… having your bag on your back all day can become very unpleasant!

  10. When we did this loop it was in May. It was smoky AF. Most of the vistas were non existent. Seeing your video during monsoon season looked much better. The rains cleared the air beautifully.
    Thanks fir posting these types of videos you do a great job.

  11. Thats as bad as the idiot bus drivers in the rural areas of Mexico. At night they turn their lights off when coming to a curve to see if another car/bus is coming. They still havent figured out that the guy coming the other way has turned his off also, thus why you see so many head on accidents in Mexico. You cant make this shit up.

  12. Hey, how and when u getting back to BKK? It’s a holiday weekend, King’s BD I think, lasts through Tuesday. Traffic coming into the city will suck balls Monday and Tuesday.. If ur flying, never mind:)

  13. Chad you can’t use common sense and Thailand in the same sentence, great video as usual.
    Why Thais dice with death I can’t understand overtaking on a blind bend they do it all the time, you wait in a couple of months they put rice out to dry On The Road, then you go around a bend and the cars and motorbikes are on your side of the road, it’s fu**ing crazy man.
    Take care dude Thailand is the no 2 in the world for accident’s after Africa. Again Chad go easy look after yourself

  14. I just got back from Phu Thap Boek, and that was borderline freezing! Absolutely stunning scenery and amazing windy roads, you’d be in heaven, but you need two hoodies!

  15. If the main problem you had was the direction of travel (coupled with the closure of the touristy places), you had a really good trip. For mountain road travel, I would think a bike in the 250cc and larger range would handle the hills better. Maybe check and see if you can find a Yamaha Bergman scooter. Don’t know if they got on the market in Thailand or not. As far as weather protection, a lightweight ‘frog togs’ rain suit is light, easily packed and totally waterproof, and would replace a jacket and long pants when riding. You’re in Thailand, not Texas, so don’t complain about the roads. There aren’t 40,000 other people using the same road at the same time.

  16. Go for a XMAX or a Forza, but just so you know most modern naked/sports bike in the 600cc+ category come equipped with a quick shifter so you don’t need to worry about about the clutch and can just bang up and down the gears with your left leg.

  17. Was a shame you didn’t see the waterfall thanks for the tips I hope to do the tour later this year if things are ok if not next year was good to watch

  18. I was there last December, camped in a tent with my Thai family, very cold in the evening and morning. But my wife pronounces that like Doi Intanun, Chad, your pronunciation made me think it was a different place but my wife confirmed it is the same place we camped, and went up to the temple in the early morning, saw the most beautiful colorful sunrise of my life!

  19. Great series. Looking forward to whatever you’ve got planned next. Whether it’s another trip, or just randomly walking through Bangkok, it’s always enjoyable.

  20. Even with the issues it was still great content only thing I’d of wanted was more clips of the ride at the start I love the roads with red areas for breaking

  21. Had a great time traveling with you on this tour one thing about bike tours is making sure you have the proper the helmet good investment it’s yours a jacket that’s breathable good for rain and cold live and learn . I would also molies to know about automatic bikes going to research that one ☝️ have a good trip home looking forward to the next whatever.

  22. Thank You for another great video. Next time You can hit the Gong. It is OK. In old time it was used to signal from the Wat, time and so on. Now a days it is used when Thais goes tambon in the Wat.

  23. it seems you have to rub that type of gong rapidly with both your hand palms, and with some skill and patience, it will start to resonate
    the “situation” is getting on people’s nerves.. we’re already in round 2 here.
    anyway, fantastic wrap-up.. it will try to remember all 6 points
    for the bike, i can’t really recommend anything.. something like a Honda Rebel with big horns and extra foglights to signal traffic .. “miep miep” they probably won’t hear :-p

  24. Shame it was closed as it was the highlight of my trip to Chang Mai last november. Walk in the rain forest and the waterfalls aswell as the views were stunning. There is a military base near whe pagodas that we were told not to take photos of by our guide.

  25. I was there maybe 10 years ago driving through the hills with a lower layer of fog with maybe 50′ visibility slowly making our way up hill when all of a sudden we broke through the fog and into the sunshine and pulled over to take some of the best pictures of my life, mountain tops sticking up from the fog with gilded temple spires glistening in the sun. Truly Magical.

  26. I enjoyed watching the Mae Hong Son Loop Series. Brings back memories! I did the loop in 5 days, and I agree, spending more time near the towns Mae Hong Son and Pai is a great idea for some exploring and actually getting some rest. I did the loop clockwise and the first day from Chiang Mai to Mae Sariang, a stop at Doi Inthanon included, took me 8 hours! Looking forward for your next vids!

  27. I enjoy every video. If you rush things, you’ll miss a lot. Your point of taking time is a very valid one. Stay safe and I can’t wait to see what you have planned next.

  28. Great attitude, even when things go wrong it’s still a great adventure, and yes could be much worse, you could be stuck in America like me.

  29. I really dig your no-nonsense, practical, common sense advice. You give a tip and then explain the reasoning behind it. Superb. And you’re really well spoken for a hillbilly lol. Doing great brother, keep it up.

  30. Anybody in their 20’s-30’s and going to visit….this is the best channel. Excellent trip and perspective…Wonder if you ever met Harold Baldr as you both have great attitudes with…the visits.

  31. The road up to Doi Inthanon is very steep. Going back down would be very sketchy being on your scooter. I really enjoyed your journey on the Mae Hong Son Loop. Time for a new t-shirt?

  32. Great trip, glad you took us along. You are so right, the trip from Mae Sariang to CM sucks, that is why we just ride to Pai now & spend a week there as we have done the loop a few times. The view you got to enjoy by yourself above the Micowave Village is far better that the view from top of Doi Ithanon with the crowds. You didn’t miss a thing. Safe travels !!!

  33. Yeah bro you could ride a yamaha xmax, i believe its called. 300cc. also theres a honda forza that is the competitor to the xmax. like a lazy boy automatic motorbike (Mo’cy)

  34. I would recommend that you used a Honda Fozza or similar these are automatic large type scooters 300 cc and up to 500 cc but not easy to find places that rent these scooters and also they cost a lot more than a 125 – 155 cc to rent and also to repair if you crash or damage one.

  35. Really too bad you didn’t see the waterfalls and Inthanon. I was especially looking forward to that as well since I’ve been a couple times. And the waterfall there is really epic – AND you can get in it 😉
    Good video, though!
    Not sure if you like these comments, Inthanon was the king of Chiang Mai, so it’s a name like Chad (and Doi = mountain so like Chad Mountain), so it doesn’t translate to “Roof of Thailand.”
    And it was nice you respected the gong, but HAVE AT IT! It’s there to feel nice, your life to feel free. Hit it hard! Many times!! Unless there’s a sign. But then, it may be in Thai lol
    I was also looking forward to a Chiang Mai experience as well, but you’re in BKK. Hopefully when I’m back there!

  36. Honda forza300,350,Yamaha xmax300 with high front windshield. Your video will not have any sound of wind at all. And it will run around 140-150Km./Hr. And comfort riding seat and position.

  37. Froze my ass off the first day riding from Chiang Mai to Doi Inthanon Summit to Mae Sariang. Picked up a hoodie in Mae Sariang and didn’t take it off a single time riding the rest of the way. Enjoyed the series, already planning my next trip around the loop.

  38. Been out of town working, haven’t been able to watch CB in a while, missed your Vlogs Chad!!!! Keep doing what your doing, love the Content✌️✌️✌️

  39. Seems to me they are trying to get tourists back but not telling them the truth. They are so screwed as business owners over there. There were flights coming in with people and the Thai government changed the rules mid flight and told the passengers they had to quarantine for 2 weeks. What kind of bullshit is that? Imagine that shit. I would have jumped right back on the plane and gave them the middle finger as the plane took off. Say what you want people but when you have a corrupt government with a playboy as a King your basically screwed.

  40. You know you can mount a camera with the right gear on your steering wheel or your helmet….I know a gopro isn’t the best camera but for road shots it will suffice

  41. This was a blast, you’ve inspired me to take a motorbike tour. Can’t wait to get out there. Keep up the great work Chad! How about making some videos in Chiang Mai for a bit?

  42. I did the loop last November and one stop was the Doi Inthanon peak. You didn’t miss much, it was very anti-climatic. There was no scenic view because there are trees all over the place. The only thing to do was to take a picture in front of a sign that says it is the highest spot in Thailand. I agree with you that Pai was the highlight of the loop. Great video and great tips. Thanks!

  43. Loved the entire tour, even when things went wrong, it’s was better than what most of us are experiencing. This was a great escape for those of use stuck in US with the insanity of America today.

  44. If you can find a Honda ADV750 that is the best option for you. But if you cant finde on then you need a 300cc at least Yamaha Xmax or Honda Forza.

  45. I feel sorry for you that you couldn’t reach the top of Doi Inthanon. I have been there may be 4 or 5 times in my life. Who’s know you will have a chance to visit Doi Inthanon again. I recommend in winter time, it would be perfect. By the way, at the top of Doi Inthanon, there is Royal Thai Air Force weather radar station, so that area is quite sensitive.

  46. It’s only Thailand, how cold can it get? 55555 Go check out what i wrote at your comments at the “Mae Hong Son Motorbike Tour Episode 1”
    Ending the Mae Hong Son Loop at the end will be real sweet. Going clockwise is the better route, the ride will be more challenging as there will be more hill climbs.
    300 cc Automatic Scooters like Honda Forza or Yamaha XMAX will be more fun at this terrain.
    4-5 days, staying at different town each night will be too rush, can’t really visit any place. 🙏😻

  47. Great Tour, enjoyed the ride. When I go to Thailand I travel light, 3 of everything clothes wise, if i need more I go to the street vendors to buy cheap Ts or shorts.

  48. I was going to suggest picking up a hoody from Tesco when you got your helmet. Then i thought Chads a big lad he can handle it……Great series Chad it’s been great watching your adventures while i’m in exile due to the sutuation

  49. State park is open, but there are no tourists, so they don’t want to pay to staff the venues inside the park, thus the park is closed 😀

  50. Enjoyed sharing in your trip around the loop! I did the trip (clockwise) on a 500 Honda and loved it, but I wasn’t operating a camera, and had the clutch and gears to help with the downhill speed control…..Yes, it was awesome! I did it when the sunflowers where in bloom, and the mountain was open. 🙂 I would suggest the Forza 300 or the X Max. You’ll spend more for the rental, but having that extra power when you want it make it’s well worth it in my mind. If interest I can give you the name of the Chiang Mai shop I rented big bikes from, they have both the Forza and X Max, where friendly and funny, and they gave me a good deal on rentals of 7 or more days.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures! Be Safe and Enjoy!

  51. Bro I would love to meet you and to travel on one of your mopeds adventures dude and to drink ice cold beer with you and have a good time

  52. Always best content with you Chad, even when you have fails. You can always turn it around. Glad you were able to knock something off your bucket list. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  53. It would be a blast hope are paths cross some day and I’ll buy you a beer and drink it up with you bro we would have a good time rolling out on motorbikes

  54. Chad, I’m a FEMALE and love your videos! My husband and I are both subscribers and enjoy your content: cars, travel, off the paths, night life and of course the many dogs you’ve met! Keep it up!

  55. I am so glad you liked Pai, fantastic town👍👍 may i suggest you try out Koh Lanta my home for some time. And try take a Day or 2 trip Up river from Bangkok to Sukothai by boat👍 enjoy LOS 😊

  56. Amazing footage i was looking another dudes filming and thought about this channel pretty fast like this is Thailand maybe it’s Chad’s way doing it all but it’s also bright and nice, what camera is being used? (Yeah my account isn’t that serious to have my name Im using it to watch good content and normally i don’t comment)

  57. Might try the Honda 300 Forza…..just a larger scooter but comfortable and has sufficient power. Still will slow down some on the steeper hills but nearly as much. Does up to around 135-140 kmh. Not even sure if they rent one there, but the Yamaha Tmax is probably the largest scooter you’ll find besides the BMW. I think the Tmax is around 500cc.

  58. That was a nice trip. Congratulations, and now you have to find something even better for the next CB Media Motorbike Tour 😀

  59. These motorbike tours are legit. Seriously makes me want to try one once the borders are opened again for tourists. The “situation” seriously has me pissed and missing Thailand.

  60. Honda Forza 300cc …. wonderful cruiser … had one in Koh Lanta and it was fast, powerful for hills but I wouldn’t want you to 100% throttle one Dude

  61. You have to take the time and head back to Doi Inthanon, Chad. The Pagodas at the peak are pretty cool, and when it’s not foggy as hell the view is amazing.

  62. Algorithm, Algorithm, Algorithm. Hope this helps more than saying Beetle Juice 3 times? Keep up the random travel adventures the’re great to watch.

  63. You are making very cool videos- thank you for that! I used to live in Thailand 10 years ago and when I’m nostalgic- I’m watching your videos:) In 1 video about Koh Samui I recognized a person I know, it was so sweet:)

  64. CB Media . At Doi Inthanon, some area is a military radar station base. It’s under strict military supervision. That’s why he told you not allow to take photo. The area in which 2 pagodas ( Chedi ) located is permitted taking the photo

  65. Anti-climactic is the word you’re looking for, I believe. You might also try some shirts like Adidas and Nike or soccer shirts — polyester will dry in no time. You don’t even need a dryer, unlike cotton shirts, for SE Asia, and much lighter. Just hang them over the shower bar and voila! Dry in hours.

  66. 11:05 Chad, The North Coast 500 in Scotland (UK) is exactly the same, Anti Clockwise always…Never end a road trip on a low, always end with the best scenery and roads. Thoroughly enjoying your journeys.

  67. Hey Chad, “hands down” the best series of travel Vlogs about Thailand I’ve seen. I was so looking forward to this episode and now the series is over, I’m sort of sad. The adventure, excitement, your great commentary and enthusiasm were fantastic. Thanks very much for all the great filming, editing and hard work you put into this series.I think I’ll binge on the whole series again. Now I can’t wait for your next high adventure. Totally addicted to your channel. Thank you for bringing Thailand to us, since we can’t go to Thailand. All the very best to you. Peace!!✌️✌️✌️

  68. brilliant trip chad nicely done , brings back a lot of memories of my own trips. i hope that you sometime do the other less known loop up north also. you can also make a big 8 of BOTH LOOPS…….c,mon son ,get flying over those nice roads and let us lurkers enjoy it.

  69. EMBRACE ALL OF THAILAND. Embrace The Not-So-Good As Much As The Good. The Best Stories & Experiences Are When Things Are Not Going YOUR Way!

  70. bro, slow the f down. 555 youre miles from a hospital. i used to speed like a madmax in thailand. lots of fatalities on those roads. i take my time now.

  71. Definitely check the honda forza out, 300 cc single cylinder with most comfortable ride and decent acceleration! U would love it specially on long trips

  72. Love the Mae Hong Son tour. Surprisingly, one of the things standing out for me is those thousand ‘hello’ from the mountain school kids.

  73. Real engaging videos of this trip, Chad. I could watch one of your presentations every day but I understand that would be way too much work for you, Appreciate what I get though.

  74. May prove worthwhile to reach out to the Thailand Dept. of Tourism and broach the subject of why some sites continue to be closed. Could assist your future planning.

  75. Went Chiang Mai, & Chiang Rai a couple of years ago, loved it! Will have to go back and check out the route you took on this trip! Thanks Chad!

  76. Suggested “automatic” motorcycle is the Honda Goldwing Tour DCT. This 900lb automatic shifting beast will make those water buffalo dogs look like chihuahuas, and every Thai babe will be asking you for a ride. “Me luva you Joe (Chad), and that’s no shit.” (A saying uttered by every woman, married or single, in Saigon during the Viet Nam war). Remember, no clutch, no problem.

  77. That’s why you barely saw any sport cars on these mountain roads. People think they are skilled by jumping over the lanes or cutting thru chicane-like corners. Most are not educated enough to know what a passing zone/ line is. Being from Bkk, we (I believe not only me but also a lot of people) are taught that driving in Thailand is always dangerous especially in these mountain roads. Be careful out there. These roads are not Angeles Crest or T of dragons where people respect the rules

  78. Chad, you’re deadly at getting to great spots and then they’re closed, I am starting to wonder if they know that you are coming 😜

  79. Cheers Chad, another great vlog, stay safe on that bike, I’ll agree about meeting locals on your trips, great craic and you learn something new every day, brilliant

  80. I think the Thai’s approach to Covid made them a better handler of this situation while the U.S have all freedom attitude towards it leading to 4.3 Million cases and 150k dead.

  81. Hi Chad great vid again!! Dude bang the gong!! its good luck and it tells the “spirits” your here.. this is why you hear vehicles beeping when they go past those “little shrines” its to wake up the spirits and tell them you remember them…also remember “never ride faster than your angel can fly”…

  82. I love how you always have a “Plan B” up your sleeves. It’s all about improvising. Safe trip back to Bangkok and look up “coffee girl” near Icon Siam 👍

  83. Waterfalls in Chiangmai often close in rainy season because they can be dangerous when rain washes down off the mountains. Stop getting all these pikers on my long weekend ride routes. Have you been on Bang Krachao island in Bangkok/ Samut Prakan yet?

  84. Great advice, bro. I can feel it that it is coming from your experience and the bottom of your heart. Awesome job with the longer videos also. It was a real treat. I am glad you made it safe through the trip.

  85. Justa matter of time before you hit a million subs,,, just keep being you and authentic! I also think if you did loop when the national park falls and lookout was open that would of been a higlight too, esp if you had a few beers with you!

  86. That trip was great shows and interesting places , sorry it’s over , but I’m sure you’re next adventure will top any of them !! Great channel lad , thanks for the hard work allowing us to travel with you !! 👍👍👍

  87. Chad if you can get your hands on a 300 cc bike, like a Yamaha XMax 300, it’s a world of a difference and so much more comfortable to ride and of course more fun. It is also safer since it has ABS and traction controle. I rented one when I was in Samui, the same time you were there and it’s such a pleasure to ride. Try it out.

  88. So disappointing that you couldn’t go OR take a photo! Wow. That’s crazy. The “Microwave ” village was very touching and makes you realize how lucky we are. Thank you for sharing.

  89. If you still have the bike take a quick blat up Doi Suthep. Good view of Chiang Mai, curvy road. Just head out on the road that goes past the zoo.
    I was a silly person who did the loop in four days anti clockwise and Mai Sairang stayed at the same hotel you did. I’ll be back to do it for longer as you suggest. Keep up the awesome work.

  90. CB maybe just have a solid thin wind breaker in your backpack? I do this in San Francisco because it can be 75F+ there and then a blast of sea wind just crushes you. The windbreakers take up so little space too and while not warm, deflect ALL that cold air in my experience.

  91. That was a great tour
    I won’t be doing it but have enjoyed it on the bike with you
    Cheers see you soon in Bangkok 👍👍😍😍

  92. It’s funny, I said the same thing when I did it. It’s better to do the tour clockwise… Keep the good part for the end, and spend the last days to rest in Pai…

  93. I’m Thai and live in Las Vegas. I love your videos and the comments. You’re definitely getting the most out of being there. You’ve seen and done more than I ever had. Good for you. 👍👍👍

  94. Most of those bigger scooters mentioned are better but can’t be rented that I have seen in Thailand. Around town I use what you have but for long trips, the honda PCX 150 is a bigger more stable and more comfortable frame. Can be rented in most places in Thailand.

  95. This exact thing Chad experienced in this video with the whole blocking off the road because of the virus is exactly why people all over Thailand are currently protesting and fighting for democracy by demanding the government to dissolve the parliament and rewrite a new constitution. As a Thai, I got so upset seeing this. God damnit man these soldiers…..

  96. Enjoyed this video . So things are closed, when they are supposed to be open ? That’s weird . Some things opened snd closed at the same time ? Sounds pretty hard to be a tourist !

  97. You can hit the hell out of the gongs. For good luck. Dont try to play a song but whacking the crap of it and making a wish is acceptable. (My Thai wife says. ).

  98. Been living in Chiang Mai for years off and on. Done the trip many times and clockwise is a good recommendation. I actually run the trip in a minimum 3 days but I just like to get on and ride a sport bike. The last 90 minutes is brutal. I never run tours back on that stretch preferring the valley back roads. Next time. Ask and I can offer you local advice. Where to next? Bring it on.

  99. 3 months without a case ? Man, we can only DREAM of that sort of stat. Our glorious leaders were busy patting themselves on the back for our relatively good response to the situation when some idiot decided to use security guards (as in mall cops) to ensure that quarantined people stayed in their hotel rooms. Some of these geniuses took quarantined people shopping and some allegedly had sex with potentially infected hotel guests. Seriously, if that was Pattaya people would be saying ‘Yep – we knew it would be that crowd !’ but it wasnt – it was Melbourne. Hundreds of new cases every day, more deaths and the list goes on, all because we are too stupid to live. Assuming that Thailand is aggressively testing and the reporting is accurate, I take my hat off to the General and his merry band,

  100. The tip about beeping your horn on blind turns in Thailand is right on. Otherwise you could end up being a hood ornament…. and about the advise to just ride out into the middle of nowhere is also great. You get to see the REAL Thailand that way, not the tourist, money sucking tourist crap.

  101. Chad, thanks for your awesome video’s! I was supose to go to Thailand this summer, but your video’s are giving me a taste. I owe you a beer

  102. I still think you should have hit that “ bell drum” I researched and found out that it signals the monks to gather. Aka Buddha bell it “commands” all the monks 10 – 25 average to walk up the hill looking at you for the message .

  103. So for more comfortable scooters/bikes that are larger and popular in thailand are as follows. Honda Forza, Yamaha T-Max, Honda ADV 750. The forza has the smallest engine at 300ccs but its bigger bodied scoot and is more suited for the kind of trips you take rather than those little small displacement machines. The T-Max is bigger at 530ccs but the storage under the seat is not so big buuuuuut that thing moves and is comfortable. Now for the king the ADV750 is an absolute beast, still a scooter but you can off road with with and eat up those mud puddles for lunch. The height is perfect for you and its surprisingly light for what it is. Oh I almost forgot about the suzuki burgman 400(Skywave or AN400 depending on where you are), absolutely perfect and the storage space under the seat is incredible. Should I get the paperwork started? Damn I should be a salesman.

  104. Great video series Chad! BTW, you can hit the big gong at the temple if you want. People often hit it after paying respect to the Buddha.

  105. Suggestion, Yamaha Xmax….automatic….there are two versions, a 300cc and a 400cc…its bigger, more powerful, has a tour bike riding seating position and is more comfortable….not sure if Thailand has this bike….its the bigger version of the Yamaha Nmax 155cc…..

  106. Going to take your advise on this. I’d always thought counter clockwise is better. I’m just waiting for the borders to be opened and international flights resumes.

  107. Take a Honda Forza mate, loads of space under the seat, more than enough power for the roads you will travel on normally and really comfortable.

  108. Hey Chad a bigger bike can be more.of a hindrance than a small one. There is a reason most people around the world ride small, automatic bikes. You see so much more and are definitely more in touch with the normal people when you ride what they do. There are so many reasons to ride what locals ride, I.personally think you are doing it right already. If its uncomfortable then get off the bike and explore on foot more, take more breaks and get to know the people in that area. Just my $.02

  109. Youve been here in Thailand long enough Chad. Nothing is 100% here. Im sad you didnt see the mountain summit cos i dont get to see it also. Chin up

  110. Great Trip! If the National Park had been fully open, so you could go to the highest point in Thailand, would that have changed your view of ending the trip on a ‘Downer?”

  111. Thank you for your posts, I’m actually living through your videos for outings while in lock down here in Melbourne Australia. Missing Thailand lots though.

  112. Reportedly some national parks including Doi Inthanon are still closed. You are supposed to reserve a tour via QueQ app (For some parks these days.).

  113. Re: Gong at the temple, yes its ok, drop a little money in the box hit the gong think good luck for yousrelf &family..Chad I really appreciate youre videos as im stuck in Melbourne, my son & fiance are in Thailand…..Safe Travels…..

  114. Has to be a crf250 next trip Chadman. You’re only scratching the surface by road. Im back off up there tomorrow and a chin mounted action cam is perfect for footage.

  115. You should try yamaha xmax 300 or honda forza 300 ,if you wanna bike that good on acceleration its xmax,but if you want comfy bike honda forza much comfortable than xmax

  116. It”s been said but the Honda Forza 300 would be a nice coup….probably hard to find a rental…great vid, great series as always…you be careful and stay safe…I’d offer more travel tips but I can’t remember…no. 3 or no.4 ??…later…

  117. As we are going to do the loop in 2 weeks time , thanks for your top 5 tips will definitely take them on board !!!!!
    I’m slightly gutted about the national parks still being closed 🤬🤬🤬🤬
    But sure we going to have a great time
    Thanks for the heads up !!!!!!

  118. Great video as always and I agree…slow touring is the way to go! Take time to see the small details, nooks and crannies that others pass by. Because those are the things I remember the most fondly.

  119. CB: I found the road 1088. back to Chiang Mai on an 650CC fully packed Kawasak with pillion awesome riding with great curves. Did you take that ?

  120. Forza 300 or the Yamaha equivalent. Big bike place opposite Tha Phae gate (POP?) tends to have decent bikes. These scoots have just enough torque for the hills, big comfy seats, loads of storage. Weight low down so super easy to handle.

  121. My wife is Thai and we’ve been north to south over the years, but never to Pai even though so many family members have noted it as a must see. Going to hammer down the rule of law on our next trip and insist Pai is on the schedule.

  122. You’re right the Trucks between Mae Sarang & Chiang Mai are INSANE! I drove that route in 2015. I thot half of the pickups would roll over on the turns. They were stupidly overloaded.
    MHS Loop should be done Clockwise. Like you, i did the tri; counter clockwise.

  123. Hi Chad, you should send some of your vlogs to the news agencies and facebook news pages in Bangkok (they are a couple of famous independent news pages on facebook that millions of Thai people follow….and yes they can communicate in English), so that they see how some of the Thai soldiers/officials are NOT fulfilling their duties and/or NOT following the accepted guidelines, or just plain axxhole and just harassing people. Btw, you can definitely take photos/videos in front of an entrance of a national park (unless they are military bases of course). That soldier guy is an ass!!!

  124. I have to disagree with most of what you said Chad. I will agree that its better to ride clockwise though for sure. That ride from Chiang Mai to Mae Sarang is way better going clockwise I found. Why I disagree with you first of all is it depends why you’re riding the Mae Hong Loop. It’s a bike ride thats why its a loop. If you want to go to Pai, ride or bus to Pai and back to Chiang Mai because there isn’t a lot of things going on in Mae Hong Son if you’re into trendy tourist traps which is what Pai is. This is why they say you can do it in 5 days, 3 even, because the loop is one of the greatest rides in the world for us motorcyclists and we come to ride it not hang out in Pai. I think this may be why you’re a bit disappointed, you rode an underpowered bike with a bad chassis around this great ride, I’ve done it on big bikes and its brilliant. I accept why you ride a scooter of course. On the subject of things to do, did you cross the river in Mae Sarang? You can hire cycles and ride through the farms and villages, nice for a day stop. Mae Hong Son is a nice town to stay in, more authentic than Pai. From there you could have ridden up to Ban Rak Thai a Chinese settlement on the Thai border and of course visit the long necks which you did. I found Pai to be nothing more than a young peoples trendy bar/cafe scene where the cool set go to do the alt thing in-between full moon parties. But each to their own, I accept. We all travel for our own reasons. As for the wet season, you can strike it unlucky and it could pour down day after day or you could get the odd downpour. I travel mostly in the wet season because go in the dry season and everything is brown and dusty and high season prices, go in the wet season and everything is lush and green and low season prices. Northern Thailand is beautiful in the wet season.

  125. Thank you Chad , your an amazing vlogger, very very informative and i appericate you going off the path to show us the amazing beauty hidden away. LEGEND

  126. You need an African twin with dct. And heated grips. They are great for all the riding you’ve done on this trip. The Africa twin would have made this trip a joy.

  127. Yamaha xmax, or a Honda forza, both 300cc and very comfortable,their is also some bigger mopeds which go from around 500 cc to 850 cc such as the Yamaha tmax and BMW and aprillia models which I forget the names of but I would imagine the would be harder to find and a lot more expensive to rent as they cost insane amount ts of money to buy in the first place, all of these bigger mopeds have good size storage under the seats, and I totally agree give it a little beep on the horn on the mountain road bends, its also a real shame that you didn’t get to the top of doi inthanon twin peaks up there with cool temples and excellent views, hopefully you can get there in a later road trip.

  128. I’d recommend a bigger scooter like the Yamaha XMax 300. I also found the Honda PCX 150 quite comfortable, I wonder if it’s better than the Yamaha 155 you currently have? Apparently it’s got a higher too speed.

  129. Thanks for doing our thing! …I loved this series, inspite if the mishaps lol. My wife and I visit Thailand annually, and after watching we BOTH added the drive to our list of things to do in the future!
    Great job, my friend!

  130. Rent an XMax or Forza 300 they are more powerful but not too powerful decent size cc touring style scooter or even if you can go for an xadv 750

  131. Thank you so much. You rock buddy. You are the best I have watched so far for Thailand videos. Just one small comment…Military comment that’s their rule not to take pictures. Every country has it’s rules we should follow if we are there and forget where we are coming from. Other than that you are the best.

  132. I can’t help but wonder how you travel on each trip as far as stuff goes, eg, you must only carry very basic items with you in I’m guessing in a back pack seeing your on a bike because lets face it you don’t need much but as you bike tour in thailand you must have a small accumulation of things though . What do you do with it while travelling , really curious

  133. Chad, I’m thinking a Yamaha R1M would be a good bike. It’s got gears, but you can shift up or down without a clutch, ABS brakes and wheelie control, you’ll love it!

  134. Nice …I enjoyed it…love the little temple right in the middle of “somewhere”..the filming when you are whizzing around the roads & bends in particular is enjoying..feels like I am on the bike for a trip back to BKK.

  135. I can tell you are a very experienced motorcycle rider and I agree that the Forza 300cc is the way to go for the extra power needed on those snake like mountain roads. I have ridden similar roads in Thailand and as you said before you got be aware of rounding a bend only to meet a pickup head on on your side of the road on a larger bike you might be going a little bit faster which reduces your time to react to the situation and the bigger bike is also heavier and less nimble. Something worth thinking about
    I really love your you tube videos some of them are very thought provoking especially the ones showing the local villagers lives and how you don’t need tons of money or possessions to be contented all the best to you.

  136. Doi Inthanon is often closed in rainy season because of run off on the roads. Same with waterfalls as they can get dangerous. Wet season is not a great time to go up there anyway as it can be dangerous, misty and you won’t see FA up the top in the rain.
    Anyone doing the loop should know that the Pai to CM route is normally wayyy busier than now. There are usually more of the trucks when there are more tourists, but there’s also a million minivans that are arguably even worse at driving. Ferrying the million backpackers to and from Pai and they try to go fast and overtake too to fit in as many journeys as they can.

  137. You are doing a great job,but i will suggest to get a Thai girlfriend at least she can put you through on where to visit in her Country .

  138. Doi Inthanon is any easy full day or more. It is so beautiful any many things to see . Flower farms which provide most of the flowers sold in Bangkok markets , hiking trails , terraced rice fields , waterfalls etc. On some of the side roads are amassing little restaurants and home stays. Even the vegetation on the hiking trails at the top is so different than anywhere else in Thailand. Just bring a really warm hoodie. It can actually get down below zero at the top , but I would say around average is 13C.

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