My Fellow Americans, DO NOT let hatred and animosity consume you. #shorts

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My fellow American’s, please do not let hatred and animosity consume you. We, as a collective people, are better than that. Please do not make emotional responses. Rather take the time to make logical, pragmatic responses.


  1. From the DC area (at least for the next 11 days and a wake-up), animosity is the national pastime here. That’s why America is going down the sewer and also one big reason I’m moving to the Land of Smiles.

  2. Hi J. C. That is the best commentary I’ve heard yet, including the talking heads on TV. My schedule has changed so it is hard to get on any live streams. I really miss that. Be safe and I’ll do the same . Salamat! Do More Life.

  3. As a Disabled American Veteran all i can feel right now is Sadness, sadness that we ( America) has sunk this low in our society, Shock and Anger are much down the list, but sadness right now is king, This is NOT The America that i defended and gave up my mind for, this is not what i raised my right hand and took an oath for

  4. Hatred makes people delusional! Literally! I think people here are frustrated because they see bad things happening before their eyes and nothing is ever done about it.

  5. E pluribus unum was our motto for 180 years given to us by the founding fathers, we need to bring it back, and remember we are all Americans under the rule of law that allow our differences to be settled as such.
    Enjoy paradise and Keep Doing More Life 😎✌🏼

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