My First Time Snorkeling – Dauin, Philippines

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    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines The water is real clear so, you’ll spot e’m easly…They’re just bunches of transparent venomist snot..that uses chemical warfare as defence mechanism but still very effective. unless, you have plenty of fat in you could repel the powerful toxin before your heart stop beating…Just remember take lots of deep breath if you  get stung to ride out the pain..I’ll pay off to speak to them jumpers, fishermans or Australian tourist there on how to avoid them deadly meany snots…GoPro ? must be a real water proof…

    2. Yah.. I’ve read up on those box jellyfish.. mean little bastards.  A buddy of mine with his new water-housing offered to shoot the vid (Ned).  Now I’m thinking to get my own GoPro.  🙂

    3. Finally !  I’m saying  when is he gonna ever be swimin’ with the fishy  and find Nimo …Henry!  who’s was shooting  the video while , you were snorkeling to finding Nimo?  I hope you didn’t have to pay someone to do it..  Watchout for box jelly that could ruin your entire day and fetch me,  some grey pearls while,  you there will ya!  LOL

  1. the coral at snake island is incredible those are good ones to go see. they even have some stands that sold little bread buns to feed the fish so they would swarm up around you. Snorkelling and diving are my favourite things to do there 😀

  2. Henry looks like your having fun !!  Make an easy day lay on a tube or float vest, plus a set of flippers too will help you navigate around.  GoPro has factory refurbished units on their site this month for half price. Cheers,  Rusty 

  3. Did ya love it? I used to do that almost everyday spear fishing a meal but now not for years not living near the sea and miss it 🙁 . Bit jealous here lol. Will have to do that in Philippines one day never took the time to do it even though I do have the equipment there to do it already.

    1. It really did take me by surprise.. I didn’t know so many fish were even so close to the swim area.  It’s a sealife preserve so I didn’t have to go out far to get a taste of it.  Very cool, I could see myself just floating along another afternoon “swimming with the fishes”.  🙂

  4. If you thought that that was cool you should try scuba diving. I did my scuba certification on the tiny island of Malapascua norht of Cebu. It was awesome.

  5. Man I’m so jealous, you’re in Dumaguete, my most favorite city and island! So much fun and great area to explore. Been twice in 2010 and 2012 for a month break from where I live it Thailand with my Thai wife and home mostly year round! I could live in Dumaguete but……. Sequin or my other favorite island! I miss them both! I’ll be back!
    Tip: Wear fins, they make snorkeling so much easier! It’s so much fun!

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