My Life: An Average Afternoon in Dumaguete – Finding ‘Tacos’

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    1. Well I was lucky I wasn’t there but all my relations hid in my house as its only new it probably the strongest we only lost part of the roof ,

    2. Henry, can you give us an address or name of the street please. We’ll be coming from Siquijor, so directions from the port area would be a great help please

  1. Dang, Henry, were you hungry? LOL Since you know what good Mex food is, I will take your word that they serve good tasting food.  By the way, that’s some case of bed hair. I thought mine was bad.
    I have been noticing for some months, via google maps, that those Palawan Pawn Shops are all over the Philippines. Seems strange that they are named Palawan, since it is so remote from the rest of the country and is last to be developed area. Wonder if the owner started there or was from Palawan or just used the name.
    How much did the GoPro cost in the Philippines? Ebay ran a special for a limited time on the black+ for $330 a couple of days ago, but by the time I noticed it and clicked on the page the deal was done. If I see it again,I will get one. !st time I ever saw it for less than $399. I also added up the cost of the accessories to make it a versatile outfit (Amazon & Ebay) that I would like to have and that came to another $400+/-. A lot of money and not sure if they will come out with a new model come October as usual, but since I am coming in September can’t wait to find out. Would like to get a DJI Phantom later to use with the GoPro, 
    Also where can I PM you when I get there? Your web site,facebook? I am not a computer tech and don’t use facebook and have never sent a phone text in my life. I know, I know, but I am just an old foggy about this stuff. I have used Goggle chat for a couple of phone calls to my sister and hope to use it in the Philippines to call USA. I got tired of paying for Skype as I used it very little. Any suggestions on where to buy a phone in Cebu when I get there?  
    Like the video’s about just the everyday going’s on’s. I find them more interesting than those doing the touristy stuff but like both. Looking forward to more.
    79 days and counting. Yeaaa

    1. The burritos were definitely the best I’ve had in the PH at a taco shop.  (Best ones were home-made at a buddy’s house.)  I got the GoPro Silver Hero3 in Dumaguete for about $350.  As for Palawan.. maybe he just used the name because everyone has a good impression of how pretty it is there.  I dunno.   Best place to reach me is Facebook, search me under ‘Reekay’.  I don’t check regular email or youtube email very often.

  2. I love those small 7 or 8 oz Cokes.  They seem to taste better to me than the Coke in the USA. It might be the cane sugar they use there.  My sister in law sells them for about 7 or 8 pesos in her store in the province north of Cebu…20 cents USA.   In the bars they cost more..perhaps 80 cents.

  3. I look forward to each new video from you, because I will be visiting my girlfriend soon(who is originally from Mabinay). We will be spending a few days in Boracay, then to Dumaguete. 

    1. Bryant, you are about to have one of the greatest adventures of your life. Discovering that there is life beyond dating American divorced women.  Just remember to carry a bottle of water and small kleenex (SP) tissues when you arrive in the philippines!  Have a great visit to the Philippines.///

  4. You can also find traditional mex food like tamales and albondigas in PH. “Albondigas” is called almondigas in PH one of my favorite.

    1. @jericho cruz
       well it starts here… keep the faith and I will too…so that maybe..just maybe… others will learn again  what  we still remember

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
       You got that right brutha… especially around Lent…  con nopales y chile… Chihuahua!  Tortillas de maiz o de harina?  LO QUE SEA!!!  Saludos desde  Austin, Texas hermano!

    3. Same as my mom she will cook it every sunday because it’s 1 of my dad’s favorite. The funny thing though i did’nt even know that albondigas is mexican dish until i google for the recipe, we call it almondigas a litle lost in translation maybe lol!

  5. nice video. I heard you say you were going to Palawan and I was like “cool…”, then I heard you say “It’s just across the street…” and I got confused. Then I saw that it was a pawnshop/remittance center, hehehe. But if/when you go to Palawan don’t forget to visit the beautiful islands of Busuanga/Coron which is north to the island of Palawan. They’re both in the same chain of islands comprising the region. Busuanga/Coron also has an airport which makes it easy for people to visit beautiful Coron Bay

    1. Sounds good, I’ll have to keep that in mind.  Right now I’m covering the sights in Dumaguete, but I’m hoping to take a trip out somewhere next month.  Lots of expenses with moving in and such lately.  🙂

  6. Love the video as always. Henry Brother… They are called Black out curtain, get some. 🙂  hahaha Oh and driving between the signs by the mall… hahaha Yeah, your Filipino now. You have adapted. 🙂  Keep them coming.

    1. I was using for the last year an LG E615 cam phone.  It did ok on a tripod under sunlight, but in low-light not so good and lots of shakiness when hand-held.  I’m much happier with the GoPro Hero3 Silver that I have now.  🙂

    1. Due to stress I sometimes don’t sleep for 48 hours then sleep a long 11 hours and take an afternoon siesta of 3 hours to get my strength back on some days. Some days I sleep 6 to 7 hours. It varies. 

    2. When I’m living alone, I do a rotating sort of schedule where I ‘power-nap’ about an hour in the daytime.. then awake until around 3am.. sleep 5 hours and keep going.  Been doing that on/off for years since I was in my 30’s.  gives me more time in the day.  About every 5 days or so I will crash for a 10 hour sleep and be back to 5-6 hours again with a 1-hour nap.   but… when I’m not alone and have a good reason to be in bed at 9pm.. my schedule changes.   🙂

  7. I don’t know if Dumaguete is affected but I know a lot of areas in the south have rotating brownouts (power supply problem).  This might be the reason why ice-cold drinks are rare there.  Ingat Henry.

    1. In Valencia, where there are some active volcanos, they produce electricity locally.  Since I’ve been here (about 7 weeks).. only one brownout for 2 hours at 5am.  The rest of the time, no problemo.   but yes, many restos don’t want the high electric bill so they keep the fridge on a warmer setting.but there’s a place near robinson’s mall in Cebu that has sub-zero cold beers.  and that’s ICE cold.  🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  Perfecto! Llegaré en Cebu en el fin de agosto. Mi novia y hermana viven allí  y tambien mas famalia en Leyte. Antes, yo estaba viviendo en Mexico así esta es perfecto porque puedo practicar mi espanol contigo, jajaja. Que tengas un noche súper bien!!:)

    2. Jordon, if you have never lived in the Philippines. Try a long visit, 6 to 12 months, there before you ship your whole life to the Philippines. It could save you alot of problems if you findout living there is not for you.  And don’t fall in love with the first pretty girl you meet./////

  8. What you think of as a burritos we call that a taco in Texas! A burrito is made with a bigger and at the same time thinner tortilla and is stuffed with veggies, rice and beans alongside the meat of choice.

    So at least I won’t get confused in the Fillipines on ordering my tacos and I do love breakfast tacos.. 🙂

  9. Tacos, burritos, it’s all so confusing. LOL! As long as it’s good, who cares?

    That’s my routine also, Brother Henry. Except I will walk if it’s anywhere under 5 miles.

    Speaking of “Tea time,” when I ask for a tea bag and put in my coffee, hot or cold, that really confuses the natives. LOL!

  10. Another  nice vid Henry. I see the traffic isent too bad there ,Nice. Tony , Get your self over to the PI, You will have the best time you have ever had . Beautiful people and country. You wont want to leave . Henry thanks again Aloha

    1. I’ve always tended to stay up until at least 2am.  Usually a combination of things keeping me busy.. editing, writing, goofing off on Facebook, message/texting friends, cooking/eating and sometimes even a spontaneous night-ride on the scooter.  But now that I have a live-in g/f, I actually get to bed earlier than usual.  But the night of this video she was out of town visiting relatives so, gave me time to just be up all night.  ha!

  11. I’m happy you found some good burritos. Simple gifts can be more satisfying than the lofty goals we feel we need to fulfill to find happiness. I’m a night owl too and sleep as little as the early risers who think what time you’re awake has something to do with how constructive a day one has.

  12. Taco Shop? I never seen one. Dam I miss tacos, and burritos, never found good Mexican food outside of California. Duma is looking better all the time even to me. I may have to visit just to have burrito.

    1. Yeah, I heard there was Mexican food in Cebu area never found it though. Tried El pollo loco in manila thought I was going to die, worst ever. Growing up in California on Mexican food. seems like I haven’t had food for a hundred years now, just a memory these

    2. It’s taken me 2 years to find a good burrito.  I tried visiting Banana Moon Tex Mex on Mactan 3 times and they were always either closed or not serving food so, I might check them again my next visit there.

  13. Hi Henry great job,and so many subjects . So much for me to learn thanks so very much. Planning on going there in Jan. God bless and keep up the great work. Hope you are doing well.

  14. Gracias Kique!  Me encantan tus videos! One of the reasons I fell in love with Filipinas was because of the our common Latin roots.. keep them coming karnal!

  15. How much would you say you have invested in the items for everyday living needs there in the Philippines,  i mean such as your scooter, camera, fridge, and bamboo furniture etc,,,  not counting utilities , food or entertainment,,  Can you please give an estimate , just curious for planning purposes,.,,,,thanks, i enjoy all your videos,,  enjoy your life there, seems great,,,,,,,but i want to know more about phils,,,,,

    1. Thanks Henry, i enjoy your videos, very informative.. i wish you luck there,  ,,,,   how much is Gasoline there ?  per gallon or liter?  and how much did it cost you to go back and forth to your piggie farm?

    2. When I arrived in Dumaguete I showed up with a backpack and an overnight bag.  By the time I outfitted my apartment with a fridge, cookware and furniture.. I’d say I spent about $600 USD.

  16. I am thinking of going to the Philippines for 2 or 3 months in January 2015 with my partner.
    I shall be traveling around (not back packing) so not after hostels.
    Would you suggest booking my accommodation from the UK before I leave or would It be better and cheaper to wait until I arrive?
    I would spend about 2 weeks at any one place maximum and would be looking for a 1 – 2 bedroom apartment.
    I am looking a Cebu and surrounding islands.
    I have checked out Airbnb and they seem to have some reasonable places ranging from £15 to £25 a night depending on size, location, quality and pool etc.
    Not sure if you can help, but you seem to know your stuff

  17. Here in Corpus Christi Texas, we call what you ate a taquito. A taquito is a soft flour tortilla with whatever inside. A taco here is a hard shell corn tortilla. A burrito is a soft flour tortilla with the ends folded in and then rolled closed and mostly refried beans inside. A flauta is those skinny ones with a little meat and just rolled.

    1. @GlassLegend40 the other day i had ‘breakfast’ at 5:30pm and a spaghetti dinner at 2am.  i’m something of a night-owl.  🙂

  18. Thanks for the video and thanks for answering my last question. We will be living in Tabaco City in Albay on Luzon. When we are there, i go everywhere by bicycle- in South Carolina, same thing. Watching your video, it seems no one travels by bicycle. I am sure there are people who ride bicycle in Dumagaete but i just didn’t see any on the streets there. Is Dumaugete a bicycle free city?

    1. @James Crowley there is a bicycle club up in Valencia.  i’ve seen maybe 10 bicyclists around town in Dumaguete.  not a huge presence like you see in american college towns.  here most college students either walk or take the tricycle if they don’t have a motorbike.

    1. @Perry James i am still single so, ‘no asawa’ (no wife).  but i do have a steady g/f right now named Lyn.  she is in my more recent videos.  to see them listed, go to; 

  19. hey thanks for the heads up regarding laptop costs. I promised my girlfriend id buy her one, ill get it here in new zealand instead of over there. yea her friend got one 17k peso basic model. for sure its cheaper  to buy without the extra tax. funny that phones seem to be about the same, ill go with your inventory explanation. love your videos.

  20. You said you tip the guy to watch your bike/helmut at the mall there. Do you lock your bike everywhere else? It didn’t seem like you did, and there are so many I just wonder if people do or there is a need to. Love the videos, Ive been watching yours and a couple other ex pats for the last 3-4 days non stop. My wife thinks Im planning to run away.

    1. @K27fan i lock the bike everywhere, even if someone is watching it. they can maneuver it around a little to park them, but i always use the steering wheel lock. as for theft, like anywhere else.. most common in the big cities but could happen anywhere.

  21. I thought I was going to retire in Vietnam.????..Your informational videos have given me a great prospective of retiring in the PI ,particularly on your side of the Visayas…I am getting ready to make my move before the 2015 xmas season and hope to meet you then!!
    Thanx again Henry….Be safe and my best to you and Lyn……

    1. @Oland Stone i know several guys who spend 70% of their time in the PH, and then take mini-vacations for a month or so to vietnam, cambodia and thailand.. with the PH as their home base.

  22. hello sir good day…my friend is going to visit philippines and he is asking me favor, he wanted to meet you in person so i am helping him to keep in touch with you…do you mind inviting you for a lunch or dinner?pls reply sir.

    1. @Joy Russell yes, still there. rent for apartment is 8,000p/month. but with so many new expats coming to duma, rents have been slowly climbing up. these days expect to pay about 10,000p+ for a decent place.

    1. @Joy Russell if just in-country for a month, ask the hotel or pension house for a 30-day price discount. i’ve had some hotels give me a 10% discount because i was staying a week. never hurts to ask.

  23. 6 and 1/2 oz Coke, they still have those here in the south in the USA.
    you are a minimalist,but see you would like a good sleep mask.or could use one..
    The traffic not as bad as Cebu City,even Talisey had more traffic.
    The mourning are cool there,plus the bigger fish even sharks would come up for the sun.
    Yeah lucky none of these big fish seemed hungry.
    I have insomnia,beside meds all i got here but there
    I had great peace of mind just swimming in the reefs,with practice I could go down 20 meters spear fishing which naturally helped the insomnia.
    I swam almost every day, that was life by the sea.took a frezbee and basket ball around.
    In spite of the peaceful lie i had in Moal Boal, I did end up circling all of Cebu and pretty much at least visiting the Islands i could see or knew thee was a small island out the
    ,the camera bag was stolen on the way home.
    But still have memory’s

    1. at most places, from a 20 to 50 peso tip is decent and appreciated. at a particularly nice place, perhaps more like 100p if you were happy with the overall experience. but that’s just how i see it. some people don’t tip at all, ever. and others tip 400p.

  24. i didnt know theres taco place in the phil, we live in houston, im married with chicano, and plan living to phil when we get retired about 3 to 4 yrs from now,thanks to your vid ,hope we bump each other when we get there,

  25. HOLA Henry , Will love this place , tacos for breakfast ..Yo si me acuerdo de la coca con la tapita roja , I te acordas de la crush >> Burno Aparte del depot necesitare one scooter que can handle 280 L or 137kilos ,jajaja Livianito EL NENE
    OK Nos estamos viendo ..

  26. LOL, Your like me, I’ve always worked nights and have always been a night owl, my family would call me a vampire….Keep up the great work!

  27. Hi Henry, I’m george our place is in Sibulan close to Dumaguete we go to Robinson’s a lot where exactly is the Taco Place, I’ll definitely check it out, I’m a Chef & own a restaurant in New Jersey, I make New Jersey style pizza & Italian food in the phils lol

  28. I like your video’s! I will be there in Philippines in 3 weeks! When it comes to Mexican food I Jones it all the time!! I bring shells with me and Tortilla  and all the sauces taco packets and Guac.. I make it there for everyone.. But if you are Jonesin a taco the Pancake House has them at the mall…

  29. First, than k you so much for your videos. I’m 50, just retired and have decided that the Philippines is on the short list for my future residence. I haven’t seen any videos on how to ship your car from the US or if it’s even permissible. Additionally, if it’s possible or worth shipping from home. Can you clear this up?

    1. Larry Anderson I have read that the import taxes on automobiles are so high that you are better off selling, then rebuying in the Philippines.

  30. Hi, You mentioned in another video that you have a rental that keeps you going.
    How do you handle it? Did you hire a management company? I have trust issues
    We are planning to move to the Philippines and eventually buy a house. I own a condo in Caly which is very modest but its worth maybe 400k net. Its not going to get me any where here in the states, but it could go far in the Philippines. The problem is where to park the money.

  31. Merry Christmas brother.
    Have a great New Year and safe travels!! :)🍹🍹🍍🍌🍑🍊🥝🎂 I need to get back to the Philippines before you. lol. Have you had any thoughts about going to India?

    1. i figured thailand, cambodia and vietnam will keep me busy for a year. then possibly sanya/china, taiwan and/or langkawi. will see what happens. 🙂

  32. Great video. Looks like good food. I’m a little surprised it’s more expensive than I would have thought. You gave her a tip? I laughing because I’m akmost 5 years late in responding to your video. So in reality this place cost more money since 5 years ago is 5 years ago. lol

  33. I actually like your plan for travel. The only reason why I was mentioning India was because I have a really cool buddy that I grew up with in Calcutta. Who knows maybe in five years when you announce your going to India and I will give you a really cool recommendation to meet. He’s an Indian friend of mine we grew up together. His parents were diplomats and he went back to India and he stayed until he is 40 and then he went back to India because his parents were getting old. Sadly that he’s completely Americanized but he misses America tremendously and you can’t go back because he Fd up his paperwork. But his story ended up happy. His parents forced him to marry a woman who gave him a wonderful daughter and his wife is a great woman so he really can’t complain.

  34. Amigo buen video pero no entiendo traducelo en español donde eres ..pienso viajar a filipinas donde me recomiendas..saludosdesde peru

  35. Wow that looks so good sir I’m hungry thank you patriot for the tour stay blesses and your friend with the little girl she reminds me of shierly temple so smart and just as bright again God Bless and thank you sir

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