My Passport Is Full! Getting a new one in Thailand

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  1. *This is a great subject Chuck!* Thanks for posting this, as I need to do this soon too. From the looks of your passport, it looks like you had a thin one to begin with. As for me, before coming to Thailand about 7 years ago, I got my passport through a paid service who did it all for me and they asked me if I wanted extra pages or normal, so I just paid a bit more for the extra pages. This looks like a much easier prosses than it’s previously been to renew while inside the country. I’ll be watching to see how all this goes for you and hope all goes well so I can worry less when I do it. Thanks Chuck!

  2. Renewed my US Passport as soon as we returned from Thailand in April 2020 The Department of State cashed my $110 application fee on day one. My new passport was returned to me 4 months later. Yes, the US Government is completely broken.Feeling lucky I got it back at all. And no, when you call for info, no one has any answers.

  3. I got the one with extra pages 2 days ago, I got mine in a month with expedited service and provided a new picture did pay extra for return mail

  4. My friends brother was living in Thailand illegally for about the last ten years with no visa. He got caught and in banned from returning to Thailand for five years. He’s here in Palm Beach now. I want to talk to him and find out the whole story. Ya know a lot of the food your eating at the restaurant my Wife makes I just didn’t know what it was called.

  5. How come you went with standard number of pages and not the bigger one? Same price. Unless for some reason they don’t offer that one when doing it overseas but that would be weird.

  6. Just had my passport renewed & it took longer than usual because of covid restrictions in the UK.
    I did mine through an agency & they charged 5,000 baht for their services – the actual passport costs were equivalent to approximately another 5,000 baht.
    The whole process took about six weeks from start to finish.
    I think the agency is a great way to go, especially if you want to avoid any potential hassle.

  7. Renewed my US passport around April last year at the beginning of the Pan here in the US. Was kinda nervous too about potential problems etc. used FedEx for it, but paid an arm and a leg. Then a couple of months after that renewed my Thai passport here at the Thai Consulate here in LA, that too wasn’t cheap! Now I have two freshly minted passports with no where to go 🥲😝!

  8. Haha chuck I am in Darwin Australia atm. There is a huge Thai community here if you didn’t know. My wife ordered laab moo the other night and it was authentic. Like 100 chillies authentic. Aroy. Ped suut suut

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