1. I know that if one feels strongly about something and wishes to communicate it in a civilised manner, it’s not unheard of in the U.S. or U.K. to write a letter to one’s congress person or member of parliament, but is there anything equivalent for the communist party, that would carry any sway whatsoever, if done by a large proportion of people?

  2. Awesome. Speaking out and letting those who aren’t well versed in what’s going on over there know about the egregious acts perpetrated by the CCP is the best thing that we can do.

  3. SerpenZA isn’t like other Westners…… Most of them now consider China is good, Trump is evil, Marxism is the best solution for their problem as well as ignorant with true dictatorship such as what is happening in HK, Belarus, Uyghur, Tibet also Thailand.

  4. 香港,泰國,白俄羅斯,委內瑞拉,人民向往自由和民主的願望不可阻擋,世界潮流浩浩蕩蕩,順之者昌逆之者亡。。點我頭像看更多邏輯分析中國。。

  5. 10 months ago I came across a peaceful Pro Democracy event during a road trip with Cmilk down to Southern California (we were on our way to the Mexican border) and I made an impromptu speech, I released this to Patreons only but now feel like the people of Hong Kong need more support than ever!

  6. Keep it up! Mao’s Cultural Revolution cost the life of my wife’s (born in Beijing) mother. Sadly, little has changed. Their crimes? Merely being pediatricians. It is strange how dictators feel threatened by intellectuals – even those who would never cause trouble. Perhaps they know those who can think are able to reason, thus able to see through their BS.

  7. The world is crazy like China is blocking Tibet’s water that goes into India soon they probably another conflict is gonna happen!?! Edit: thanks guyz for the likes😱

  8. Please, I feel like I’ve stumbled apon a treasure trove of you and luowhy86, I can’t stop watching! Love the Hong Kong content! FREE HONGKONG! we Americans care greatly for all of you kind strong people!

  9. This wasn’t expected… I don’t have a beer, should I get a beer? I mean I’ve got a cocktail but you’re Serpentza so your videos are just in time for a beer… I’m confused.

  10. 0:14 Mh is it only me or those yellow cardboard with fist are literally on the same side of the CCP, if you know what i mean, i do’t think is a sensate ideia to bring a message with a simbol agaisnt free speach and to defund the police a substitute them for police with a ideal political ideology of determinated party, doesn’t make sense in a free HK protest, *”protest are vry diferent from riots”, seeing commies in the crowd takes all legitimacy from this protest agaisnt CCP.

  11. I have heard statements from SJWs like it is more important for Hong kongers to be out from under white leadership than it is for them to be free or have civil liberty, what do you think of that Winston?

  12. I support you Hong Kong and Taiwan. Because we know if you guys lose to China’s authoritarian regime, the rest of southeast Asia is next.

    Much love from the Philippines

  13. we must fight against imperialism in every form, whether it flies a red flag or a swastika, it doesn’t matter. free hk, revolution of our times!! 🇭🇰🇭🇰

  14. Im not an Asian American. But my heart ❤ aches for HK, and even the Chinese people in the mainland. Im privileged to be an American Citizen as a first gen. immigrant; I am truly thankful for the many people that gave their life and blood & gave me the freedom and rights. Praying for HK and mainland Chinese, may they experience true freedom. I will stand with you!!!

  15. I wish I’m wrong, but I think Hong Kong is gone. No one will get in a war against China to save Hong Kong. If you live there and enjoy freedom, better start to plan your life in another place… 🙁

  16. Up and down the coast from California to Oregon and Washington, young people from K-12 and College are being indoctrinated into Marxism and Anti-Western ideas. Our public schools are basically Communist and will become worse with BLM and its billion dollar$ worth of corporate donations re-shaping curriculums. This is how Portland and Seattle came to be. Indoctrination at every level since the 90s.

  17. Australian government here supports and lets Hong Kong people immigrate but then we always take China’s sides and never hold them responsible funny world we live in :/

  18. Hong Kong doesn’t exist any more. Its just another city in China now.

    Nothing we can do about it until after WW3 when we force them to give independence.

    There is literally nothing that West can really do to help. The CCP will never allow Hong Kong to be independent.

  19. A lot of stupid people down here trying to make this an American issue of “see, look how bad socialism is”, despite the fact that china isn’t even socialist.

  20. India and many countries fight more than hundreds years to gain freedom from ruler ….so keep fighting guys ..you will win late but you will win for sure in next few years …this fight will go long

  21. CCP will try hard to suppress this and all ur vids, I can’t wait for the day they start to go mainstream so more Americans aren’t so oblivious to china

  22. so you’re encouraging more HK people to cause riots in HK? Isn’t your wife from mainland China?? How come you don’t make this type of speech for the BLM movement?? lols…you would do anything for money at this point.

  23. I am a Chinese mainlander and I fully support HK and respect HK people tremendously. I had visited HK once, all I can say is HK people is gracious, intelligent and hard working. God bless HK people, God bless HK.

  24. I have a handful of friends from Mainland China and they are the nicest people ever. It saddens me that they come from a place where if you say something bad about them or their government, they will hunt you down and punish you. I support Hong Kong and their fight for political freedom. Stay Awesome Hong Kong!

  25. Every western society has had to fight to keep their rights and freedoms at least once in their history! The CCP will exploit peaceful protests so I’m afraid if Hong Kong wants to keep their rights they are gonna have to fight to keep their way of life.

  26. CCP will not show mercy if you fear it. It will take you everything whenever it needs, even you kneel down. It’s a thuggish mafia criminal organization at its fineset.

  27. As a HK-American whose self, friends and family in HK are terrified of and tired of the protests and riots, I don’t really agree with your opinions here. The peaceful protests were understandable and acceptable, and in fact I supported them last June until the Extradition Bill was abandoned. But we are now left with the most radical groups who do not tolerate criticism. We are tired of being told where to eat, yellow shops only. We are tired of being afraid to speak our minds in public and wondering if we might get harassed or assaulted. These things have nothing to do with China.

    These rioters have already taken away the very freedoms they claim China threatens, displaying the worst of hypocrisy I have ever seen in Hong Kong. They do not represent us. We want our freedoms back.

  28. We need to expel the communist loving globalists from our midsts.. “Made In China” Means made in a slave labor camp for zero cost where the worker has the threat of having his organs removed while he is still alive and screaming! These filthy scum are making themselves super rich by charging us a fortune and keeping all the proffits. TRUST NO1 the enemy is among us! Look for the “Made in China” sticker and you’ve just found someone guilty of slavery on the threat of being disected alive!

  29. It’s really sad how only a handful of shitty people can cause the suffering of so many. Not just in China and Hong Kong although they are the definitely prime examples right now, but all through history and all over the planet. Seems we’ll never learn

  30. Happy to see you support their protest! Keep it up! Just like you, I share the sentiments of Hong Kong. I pray that they will be able to secede from China and be independent, as they should be.

  31. This seems organized by NGOs various “Institutes For Translatantic Integrations” and similar, highly scholarly orgnaizations.
    BTW, where is the crowd?
    It looks like some school protest about safe spaces more than something that really divides whole country…

    Methinks you should retrace and reexamine your friends and acquaintainces circle.
    How many of them have met you totally by chance and how many were planted ?

  32. Look i sympathize but i saw video of violent riots. They were violently attacking people. I SAW THOSE ASSHOLES SET A MAN ON FIRE FOR FUCK SAKE !!! WOULD PEACEFUL PEOPLE SET A FUCKING HUMAN BEING ON FIRE ???? PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS SERPENTZA. SHOULD I BELIEVE MY EYES ???

  33. ocialism & Marxism are just two words meaning the same as Communism. We must keep the Democrats out! Vote Trump 2020 if you enjoy our freedoms and wish to keep them

  34. Is very true when a video having anti China, more people will subscribe to it. So will make more money on this. So inorder to increase number of subscription for survival , you do this .

  35. Shout out at 00:08 to my fellow Asian-Americans, who, 10 months ago, already were smart enough to wear face masks. I think that is why wearing face masks was never a big deal down here, as Pacific Islanders/ Asians, it is just part of the culture of kindness and respect to others.

  36. Last summer, thousands of innocent young people were murdered in HK and the whole world on the official level was silent. What a horror movie that was! Wait. That was the reality. What has this world become? I miss the Crusaders of the West. When they fought for Honor, Faith and Justice, they actually meant it.

  37. nice speech but nothing’s gonna change china is taking over already rich hongkongers will leave hong kong and mainland immigrants will fill the population of hong kong. 10 years later half of the population will speak mandarin as their 1st language

  38. Good work, man. But CYA at that event. Probably half of the attendees are stealth CCP. Beware the “friends” you make at such gatherings. Keep supporting HK, but stay on alert, friend.

  39. Support Taiwan, free Tibet,free Hongkong,free Manchuria,free east Turkestan. D eat h to commie the Poo, She Jinping💩 and his pet bitch Carrie Lam💩

  40. Wow all of their protests are peaceful aren’t they??? And why would they have a violent protest in the United States? They want their help not to destroy the country they bow down to.

  41. In reality, if Hong Kongers are unhappy with being ruled by the CCP, then its long past time to take Taiwan or the UK up on their citizenship offers.

    The CCP cannot be peer-pressured into relinquishing anything. If Hong Kongers truly want freedom, it can be earned. But freedom from tyranny always comes at great cost, both in blood and treasure.

    With the large number of billionaires and millionaires in Hong Kong, there is more than enough treasure available for a struggle for freedom. But how badly do Hong Kongers REALLY want freedom? How many lives is a few square miles of real estate worth?

  42. I am surprised no CCP goons were there to disrupt your speech and those by the Free Hong Kong supporters. It seems they get away doing this in Australia and Canada quite a bit.

  43. I have not watched Winston in so long I’m utterly confused – he has left China and isn’t married to that beautiful doctor anymore? Did C-Milk leave China as well? I’m going to have to catch up ASAP apparently lol

  44. 謝謝,or as we may say it – 多謝晒!this must’ve been around the time of the 9/29 global march/protests! I don’t know dates for that location, but my location had another around Halloween. GFHG, 香港人加油!

  45. In the news it was spoken about that China will take over Taiwan in 3 days in mid of january next year. I talked to a woman from there she laughed and said China can take us in 1 day, why 3 days.

  46. I was raised in Sha Tin for the first 4 years of my life. I live in the US now, but I want to say, thank you for this. It means a lot to not only the ppl of Hong Kong, but also to those that came from there long ago.

  47. I fully condemn his involvement in riots in hk. Politicians are beasts. They are not human beings. And by political activity serpentza becomes a politician too ..

  48. I don’t understand if you didn’t like China so much why did you stay for so long? You did immigrate there so it is not as if you had family ties keeping you from leaving.

  49. It’s pointless fighting against the ccp with words on their “lands” but I do respect Hong Kong protesters for their bravery as fruitless as it my be I hope you guys at least get your freedoms and liberty

  50. We’ll obviously Winston has no plans to ever go back to China or HK for that matter .
    But he sure has screwed things up for his wife and her family,not too considerate of him .
    For sure if his wife ever tries to get back in to China they will want to have a little chit chat with her

  51. Serpentza,
    It seems that in past months after you’ve become more free in your speech about China, that now you will never be allowed in China again.
    Can you please make a video to clarify this? “Will I ever be allowed in China again?”

    I’m wondering about it. So you’re basically out forever now?

  52. When the NewTerritories agreement was up, England did not have the ability to stop the loss of Hong Kong. Change is constant, sometimes not always for the best. The CCP has their own time table. Ugh!

  53. idk why CCP is making such a mess
    if they make policies which make us love china
    I guess we dislike US today
    However they do lots of stupid things
    anyway Good luck 兄弟爬山 各自努力

  54. Serpentza the videos that you have been creating lately has been creating lots of social media hatred. I understand China sucks right now but starting a war with another superpower usually doesn’t end well. And its not the leaders that die in this wars but the citizens of each country! Eventually a huge war will erupt again but it might be our last.

  55. Dude. People are no more free in the west. You wont get arrested in China for saying Chinese lives matter or it’s ok to be chinese. You will in the U.K. Are you western intelligence?

  56. I’m surprised and upset to hear that the Chinese government had been trying to dominate Hong Kong in spite of the fact they’ve been keeping a high degree of autonomy enough….
    Hong Kong 加油

  57. Comments up to 675 for something published near midnight eastern U.S. …It appears to this follower of this videographer (and the news) that Hong Kong is lost. The purpose now is to not let people forget what happened or forgive CCP…. Now we must save Taiwan.

  58. Yeah there was plans for 50,000 Hong Kong residents to come here to Ireland. And I’m really not on board with that, beacuse our Island is already being flooded with people from all world.

    Hong Kong has no identity that’s why it will fail, it is just a capitalistic and materialistic society. I mean what’s the culture there? Hong Kong cinema?

    Besides China is much stronger more determined than most countries around the world, and actually have a belief and sense of identity.

    Hong Kong is just a liberal money centre.


  60. SOMEONE please explain to me what these people hope to gain by holding protest in a communist country where they have no rights and can be imprisoned or killed for speaking out against China or its leaders. In order for. Hong Kong to regain THIER fredom being peaceful in no threat to china and china’s leaders They way I see it Hong Kong is holding no cards against china how do they expect to gain anything by holding PEACEFUL protest? ITS gonna take a flat out war by hong Kong and any other Countries willing to step in and support and fight with Hongkong for thier freedom against China.
    Tell me do you think any other countries are willing to go up against China right now?

  61. As people are being arrested more for this in Hong Kong, releasing this is a much needed moral boost for those who can’t say those words. Good on you Winston.

  62. CCP scrapped “1985 Sino-British Joint Declaration on Hong Kong” and have prohibited their citizens from following its own “1954 constitution” stating “PRC citizens have freedom of speech, assembly, press and religions.” This is definitely not a regime you can trust at all.

  63. I felt like I was abandoned as an overseas British subject in hongkong in 1997.
    the only thing I want to manifest is hongkong returns to the United Kingdom.
    will the UK take back HK ? the essence of hongkong is still very British and English. since the contract ,the sino British joint declaration, has been broken. the UK has every right to do so. hongkong may be in name Chinese, actually it is in substance still very British and English. hongkong was created by Britain when the Brits came to this barren land and fishing village. help us please. if you walk around and look around in hongkong, it is truly a former British colony. thank you. we hongkongers need your help.

  64. well-said! the problem with the hong kong situation is that 99.9999% of chinese people dgaf about anything other than money, food, and their own family…lol, not exactly the ideal fertile soil to plant the seeds of democracy.

  65. Knowing HK so well you should know that it was one the most free places in the world. What more would they want. I notice the the quest for freedom is not linked to any responsibility. You won’t miss the sun until it snows.

  66. Winston I’d watched a lot of your vids before coming to china in April 2019 so everything that happened to me ever since while I was still there felt more like deja vu rather than simply something I’d seen before it actually happened ,for that I’m so grateful to you my friend. If not you man I could’ve been in an….let’s say…an unfavorable situation by now.

  67. He Winston I’m curious about what you and Cmilk’s wives think about your support for Hong Kong? They still have family in China so wondering how they feel about probably never being able to go back? Not having a dig at you but genuinely curious. You are braver than me, I keep my head down and just try to not get involved with stuff like this for my own personal safety and that of my girlfriend since im going to be in China long term and would rather not get deported. Plus my girlfriend is local and has all her family in mainland China.

  68. Free Tibet, free Hong Kong, the ccp should be abolished and the rightful owner of all china be given back control. The rightful owner is the R.O.C. otherwise known as taiwan

  69. Let’s be real here. Even everyone from the rest of the world comes out to protest, China is either:
    1. Ignore what’s happening.
    2. Saying this is internal affairs, others should mind their own business.
    Things would not change unless Emperor Pooh is replaced with a more open minded leader.

  70. I was in HK last November, the violence was extremely bad , cops were savages pure and simple . I don’t see an easy way out for HK from those mainland savages

  71. I only went to Hong Kong once. It was back in the 90s. I found the people to be wonderful. It’s a combination of the best parts of the Chinese and British cultures. Truly wonderful. Now China wants to impose the worst parts of their culture on to Hong Kong.

  72. Hong Kong is Chinese sovereign land and the lease expired 15 years ago, so Hong Kongers have had ample time to make other arrangements. When you own land, a house, a factory, or a commercial premises, when the lease is up its up, your tenants dont get to make the rules regarding that property.

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