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  1. Great to see Sebastian looks like he back to his old self again . It’s great to see Som she looks happy wishing her all the best with College I sure it will give her confidence good luck the Som for the future . So many good people looking after these animals they are amazing . Always great to see your videos .

  2. Jonny willing to sponsor a dog but the nothing there apart from donate. Thats cool too but would love to sponsor. Will try her Facebook or email. Great blogs. Still trying to get back to Hua Hin. Next year

  3. your house looks good mate. I notice one opposite is for sale or rent i think? I was trying to recognise the entrance to your community. Is it one of the La Valees places in Hin Lek Fai?

  4. Thanks for the update on Cookie and Bridgette seems a Lovely person. Well Som certainly doesn’t think it would be a good idea for her model to have a hole in her mouth and be able to talk to you.

  5. Did anyone else expect to see Foreiner Joes dog when Jonny said he was going to the veterinarian to check on “Cookie” ? ….. ( Jonny , I thought you might have been watching Joe and Gifts dog while they were traveling up north )

  6. See if you can interview the lady who rescues dogs. She is doing a wonderful job, sounds American. I am sure she has a interesting story. Please send information on donating money. I live close to Chicago, IL USA.

  7. I’d have never thought I’d be proud to be a subscriber, but I am very proud to be one of your subscribers. I really hope I can get to meet you if I’m able to get my visa sorted out and get to Hua Hin.

    To anyone else seeing this comment, it’s just $33 to help or even half that if it’s what you can do, I put mine towards helping with dog food! Please give.

  8. I love your videos. Im 54 and retired. Im planning on moving to Thailand as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted. I was leaning on Arcadia Beach Resort in Pattaya , but once I saw your videos with Jira , I fell in love with Hua Hin. I’m also a diabetic and need medical insurance along with getting my insulin every month. Will that be an issue? I can’t wait to be there

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