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  1. Omg, really? What on earth is that supposed to do? These governments are laughing all the way to the bank. Who pays for these? Ah government making money, shocker

  2. I just hope the people of the world realize that all this bs is nothing but an attempt by the globalists, one-worlders, socialists to take down Trump, the freedom loving leader of the world, by destroying the world economy. Why is this pandemic dumped on the world by the Chinese on the year Trump is going for re-election? Except for natural disasters, nothing in the world happens by accident.

  3. Don’t let the naysayers and critics put you off, Brian. You stick to your guns. When (if) the CHIMMP is over, the face shield will be nothing more that a souvenir, from a deep, dark, scary time we went through. Whether others like it or not, it is a souvenir. Stay strong.

  4. It’s to complicated, remember where in the philippines. One word, no more then five letters. Maybe in Tagalog. Shame! Lol. Good work and current content!

  5. The Philipinnes is getting OUT OF CONTROL this is just so stupid that they have to engage this ridicules new law!!! Yet another way to make more money and guess who makes the most provide. If God wanted that I would wear a face mask and a shield he would provide this while I was born

  6. My wife sells those face shields for 30 pesos. I just saw the prices you saw and I told her to up the price and she said I don’t want to take advantage lol. Hey what a trip huh China causes this whole mess and then turns around and makes Bank on it.

  7. The Philippines government tyrants are as dumb and corrupt as the State governments of the Leftist Marxist Democrat governors. This entire scamdemic is the quintessential example of a massive hoax and the sheeple believe it without question. Masks have been proven scientifically over and over again to be ineffective against Viruses. Social distancing is ridiculous. Why do we all of a sudden think that we should quarantine healthy people? Some people are waking up and hopefully more will soon.

  8. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they started requiring many states in the United States to wear face shields. You think they are at each other’s throats over masks?! Wait until the face shield comes to the United States. Get out the popcorn to watch the videos of fights over face shields in the United States 😂🤣😂🤣

  9. Boy it’s just ridiculous over there in the PI.
    But at least it’s not Melbourne, Australia bad. They have gone fullblown authoritarian and should be forcibly removed by their citizens. 1 person per household can leave home once a week to go to a supermarket within 5 kilometers. If they try that nonsense here, you WILL see a civil war erupt, I guarantee.

  10. Apart from all this stupid control over people REMEMBER everyday the Airport’s are closed the more airlines will go bankrupt. And the fact is the country is finished without movement of people and especially tourism.

  11. *I left the PI three years ago for CONUS because of the unrelenting, daily dumb sh.t. Having to wear a mask is bad enough, but this useless ChiCom face shield takes the cake! It doesn’t make sense paying to be a second-class citizen in a third-world country.*

  12. what a pathetic cluster fu^k from people who dont have a clue on what is right or wrong….everything they are telling you is falsified and fraudulent statistics of this fake virus….by their definition if you have a fever, sour throat, cough or your butt hurts you have Covid19….everything you are being spoon fed is false and all done for political corrupt reasons….I have never seen such complacent and submissive citizens as Filipinos that will let their govt. bankrupt them, starve them to death and control every aspect of your life and no one stands up to say this is wrong….pitiful to watch….they will soon have you jumping through hoops before to long and laughing their arses off while everyone of you fall in line and salute

  13. Remember that Russian Vaccine from last week? Turned out to be nothing but Propaganda; they are not even as far advanced as some of the other Vaccines. They have only done stage 2 and are not releasing their findings whereas some of the other Vaccines are up to stage 3, maybe…

    All that happened was that they approved it well before it was proven so as to get the headlines… That is what happens in a Dictatorship…

  14. At 1st glance, it seems that you “Protect” the China man made problem – it should be CHIMMP DEFLECTOR! – as we all know that face shield are not immune to covid-19.

  15. I guess, now you only have to say “take care of the SICK” when you’re signing off. This is a sick show where everybody is compliant with everything. What comes next? A plug in everybody’s left ear? What a perverted world.

  16. Curious to see who is the Chinese businessman that bribed the government for permission to sell those shields. The box label you read says anti-spray, anti-fog, anti-smoke, oil splash proof. etc. I did not hear ANTI-VIRUS or specifically Anti-SARS-CoV-2. Can”t people read? Once a certain number are sold, there will be an announcement by the wise and incorruptible Phil government that you dont need the face shields anymore…

  17. If they want me to start wearing all kinds of crap then they can start supplying it for free , they have us locked down no work but we’re supposed to pay for more face protection doesn’t make sense , thanks for the walk 🇺🇸👍🥃

  18. You could’ve just put C.O.V.I.D. MASK on it. Call it like it is anyway. Number 19. Number 19. Number 19. Number 19. Hahaha Why don’t people wear shoes there instead of those crusty ol flip flops that carry bacteria?

  19. Hey that face shield looks cool on you😎just keep up your good sense of humor🤣nowadays you got to keep 😎no one wants to encounter an ugly person, thanks also for reading my comments, love the attention once in a while🥰take care and the familiy🤓

  20. Hi Brian greetings from Jenkintown. Brian China is the only country benefiting from this virus. This man made virus was because of trump starting to put tax embargos and tariffs on items that were never taxed. I work in retail and I thought we weren’t currently getting materials or trade from China and we received gloves vinyl from China and the box product name was Ha -Ha Fu. Google it. I work retail management and refused to use gloves or mask or even satizers from China. JUST LIKE YOU SAID A WAR WITHOUT A SHOT FIRED.

  21. Virus Made in china. Disposable face mask and face shield made in china. Vacine from china anyone? Btw face shield only cost 40 to 50 pesos in some parts of metro manila 😊17:58 your friend Robocop?

  22. I have enjoyed watching your channel . Some of the comments suggest covid19 is fake and others talk about rights or infringement here , but this virus is not fake and not enough is known about it . Philippines medical facilities are not equipped to Handle any serious outbreak and wearing a shield and mask DOES help droplets reaching your face as in nose mouth and eyes . Unfortunately ” Matigas na ulo ” is far to common in the Philippines and until people start to listen it will be a long time before any kind of normal will happen .. stay safe and take protecting yourself and your family seriously …160,000 plus dead in the USA so far

  23. If the masks and face sheilds keep the businesses open do as they ask. Bitching and complaining just makes you look petty. Filipinas adapted easily and are finding ways to make money as another way of commerce.

  24. Here in Illinois they are threatening to shut everything down again. If face sheilds prevents that, I am all for it. I am sure your store will be selling them.

  25. Now, if people in Manila do the same thing and wear mask like they are ordered, the pandemic will ease gently. That’s where the biggest problem is. People in Manila are very tenacious. They know more than educated professionals. Way to go Pampanga. Lead the way.

  26. The face shield is definitely NOT something you see worn in the USA. It’s hard enough to get everyone to wear a face mask. That is one thing that I hope has been eliminated by the time I move there

  27. The line outside Neneline Tourist Bar was probably for the Palawan Express that’s located behind the bar. I think the guy who said 150 for the face shield was joking. he was laughing when he said it and he’s right next to the place that told you 70 pesos.

  28. Hey bro…that korean kimchi restraunt gave me serve food poisoning when I was there last year….don’t eat there I nearly died….1 week sick with the runs…stay away from that restraunt..

  29. So there are Harley’s in the Philippines. That is the one reason I have been planning on retiring in Thailand is for the Harley,s. Are there any support there for them? And how difficult is it to import them into the Philippines?

  30. People here in Massachusetts are complaining about wearing masks when in stores. But outside, only social distancing is required. They should be happy its not like your area. You’re having to wear masks AND shields. I guess I won’t complain about the mask requirements here, it could be worse.

  31. In the states you paying at least $10 each shield, so stop pinching pennies no matter how you look at it, you are paying next to nothing for it. Everybody has to hustle and make money to feed their families, especially during this coronavirus, you are better off than most so support your local vendors and spend that extra 50 pesos, your still awesome 😎

  32. From what I’ve heard from the experts all these lockdowns and precautions are only prolonging the inevitable, that we’re all going to eventually get it sooner or later. The virus isn’t going to ever just stop on it’s own, my strategy is to delay catching it until they perfect the treatment to maximum efficiency, hopefully before the CCP releases COVID-20 on us.

  33. I like how you are wearing your shades at the same time….. I need to put something on mine as well, but like you, I don’t know what to put. Maybe “fake” or hoax or plastic, lol. be well my friend.

  34. My daughter has been wearing shields at her hospital for years to protect from pathogens/virus. They have always been a first line of defense to infer otherwise is wrong. To make light of the subject when so many are suffering and over 11,000 have died in California shows an indifference to our fellow human beings. I can only hope you do not have to suffer through a loved one on a ventilator knowing the end is nigh. I have a good friend who has and it is gut wrenching to see. Stop, you are better than this.

  35. Sue China, for releasing the chimmp virus!!!! then they have the gall the nerve to profit off their mistake whether intentions were good or bad what the heck kind of country is China God will judge China guaranteed!

  36. Good morning, Brian, cool slogan that you have given to your face shield. Btw, do you know if we can find a German Restaurant over there in Angeles City or in Clark ? We found a good mexican place when we were there.
    I see two people on a motorcycle, are they allowed to have passenger?
    Be safe!

  37. Brian, As a New Yorker, I know where this is going. Soon, on every street there will be homeless people and squatters with dirty rags or the better equipped ones might have a small spray bottle of dirty water too, just waiting for your to stop so they can pounce. Yes, “Squeegee Guys” are coming to the Philippines. They will start to smear your C.H.I.M.M.P. Protector with their dirty rag, under the guise of “cleaning it” and you will give them pesos just to stop, while you can still see through the thing. The next generation of C.H.I.M.M.P. Protectors will come with a little automatic washing system to help you recover should your not be fast enough to pay the “Squeegee Guy” off. It’s spiraling down hill fast, Brian.

  38. Cheapest – P65
    Most expensive – P150
    Nice video Brian. You’re a great American in the Philippines. God bless you, Lot, and Hannah Grace. Be safe out there!

  39. Hello Brian,
    there are many homeless people and “low-wage earners” there. I have a suggestion.
    I would do it myself if I were there.
    How about investing some money and buying 20, 40 or more face shields and giving them to the people who are living on the street. Because many of these people can’t afford it. With 70 Peso they can be full for the day.
    This is of course only a suggestion and not binding.

  40. “Chinese Man Made Problem” yet they’re making a profit of it for selling their own mask to other countries. “HOW IRONIC” isn’t it? And they say Communist isn’t a Capitalist…. Life’s a B.I.T.C.H.

  41. All these deaths world wide is no joke dont wish it on u family but i think ur attitude would differ if u lost a family member 10 of thousands have died

  42. Sir, with all due respect, referring to an entire culture as “Chimp” no matter how you broke it down Is inappropriate, and offensive to many. Also this disease is quite highly contagious via numerous avenues so extra precautions need not be criticized but adhered to for the safety and protection of you, me and the general public.

  43. …and may I proudly but irrelevantly add…” 1- 2- 3- 4 THIS AIN’T THE FU_K_N MARINE CORPS…DRIVE ON DRILL SEARGENT DRIVEOOOOOOOONN!!!…URAAAHHH!!!!!!

  44. Hi Brian, you seem like a nice guy and have a nice family in the Philippines! I’ve been watching your site for quite a while, and enjoy it! Question for you do the Filipinos selling stuff on the small tables and stands need permits to sell items like face masks? Note: info on myself: I was stationed in the P.I. 84-86 retired Military, married and still to my filipina wife, who still has relatives there in Angeles area, went back last year, we were going back this year, canceled (Coronavirus) was hoping to run into you at the Mall, maybe next time!lol

  45. Funny, how the mandate from Manila says face shield for public transpo has become face shield everywhere even just walking around.(Angeles, I’m checking out Mabalacat) Pisses me off cuz I’m riding around on my scooter, but I gotta carry a face shield under the seat or in my hand while driving.

  46. wow face shield is beyond crazy. They’re lucky i half wear a mask which reads ID 2020. No way im wearing a shield. slogan is cool. Good ice breaker.

  47. Love the slogan, but your slogan would indicate the virus was man made and it has been established that the virus is naturally occurring, perhaps from an animal. What the world wants to know is why, where and how. I doubt China will be forth coming with answers any time soon. If I’m wrong about the acronym (CHIMMP), feel free to correct me. Love your videos. Keep them coming and stay safe and healthy.

  48. This shit has gone on long enough. Yes I have lost a loved one to it. Freaking 8 months of stupid rules and laws why to protect us, give me a damn break. The absolute best course of action would have been to infect everyone 7 months ago (everyone). It would be over with by now and life would be back to normal. Yes some would have died maybe even me, so what. The world economy is crashing and people are still dying, this shit will continue until mid 2021 if we are very lucky at this rate. They could have had it run it’s course in a month or 2.

  49. Very nice. Like the slogan very much. My wife has to wear face mask everyday at work. Luckily she’s behind a glass Shield so she doesn’t have to wear a face mask.

  50. Again you are making your channel political by calling it the chimmp virus. Don’t you realize that is offensive to many people. If you keep this up you will have lost a loyal subscriber.

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