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  1. good info mate, enjoyed this video, interesting to see the new buses for replacing the jeepney i think? way less traffic than what i last saw in 2019. I’ll be there this Sunday to finally be back with my wife and kid, incidentally i will go directly to a Hotel after my covid swab test at the airport upon arrival, for 3 days or until result and if negative i go home to isolate, so the wife has me in the spare room and i’ll get room service for 14 days hahahaha….a bit over the top, but hey, at least i will be at home. Again, thanks for the vid mate, very good.

  2. Can’t get the economy going on two hours of pass time. read an article today on how the PCR test might be amplifying the number of cases around the world.

  3. Manila is on lockdown until September 31st, the french vaccine producer has dropped out of the COVID vaccine.comming up with a vaccine for this stuff is going to be tough I don’t see any travel into the Philippines unit a viable vaccine is found.

  4. Contrary to most countries were Governors and Mayor of major cities can modify country rules, in the Philippines every little Barangay King … Oups Captain…. Can make life more difficult for the people.

  5. Good video Rod. I recently heard on the news in the US that part of the reason for the explosion of Wuhan flu cases in the US is because they are testing at an enhancement of 40 times, which will pick up very old and tiny fragments of virus. The usual standard is 36 times and is very stringent. The doctor said at 40 times enhanced, you are not a carrier, you can’t spread the virus, you aren’t going to get sick. But it sure bumps the numbers up.

  6. Thanks for your informative channel Rod.
    It seems that some of the local government areas in PH are on power trips, making up some occasionally absurd rules, without considering the consequences, eg bike shields, etc.
    I love PH and have watched what is happening with a heavy heart.
    As you said, as foreigners, we probably shouldn’t get involved in local affairs, but it is difficult.
    As far as deaths on the roads, I am surprised that there are not more.
    The road rules for many drivers / riders, seem to be optional, as does holding a valid drivers / riders licence and vehicle registration.
    Best wishes, Peter.

  7. I’ve been in Cebu in 2015 and stayed at the resort hotel in Lapu Lapu, totally different now. To me it looks like, little Manila. Hoping your predictions will be right😊We can’t wait to travel and see my country again🤓Take care and thanks for the videos and info👍

  8. Rod, your guess, and predictions are as good as anybody’s.. I would think that if they want a big turn out for Sinulog, they would start the visitor visa 30 day give away again.. Waiting for the MGCQ was at best a joke.. It is basically the same as GCQ with a few more businesses open, although if they don’t give citizens the freedom of movement, how can the businesses prosper.. The airlines must have gotten a heads up from somewhere.. On the day of the first, looking at Cebu Mactan departures, there were markedly more flights departing instead of being cancelled, in particular PAL flights… You can even get to Hong Kong for connecting flights without a PRA test.. As always thanks for the video.. Take care Sir…

  9. the whole internet is full of expensive properties in the Philippines, even very close to the white beach. The next hurricane will destroy everything.Why are there travel warnings for the Philippines from the Foreign Office in Germany.

  10. Great video Rod. Very informative. ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, MGCQ there all the same for citizens. I think they’re more concerned with the businesses opening back up. Still need qpasses which means you can’t go anywhere overnight. If you go out on odd day and stay overnight then your qpass isn’t good the next day (even day). So how does that help the hotel industry. Over 60, under 21 is still restricted.

  11. Ive done the research. Im married with child. But you need to take all the certificates issued by P.S.A. (offical) Then if you go back to the usa then you will need to send your passport and documents to the philippine embassy in washington DC wait a week and get your visa to enter the philippines.. Go to their web sight and do you home work. Many married men not allowed to enter and sent back because of no visa.

  12. Yeah i agree maybe Dec/Jan for tourists they cannot depend on locals to fill the gap on tourists spending it just wont happen, would you agree that if i was to stay for a few days in Cebu the best places are near the Business Park and the Mall.

  13. You touched on something I learned when I first arrived in PH. 99% of the milk here is Ultra High Temperature (UHT). For a long time I didn’t understand why the milk was not kept in coolers. I can’t stand the “burnt” taste the milk has here. I agree dairy could be a good business to invest in.

  14. I will be back in the Philippines… September 11th 2020.. I do live in Manila.. The wife is telling me.. There are very few large buses.. On the streets of Manila.. You will need a Visa In your possession.. To get on an airplane… To go to the Philippines…

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