Nipa Hut Village at Loboc River, Philippines

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  1. Sure is different from Riverside..  I’m glad you got a scooter it’s the best way to adventure to all the nooks and crannies.  PS that is a funny helmet but I’m glad you are wearing it .  By-the way looks like no more rain here in SOCAL the hills should be all nice with a green carpet unfortunately that will not happen this spring season.

  2. Nice Henry!  Great to have you back in Country!  I have been doing the “City Mouse” thing in CrAzY Manila.  Traffic is INSANE.  We went to visit my GFs family in Surigao (took the 2Go Ferry) and had week in province with them.  Power was out 4 of the 6 days and internet was as fast as dial up…but we had fun around lake Mainit and saw some of the beautiful county in that area between Surigao City and Butuan.  We hired a multicab for a few days to explore. We tried to get over to Bohol (Jagna) but the (New) ferry schedule only runs on Sundays and we had to get on the big boat back to Manila.

    1. 2Go took over many lines and routes and they tightened up their schedule – in our case to and from places in Bohol.  The routes to Bohol from Surigao are gone and Butuan is just once a week to Cebu.  There are a few runs (most are Sunday as well) with smaller carriers but they cannot be purchased on-line.  Anyway, you were not back to Bohol we would have missed you live and in person – but next time…we will do Bohol and meet up 😉

    2. Good to hear from you again.  I can’t fathom Manila for more than a few hours.. too crazy for me.  ha!  Oceanjet runs to Bohol daily but have to catch from Cebu.

  3. Salamat! Thanks for sharing! We really enjoyed to see more than what we did see 2008 in Loboc River, even that was so stunning too in the floating restaurants in a GREEN river!

  4. Watching these video’s just plain gets me pumped! Can’t wait to get there for my own adventures,seriously beautiful areas here.Did I mention it’s cold,grey and raining here in Washington state as it is pretty much every day ;-D…Like I said,can’t wait to get there.Thank’s again for your video’s Henry,you put some warm smiles on our faces:-)

    1. @Scott F Scott…my wife of four years is Filipina.  She and I both like the simple life.  I am only 60 but I am retiring and am going to give a good effort at making it in the Philippines.  If you live a minimalistic life you need less money…..and she wants to work another ten years or so.  I think we can be very happy without the big expenses.  Doctor visits are about $7!

    2. @wishen4fishen2  I have spent a large part of the last 6 winters in Cebu.  Bohol intrigues me too.  I am retiring near Catmon north of Cebu City.  Hope to spend time on Bohol. Henry does a good job on these videos doesnt he?

    3. @Scott F I’m going too.I’m not leaving the states for another 9 months though.Just retired early from the company I worked for 23 years so I have allot of loose ends to take care of,including selling my house.Thank’s for the suggestion and interest bro.                                     Peace

  5. Another good video and thank you for that. Just a beautiful place. I wonder if you can fish the river? Or if there are any fish that you can catch in eat.

  6. See, this is why I enjoy watching your video’s. 🙂 You’re not afraid to go off the beaten path, and get a way from the typical resorts.  This place looks like a great get away place.  Not fancy, but if you want to get away from the honking horns of Cebu city, or work on your meditation, this may be just the place. Thanks.

    1. Actually, that is the same price quoted online.  I’ve stayed at places below 750P and, let’s just say those places didn’t have the same charm.  🙂

  7. Love all your videos Henry-they’re just great. No pixi dust here, you really
    give your viewers a realistic view of life there in the Phils. If someone
    wants to move there, I’d suggest they watch all your videos. I enjoy them.
    I wonder what you use to make a video ??- a cam corder ?? or maybe
    a camera with video capability?? Could you tell the viewers what you use
    that is compact, and will deliver clear video with great audio capablity??
    I’m not a hi-tech guy and would like to upload a video-thanks a lot !!!

    1. I have actually been using an LG Phone-Cam for everything.  It has about 4 megapixel resolution.  Kinda sucks for low light, but outdoors does very well.  I prefer it over a handicam since many times I am out in town I’m not carrying a square-shaped vid-cam.  But I always have my phone with me for when something interesting is going on.  🙂

    1. Perhaps it’s something else, an allergy perhaps?  I only drink bottled water in the PH.  The tap water I use only for bathing, dishes and brushing teeth.  I’ve used both city water and province water that way with no problems in 2 years.  But for drinking, definitely only bottled water.

  8. Henry I can see very well that you love it there,good for you,Nipa Hut Village looks like a nice peaceful place to visit,anyway we will be there about the 2nd or 3rd of May and will stay until about the 2nd week of July,we plan a short trip to Bohol hope we can meet up sometime while were there.Cheers

    1. Manila is as old as your American Indians so expect a chaotic, unplanned, densely packed, highly urbanized huge city. It is generally safe, safer than San Francisco or New York but there are areas to avoid most notably Tondo, the oldest area, much like avoiding Oakland, Tenderloin, Mission, the Bronx and hundreds more. There are no open drug use or hundreds of mentally ill roaming around but there are street kids begging. You see, crime in Manila or the Philippines in general, except Mindanao (even locals avoid it) is so sedate compared with the US. I’m sure you are already numb with criminals in your country

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
       Thank you for your response, i do want to go to Leyte to visit a  lady  friend and her family that i have been in touch with for a few years. hopefully i wont have to fightoff  anyone, they reside in talcoban.

    3. Two places I, personally, have no interest in visiting are; Manila and Mindanao.  I’m no big fan of traffic, smog, urban blight or crime so.. no Manila for me if I can help it.  And the State department warnings for Westerners about going to Mindanao simply cannot be ignored.  Yes, people tell me Davao is beautiful and safe.  I’m sure it is.  But.. you gotta pass through some unsafe territory to get there and ‘safe’ is a relative term.  So.. Mindanao is off my list.  I’ve heard warnings for Masbate and Leyte, but mostly it’s Manila and Mindanao I have no interest in.  Too many other wonderful islands to explore first.  🙂

  9. There is just no people there, that strikes me. Is there any mobile mosquito net that you can bring along and set up when you need it? I sure would want that I think

    1. I remember renting out a nipa hut at Alona Beach Diver’s resort.. it’s right on the beach.  A decent room and at 600p on the beach not a bad price either.  But.. for about an hour I could hear the neighbor reciting some book in German really loud.  One thing about nipa huts.. not very sound proof.  ha!

    2. Mosquito nets come installed over the beds, so it’s not an issue.  I loved that I caught it on a quiet weekday, very tranquil, no neighbors to deal with.  🙂

  10. There is a lot of natural beauty but 750 pesos?  That seems pricey for such simple and basic accommodations.  I wonder how much do they charge an ordinary Filipino couple?  That sounds like a tourist price…

    1. @Omar Jad Al Farid the rate was already posted on their website, so they didn’t hike it up at all, it’s their daily rate for everyone.  even so, yah.. for the same price i can get a single room at the GV Towers in Cebu with all the modern amenities.  but.. out in Loboc, the entire town is maybe 2 blocks.  plus it’s got that ambiance for a romantic getaway.  🙂

  11. My fiancee and I stayed there a couple nights in 2012, I really enjoyed it, there were no mosquitoes, I thought being as close to Loboc river would be a bug haven but I only had to dispatch on of those little guys,  but it was a little too primitive for my fiancees daughters so we traveled on to Dumaluan resort there on Tagbilaran which they seemed to like a lot more.  I would recommend if going there for the first time you can hire a driver and vehicle at the fast boat ferry terminal for cheap, and he will take you where you want to go and even suggest a few neat places that are a little lesser known that are really a sight to see.

  12. This is my mother’s hometown and we used to swim that river hahah! If you want nature and good people, this is the place you would want to be. Perfect place to unwind. I miss that place.

    1. @matt hajas some say it’s overpriced, but to me it’s ‘fair’ considering Loon is about a 1-block town with not much going on but the river cruise and great scenery.  and it has that remote, romantic location thing going for it.  🙂

    1. I had a job building custom fences for new houses in Poway in 1986 when the residential boom was starting. Gets kinda hot out there in summer.

    2. @Craig Sundberg I used to lived in Southern California and residential boom hits the small suburb of Poway outside San Diego. So I moved my wife (Americana) and my baby girl to the last frontier ALASKA, & lived there for 15 years. Three years ago we moved and drove through the AlCan hi-way the Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, visit a friend in Edmonton. From the Canadian side the view of Montana’s rolling plains & mountains are amazing, the whole moved was a trip!! 
      Now residing in Oregon where it also have that Philippine feeling- rainy and green, minus the coconut trees and tropical beaches. There’s no place like home and will be retiring soon. Nice to meet you here in YouTube Mr. Sundberg kumosta na lang sa imong asawa. It’s STILL SO serene by the bamboo dock I must say!

    3. @maunaka0ne
      I am inbetween, I like being close to a city for all its amenities.
      Of course nobody goes to the Philippines for the hustle and bustle 😛
      But if you want quiet, you gotta come to Montana, my wife (Filipina) Is amazed at how quiet it is here.

    4. @Craig Sundberg I respect your opinion, but I”m not a city loving man.
      I prefer the country or provincial lifestyle. I would hate to see tall buildings, rush hour traffic, mass transit in my island. More people more crimes. 
      I’d rather hear the sound of the waves, swoosh of the Philippine Eagle overhead, the calling of the hornbill, etc. than the honking noise of the traffic jam & NOx in the air.

    5. @maunaka0ne Not true, I have been to many wonderful Cities, Manila is not one of them.
      Cebu is nice, Tokyo, and Seoul you can eat off the street, etc.
      Manila is just an example of exploitation of the poor and zero planning when building.

  13. I’ve been to the Philippines several times and Loboc River is my most favorite place.  I highly recommend the Loboc River Resort just southeast of town.  I’m so glad to see that they are open for business again.   They had to close for about 6 months to repair damage from the 7.2 quake.  The fireflies are amazing.  Kayaking on the river, the floating restaurants, Chocolate Hills, you are close to everything.  Reekay, thank you so much for all your hard work producing these videos.  You really are spot on most everything.  You’re a righteous man! 

  14. The Loboc River in Bohol is 2.83 kilometres of clean water and lush vegetation. One can experience the river cruise offered here where you can enjoy an hour-long ride while feasting on a sumptuous buffet offered in the floating restaurants, all while being serenaded and entertained by the singers on board.

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    1. +Our Philippine Life i enjoyed it. kinda rustic but comfortable. not much else to do in loboc apart from the river cruise. and this is located just down the path from the docking point.

    1. i know this sounds crazy but.. those two girls that you showed in your video.. i am about 99% sure lyn and i ran into both of them in dumaguete yesterday. we were at a 7-11 getting an ice cream and spoke with them for a bit. small world.

  15. Can you email me personally. I too am from Southern Cali and even in San Diego the 5/15/163 freeways are getting to look like the 405 even at 10 am? Do these people work? Why are there so many people. It’s called over crowding. You can email me directly at [email protected] I really enjoy your videos and am planning to first visit early next year.Please email me so we can talk. I’m 46 and really want to come to that part of the world. Already lived in Thailand for more than 6 months.Thanks.

  16. These are simply a wonderful video … *and so I raise my thumb 233 far up !* … I wish you a good start in the weekend and greet with a sunny smile : )) from Germany by *” Eddy “*

    1. you can charter a van to get there. it’s about 45 minutes or so from Tagbilaran pier. Bohol, Loboc, is several islands south of Manila, not sure what it is in miles but, it’s quite a way.

  17. Really secluded out in true nature that hasn’t been disturbed too much from the looks of things…Still looks somewhat pristine ~ Wonder if there’s any fish left in the river or if they’ve dynamited it all out (which is usually the norm)…Looks like a great place to “drown a fly”…Seemed a bit pricey at P750 but maybe it included breakfast or something added in…I’d imagine the Filipino price is P400/500 max…

  18. You’ll be sorry if you come back there at night. Mosquitoes will practically carry you and eat you alive. Kidding aside mosquitoes are rampant at night. Bring some spray to wade off mosquitoes.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Hello from L.A! Mosquitoes…do you know or heard of anyone getting dengue? If so, was it pretty bad…what was the recovery like…was blood transfusion administered, etc.??

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