No Electricity?.. Go to the Beach!! – Dauin, Philippines

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  1. Now that’s the way to spend a day. Not saying you are not a good fellow but my guess is the dogs smelled chicken on the bag.LOL 74 and a wake up. Yipee!

  2. ahaahh you look happier than a lizard on a hot rock. Awesome! After years of haggling with the Veterans Administration for almost having my whole arm blown off  during the war, they finally gave me my 100% disability income and I will soon be joining you there. I was sewn back together haphazzardly in a makshift tent hospital but never been the same …enjoying your vids, hopefully we’ll cross paths one day

  3. BTW which gopro did buy? I have the very 1st gopro that was first sold about 5 yrs ago and it sucks. Do you have the Hero3 Silver or the Black with the remote? Which would you recommend…. thanks man

  4. Love this video, Henry. Reminds me of 25 years ago when I still lived in Nasugbu, Batangas my province. Every morning i would take the 10 minute walk to the beach so i can go fishing with my water-kite while the sea was still calm. While typing this I can still see the placid surface of the sea in my mind’s eye, smell the salt in the air and the sharp scent of those small plants that grow on the beach (they kinda look like bigger version of iceplants that we have here in SoCal), feel the gentle warmth of sunlight on my skin, and hear the sound of the water as it gently caresses the sand….

  5. they waiting for that last couple pieces of chicken that someone will eat later. since you alone there at the says why cant it be me so what i’m a dog its henry give me lol well even the dogs know your name lol sad puppy eyes lol

  6. You look like a little kid in the water,,, hey Henry it’s anybody watching the World Cup soccer there. I hear there it’s many mestizos or espanoles there that love soccer in dumaguete ? Ok portate bien. Take care your self.

  7. Awesome way to enjoy the power outage. On the rare occasion that we lose power here, I sit in my office and stare at my computer screen like a zombie until in it magically comes back to life and I’m back to work … lucky me. Needless to say, I prefer your scenario. The GoPro looks great!

    1. Thanks.  When power went out on Bohol and I was in the province, I’d swing in my hammock with a book.  Or I’d go to Alona Beach.  🙂

    1. Many, but not all, of the truly “white sandy beaches” are owned by the resorts and can be used with a ‘day pass’.  But others are free, Moalboal and along the south-west coast of Panglao are two that I know of.

  8. Question?  What type of camera do you have that you were able to use it underwater like that……………..please tell me……………..

    1. For my videos (now), including the underwater footage.. I use a GoPro Hero3 Silver edition vid-cam.  A very good camera, I’m really enjoying it.

    1. Absolutely.  The channel running between Cebu and Mactan has ships going through it 24/7.  You have to go to the resorts at Mactan or further north/south of that channel for clean beaches.

  9. Henry, This the Fun police, it has been brought to my attention that you are in violation of the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness addendum treatise  of It’s more fun in the Philippines declaration of joviality. Therefore you have been warned to cease and desist from having too much fun. However you have ninety days to submit reinstatement of said joviality clause for further disapproval.

  10. Sounds Like Journey’s “When the lights go down in the city” Henry, please keep ’em coming. You have evolved immensely. Video titling. Graphics. Sound editing.  Using GoPro3HD Video-Camera, definitely up your game. Do not discard your musings, discourse, and or ramblings, because they are an integral part of this video blog. Napakaraming salamat sa iyo.   Thanks for sharing.  BoxxerRose does shout out to artist and song.. I had that tune in my head for a couple of days, trying to figure out who and what?  Am I even close.?!   Later   

  11. Thank you very much for this video!
    For me personally, Dauin is the place to start. It seems to be clean, nice, and its easy to get to Dumaguete with its hospital, mall and immigration office, Siquijor, Apo and Cebu Island are all nearby. It has sea, beaches, mountains what else can you ask for?
    Looks like a good place to build up a nest from which to explore the area.

    1. thanks.. it turned out to be a very relaxing day.  🙂  oh.. and about an hour after i got home, power came back on.  can’t ask for much more than that.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Thanks for the info. You are really doing a great job with your posts and your whole attitude about life. Best of luck to you. I hope to meet you some day in Dumaguete. 

    1. Yep.. but I’ve no plans to be dying out the grey it took me years to get.  ha!  I went through too much to get it.  🙂

  12. Pluto_Kins.. I’m staying permanently in the PH, in Dumaguete for at least this year.  Maybe I’ll move again, been living on Mactan, Bohol and Panglao over the last 2 years.  Just kinda taking it one day at a time.  🙂

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines thanx for ur videos im here in Cebu now at red planet ,wondering wheres a good place or tour to go on for starters ? not too expensive ty james

  13. so jealous reekay, what a nice day and peaceful, reminds me when i was kid don’t care for anything just hanging out with my friends,now, I’m day dreaming at work….thnks for sharing.

  14. When life hands you stale bread, make toast! Nice clear water goes well with your new equipment. Have you considered getting a small pack battery for your phone? I got one on Amazon for $15 the size of a role of nickels. A great little accessory when your phone can’t be easily charged.

  15. Sir you said your phone red lined, so what cam are you using. every time I go home to the Philippines I keep forgetting to take an underwater camera.

  16. Ahhh ain’t life grand!! Can’t wait for my turn! 4 months can’t come fast enough… I think my better half and I will be investing in a go pro like that!! Thanks again for sharing your life with us suckers out west.. Lol

  17. Awesome Henry!  I’m so anxious to get there.  I guess my wife has cousins living in Dumaguete so we’ll have an “in” there.  We’re planning a trip next year around February and are going to look around Bohol/Cebu area and there in Dumaguete.  You have that look on your face in this video that I really miss – “Wow, I can’t believe I’m here”

  18. Looks absolutely gorgeous there Henry, and the water is
    so crystal clear, and I bet warm like you say. I know that in
    California it’s quite cold even in July–I was there quite awhile.
    I wonder if you had a friend shoot the underwater scenes for
    you. You know even the dogs must know your a foreigner, and
    are just trying to make buddies with you, for an extra bite to

  19. You gotta watch out for the box jelly fish. I hear they are quite
    deadly with their stings, and really leave bad scars, There are
    not a lot of them there, but there are some. They would sooner
    drift away from you, than sting you–thank God. Just always bring
    some vinegar to neutralize their stings, if U ever get stung. From
    what I’ve read there’s quite a few in Palawan. Can’t live your life
    in fear though, so I guess you need a little luck. What the hell am I
    doing up here in Canada–when paradise awaits !!!
    BTW- I read that people have died from stings-“box jelly fish”

  20. I bought a couple of USB Charge packs in Canada before I left and they were excellent to have for extra power when/where there is no power.  Mine are even waterproof.

  21. Henry –You have outdone yourself –this was a very good video and makes me rethink where I will go when I return back to the Pi –I only wish Dumaguete had a international airport so I could fly from HK then go to there !

    1. Henry what do u think of Puerto Princessa !==I
      hear it may be better then Dum and also where did u meet ur GF now ? And do u miss ur ROOSTER crowing in the background >> U know u were a great act together or did ur buddy become CHICKEN SOUP ??

    2. I’m happy here, Duma has a little of everything within 30 minutes drive.  But I still want to backpack my way around some other places “just because”.   🙂

  22. I just want to say to you that i really Injoy your videos. I think you should have your own tv show traveling the world. But anyway. Be safe and injoy

  23. You are near @ the beach reasord of my auntie ceta the name of my auntie beach reasord is puertocita beach reasord and most of the People in dauin is my relative and there is also my own praperty.

  24. Looked like at least 150 meter swim to the deep or where any coral or fish would be, Apo island looked hazy i guess you are about 10 miles from Dumaguete.
    Still any beach is better than no beach, beach bum dogs looked healthy, for sure the smelled the manuk in the bag.

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