No Way in and No Way Out! Koh Chang Island เกาะช้าง

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  1. I stayed at Emerald Cove koh chang, it was verry good. They wanted 6000 bath a night. But then I say to my girlfriend that we find another place. Then it dropped to 3500 bath so then we stayed for 3 nights. The bath was 40% cheaper to my currency then . so it was ok

  2. Hi Chuck & Paige. Enjoy the videos. Latest from Integrity Legal this morning, now Thailand wants you to 14 day quarantine in your own country prior to getting a charter/private flight and then another 14days after arrival. Like you say, Thailand requirements change daily. Take care. Be safe

  3. My November flights are cancelled, just talked to my agent and they are already processing my refund.
    2020 is sucking ass.
    Maybe June, July or later in 2021
    Wife us pressed but oh well

  4. What a place to be STUCK 🙄 I’m still hoping for February but it’s looking less likely with everything being unsettled and I can’t take a chance on getting stuck in Thailand. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  5. Chuck, keep on VLOGing & we’ll keep on watching. Trust me, it’s still a whole lot better than here. We’re not even allowed to go to the beach w/one or more people here in Hawaii & flu season is coming.

  6. I love the way Page dances smiles and makes fun behind your back when your talking. I love the way she teases you. She is an absolute treasure. Love the videos from the islands. Hope your stuck there for a long time. Aloha from Hawaii. Chuck

  7. Nice vid chuck😉
    I love travelling in thailand. Super friendly people. I used to live in indo n thought it was great at the time but no way it can even come close to Thailand’s amazing friendliness🥰

  8. Hi Guys Great Video as always, today in Udonthani the weather is Sunny and back to normal thx God, i have never seen so many rain in September and dry season just around the corner, stay safe Guys Cheers

  9. I agree with you about the restaurant area in Kaibae Beach. that little alley past the two story bar/ restaurant in front. A few little seafood restaurants back there . Not sure which one you went to but I went to the second or third one down. I ate there every night when I was there because the seafood was so damn good and it was cheap. You don’t have the Phuket prices there

  10. Build that damn brick oven!…..haahah… out back….we know u got the perfect spot….ha!…great relaxing vid……something about the rain in Thailand, i love!❤👍

  11. Hope the international borders open again very soon !!! Right now we’re enjoying Thailand through your awesome travel vlogs – Brilliant as always,
    thank you 👍🙏🏽😘

  12. the STV is bogus………The major issues: Housing contract, approved quarantine hotel paid for, Negative Covid 19 test, Fit to fly sheet, Insurance, proof of funds & round trip flight. All of this has to be completed outside of Thailand. Plus, Expect to pay over 60,000 Baht for the govt approved accommodation. Did I leave anything out? Oh yea…. The Covid test is nearly impossible to get because the turn around is 4 to 7 days. The appointment at the Thai embassy is based solely on your negative test result ……..Mission impossible. Just buy the Elite visa. Boom, Im out.

  13. Hey Chuck, If you stay at Dewa and get a chance, go eat at Ramayana if it is open. The food is made at the Karatee kitchen at the entrance to the Ramayana resort, maybe the kitchen is open.

  14. Hi we go to Chang twice a year (normally)
    If you read this, did you notice if any of the pizza
    Places where open?
    As we have found that
    They are real Italian
    And one reason we like
    The place. Thanks

  15. I see so many shops as you drive pass, but don’t see any people, are those shops aimed for tourist! Comeon Thai government wake up, they could easily let tourist from low risk nations such New Zealand, Australia( exclude melbourne) , with just a week or two quarintine.

  16. Hi Chuck & Paige, all your vlogs are interesting guys, you just have a knack of making what possibly could be “ boring” your words at oodies 😉 into good informative fun vlogs, keep up the good work, stay safe 🙏… ps we’ll never leave you guys, sorry you are stuck with us 👌👌

  17. We stayed and The Dewa a couple of months ago in one of the villas and loved it! Koh Chang not our favorite island but everywhere we ate there was very good! Hope the weather starts getting better for you!

  18. Aloha Chuck/Paige, I’m a new guy tracking you guys in your video, love them. Learning something new every video. I’m retired Army, you’re advertising Army on your body and hats,

  19. Chuck, I plan on heading out to Koh Chang, but are you saying it’s impassable now? I was hoping to meet up with you as 1 of your subscribers. I plan on leaving chon buri on the 28th of Sept. Please if you have time and see this message, please let me know either way if i can meet up or it’s not recommended. thanks

  20. kinda funny over there , they spend several months clamping down on people living there on tourists visas saying they dont want that kind of person in thailand then turn around and start handing out 9 month visas LOL

  21. Shame about the weather Chuck but it soon clears up on Koh Chang and once the sun shines again it really is so beautiful there. Looks like a really nice resort your at might have to try that next time I’m there! All the best from UK hope the rain clears up v soon and you get your long awaited Omelette 😂

  22. Hi o Chuck & Paige, I would like to see rain here. We are in a drought could really use some rain. Love driving around with you get to see more that way. I know you dislike crowds, but just you wait lol. You will get your omelette after they leave. Omelettes are my favorite egg style – cheese omelette. I don’t get hot dogs & beans with so-called farang breakfast. Apparently a substitute for fried potatoes and bacon or sausage but really not farang. Really enjoying your vacation with you two. Beverly, old lady in Vermont

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