No Wedding Ring. A little Road Trip To Mukdahan มุกดาหาร

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  1. I enjoyed the shopping trip today, some time unique items for sale. You had me going with the wax figures,
    I thought one would spring to life for sure. Thank You for another great video. You Rock!

  2. Morning Chuck and Paige, looks cold there, its going to be 43 degrees Celsius here in couple of days, very hot… not excited…lol… keep up the great videos… stay safe.

    Glenn and Tracey.

  3. Hi Chuck. Wow, 10 deg C in Thailand I thought you lived in the tropics. However, you referred to cold temperature before. Don’t they have heating facilities in homes there to keep warm?.

  4. I’ve subscribed to your notime2bhungry channel. Now I know why I like so much Pookie’s way, she’s Dragon as I am too. You make an awesome couple. ATB.

  5. I have also lived in Thailand (Buriram) for the past four years. Enjoy the videos and I really like the amount of Thai language that are in them. I struggle with speaking Thai and this is something very helpful in your videos. I can speak enough to go to the market by myself but not much more than that.

  6. Another cool video……and those monks….seriously….that was some master artwork….wax?….and that one with a cigarette in his hand…

  7. What was your weather temperature agasin? Here in Edmonton Alberta, it was around 6 C….warm (for a few hours only) but the ground is frozen and tonight will be -10 C. However, I’d rather be where you are. Cheers

  8. It was 9c here in pahokee Florida just 32 miles west of palm beach. I live less then 2 miles from lake okeechobee . Kai is having similar temps up in naung wang

  9. I have a pellet pistol and pellet rifle I want to pack in my shipping. My Wife does not want to pack them and thinks we can get into trouble at Port Customs. But I see they can be bought in Bangkok. Anyway I’ll will leave them here. That wax museum is indeed fantastic. You just never know what your going to see next in Thailand. They are great artisans.

  10. this was a great video. i could spend most of the day at the market you went to. they used to have outdoor flea markets like that where i live, now they are all cookie cutter chain stores.I love the life you live, best wishes from chicago il.

  11. Great video, I love Muk. Wonder if that casino is operating in Savanakhet given the closed border, usually filled with Thai people. I used to visit that casino several times during construction and soft opening, I sold them elevators when I worked in Vietnam. If I recall, the owners or holding company was based out of Guam, of all places.

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