Old Dog, Paul in the Philippines

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Travel Warning to the [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks


  1. I have seen the advisory. I don’t care what the Department of State says. As long as they don’t prohibit travel I will go to the Philippines when possible.

  2. Only get your information on Travel.State.Gov never listen to a thing from Facebook or social media. But, yes this is the warning for Philippines according to the US State Department.

  3. Don’t believe what you see and hear, as they customize crap to get numbers, which equates to fat profits on sales, so if they generate hype, that usually generates followers which brings it all back to fat profits
    Remember at best, the news is half truth’s and whole lies

  4. about 1/2 the population in the usa has received at least 1 shot. the waiting lines are way down. they are closing some of the mass vaccination sites. lots of folks will not get the vaccine.

  5. The US department of travel state Govt. Recommends not to go to Philippines Because of high Covert 19 They list it at number 4 On the red list

  6. it is funny that the United State issued that State Department Warning. The United States has a Higher rate of Covid-19, Yes it will go away because people are building up their defense and in their body.

  7. I haven’t seen that message. I haven’t seen much about international travel, other than illegal at the West boarder. It seems illegal is approved, but all of us are not. This needs to be over, so we can travel

  8. I heard Mai say she used papaya soap , we grow papaya in Thailand and when you pick we where gloves as the white milk that comes out when picked green will give you a rash.

  9. 9:54 Hey Paul. Amazon has both chat and call options here in the US. Have you tried accessing Amazon from a VPN server based in the US? I’d leave a link for it, but I don’t think YouTube would allow links in comments. Log into Amazon -> Customer Service -> Need more help (at the bottom) -> Contact us, and you’ll likely end up speaking with someone from a call center in the Philippines.

  10. Maybe the US, UK, etc., have realized how much “Retirement money” will be leaving their borders as soon as travel opens, so they’re trying to stop it?

  11. Hysteria seems to be the norm in the USA these days, one crappy news story after another.
    Per State dept warning: Do Not Travel to:
    The Sulu Archipelago, including the southern Sulu Sea, due to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, and kidnapping.
    Marawi City in Mindanao due to terrorism and civil unrest.
    Reconsider Travel to:
    Other areas of Mindanao due to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, and kidnapping.

  12. Paul, there is a notice out by the state department as it seems there is a risk now by China trying to illegally grab US residents of interest with certain backgrounds in the Phils and kidnap them out of the country back to China. Some intel shows that China is causing issues for the Phils government also and even taken steps to build platforms in Phil territory out in the Sea. The world is watching now what China’s intentions are for the Phils as intel shows the only way they would stand a chance of taken Taiwan they would first need full control of the phiils. For that reason the State department wants all Americans to be on high alert especially when around the casino’s which seem to have many Chinese that may be working for the Chinese intel community.

  13. Can you talk about 50+ expats in the Philippines who have Erectile Disfunction and they marry or have filipina partners. How do they keep the relationship since most of them can not even use viagra due to other medical conditions they have. Can you talk about this subject to be objective about it?

  14. The Phils has 8 different vaccines available through an international fund. The only one that so far of them all not verified to actually work is the Russian version. It seems they only put out some very early premature vac that looks like it was stolen from a hack they did to a Candian vaccine lab in April 2020. The Vac that was hacked and stolen was nowhere near complete or even tested to work so if you get to choose which one you get stay clear of that version. The most promising ones is the two mRNA versions because they do not change your system they just hand the signature of what Covid looks like to the immune system to be on watch and attack it ASAP if it should see it come inside the body. (50 years in the making seriously) Pfizer and Moderna are the only mRNA vaccines out there and still after millions injected the only ones with zero issues as of yet. But why should there be it is just giving your immune system the picture of what to watch for. Just like how the FBI hands out wanted posters. It is also the new way of vaccines for the future. Stay Safe.




  16. The only thing that would scare me going there is CCP. Covid, not really scared, God gave me an immune system. They are killing small businesses to make people reliant on government. Also get people use to digital payments. It’s all about control. I call it the new abnormal.

  17. Hey Paul, I couldn’t watch live but saw the comment about using Amazon Chat. I get the wanting to speak to an actual person; however, I’ve used Amazon chat several times and they are very helpful. I believe they are actually at Amazon and not a call center.

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