Old Guys

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What about the younger generation?


  1. As soon as this alleged pandemic is over and travel restrictions are lifted, I would like to hookup with you and talk about the area there. I will reach full retirement in 2 months. Just pondering some thoughts and will be looking for a gal and some of the tourist hotspots. Glad you are feeling better. Love your videos. Regards to Baby Mae. P.S. I Love Old Folks too. Got my stimulus.

  2. The Younger Men that sit in there mommy and daddies basement and comment on people that are trying to better themselves and improve one selfs real brainy acts and week minded people.

  3. Hello.
    Great video.
    Mae is definitely a keeper.tell mae to not listen to the negative assholes.a lot of the problem is the younger guys don’t have any respect for women and others.
    Stay safe have a great day

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