1. Troy, how are you able to travel between Cambodia and Vietnam during the Kia virus? Arriving in Cambodia requires $2k dollars deposit, negative Lamborghini test within 72 hours, and $50k health insurance that covers treatment for the Subaru virus. Perhaps this was filmed before armageddon set in across the globe.

  2. It just blows me away. When I was there last Phnom Penh was deserted. I mean there were almost nobody there. The streets were ALL torn to dirt. None were pathetic. No cars. No tuk tuks, no restaurants open, only a few bars and brothels open. It was vacant. It is WONDERFUL to see life back again. I’ve got to go and see an alive and thriving Cambodia.!!!!!

  3. I don’t understand the plastic complaint. I’ve been to many western countries and they use just as much or more. Where is this supposed country that doesn’t use plastic?

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